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Counter Logic Gaming
Solid engages in the mid game not enough to turn around loss
February 25, 2018
Biofrost's Rakan finished with a 0/2/4 KDA in Counter Logic Gaming's loss to Clutch Gaming on Saturday.
The laning phase went well for Biofrost as his Rakan helped keep CG's bottom lane duo pushed under turret. Biofrost and Stixxay weren't able to get any kill advantage in lane but first turret gold was a good start before rotating around the Rift to knock down more turrets. Things started to turn for the worse during the mid game as CLG got picked apart in teamfights and quickly lost its lead in turrets. A few late game kills for CLG helped buy it some time but not enough for it to figure out how to set up a winning teamfight. Biofrost finished with 80 percent kill participation but CLG only managed to secure five kills total.
Struggles to stay relevant
February 19, 2018
Biofrost ended with a 1/4/9 KDA in CLG's Sunday loss to 100 Thieves.
Biofrost's Taric, much like his lane partner, did a decent job in this game but didn't come off as overly impactful. His performance in fights was solid, and he landed some good stuns and Cosmic Radiances, but struggled to match the power of aphromoo's Tempered Fates, especially when the latter provided such easy counterplay to his own ultimate. He ended with solid kill participation, but it's difficult to discern how much of this he truly earned, given the area-of-effect nature of his defensive skills.
Not much to do against TSM
February 12, 2018
Biofrost ended with a 0/3/3 KDA in Sunday's loss to TSM.
Biofrost's Alistar only had a couple chances to get work done against TSM Sunday, and he didn't knock it out of the park during any of them. In the first teamfight his crowd control wasn't quite properly layered with Reignover's, and both of them initiated before the damage dealers could follow up. After that, CLG were generally at too much of a disadvantage for Biofrost to make a difference.
Fantastic flanks
February 5, 2018
Biofrost ended CLG's Sunday win over FlyQuest with a KDA of 0/2/11.
Biofrost played a superb game of Alistar on Sunday. The team composition suited him, as he was paired with a dive buddy in Jarvan IV and given extra security by the Zilean ultimate in addition to his own, should he ever need it. Indeed, the entire game saw Biofrost diving fearlessly into the enemy team, and even into towers, pulling off beautiful flanks to start teamfights, as well as following up on his jungler's initiations.
Solid support play throughout upset victory
February 4, 2018
Biofrost's Braum finished with a 0/1/10 KDA in Counter Logic Gaming's win against Echo Fox on Saturday.
Biofrost didn't find many opportunities to make plays early but protecting his AD carry was all he needed to do during the laning phase. His protection allowed Stixxay enough safety to farm up a CS lead heading into the mid game. Counter Logic Gaming's split push plans paid off with a lead in turrets, leaving it little else to do beside group up for the final fight. Biofrost raked in the assists as CLG slaughtered EF, scoring an ace before pushing down bottom lane to the Nexus and victory.
Superb support play in win
January 29, 2018
Biofrost finished with a 0/0/13 KDA on Taric as Counter Logic Gaming beat the Golden Guardians on Sunday.
Biofrost had a very good performance on Taric against the Golden Guardians. He put all of Taric's kit to good use, locking down targets with Dazzle and protecting the squad with Cosmic Radiance at key moments in teamfights. While CLG had a few stumbles in the mid-game, it regained composure in the key teamfights late. After scoring an ace, Biofrost and company quickly pushed to victory.
Not much to be done
January 28, 2018
Biofrost went 0/3/3 as CLG lost to CG Saturday.
Playing Braum into the counter of Morgana, and with a heavily underperforming Stixxay at his side, there wasn't all that much for Biofrost to do this game. Once CLG lost the first few engagements, it was all but over, and there wasn't anything Biofrost could do to stop Febiven's rampage.
Struggled late in loss
January 21, 2018
Biofrost finished with a 0/2/4 KDA on Taric in a loss to Cloud9 on Saturday.
The laning phase was pretty even in the bottom lane for Biofrost and Stixxay. There wasn't much action bottom side early but things started to pick up around the mid game as skirmishes in the river broke out. Biofrost put Taric's Dazzle to good use throughout the first half but it wasn't enough in teamfights late. Even with Cosmic Radiance, Biofrost couldn't provide enough heals and shields to disengage from C9. After losing in back to back teamfights CLG couldn't do anything to stop C9 from taking the victory.
