Lu Yuhung 
Flash Wolves
Second straight Mordekaiser game
July 6, 2018
Betty finished FW's win over KZ with a 5/3/9 KDA as Mordekaiser.
Betty played Mordekaiser for the second straight time at Rift Rivals, ending the game involved in 14 of 17 kills. His nine assists and five kills were the second-highest totals on the team. Betty has looked good in his opening two games at Rift Rivals, helping Flash Wolves get off to a great start.
Drops the hammer on RNG
July 5, 2018
Betty ended Thursday's win over RNG with a 1/1/13 KDA as Mordekaiser.
Pairing with SwordArt's Pyke, Betty made it difficult for Uzi and Ming to do much of anything throughout the game. Betty was involved in 14 of 16 kills, leading Flash Wolves with 13 assists during the opening game. Betty was a big reason why Flash Wolves got off to a great start at Rift Rivals.
Excels in teamfights
May 16, 2018
Betty ended Flash Wolves' Monday loss to Fnatic 4/1/5.
Betty's laning on Ezreal was strong, but nothing remarkable. It was in the skirmishes and teamfights that he truly did work, though, as while his play wasn't extremely flashy, he quickly racked up kills and assists throughout the mid game. Remaining deathless until the end of the game, Betty was a huge deterrent to Fnatic engages, which is why it was so easy for them to end the game when he took his first and only death at the enemy base.
Falls just short of carrying
May 15, 2018
Betty finished Flash Wolves loss to Team Liquid with a 5/2/3 KDA as Kog'Maw.
Betty was involved in eight of nine kills, tying for the team-high kill participation. His five kills lead Flash Wolves, as he played well despite losing this game. Betty had moments that looked as if he was going to carry Flash Wolves to victory, but his early deaths in late-game teamfights took away the main threat of the team, allowing Team Liquid to dominate 5-vs-5 situations.
No chance to scale
May 14, 2018
Betty ended Monday's loss to RNG with a 1/2/2 KDA as Kog'Maw.
Betty was never afforded the opportunity to scale into a threat as RNG took control of the game from an early stage. He was involved in three of four kills, tying for the team-high in kills, assists, and kill participation. His two deaths were the lowest on the team.
Perfect amount of aggression
May 13, 2018
Betty went 6/1/8 as Flash Wolves took down Kingzone on Sunday.
With only a Tahm Kench and occasionally a Galio ultimate to protect him, Betty was more exposed than a Kog'Maw often is. However, he hardly let that scare him, positioning forward in teamfights to deal out tons of damage and clean up fights, often tearing apart the enemy backline along with his team's divers. This nearly got him killed numerous times, only to be faithfully rescued by SwordArt's Tahm Kench. Despite the aggression, he ended with only a single death in the win.
Happy to help with kills or assists
May 11, 2018
Betty ended Friday's win over EVOS with a 5/1/11 KDA as Varus.
Betty helped Flash Wolves destroy EVOS in quick fashion during their opening game of the MSI group stages. He ended the game involved in 16 of 22 kills, tying SwordArt for the second-highest kill participation on the team. His five kills were the second most on the team, while his 11 assists were the third most.
Unable to carry Flash Wolves
October 14, 2017
Betty finished FW's Saturday loss to WE with a 1/2/3 KDA as Xayah.
Betty had a decent game, but couldn't stop WE from steamrolling Flash Wolves in 26 minutes. Betty was involved in four of five kills, having the second-highest kill total and tying for the second-highest assist total. It's been a poor showing for Flash Wolves at Worlds as they'll head home after Saturday's group stage wraps up.
Spears his way to a victory
July 7, 2017
Betty posted a 7/2/4 KDA in Flash Wolves' victory over WE on Friday.
Betty was the catalyst for Flash Wolves' big victory here against WE. While he took an early death from a Condi gank, he easily bounced back to push his team to victory. All throughout the game, he was playing with extreme confidence, Flashing in and out of fights with no regard to his safety. However, his play wasn't reckless by any means, as evidenced by his only tallying a single additional death after being taken down for first blood. After helping his team secure Baron with Rend, he picked up a massive triple kill at the 36-minute mark that completely flipped the game on its head and allowed them to push for the win.
Early quadra sets up success
May 19, 2017
Betty ended FW's Day 5 win over GAM with a 8/1/8 KDA as Ashe.
Betty used a quadra kill and assist in the game's first teamfight to set himself up for an easy victory over GAM. From the 11th minute onward Flash Wolves dominated, aceing GAM in the opening moments of the game. All eight of Betty's kills and assists came in the game's teamfights as Flash Wolves had little issue dominating GAM in 5-vs-5 situations.
Good enough in win
May 16, 2017
Betty rebounded from poor start to go 3/2/4 vs. SKT on Saturday.
The good news is Betty only died twice versus the potent lane combo of Bang/Wolf, the bad news is he was 100 percent of his team's deaths. After giving up his life in lane twice and starting 0/2/0, Betty was able to eventually turn the corner and be the utility ADC his team needed. When the game ended, he was still second on his team in gold and landed multiple arrows that helped decide teamfights.
Single mistake proves costly
May 15, 2017
Betty went 5/3/6 as Flash Wolves were defeated by TSM on Sunday.
Betty's Ashe was extremely solid for the majority of the game. He started out by going even in lane against the Caitlyn of WildTurtle, and immediately started landing good Enchanted Crystal Arrows in teamfights. Unfortunately, after Betty stepped out of position in the bottom lane and died to Bjergsen's Ahri, Flash Wolves lost much of their lead and were eventually unable to defeat TSM. Still, Betty had some great positioning and kiting in the game's teamfights, despite the loss.
World-class Turtle Soup chef
May 13, 2017
Betty was unstoppable versus TSM, tallying a 6/0/6 KDA in victory.
In Betty's first big international event, the FW AD carry played near the top of his ability. He went with Jhin even though the champion has fallen out of favor for many ADCs as of late. Any questions that lingered after champion select were answered rather quickly as he was able to get push early and win the farm battle versus the WildTurtle's Varus. As the game progressed, his positioning was superb and he routinely stopped TSM aggression in its tracks with well timed Curtain Calls.
Invisible in loss to G2
May 13, 2017
Betty finished Flash Wolves' lopsided loss to G2 Esports on Day 3 of the Mid-Season Invitational with a 0/1/0 KDA.
Betty chose Jhin as his champion in this game against G2, but he did nothing at all. He opened the game by getting picked off in a four-man gank from G2 in the early game. While that proved to be his only death in the game, but he did nothing else in terms of kills or assists. This problem wasn't really contained to Betty, though, as all of Flash Wolves failed to show up in this game. Still, as the carry for his team, he surely didn't live up to his role.
Carries Flash Wolves to first MSI win
May 12, 2017
Betty ended Thursday's win over Gigabyte Marines with a 7/1/9 KDA as Ezreal.
A big performance from Betty helped Flash Wolves to their first win at MSI 2017. He picked up assists taking out Stark twice and Optimus once in the mid game before dominating teamfights for Flash Wolves. All seven of his kills came in mid- and late-game teamfights, while six of his nine assists also came in 5-vs-5 situations. Betty used Ezreal's long-range spells to play safely and kite away from threats during the game, resulting in a sterling KDA.
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