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Finds success on carries
September 2, 2018
9/10/22 was Maxlore's KDA at the end of Misfits' 3-1 loss to Fnatic on Saturday.
Over four games, Maxlore's success came in Games 2 and 4, on the aggressive picks of Kindred and Xin Zhao respectively. In both of these games, Maxlore managed superb kill participation, even hard carrying the match in Game 2 for Misfits' only win. His other games were much less impressive, however, particularly his Game 1 on Ivern. Bringing out such an oddball pick demands results, and Maxlore couldn't deliver and accomplished virtually nothing over the course of the series opener.
Monopolizes Misfits' early kills
August 18, 2018
Maxlore went 5/6/6 in Misfits' Saturday loss to ROCCAT.
In a fully fledged pick composition, Maxlore's Taliyah was the only one making picks for Misfits in this game. His ganks around the map, assisted by Weaver's Wall, earned him all four of Misfits' early-game kills. However, he couldn't be expected to keep up with ROCCAT's global composition all by himself. On multiple occasions, Maxlore and Misfits as a whole were simply outnumbered or outmaneuvered on the map, and there was nothing Maxlore could do.
Strong start falters during loss
August 5, 2018
Maxlore earned a 4/2/2 KDA on Trundle during his team's loss against S04.
Maxlore had an extremely strong start to his team's game against S04. On Trundle, he was able to swiftly buy his team a lead by picking up several kills. Unfortunately, these kills found themselves onto him rather than any of his carries. Although it didn't seem like a huge deal at the start of the game, it quickly became an issue as he built to survive while the rest of his team was starved of resources. Try as he might, he could not find a way to bring his own lead across to the rest of his team. Struggling to control objectives, he could not gain buffs that would help his team bounce back into the game. After giving up a 30-minute baron, he failed to bring his team back, allowing the enemy team to close out the game in 33 minutes.
Early aggression nets win
July 27, 2018
Maxlore earned a 3/2/3 KDA on Nocturne during his team's victory over UoL.
Picking Nocturne, Maxlore played the champion to its strengths in order to bring his team a huge early game advantage. After his laners had found leads for themselves, Maxlore was able to use his ultimate time and again to bring vision denial that allowed his carries to take favorable exchanges. Allowing the rest of his team to heavily snowball, Maxlore continued to use his ultimate almost immediately after it was off cooldown, turning around fights and giving his team what they needed to keep up with their lead. The results went as expected, with MSF quickly pushing its lead to secure a pair of teamfights and claim a 29-minute victory.
Deathless in victory
July 20, 2018
Maxlore earned a 3/0/9 KDA on Gragas during his team's victory over ROC.
Keeping with his current trend of strong jungling performances, Maxlore started things off against ROC with calculated aggression and never slowed down. After picking up First Blood for his carry, he was able to facilitate further skirmish victories to snowball MSF ahead early on. With his strong lead, he focused on taking objectives for his team, allowing the rest of his team to gain buffs that assisted them throughout the game. Giving up only a single dragon during the game, his objective control was crucial to his team's success. In teamfights, he was able to disrupt the enemy carries while soaking huge amounts of damage. As a result, Misfits' carries had no problem taking over the game, finding teamfight victories and ultimately closing things out in just 36 minutes. Maxlore participated in all but two of his team's kills in the victory.
Impressive jungling results in victory over G2
July 14, 2018
Maxlore earned an impressive 4/1/3 KDA on Sejuani during Misfits' victory over G2.
Maxlore opted for early game aggression against G2 Esports and it paid off massively. Picking up first blood just five minutes into the game, he was able to quickly bring his team an advantage. Although the mid game didn't go exactly as planned, Maxlore never slowed down, focusing on objectives to keep his team in the game. This proved to be exactly what his team needed, allowing them to find a teamfight and claim a 30-minute Baron. With the buff, Maxlore and company had no problem running through the enemy team, forcing another set of teamfights that went easily in Misfits' favor. Taking a final teamfight, Maxlore helped his team close out the game convincingly in 38 minutes.
Controls the map through side lane pressure
June 30, 2018
Maxlore tallied a 6/0/6 KDA in Misfits' dominating win over H2k Gaming on Saturday.
