Shi Senming 
Royal Never Give Up
Double-digit assists in all three games
February 28, 2018
Ming finished RNG's 2-1 win over VG with a 4/6/33 combined KDA.
Ming ended Game 1 with a 1/3/12 KDA as Tahm Kench. He was involved in 13 of 18 kills, leading RNG with 12 assists in Game 1. In Game 2, Ming played Alistar and finished with a 1/3/10 KDA. He had 100 percent kill participation, leading RNG in assists again in Game 2. Returning to Tahm Kench for Game 3, Ming earned a 2/0/11 KDA. He was unkillable, ending the game involved in 13 of 19 kills, again leading RNG with 11 assists. Ming was able to pick up double digit assists in all three games, helping him to the team-high kill participation, being involved in 37 of 48 kills while leading RNG with 33 assists.
Excellent on Alistar
January 15, 2018
Ming ended RNG's 2-1 win over iG with a 1/7/28 combined KDA.
Ming used Braum in Game 1 to earn a 0/2/4 KDA. He had an assist on all four RNG kills, but didn't do enough as iG took Game 1. Ming found success starting in Game 2 on Alistar. He earned a 0/2/11 KDA as RNG evened the series. He finished with the team high assist total, involved in 11 of 13 kills. He used Alistar again in Game 3 and once again found success, ending the game with a 1/3/13 KDA. He was involved in 14 of 21 kills, leading RNG with 13 assists to close out the reverse sweep. Ming was excellent on Alistar, setting up plays throughout the final two games.
Uses ardent to secure victory
October 22, 2017
Ming earned a series KDA of 2/7/39 in his team's 3-1 victory over Fnatic.
Although Ming didn't have any very impressive plays in his team's series victory over Fnatic, he adhered to the meta and easily showed his team's domination in the process. Picking Soraka in every victory, he was able to quickly build ardent and bring Uzi the buffs he needed to dominate. Although the role of a support is not often glamours, Ming's excellent play allowed his team to take a convincing 3-1 series victory and push themselves to a place in the Semifinals of the 2017 World Championship.
Allows Uzi to carry
October 9, 2017
Ming finished Sunday's win over G2 with a 0/0/11 KDA as Janna.
Ming did his job, protecting Uzi and allowing him to carry while playing an Ardent Censer support on Sunday. Ming was involved in 11 of 13 kills, tying Letme for the team high with 11 assists. Ming has played well in Week 1, keeping Uzi safe and allowing the talented AD Carry to take over games.
Strong Alistar performance
September 2, 2017
Ming finished RNG's 2-3 loss to EDG with a 5/10/47 combined KDA.
Ming got off to a hot start, using Alistar in the opening two games to post a 4/3/32 combined KDA in both of RNG's wins. In Game 3, Ming finished with a 1/3/7 KDA as Braum, Game 4 as a Lulu with a 0/2/4 KDA and Game 5 with a 0/2/4 KDA as Karma. He couldn't stop EDG from taking the reverse sweep, despite ending the series involved in 52 of 66 kills. Ming led RNG in assists during the series.
Does enough to get the win
August 26, 2017
Ming posted a 0/15/32 KDA in RNG's 3-2 win over WE in the semifinals of the LPL Summer Playoffs.
Ming wasn't necessarily lighting things up as a support in this series, but he was doing more than enough to help his team secure the win. His Thresh in Game 2 landed some nice and consistent hooks to set up his teammates for the win, while his Braum blocked plenty of damage in Game 4. He went with Karma in the final game of the series, which was strong enough to net his team the win. His shields and speed ups no doubt gave RNG a slight edge in the final teamfight they used to secure the series victory. His lack of presence on the playmaking champions of Rakan and Alistar was a bit rough to watch, however. Coming up strong on those champions will only make his team that much stronger going into the grand finals against EDward Gaming.
Only one death in nearly perfect series
August 18, 2017
Ming finished RNG's sweep of LGD with a 2/1/16 combined KDA.
Ming ended Game 1 with a 1/0/10 KDA as Morgana. He was involved in 11 of 14 kills, leading the game with 10 assists. In Game 2, Ming finished with a 1/1/6 KDA as Alistar. He was involved in less than 50 percent of RNG's kills, finishing with the fourth-highest assist total on the team. Despite the low assist and kill participation, Ming did enough to help RNG close out the sweep.
Racks up assists in series sweep
July 31, 2017
Ming earned a series KDA of 1/3/20 in RNG's 2-0 sweep over WE.
Starting things off on Galio, Ming contributed to his team's massive frontline, allowing RNG to secure a convincing Game 1 victory. Despite things going late, he transitioned his team's early lead into late game teamfight victories. Though he died in the process, he traded his life for kills, allowing his team to secure the victories, closing out Game 1 in 42 minutes. Game 2 went even better as Ming found himself on Alistar and snowballed early, never slowing down. Picking up early kills for his carries, he swiftly roamed around the map in what seemed to be a death squad with the rest of his team. Taking out everything in their path, they ran over World Elite, taking a swift victory. Earning a perfect 0/0/13 KDA in the process, Ming was crucial to his team's success, gaining a 2-0 series sweep as a result.
