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Golden Guardians
Gets going a bit too late
August 12, 2018
Contractz ended Golden Guardians' loss to Clutch Gaming on Sunday with a KDA of 2/5/6.
Picking Nocture, one would've hoped to see Contractz do a little more in the early game. Instead, his first Paranoia was a dud, and he gave up two early deaths while LirA got things done around the map. He did eventually start bringing his team some kills, maintaining the highest kill participation in the game for a time, but by then Clutch had already been allowed to recover from the level 1 disaster which could've handed the win to GGS.
Uncharacteristic performance in loss
August 6, 2018
Contractz earned a 1/6/2 KDA on Gragas during his team's loss at the hands of 100T.
Contractz had a rough start during his team's loss against 100T. Starting things off by giving up First blood just six minutes into the game, he struggled to get much done. He overcompensated from his mistake earlier in the game and began focusing on ganking early and often. Unfortunately, this was not the correct decision as he had fallen behind substantially. Not deterred by his deaths, he continuously found himself caught out time and again, giving up advantages frequently to the enemy team. For the remainder of the game, he found himself at the front of fights dying early and putting his team in poor situations. Unable to find a way back into things, he simply gave up additional deaths in his team's 33-minute loss.
Monster start not enough to claim victory
July 24, 2018
Contractz earned a 5/2/3 KDA on Nocturne during his team's loss to FOX on Sunday.
Contractz had an incredible performance to start his team's game against Echo Fox but it simply wasn't enough to claim victory. He started off the game by picking up three quick kills for his team, bringing them a large early game lead. On top of that, he was able to focus down objectives to bring his team a decent buff. Unfortunately, this did not stop his laners from falling behind massively in farm. As this happened, Contractz could not keep up the pressure for his team. After losing a Baron, he had no way to keep his team in the game. Try as he might, his performance simply wasn't enough to bring his team the victory. As a result, Echo Fox mounted a comeback to claim a 32-minute victory.
Aggressive jungling pays off
July 23, 2018
Contractz earned a 2/2/10 KDA on Kindred during his team's victory over CLG.
After giving up an early kill, Contractz had an extremely strong performance to help his team claim victory. Focusing on early game pressure, he used Kindred to the champion's full potential, quickly picking up a variety of kills for his team. His strong showing in the early game allowed the rest of his team to quickly snowball ahead, resulting in a 20-minute Baron. From then on, the game was smooth sailing as Contractz moved with his team to pick up a large number of assists. Thanks to his added damage, Golden Guardians were able to win several fights resulting in a 32-minute victory over CLG.
Sets team up for success
July 15, 2018
2/1/15 was Contractz's scoreline as Golden Guardians took down 100 Thieves on Sunday.
Golden Guardians were ahead in this game right from the start, as they grabbed first blood level 1. Contractz, being on Xin Zhao, was then free to push his team's advantage, starting with a mid lane gank before transitioning bottom for a tower dive and first turret. With his team's ever-growing lead, Contractz had no need to check his champion's naturally aggressive playstyle, as GGS dominated every fight for the entirety of the game. Contractz ended tied for the best kill participation in the match.
Dominates...for about eight minutes
June 24, 2018
Contractz's scoreline read 2/7/9 at the end of Golden Guardians' loss to Echo Fox on Sunday.
Contractz had perhaps the most prototypical Xin Zhao game possible on Sunday. For the first eight minutes of the game, he created a huge amount of action for his team, and they consistently came out ahead. By the eight-minute mark, he'd facilitated seven kills for GGS, four of which went to Lourlo's Camille. Unfortunately, as they are wont to do, Echo Fox fought its way back into the game, and Contractz's justifiably aggressive build quickly fell off along with his champion. Contractz ended with the most deaths in the game.
Plays his part well
June 24, 2018
Contractz finished Golden Guardians win over Cloud9 on Saturday with a 1/1/11 KDA.
Contractz didn't get to do his normal thing in this jungle this time around, playing on Braum as a part of the funnel strategy his team executed here. Even though he was on a more subdued champion than he's certainly used to, he did what he needed to get Deftly farmed and ready to go. Only tallying one death, he managed to keep Golden Guardians on the right track, even during the tumultuous mid game where they fell behind by quite a bit. Once Deftly had enough time to gain his ground, Golden Guardians stormed their way to a 48-minute win.