Joins Counter Logic Gaming
November 26, 2017
Counter Logic Gaming announced their 2018 roster on their website Sunday, which revealed the Biofrost would be the starting support for the team in the new year.
Biofrost's term on Team Solomid came to an end earlier this week, but that doesn't mean his time in the spotlight is done. His newest journey will be to replace one of the most irreplaceable players in the entirety of the NA LCS, Counter Logic Gaming's longtime leader and captain, Aphromoo. If there's any support in the NA LCS who could take on such a challenge, it's Biofrost. The young support player has proved himself a top prospect time and again during his tenure on Team Solomid, and not only when he's been paired with the practically indestructible Doublelift. He may have fallen short in terms of match results on the international stage, but it would be a stretch to blame TSM's lack of international success on their debutante support. If this new Counter Logic Gaming roster manages to make it off the ground, you can bet that Biofrost will be a major reason why.
Free Agent
Parts ways with TSM
November 24, 2017
Biofrost no longer with TSM, according to an announcement on TSM's website.
Biofrost got his start on TSM with little hype coming in, but quickly made a name for himself with his mid-late-game teamfighting ability on playmakers such as Rakan and Bard. Two years later, however, and not much has changed for TSM. After two underwhelming and disappointing performances at worlds, TSM needed to make a change, starting with its lackluster bottom lane. Sure, Biofrost worked well with Doublelift to crush domestic competition, but TSM's international aspirations remain the motivation behind this move. Biofrost has already found a new team, according to the post, though it did not specify what team that is.
Shows off on Rakan again
October 14, 2017
Biofrost used Rakan to earn a 1/3/16 KDA during Saturday's win over Misfits.
Biofrost utilized his excellent skill on Rakan to set up a massive amount of kills in the game for TSM. He was involved in 17 of 19 TSM kills, leading the side with 16 assists. This win was massive for TSM's chances of advancement, as they evened the head-to-head record against Misfits in the one-sided win.
Unimpactful in loss
October 14, 2017
Biofrost put together a paltry 0/1/0 KDA in TSM's backbreaking loss to Misfits in the tiebreaker of Group D on Saturday.
Biofrost was on Karma in this game and simply put, had no impact whatsoever. While the bot lane here didn't really have much to do with the action mainly being focused on the top lane for most of the early game, Biofrost still had no impact in the mid or late game. Sure, he only took one death, but he didn't even manage to use much of his utility in this rough game. TSM simply looked disjointed as a unit, which left them floundering time and again. This will surely be a tournament that will leave a sour taste in their mouths for some time.
Gets results on Rakan
October 12, 2017
Biofrost went 0/1/7 as TSM took down Team WE on Saturday.
TSM first-picked Rakan for Biofrost in this game, and it was easy to see why. TSM struggled early on in this game, but that all turned around when a flawless Flash engage from Biofrost got two free kills for TSM, which they followed up with a Baron. Another beautiful engage in the game's only 5-vs-5 teamfight won the game for TSM, and Biofrost missed out on only a single kill participation -- a solo kill that Bjergsen found early on.
Perfect kill participation in loss
October 9, 2017
Biofrost ended TSM's Sunday loss to Misfits with a 1/2/6 KDA as Nami.
Biofrost attempted to keep Doublelift alive, but couldn't get his AD carry into a strong enough place to carry the game. Biofrost was involved in all seven of TSM's kills, leading his team in assists with six. Despite the upset loss, Biofrost has helped TSM to a 2-1 record after Week 1 of Worlds.
TSM's rock on Rakan
September 3, 2017
Biofrost ended 4/10/47 in TSM's 3-1 Sunday win over Immortals.
Biofrost played three games on Rakan this series, and while one was a loss, he was absolutely clutch on the champion and was easily the biggest reason TSM were able to come back in Game 4. In Game 1, Biofrost's engages were beautiful, as he participated in every TSM kill up until the last minute of the game when he was dead (for the only time all game). With TSM on match point in Game 4, but down 10,000 gold at 24 minutes, Biofrost found a pixel-perfect engage onto both Flame's Rumble and Cody Sun's Xayah, miraculously winning the teamfight for TSM. This wasn't the end of his contribution by a mile, as he continued to find immaculate engage after immaculate engage, allowing TSM to keep scaling and win every single major fight for the remainder of the game.
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