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Team SoloMid
Destructive on Rek'sai
April 5, 2019
Akaadian ended Sunday's 3-1 win over Echo Fox with a 17/11/28 combined KDA.
Akaadian helped TSM advance in the LCS playoffs by leading the team with his 17 kills from the jungle. The often criticized player was involved in 45 of 66 kills, ending with the third highest kill participation on the team. Akaadian dropped Game 1 on Jarvan, before winning the final three games on Rek'sai, combining for a 15/8/21 KDA on the champion.
Closes split with win
March 26, 2019
Akaadian ended Sunday's win over Team Liquid with a 2/1/5 KDA as Kindred.
Akaadian helped TSM take down Team Liquid to end Week 9 of the LCS with a win. The jungler was involved in seven of 11 kills, tying for the team-low in kill participation. His two kills tied for the second highest total on the team, while his five assists tied for the team-low.
Leads TSM in assists
March 14, 2019
Akaadian ended Sunday's win over OpTic with a 2/1/8 KDA as Jarvan IV.
Akaadian helped TSM close out Week 7 with a win over Optic Gaming. The jungler was involved in 10 of 14 kills, ending with the second-highest kill participation on the team. His two kills were the third highest on the team, while his eight assists paced TSM in the win.
Awful on Sunday
March 8, 2019
Akaadian ended Sunday's loss to C9 with a 1/3/1 KDA as Gragas.
Akaadian struggled throughout Sunday's loss to C9, as TSM finished Week 6 with a loss. The jungler was involved in only two of 12 kills, ending with the team-low in kill participation. His one kill was the second fewest total on the team, while his one assist was the team-low figure.
100% kill participation
February 26, 2019
Akaadian ended Sunday's win over FLY with a 1/1/3 KDA as Sejuani.
Akaadian helped TSM end the weekend with a win during Sunday's match with FlyQuest. The jungler was involved in all four kills, tying for the team-high in kill participation. His one kill and three assists both tied for the second highest total on the team during the win.
Team-high kill total
February 21, 2019
Akaadian ended Sunday's win over Team Liquid with a 4/1/6 KDA as Sejuani.
Akaadian helped TSM hand Team Liquid their first loss of the year with a strong performance on Sejuani. The jungler was involved in 10 of 14 kills, tying for the team-high in kill participation. His six assists were the second highest total on the team, while Akaadian led TSM with four kills.
Cannot make up for team's mistakes
August 6, 2018
Akaadian earned a 2/2/0 KDA on Gragas during his team's loss against Clutch Gaming.
Although Akaadian was able to have a decent performance against Clutch Gaming, he was never able to get anything fully done for his team. After finding a kill for his team, he struggled to control objectives to the same degree as the enemy team. As his laners fell behind, he could not find a way for the team to earn a macro advantage. Try as he might, his team fell behind drastically. By the time Akaadian and the rest of his team looked for proactive movements, it was far too late. Dying whenever he engaged, he was unable to keep his team in the game, resulting in a drawn-out 42-minute defeat.
Strong showing on Kindred nets win
July 23, 2018
Akaadian earned a 3/1/3 KDA on Kindred during his team's victory over TSM.
Although it took him a little while to get going, Akaadian had a strong performance to help his team dismantle Team SoloMid. After picking up a kill in the top lane, he began focusing on building up stacks and taking over objectives. Although TSM had a sizeable gold lead, Akaadian kept OpTic in the game through his objective control, allowing the rest of his team to scale up and find an opening in the game. During the mid game, he was crucial to his team's skirmishes, taking down key targets left and right. After securing a Baron, he had no problem leading his team to victories, taking control of the game after a poor start. As a result, OpTic took back-to-back fight victories, closing out the game with a 33-minute victory.
Focused on bottom lane early in loss
June 25, 2018
Akaadian posted a 1/4/9 KDA on Xin Zhao in OpTiC Gaming's loss to FlyQuest on Sunday.
