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Strong objective control crucial to victory
September 11, 2018
Broxah earned a series KDA of 7/4/30 during Fnatic's 3-1 victory over Schalke 04.
Throughout his entire series against FC Schalke 04, Broxah had an extremely strong performance that resulted in his team's eventual victory. Starting off the series, Broxah was unable to have a dominant showing in Game 1 as his team was hit by a surprising team composition. Despite the defeat, Broxah found several objectives and almost edged out an advantage for his team. This proved well as he found huge success in the following three games. Sticking with his Trundle for the next two games, he was able to put together an extremely strong 5/1/17 KDA across the games while controlling the vast majority of objectives. His strength on the champion drew a ban in the final game of the series, but Broxah was unphased, picking Zac and putting up yet another immaculate game. Storming his team to a 33-minute victory in which he didn't give up a single kill, Broxah's strong showing resulted in a convincing 3-1 series victory.
Nearly flawless in wins
September 2, 2018
Broxah's KDA read 9/5/30 as Fnatic took down Misfits 3-1 on Saturday.
While his Game 2 on Gragas was a rough one for the entirety of Fnatic, in the team's three wins in the series, Broxah played fantastically. Taking Skarner into a surprise Ivern for Game 1, Broxah pressed his early pressure advantage hard, taking early skirmishes to push Fnatic to a snowball victory. He closed out the series with two games of Trundle, in which he did a superb job of facilitating his teammates, particularly Caps. Ignoring the on loss in Game 2, Broxah's KDA ended at a stellar 7/1/28.
Off meta pick pays off massively
August 11, 2018
Broxah earned a 3/1/10 KDA on Elise during his team's victory over Giants on Friday.
Broxah stormed into his team's game against Giants to quickly build up a lead for his team and never slowed down. Opting to go for Elise, he had a huge performance in the early game, forcing several skirmishes and getting off successful ganks that brought his team firmly into the driver's seat. With his lead, he continued to push the pace of the game, focusing on objectives and cross map advantages for the rest of his team. His aggression paid off, netting him participation in 13 of his team's kills during Fnatic's 30-minute win.
Strong jungling nets win
August 5, 2018
Broxah earned a 1/0/7 KDA on Sejuani during his team's convincing victory over G2.
Starting things off strong, Broxah was able to bring his team into the lead against G2 and never slowed down. After finding a lead for his team, he began looking at objectives to further his team's advantage. After finding full control of the map, he continued to engage onto the enemy team with ease, taking fights left and right. Able to hit his ultimate onto the enemy carries time consistently, he denied G2 any opportunity to bounce back in the game. As a result, Fnatic claimed a stranglehold over the map and was able to successfully close out the game in 27 minutes.
Almost flawless in victory
July 29, 2018
Broxah's KDA read 2/1/18 as Fnatic triumphed over H2k on Saturday.
Throughout the early and mid game, whenever Fnatic had a successful skirmish, chances are Broxah's Trundle was a part of it. He helped get Caps the first two kills of the game before grabbing a kill of his own in a 1-vs-2 situation before dying. This went on to be his only death of the entire game, as his presence continued to be felt in the teamfight phase and he ended tied with Bwipo for the highest kill participation in the game at 20 out of 24 Fnatic kills.
Early aggression pays off against UoL
July 20, 2018
Broxah earned an impressive 1/1/12 KDA on Sejuani during FNC's swift victory over UoL.
Broxah was instrumental to his team's victory over UoL. After his team had found an early lead, Broxah began quickly taking over by giving Caps further kills. Funneling resources into his team's already dominating carry, his strategy was successful, allowing FNC to continuously push their advantage. Not concerned with many objectives, Broxah simply assisted his team's onslaught, forcing fights in which UoL was quickly defeated. He never let up, bringing Fnatic a 26-minute victory after several won teamfights.
Impressive performance nets victory over ROCCAT
July 14, 2018
Broxah earned a 5/1/4 KDA on Kindred during his team's decimation of ROCCAT.
Although he gave up an early kill, Broxah played extremely aggressively early and was able to bring his team a convincing lead. After finding a lead through kills, he started focusing on objectives, further assisting his team. Although he had full objective control, it wasn't necessary as he continued to dominate with kills and assists for the rest of his team. As skirmishes broke out, he had no problem dealing huge damage to key members of ROCCAT. With his early lead, he helped FNC pick up a 25-minute Baron that facilitated a final teamfight in the enemy base. Showing up big once again, Broxah was able to steamroll over the enemy team, securing a 27-minute victory.
Makes it happen for Fnatic
July 7, 2018
4/1/16 was Broxah's KDA as Fnatic found the win over Echo Fox on Saturday.
