Rasmus Winther 
Consistent play results in win
September 11, 2018
Caps earned a series KDA of 11/10/26 during Fnatic's 3-1 series victory over Schalke 04.
Although he didn't have the usual flashy performance during his team's victory over Schalke, Caps had a strong consistent performance that was just what his team needed to claim victory. Starting things off on Akali, Caps was able to show off his skill despite his team's poor overall showing. Despite the rest of his team falling behind early, Caps was able to make plays and pick up a couple of kills for Fnatic before the team was defeated. In the following games, Caps took a more controlled and calculated approach, picking champions to find opportunities for the rest of his team instead of focusing on his own play. The strategy worked out perfectly as Caps continuously took over in lane and moved to group with his team and dominate objectives and teamfights. Though he found himself giving up a number of kills, Caps died for the greater good, constantly doing so in order to find an opening for his team. As a result, Fnatic took three convincing games in a row, securing the team's 3-1 victory in the series.
Hard carries in second half
September 2, 2018
21/10/18 was Caps' scoreline as Fnatic finished off Misfits 3-1 on Saturday.
Caps was definitely solid in the first two games of the series, but he really picked up past the halfway point in the series. In Game 3, Caps pulled out the only Vayne mid ever in the EU LCS as a counter to Sencux's Galio. At first, it seemed he might have thrown away his initial CS lead by giving over first blood, and his damage early on was pitiful. However, as soon as he hit his two-item spike, his damage blew up, as did the tanky lineup of Misfits. With a huge outplay onto the enemy AD carry at the Fnatic base, Caps single-handedly put Fnatic in the driver's seat, and they quickly ended the game. In Game 4, it was all Caps, all the time, as his LeBlanc picked up the vast majority of the kills for most of the game, and ended it with a pick onto Sencux's Lulu.
Shows up on Akali in victory
August 11, 2018
Caps finished Fnatic's 30-minute victory over Giants on Friday with a 5/2/5 KDA on Akali.
Although Caps statline doesn't seem extremely impressive, he had a huge impact during his team's victory over Giants. Picking the newly reworked Akali, he was able to decimate his lane opponent, quickly handing the enemy laner four deaths. This proved to be extremely helpful for his team, completely shutting down one of the biggest threats on the enemy team. Although Caps started to fall off as things got going, he did not have a poor ending to the game by any means. Weaving in and out of fights, he assisted his team in securing a final teamfight to close out the game in 30 minutes.
Flashy plays net win
August 5, 2018
Caps earned a 4/3/4 KDA on Yasuo during his team's victory over G2.
Throughout the entire game against G2, Caps had an amazing performance on Yasuo. Despite being focused heavily and picking up a fair number of kills, his ability to remain consistent was critical to his team's success. In teamfights, he weaved in and out of the enemy team, dealing large amounts of damage before dying. His highlight play came during a critical fight, blocking both the enemy Orianna and Varus ultimates to bring his team a swift victory. Soon after, Fnatic was able to push into the enemy base to secure a convincing 27-minute win.
Finds success despite enemy focus
July 29, 2018
7/6/7 was Caps' scoreline at the end of Fnatic's win over H2k on Saturday.
Caps' Azir got off to a fantastic start on Saturday. After a puzzling early strategy from H2k granted Caps two mid lane opponents, he managed to quickly poke both melee champions down, forcing one to leave lane and promptly die. After picking up his team's first two kills, he continued to build up a huge CS advantage while pressuring down the mid lane, single-handedly taking the outer turret. As the teamfights started up, he quickly became a target, specifically for the fed AP Gragas of Shook, but also for Smittyj's Malphite. This led to quite a few deaths for Caps by the end of the game, but he still managed to put out good damage, and the focus helped the rest of his team survive to win fights.
Break EU record for most kills
July 20, 2018
Caps earned a 15/0/3 KDA on Irelia during his team's victory over UoL.
Caps had the performance of a lifetime against UoL during his team's victory. From the very start of the game he had no problem picking up kills. In fact, it seemed as though there was never enough people for him to kill. Averaging more than a kill every two minutes, Caps' monstrous performance was filled with impressive kills. Solo kill after solo kill, he dominated the enemy team. After building up a huge lead, he grouped with his team to continue picking up easy kills. Despite the enemy team focusing all their resources on him, they could not take him down. Caps ran around uncontested, picking up kills left and right, facilitating FNC's 26-minute victory.
Strong showing on Zoe results in victory
July 14, 2018
Caps finished his team's victory over ROCCAT with a 3/1/5 KDA on Zoe.
Caps had an extremely strong start to his team's victory over ROCCAT. Picking up first blood before the three-minute mark, Caps found an early lead and ran with it. He didn't slow down, picking up two more kills for his team in the next three minutes, bringing Fnatic an extremely early lead that allowed them to take full control of the game. Although the mid game didn't go quite as Fnatic had planned, Caps continued doing what he could to assist his team in controlling the game. Dealing massive damage from a range, he was able to control teamfights from afar. With his team at a huge lead, he continued forcing fights, dominating all who stood in his path as a result. Closing out the game in just 27-minutes, Caps' performance allowed his team to take a swift and much-needed victory.
Excellent game all around
July 7, 2018
Caps ended 5/0/15 in Fnatic's Saturday win over Echo Fox.