Akaadian didn't have too much trouble from the Gold funneling composition that FLY was running. Instead of trying to help out PowerOfEvil in the mid lane, Akaadian was focused on ganking the bottom lane. While OPT was able to fight back somewhat in the mid game, an overstay on a push late was easily punished and swung the momentum into FLY's favor. Akaadian struggled to make an impact on the final teamfight as FLY easily brushed him aside before knocking down the Nexus.
One real mistake ends game
June 18, 2018
Akaadian went 3/1/1 as OpTic Gaming fell to Cloud9 on Sunday.
Akaadian's Xin Zhao did a fantastic job in the early game, securing first blood as part of a double kill in a top lane skirmish, and going on to secure a third kill and an assist. Unfortunately, his champion couldn't do all that much to prevent Cloud9 from taking over the map through pressure, and his one death gave Cloud9 the Baron they used to finally break the OpTic base.
Unable to abuse Nunu's power against Cloud 9
February 5, 2018
Akaadian earned a 0/3/3 KDA on Nunu during his team's loss against Cloud9 on Saturday.
Although he was able to get his hands on arguably the strongest champion on the current patch, Akaadian was unable to use the pick to find success for his team. Falling behind early, his ability to counterjungle was quickly taken away from him, resulting in a lackluster performance, to say the least. Able to find only a single dragon, and no Barons during the game, he was relegated to simply slowing enemies with his snowballs and using blood boil. Without many options to come back due to his unfortunate position, Akaadian did little more than die in his team's 36-minute loss.
Strong performance doesn't yield victory
January 28, 2018
Akaadian's scoreline read 0/2/7 by the end of OpTic's Saturday loss to TSM.
Akaadian's Sejuani probably shouldn't have had an early edge over MikeYeung's Evelynn, but it did. Akaadian managed to not only score first blood for his team but was, in general, the main reason why OpTic held a kill lead for most of the game, as he was involved in seven of his team's eight kills. He also dominated the objective game, getting his team three Elemental Drakes and multiple Barons.
Pushed around by Xmithie
January 21, 2018
Akaadian finished OpTic Gaming's loss to Team Liquid on Sunday with a 1/2/4 KDA.
Despite his ADC taking down Xmithie early on in the game, Akaadian just couldn't capitalize on the advantage and quickly fell apart in lane. While it's perhaps not fair to compare him to the jungler that was on the all-NA LCS team last Split, the stark contrast between the two was clear. He did get a kill onto Xmithie, but it did nothing to change the pace of this matchup.
Falls off in final split for Echo Fox
November 27, 2017
Akaadian finished the NA LCS Summer Split with a 60/86/148 combined KDA.
Akaadian featured in 34 of 43 games for Echo Fox during the Summer Split, sharing some jungle time with Grig. Akaadian fell off after an excellent Spring debut, finishing tenth in kills and assists and eleventh in KDA among North American junglers. Akaadian and Echo Fox were only able to finish in eighth place during the regular season, but the organization did receive franchise partnership with Riot for the 2018 season. Unfortunately, Akaadian will not be apart of Echo Fox's future as he has left the organization to sign with OpTic Gaming in the new season.
Leaves Echo Fox for OpTic Gaming
November 21, 2017
ESPN announced Tuesday morning that Akaadian has taken his leave of Echo Fox and is now the first confirmed member to join OpTic Gaming.
Echo Fox was dealt a mighty blow Tuesday, as their first roster transaction of the offseason was announced, and it isn't a good one. Akaadian was one of the biggest surprises of the 2017 season, and he quickly rose to prominence as one of the region's top domestic junglers over the course of the Spring of 2017. His loss to OpTic Gaming will be keenly felt by all fans of Echo Fox, who found in him the secondary carry threat they'd been looking for since the team's inception, and they'll be hard-pressed to find a domestic jungler with anywhere near the same level of skill. The Green Wall, on the other hand, is sure to celebrate their first acquisition, as Akaadian is one of the foremost domestic talents in the scene, and his acquisition may open the door to some high profile imports in the team's carry roles, which may give OpTic the leg up it needs to be a real competitor come the start of the 2018 season.
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