When Maxlore took his Camille up to the top lane for an early gank, you just knew that he was feeling his game in this one. From there on, he roamed all over the entire map, picking up objectives seemingly at will. Whether it was securing dragons or helping all his teammates win their lanes, he was simply doing it all. If that wasn't enough, he was deadly in teamfights on his way to 80 percent kill participation.
Early control proves insufficient
March 4, 2018
Maxlore's scoreline read 0/1/3 by the end of Misfits' loss to H2k on Saturday.
Maxlore's Jax accomplished a lot in the early game against H2k, despite not finding any solid ganks. His dragon control was perfect, and he timed the soloing of the first one with the enemy blue buff to take it safely. He also called his team up to help take Rift Herald, maintaining his monopoly on neutral objectives early on. However, his team's composition spiked in the early-to-mid game, and once the game passed that point, he simply wasn't as useful as Shook's Sejuani. Unable to win teamfights, Misfits lost the game.
Involved in all 11 kills
February 17, 2018
Maxlore finished Misfits' win over UoL with a 1/1/10 KDA as Jarvan IV.
Active from an early stage, Maxlore ended the game involved in 100 percent of his team's kills. Despite picking up only one kill, his 10 assists were a team high as he helped Misfits navigate through clean teamfights. He combined well with the rest of his team, providing plenty of crowd control to take down priority targets throughout the game.
Can't impact the early game
January 19, 2018
Maxlore finished Misfits' loss to G2 with a 0/5/5 KDA as Lee Sin.
Maxlore struggled to really make an early-game impact, and as a result Misfits slowly lost control of the game en route to a loss on Day 1. Maxlore finished the game involved in five of seven kills, tying Alphari for the second-highest assist total in the game. His lone highlight was stealing the first Baron of the game, which gave Misfits a chance to prolong the game they couldn't capitalize on.
To remain with Misfits
November 22, 2017
Maxlore will remain with Misfits in 2018, the player announced on Twitter.
After an impressive run at the 2017 World Championships, Maxlore will remain with Misfits in 2018. Depending on the roster Misfits return with, they are a genuine threat to G2's title run in Europe.
Strong jungle play contributes to team success
October 20, 2017
Maxlore posted a 6/12/26 KDA in Misfits Gaming's 2-3 series loss to SK Telecom T1 on Friday.
Maxlore's first game a Jarvan IV was far from the start Misfits would have liked -- excellent play from SKT across the board prevented Maxlore from being able to do much. The Misfits jungler managed to recover and bring consistent pressure into Game 2. His Ivern play in Game 3 was key to his team's success in the late game. Maxlore secured many Barons throughout Game 3 and even won a 50/50 Smite challenge to close out the game. In Game 4 and Game 5, Maxlore wasn't as impactful, but he was by no means bad. His Dragon control in Game 5 nearly single-handedly eliminated SKT from Worlds, but a lost 50/50 Smite for Elder Dragon contributed to Misfits losing.
Does his best Svenskeren impression
October 14, 2017
Maxlore ended Misfits' victory over Flash Wolves on Saturday with a 0/3/6 KDA.
On Gragas for this game, Maxlore's early game was extremely poor, giving over a number of free kills and not getting much done otherwise. He was better later on in the game and helped out with the pick onto Maple that started to get Misfits back into it, but his early performance was the biggest reason why they fell into a hole in the first place.
Game high death total
October 14, 2017
Maxlore ended Saturday's loss to TSM with a 2/6/3 KDA as Jarvan IV.
Maxlore was heavily involved in both teams kills during the one-sided loss to TSM. He was involved in five of Misfits' eight kills, tying for the team high kill total. Unfortunately, he was also involved in six of TSM's 19 kills, leading the game with six deaths as TSM evened their head to head record against Misfits.
Unable to do much of anything
October 6, 2017
Maxlore finished Friday's loss to WE with a 0/1/0 KDA as Sejuani.
It was a pretty ugly opening game for Misfits as they picked up no kills in a one sided loss. Maxlore only gave away one of his team's nine deaths, but struggled to really do anything as Misfits fell behind from an early stage.
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