In a game where his team dominated so heavily, it's no surprise that Fnatic's jungler had a great performance. On Sejuani, Broxah made moves for Fnatic all game long, finding ganks in the early stages and full-on engagements in the mid game. Due partially to his success, the late game never happened, but Broxah still tied for the most kill participation in the game, dying only a single time as Fnatic won Rift Rivals for EU.
Shut down during loss to Liquid
July 6, 2018
Broxah earned a 0/4/3 KDA as Taliyah during Fnatic's defeat to Team Liquid.
Broxah rode the knife's edge against Team Liquid with a risky Taliyah pick into Xmithie's Nocturne, and paid the price. The matchup is heavily dependent upon the early game, as Taliyah's pre-level 6 power is immense, but gradually gives way to the immense pressure that Nocturne's Paranoia puts on the map. Unfortunately for Broxah, he fell behind even before the level 6 mark, ensuring that he had next to no pressure throughout the whole game. Even worse for him was the his status as the only vulnerable backline target on Fnatic, which ensured that once Nocturne got powerful enough to assassinate him, he would continue to do so for the entire game. Broxah ended Fnatic's painful 34-minute defeat with the second-worst KDA in the game and less gold than Team Liquid's support thanks to his complete lack of kill.
Early-game pressure pays off
July 6, 2018
Broxah earned a 3/4/13 KDA on Trundle during his team's victory over Echo Fox.
From the very start of the game, Broxah had an impressively aggressive performance that paid off massively. Focusing the top lane during the early game, he was able to find two kills for himself just six minutes into the game. He did not let up on this pressure, constantly moving around the map to utilize his advantage and bring his lead to the rest of his team. With such a strong early game, he was able to dominate objectives in the match, helping his team burn down towers and quickly securing neutral buffs. Although he died several times in the process, he was able to find two Barons for his team that ultimately allowed the sieging composition to succeed. At the 30-minute mark, Broxah assisted his team in claiming a final teamfight victory, pushing into the enemy base with Baron buff to secure a 31-minute victory over Echo Fox.
Ties for team-high assist total
May 18, 2018
Broxah finished Friday's sweep to RNG with a 9/11/26 combined KDA.
Broxah ended Game 1 with a 4/6/7 KDA as Olaf. He was involved in 11 of 16 kills, tying for the team-high kill participation, while earning the second-highest kill and assist totals in the game. In Game 2, Broxah used Skarner and earned a 3/3/6 KDA. He was involved in nine of 13 kills, tying for the second-highest kill participation and kill total on the team. Using Skarner again in Game 3, Broxah earned a 2/2/13 KDA. He was involved in 15 of 16 kills, leading Fnatic in kill participation and assists in the final game. Broxah tied Hylissang for the most assists during Friday's loss.
Europe's #1 thief
May 15, 2018
Broxah went 2/3/3 in Fnatic's Monday win over Flash Wolves.
Broxah's Olaf managed to get Fnatic's first kill of the game with a top lane dive, but it was his plays later in the game that truly proved his worth. Not once, but twice, Broxah stole Baron right out from under Flash Wolves' noses, easily making him the most influential player of the game, and helping Fnatic hand Flash Wolves their first loss of the tournament.
Solid first half followed up by lackluster performance in the second
May 14, 2018
Broxah posted a 3/2/5 KDA on Trundle in Fnatic's loss to Royal Never Give Up on Sunday.
Broxah focused mid lane early, which earned him first blood. While Broxah was in the mid lane, FNC's bottom lane began to get ganked and fell behind. However, Broxah and Caps were able to roam together and started to build a decent lead in kills. However, the team coordination started to fall apart in the second half as it struggled to do more than die in teamfights. Fnatic's last stand resulted in being aced, leaving it watching from the fountain as its Nexus fell.
Gets Rekkles rolling
May 13, 2018
Broxah finished Fnatic's win over EVOS on Sunday with a KDA of 3/0/6.
From the very beginning, Broxah's Trundle was laser focused on getting Rekkles ahead. Indeed, he managed to give first blood to his AD carry while the latter was still level 1, and returned to the bottom lane shortly after. This worked wonders for Fnatic, as Rekkles' Ezreal quickly hit his mid-game spike and took over teh game.
Strong performance in defeat against RNG
May 12, 2018
Broxah earned a 2/0/2 KDA on Trundle during Fnatic's loss to Royal Never Give Up.
Picking Trundle, Broxah found himself on one of the most powerful junglers on the current patch. Synergizing well with his team's Yasuo pick, he was set up for success early. After farming early, he assisted his team in picking up first blood. Unfortunately, as his side lanes fell behind, Broxah could not find any objectives for his team. This meant that RNG quickly found control of the map. Although he was able to help his team pick up occasional kills, being unable to get to the enemy Kog'maw caused Fnatic to be extremely vulnerable. Unable to touch the enemy carry, the final teamfight of the game went the way of RNG. The result was a defeat in 36 minutes for Fnatic.
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