Jonathan Armao 
United States
Team SoloMid
Outclassed in loss
September 17, 2018
Grig earned a series KDA of 2/11/21 during his team's series loss at the hands of Cloud 9.
Starting the series off on Zac, Grig simply was unable to provide the early game presence his team needed to secure a victory. Though he focused on objectives, he was not able to prevent the enemy team's carries from showing up, resulting in a defeat. As the series went on, Grig continued to falter, this time struggling to pick up objectives as he did in the first game. Giving up the biggest neutral monsters, he gave buffs away to the enemy team who was able to use them to great success. Although he did not have poor showings in the next two games, they were substandard enough to negatively impact his team. Falling behind early, he did not possess the tools necessary to come back. As his Nexus exploded in Game 3, Grig saw his chances at the World Championship slipping away, giving Cloud 9 the last North American seed.
Outjungles in series sweep
September 16, 2018
Grig earned a 11/7/32 KDA during TSM's 3-0 sweep over FOX.
Grig had an extremely strong performance during his team's series over Echo Fox. He started the series off on Skarner, running down the enemy team's carries and never slowing down. Claiming ever single neutral objective in the game, he was able to lead his team to a convincing 32-minute victory to kick things off. He had an even better performance in Game 2, picking Gragas and destroying his opponents. Finding kills early and finding them often, he was able to claim an even more convincing victory, closing out the game in 23 minutes for his team. With the chance to secure the sweep, Grig opted for Gragas again in the following game and mimicked his performance. After finding an early lead, he took control of objectives, not giving over a single one across the 39-minute game.
Dominates in series victory
September 9, 2018
Grig earned a series KDA of 12/9/28 during Team SoloMid's 3-2 victory over 100 Thieves.
Grig had a rather strong performance during his team's victory over 100 Thieves. After starting the series off with a rough performance, Grig was able to bounce back and begin dominating objectives for his team. In the following games he boasted impressive kill participation percentages and consistently found himself at the helm of his team during fights. Picking engage champions, he worked effortlessly to find his team favorable fights that would allow TSM to take control of the game. His efforts were constantly rewarded in the final two games of the series, with Grig having excellent back-to-back performances on Camille. Claiming every Baron and Elder Dragon in the final two games of the series, Grig was able to bring his team the buffs needed to secure victories. As a result, TSM was able to close out the series 3-2.
Decent showing despite loss
September 2, 2018
Grig earned a series KDA of 5/11/36 during his team's 2-3 series defeat at the hands of Cloud9.
Grig had a decent showing during his team's series defeat at the hands of Cloud9, but his performance simply wasn't enough to claim victory. Starting the series off on Gragas, Grig was able to bring his team a convincing 40-minute win, participating in all but one of his team's kills while controlling every single neutral objective. Unfortunately, this is where Grig's performance peaked. As the series went on, Grig found himself unable to keep up the pressure from earlier on, giving up small advantages time and again. In the final two games of the series, Grig bounced back, trying to find TSM a victory on match point. This did not pan out however as the rest of his team seemed to constantly be on different pages. Without the coordination necessary, TSM fell in Games 4 and 5, giving the series victory over 3-2 to C9.
Consistent play nets win over Echo Fox
August 27, 2018
Grig earned a 4/10/31 KDA during his team's series victory over Echo Fox.
Grig played the crucial role of initiator for his team during their game against Echo Fox. Across the entire series, he was able to succeed using Sejuani and Trundle. Though it took him some time to get going, Grig ultimately was able to do exactly what his team needed in order to claim victory as he came alive in the second half. Though he lacked in flashy plays, he made up for it in consistency, bringing his team objective control despite falling behind on other fronts. This ultimately was enough for Team SoloMid to claim victory, finding openings left and right. As a result, TSM brought things back in the final two games of the series, coming up huge in order to initiate fights and allow TSM favorable skirmishes. As a result, the team rallied and was able to close out Game 5, securing the 3-2 series victory.
Poor showing results in loss
July 31, 2018
Grig earned a 0/2/2 KDA on Trundle during his team's loss against FlyQuest on Sunday.
Grig had an extremely poor performance during his team's loss against FlyQuest. Overcommitting for a dive during an early game dive, Grig gave up a kill to the opposing mid laner early on. Although Grig was able to bounce back slightly by controlling some objectives, he could not get things done in a timely manner. As his team finally got things going once again, he could not keep up the pace as FlyQuest put its foot on the gas. Going for a backdoor play, Grig did little more than make the incorrect call. Opting to push with his team instead of defending, he allowed the enemy team to close out the game with relative ease, giving up the 32-minute victory to FlyQuest.
Unable to keep up with enemy jungler
July 23, 2018
Grig earned a 1/4/4 KDA on Xin Zhao during his team's defeat against OpTic.
Try as he might, Grig was simply unable to keep up with the enemy jungler during his team's loss against OpTic. After starting the game off by picking up a decent lead for his team, he began to find himself unable to get anything done during the mid game. Falling behind by failing to control objectives and vision, he gave the enemy team the opening they needed to bounce back. Getting desperate to find a way into the game, he forced fights time and again. They never worked out, and when it came time to contest the enemy team's Baron, he could not do anything to stop them. As a result, TSM fell in back-to-back fights, giving OpTic the chance they needed to storm TSM's base and take a 33-minute victory.
