Huang Jun-ji 
Hong Kong Attitude
Can't do anything
October 18, 2019
Unified ended Friday's loss to GRF with a 0/2/0 KDA as Xayah.
Unified wasn't given a chance to carry as HKA fell to Griffin on Friday. The bottom laner wasn't involved in any of HKA's three kills, tying for the team-low in kill participation. It was HKA's fourth straight loss as they were eliminated from advancing to the knockout stage at Worlds.
Claims spot in group stage
October 8, 2019
Unified ended Tuesday's 3-1 win over ISG with a 12/5/15 combined KDA.
Unified helped HKA take down ISG during Tuesday's series, claiming a spot in the Worlds' group stages. The bottom laner was involved in 27 of 36 kills in the series, ending with the second highest kill participation on the team. Unified played two games of Ezreal in the series, combining for a 7/5/7 KDA.
Sole death in team's near perfect game
September 26, 2017
Unified earned a 5/1/5 KDA on Xayah throughout KHA's near perfect game over RPG on Monday.
Picking Xayah, Unified started off strong against HKA, finding early kills and never slowing down. After dominating lane, he swiftly moved with the rest of his team to take control of the rest of the map and start finding teamfight victories. Although he was focused, he had no trouble surviving thanks to help from his tanks and support. Unfortunately, after 25-minutes of stunning gameplay, Unified was met with an unfortunate demise, being shot back into the enemy fountain and giving up his team's only death of the game. Although he lost his team the perfect game, he was a key component in HKA's 25-minute victory.
Racks up the damage in lopsided win
September 26, 2017
Unified finished Hong Kong Attitude's win against Rampage on Tuesday with a 3/0/6 KDA.
Unified was second to none in this game when it came to pulling in massive amounts of damage. From start to finish, he used his Varus to completely dominate the bot lane matchup and leave Rampage basically without a carry. While he tallied almost 22,000 in damage to champions, his lane counterpart, YutoriMoyasi somehow only managed 6,000 on Tristana. It was simply an utter decimation by HKA here in this game.
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