Quickly gets lanes ahead in victory
June 18, 2018
Contractz scored a 6/1/6 KDA on Graves in the Golden Guardians' win against Team Liquid on Sunday.
Contractz was everywhere that he needed to be in the Golden Guardians first victory of the season. He started out with a early gank in the bottom lane, picking up an early kill and assist. The early advantage was quickly spread across the rift as Contractz made successful ganks in the other lanes shortly after, helping the Guardians quickly gain map pressure everywhere. One good teamfight was all the Golden Guardians needed before pushing to with quick victory.
Can't carry after falling off
March 12, 2018
Contractz went 3/4/1 as Golden Guardians fell to FlyQuest on Sunday.
Despite the loss, GGS had the much stronger early game in this matchup, and most of that was due to Contractz. His Kha'Zix dominated the map early on, finding first blood, helping his team to a 3-0 turret advantage, and controlling the first two dragons. Unfortunately, when GGS started to slip up in pushing their lead, Contractz quickly fell off. He continued to play well in most fights, but his champion simply lacked the ability to impact teamfights against the frontline-heavy composition of FlyQuest.
Pops off in big win
February 12, 2018
Contractz put up a 4/0/3 KDA in Golden Guardians' win over 100 Thieves on Sunday.
Picking Camille as his champion in this game, Contractz was absolutely on fire. Not only was he using his mobility to escape death by the skin of his teeth, but he used it to move in and out of fights to deal tons of damage. This helped his team picked up a monumental first win against one of the top teams in the league. If he can keep playing like this moving forward, Guardians could be on their way out of the bottom of the NA LCS basement.
Failed to recover after early gank backfired
February 5, 2018
Contractz scored a lowly 0/3/0 KDA on Jarvan IV in the Golden Guardians' loss to Team Liquid on Sunday.
Contractz struggled to get much of anything done on Jarvan IV. His first gank of the game was spoiled by Xmithie's Zac and the rest of the game as downhill from there. All of TL's damage carries were well fed and protected by the frontline, making Contractz's job of engaging impossible and his attempts cost him his life. In the deciding teamfight, Contractz and crew tried to stop TL's Baron empowered siege but came up empty, trading three deaths for no kills.
Teamfighting falls apart in mid game
January 29, 2018
Contractz scored a 0/4/6 KDA on Jarvan IV in the Golden Guardians' loss to Counter Logic Gaming on Sunday.
Contractz made some odd calls early in the game as he got taken down for first blood during a risky invade. However, Contractz made up for it during the mid-game teamfights as Counter Logic Gaming rotated around the map knocking down turrets. The Golden Guardians momentum didn't last long as it struggled to execute its teamfight late. Finding just the right engage became nearly impossible as it headed into the late game and GG lost crucial fights over Baron and protecting its base late.
Dominant in first half
January 28, 2018
Contractz posted a 3/3/10 KDA on Rengar as the Golden Guardians lost to FlyQuest on Saturday.
Contractz did his best to keep the pressure on FlyQuest as he picked the better early game jungler. However, the Golden Guardians couldn't finish off FlyQuest as their late game sieges were broken in close teamfights. The third Baron of the game was highly contested and Contractz forced the smite fight but lost. On top of losing out on Baron, GG also got lost the ensuing teamfight, trading three deaths for one kill. Contractz was one of the few left alive and he had no chance stopping FQ's Baron empowered push.
Can't make anything happen for GGS
January 21, 2018
Contractz ended Golden Guardians' loss to Clutch Gaming on Saturday with a 0/2/1 KDA.
Contractz learned about the dangers of ganking for a losing lane this game, as his attempt to get a kill back for Hai's Azir led to a counter gank by LirA's Evelynn, and two kills for CG. By then, it seemed to be too late for GGS to make a comeback, as they slowly yielded the entire map to CG and lost in 39 minutes.
Joining Golden Guardians
November 24, 2017
Contractz will team with the Golden Guardians for the 2018 competitive season, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reported on Friday.
Contractz likely represents the Golden Guardian's biggest splash in their inaugural NA LCS roster, as the former Cloud9 jungler was one of the best at his position regionally. Even in the 2017 World Championships, Contractz was the heart and soul of the team's success, however fleeting it was, posting a 80.4 kill percentage across 11 games. If the 18-year-old can build upon his regional success and develop into a quality player against international competition, the Golden Guardians could be poised to surprise teams in 2018.
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