Caps' Ryze was incredibly solid from start to finish against Echo Fox, starting when he survived an early gank attempt and turned it around for a kill for Fnatic. From there, he not only put out great damage in fights, but also had fantastic use of Realm Warp, cutting off escape paths to track down kills and force out Summoner Spells. His 5/0/15 KDA was good to tie for the highest kill participation in the game at 80 percent.
Deathless on Lucian
July 7, 2018
Caps went 5/0/3 as Fnatic took down 100 Thieves on Saturday.
On Lucian against the Zoe of Ryu, Caps was easily able to shove in his lane and find a CS advantage. Once a 2-vs-2 in the mid lane granted him two kills, it was the beginning of the end for 100 Thieves. From there, Caps' CS advantage grew exponentially, surpassing the Flame Horizon (an advantage of 100) before the end. Caps was also the only player to end the game with no deaths, participating in over half his team's kills to end 5/0/3.
Risky counter pick fails to pay dividends
July 6, 2018
Caps earned a 4/5/3 KDA on Kassadin during Fnatic's defeat at the hands of Team Liquid.
Caps came into Fnatic's matchup against Team Liquid with all the tools he needed to thrive. Not only did he have a very strong counter matchup for himself in the mid lane, he also had the stronger early-game jungler--a strength that should have compensated for Kassadin's famously weak early game. Unfortunately, plans rarely survive the first contact with the enemy, and this one was no different. An early skirmish set both Caps and Broxah behind and put them back on the back foot for the rest of the game. While Caps still managed to have something of an impact once he managed to assemble his core itemization, it wasn't anywhere near enough to reverse the game's momentum, as even a well-farmed Kassadin wasn't enough to deal with Doublelift's unassailable Kai'Sa play. Despite a heroic effort from Caps and his team, Fnatic lost the game in 34-minutes.
Decent performance on Taliyah in victory
July 6, 2018
Caps earned a 4/3/7 KDA on Taliyah during his team's victory over Echo Fox.
Uncharacteristically, Caps had a relatively quiet performance in his team's victory over Echo Fox. This is not to say that he didn't have a good showing, just one that was not as impressive as he has previously shown. From the early game, he struggled to find a lead against the funnel composition that was focused on his lane, allowing him to do little more than wave clear and group with his team when needed. This paid off however, allowing him to disrupt the enemy team in skirmishes, picking up kills and assists to get things going. Although he was unable to decimate the enemy team, and was even caught out and killed alone early in the game, he bounced back and picked things up during the mid game. After being focused heavily he proved his worth, dealing huge amounts of damage in skirmishes, allowing his team to ultimately take control of the game. Once ahead it was simple for Caps to just move with his team and claim teamfight victories, allowing Fnatic to take a 31-minute victory in the game.
Relentlessly picks on the Zyra
June 30, 2018
Caps went 8/1/3 as Fnatic took down Giants on Saturday.
Caps made his first play of the game on Zoe with a solo kill onto the enemy Vladimir in the mid lane. However, his focus quickly shifted onto the already-behind support Zyra of SirNukesAlot. With his target at low level, and with no defensive stats to speak of, Caps made a great game out of picking off SirNukesAlot at every possible opportunity, often not even requiring a full spell rotation. For his efforts, Caps came out with an 8/1/3 KDA, with the death coming as a result of fooling around in the enemy base once the game was all but won.
Early roam pays dividends
June 24, 2018
Caps ended Fnatic's Saturday victory over Vitality 2/2/14.
Caps' Yasuo made a somewhat unusual decision around the seven-minute mark, choosing to roam to the top lane despite his own jungler being on the opposite side of the map, and his top laner having no knockups, or even any form of hard crowd control. However, knowing that Cabochard's Flash was down and that he was pushed up, Caps was confident the roam would pay off, and pay off it did. The kill Caps secured was one of five Fnatic found in the span of a minute and a half, and from there it was all too easy.
Matches Rekkles kill for kill
May 18, 2018
Caps ended Fantic's sweep to RNG with a 15/13/17 total KDA.
Caps finished Game 1 with a 8/5/3 KDA as Taliyah. He was involved in 11 of 16 kills, leading Fnatic in Game 1 with eight kills. In Game 2, Caps earned a 3/4/7 KDA as Aurelion Sol. He was involved in 10 of 13 kills, leading Fnatic in kill participation during the Game 2 loss. Returning to Taliyah for Game 3, Caps ended with a 4/4/7 KDA. He was involved in 11 of 16 kills, ending the series with the second-highest kill total in the final game. Caps tied Rekkles with a team-high 15 kills over the series as a whole.
Lackluster for once
May 15, 2018
Caps finished Fnatic's Monday win over Flash Wolves with a KDA of 2/5/3.
Caps has been performing tremendously at MSI thus far, but this game was a clear exception. After dying for first blood in a 2-vs-2 jungle skirmish, Caps' game didn't improve much, at least not for a while. He had a hard time landing skillshots, pushing him into a questionable Lich Bane purchase, and had little protection against the diving members of Flash Wolves, granting him a game-high five deaths. He redeemed himself somewhat with a solid Weaver's Wall to help Fnatic set up the final teamfight, but this was not the Caps we are used to seeing.
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