Decent effort against KT
July 7, 2017
Ming used Rakan to finish RNG's loss to KT with a 0/4/8 KDA.
Ming was decent in this game, utilizing the Rakan to attempt to make plays throughout the game. He was involved in eight of RNG's 14 kills, finishing behind mlxg with the second-highest assist total at eight. Ming was able to make some plays in the game, but struggled to help RNG win teamfights late after their carries were dropped.
Low kill participation in win
July 6, 2017
Ming ended Thursday's win over AHQ with a 1/1/4 KDA as Thresh.
Ming was only involved in five of RNG's 12 kills against AHQ, finishing tied with mlxg for the lowest total in the game. His four assists were more than only the hard-carrying Xiaohu, who was too busy picking up all of RNG's kills. Despite the low totals, Ming did enough to help RNG overcome AHQ and pick up a win on Day 1 of Rift Rivals.
Impeccable in victory over EDG
April 23, 2017
Ming finished off RNG's 3-1 victory over EDG with a KDA of 4/4/33.
Ming absolutely dominated the latter half of this series, playing on a different champion each game. His Thresh grabbed a kill and three assists in RNG's 16-minute ace, and then picked up additional assists as his team pushed their advantage. He never made any huge plays this game, but was there if his team needed him, which they seemingly didn't. Game 2 was extremely rough for the whole of RNG, and while Ming's Karma managed to pick up 100 percent kill participation with a pair of assists, this was all that could really be said for it. Ming likely had his best performance of the series on Nautilus in Game 3. Time after time Ming landed absolutely gorgeous hooks onto EDG's backline, setting RNG up for easy picks and teamfight victories in the win. Game 4 was nearly as good, as while he couldn't make the same kinds of plays on Lulu, his buffs and shields were hugely impactful in his team's final victory. Ming had a superb 3/2/22 KDA across the last two games of the series.
Impressive play nets series victory over Snake
April 10, 2017
Ming earned a series KDA of 5/1/18 in RNG's 2-0 series sweep.
Throughout the series against RNG, Ming had an extremely dominant performance. In Game 1, he started things off on Karma and was able to claim a convincing lane victory for himself, dominating his opponents while picking up early kills for his carry. With the lead, RNG was able to move into teamfights without any troubles, tearing down those in their path. Winning back-to-back teamfights and choking Snake out of the game, RNG was able to take the early momentum and turn it into a 35-minute Game 1 victory. Game 2 went even better for Ming who found himself on Lulu. Pairing well with his team's Kog'Maw, he was able to once again dominate lane and control the pace of the game. With vision control, he allowed his team to secure all objectives and close out the game in just 25 minutes, earning a 1/0/9 KDA in the game. With the victory, RNG earned the 2-0 series sweep.
Makes the best of odd bottom lane pairing
April 2, 2017
Ming underperformed in win by going 3/9/15 in KDA vs. iG on Friday.
It is hard to say Ming was all that effective for much of the series, however the matchup was quite the anomaly considering he was paired with a sub who is actually a mid laner. The highlight of the series for RNG's support was Game 3 where he got to unleash his pocket pick of Leona. His lockdowns were on point and he did a great job of allowing Lucian and Varus to deliver consistent damage.
Solid support performances lead to series win
March 30, 2017
Ming posted a KDA of 0/5/20 in RNG's 2-1 series win vs Vici Gaming on Sunday.
Ming's Leona was solid in Game 1, helping Uzi's Varus get ahead early on. Roaming around the map with mlxg's Elise in the mid game, the pair found several kills for RNG, who methodically dominated Vici Gaming. Finishing with a KDA of 0/2/11, Ming was on fire during RNG's 37-minute win. Ming's Nautilus did a good job in the early laning phase of Game 2, winning trades with his Courage of the Colossus and Titan's Wrath. Unfortunately for Ming, Xiaohu couldn't stop Easyhoon from snowballing as Vladimir, leading to a 0/2/4 KDA for Ming in the Game 2 loss. With the series coming down to a crucial Game 3, Ming's Lulu did Lulu things to enable Uzi's Ezreal. Ming gave Uzi the additional stats and tools he needed to pop off and carry late-game teamfights for RNG, leading to a 0/1/5 KDA for Ming and a Game 3 win for RNG.
Easy game, easy life for RNG
March 27, 2017
Ming finished with a KDA of 1/0/19 in RNG's 2-0 win vs QG Reapers on Friday in the LPL.
Ming had an easy time against QG Reapers, beginning with a Nautilus pick in Game 1. Dominating Alone's Ziggs and Ali's Lulu in the bottom lane, Ming set Uzi's Ashe and mlxg's Lee Sin up with good casts of Dredge Line, snowballing the bottom half of the map for RNG. In teamfights, Ming was an unbreakable wall, stopping QG Reapers from engaging by playing a solid frontline, earning a KDA of 0/0/8 in the Game 1 win. Taking Lulu into Game 2, Ming merely followed Uzi's Lucian around, throwing all of Lulu's kit on top of Uzi while he hard-carried the team. It wasn't difficult to faceroll his keyboard during teamfights, but Ming did it to perfection, earning a 1/0/11 KDA in the Game 2 stomp.
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