Clutch Baron steal turns the tide
July 1, 2018
Grig went 2/4/7 in Team SoloMid's win over Cloud9 on Saturday.
Grig might have taken a bit to make a sizeable impact on this game with his Sejuani, but once he made that impact, it changed the game. Sensing that the game was about to slip away as Cloud9 was going for a second Baron, he and mithy went into the Baron Pit with a nicely used Abyssal Voyage that allowed Grig to get in and steal the Baron before dying. With the Baron in hand, it wasn't long before TSM locked up the win.
The lone positive once again
June 25, 2018
Grig finished with a 2/1/0 KDA in TSM's loss to Team Liquid on Sunday.
With TSM getting obliterated in just about every aspect of this game, Grig was the lone bright spot for the second straight match. After stealing Baron in their loss against Clutch Gaming on Saturday, Grig this time gave his team hope through a couple of kills in the mid game. At the point in which he picked up the kills, TSM was looking dazed and confused without any kills on the board. Unfortunately, even those kills weren't enough for TSM to actually get back into this one. As such, they were dismissed in a quick match that put them at 0-2 for the week.
Steals Baron in losing effort
June 23, 2018
Grig gave TSM a bit of a spark during their loss to Clutch Gaming on Saturday, finishing with a 1/3/3 KDA.
TSM looked worse for wear throughout most of this game and Grig was almost the key to them bringing this one all the way back. With their backs against the wall and Clutch looking to pick a Baron that likely could have ended the game, Grig raced into the Pit and stole away the Baron at the last possible second to bring the game to a standstill. That was almost enough to fully bring his team control of the game, but they simply lacked the teamfighting presence needed to truly stand up to Clutch in the late stages of the game. As such, Clutch eventually fought their way to a 45-minute victory to hand TSM their first loss of the Split.
Joins TSM's Academy team
December 18, 2017
Grig has signed with Team SoloMid to compete on the Academy team, the organization announced Sunday.
After playing under the Echo Fox organization for the better part of the last year, Grig has left the organization and signed with TSM to compete on the organization's Academy team. With strong performances in both the challenger scene as well as during his LCS debut with Echo Fox, his impressive individual skill will be a strong addition to the team's roster.
Low production in series loss
July 17, 2017
Grigne posted a 1/2/5 KDA in Echo Fox's series loss to Team EnVyUs on Sunday.
Grigne had a rough start on Elise in Game 1 as he died in the first skirmish. However, he turned it around in the mid game, quickly rotating around the map taking objectives. He overstayed late and got killed, but he had already completed his mission of taking down an Inhibitor. Echo Fox closed out its Game 1 victory shortly after and Grigne got benched for Game 2, but brought back for Game 3. Grigne had a 1/0/1 KDA performance on Olaf in Game 3. Echo Fox quickly fell behind after a sloppy lane swap gave EnVy a huge lead in objectives. Grigne played pretty passively and only really tried to engage once and Echo Fox won the trade 3-2. However, it couldn't push objectives and were destroyed by EnVy's Elder Dragon and Baron power play around the 37 minute mark.
Solid day despite series loss
June 12, 2017
Grigne had a decent day in loss vs CLG Saturday by scoring a 7/13/17 KDA.
A much different player than the man he is replacing, Grigne was able to display the type of playmaking he is capable of in Echo Fox's hard fought series vs. CLG. In Game 1, he selected Ivern and was counter-picked by Dardoch's selection of Rengar. In Game 2 two Grigne truly shined on Lee Sin. His KDA was 3/5/12 and he was instrumental in securing Echo Fox's only victory of the series. The substitute jungler found success with numerous kicks onto the CLG carries which gave his team plenty of easy pick opportunities. In Game 3 Grigne again took Lee Sin away from Dardoch, but this time his teammates struggled to close out the plays he set up.
Grigne: Subs in Game 2 during series loss
June 20, 2016
Grigne earned a 0/2/2 KDA in his first game with Echo Fox as the team fell 0-2 to Counter Logic Gaming.
The substitute jungler was unable to give Echo Fox the spark of life they needed against CLG. After Big gave up first blood to Darshan, Huhi, and Xmithie, Xmithie bullied Grigne's Elise out of his jungle, counter-jungling with impunity while Grigne looked lost in the lane swap tower trades. Fox tried to aggressively siege down CLG's tier two bot tower at seven minutes, but CLG withstood the push as Huhi killed Grigne. With CLG's chokehold in place, Grigne was helpless to stop CLG from taking whatever they wanted across the map, earning a 0/2/2 KDA in the 28 minute loss.
Grigne: Starts series for Echo Fox, benched in Game 2
June 20, 2016
Grigne earned a 0/1/3 KDA in Game 1 against Immortals on Sunday.
Grigne got some more playing time on Sunday against Immortals, despite having a mediocre outing against Counter Logic Gaming. His game against Immortals wasn't much better. He managed to keep his death total low, but wasn't able to make an offensive impact. He participated in all but two of Echo Fox's kills, but they only managed to put up five. It's unclear how much playing time Grigne will receive the rest of the split.
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