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Free Agent
Not listed on TSM Academy
November 8, 2018
MikeYeung is not listed on Team SoloMid's Academy team.
MikeYeung joined TSM's Academy in the middle of June as Grig moved up to the main roster. The former Rookie of the Year hasn't followed the same type of success during his award-winning year with Phoenix1, but it'll be interesting to see whether he can parlay some name recognition into a starting spot next season.
Continued strength on Kha'Zix
February 26, 2018
MikeYeung ended TSM's Sunday win over OpTic with a 3/0/5 KDA.
MikeYeung repeated his pick of Kha'Zix from TSM's match against Echo Fox, again at least partially as a counter to the enemy's split-push. Once again this proved effective, with MikeYeung being able to successfully sneak up on and eliminate members of OpTic across the map. It was these multi-man plays that gave TSM its lead and eventually won them the game, and MikeYeung was solid throughout.
Low impact in loss
February 19, 2018
MikeYeung scored a 0/3/1 KDA on Sejuani in Team SoloMid's loss to Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
After MikeYeung helped Hauntzer secure first blood, he had low impact on the rest of game. MikeYeung spent most of the time trying to contest all of LirA's jungle invades and ganks with little success. With TSM losing skirmishes and objectives all across the Rift, MikeYeung decided to try to sacrifice himself in attempt to steal Baron. The plan didn't work out as CG easily secured the buff and then deleted MikeYeung, continuing to build on its gold and turret leads. Team SoloMid's defense didn't last long after CG secured another Baron buff and ended with only the one team kill.
Redemption for the TSM jungler
February 12, 2018
MikeYeung ended TSM's Sunday win over CLG with a KDA of 2/2/9.
Having struggled for much of the season, and having lost TSM a match by missing Smite just a day earlier, MikeYeung made up for it with a fantastic game of Jax. The early game was slow for everyone, but when a teamfight exploded at 18 minutes, MikeYeung's long and improbable survival, as well as his stuns, helped his team take it, despite him eventually falling. He followed up by finding a crucial pick onto Stixxay's Kalista, which granted TSM a Baron and secured the game.
Ineffective on Evelynn
January 28, 2018
MikeYeung went 4/4/5 in TSM's Saturday win over OpTic.
MikeYeung went with Evelynn this game, a champion that would seem to fit the playstyle he established for himself last year. Unfortunately, he was unable to get much of anything done early on, aside from giving over a couple of deaths. His only real saving grace was his participation in the fight that won TSM the game past the hour mark, and even that was initiated by Mithy.
Struggles in loss
January 21, 2018
MikeYeung put up a 2/4/3 KDA in Team SoloMid's loss to FlyQuest on Sunday.
MikeYeung may have picked up two kills onto WildTurtle in this series, but he couldn't match well with the opposing jungler, AnDa. The highly touted Rookie of the Year acquisition is struggling early on in the season. If TSM can't get wins from their jungler, things could start to spiral out of control. Being not much more than cannon fodder doesn't bode well for the flashy jungler.
Does what he can
January 21, 2018
MikeYeung ended TSM's loss to Team Liquid with a KDA of 0/3/1 on Saturday.
Coming in as the biggest question mark on TSM this season, MikeYeung looked, if anything, as if he were being held back by his team in this game. That isn't to say he did anything spectacular - his early dragon control on Shyvana was helpful, but not game-changing - but rather that he wasn't given the opportunity to do so. TSM's biggest failing at Worlds 2017 was that they over-committed to a late-game meta and failed to adapt to early aggression. In their first game of the new season, they fell into the same trap, putting MikeYeung on a farming jungler despite his penchant for success on playmakers. As a result, they were rolled over by TL in this game. If TSM make a habit of relegating MikeYeung to an inactive role, they could very well squander the young jungler's serious potential.
Set to join Team SoloMid
November 23, 2017
MikeYeung has signed with Team SoloMid, the organization announced on Thursday.
In perhaps the biggest move of the abbreviated offseason, the 2017 Summer Split Rookie of the Year will be joining the premier organization in the NA LCS, as Team SoloMid appears to be moving on from incumbent jungler Svenskeren. While the organization made sure to note Svenskeren is still a part of the team for now, it seems like only a matter of time until the Phoenix1 surprise standout is announced as the newest starter for Team SoloMid.
Plays well despite defeat against TSM
August 7, 2017
MikeYeung earned a series KDA of 6/6/10 in P1's 0-2 defeat against TSM.
Starting things off on Maokai, MikeYeung had a poor performance that was nowhere near enough to claim a victory. After finding a pair of assists for himself, he fell behind quickly as his lanes could not hold their own. This in turn allowed TSM to find a massive lead that he could not come back from. Unable to become tanky, he was quickly burst down in fights, allowing the enemy team to take a convincing Game 1 win. Game 2 went better for MikeYeung as he brought out Shyvana and quickly made things happen. Picking up early kills, it seemed as though he could control the game. This wasn't the case however as a series of late game teamfights went the way of TSM, allowing the team to bounce back and claim control. Without any reliable way into fights, MikeYeung was rendered near useless, allowing the enemy team to take a final teamfight and close out Game 2 in 34 minutes. As a result, Phoenix 1 was defeated 0-2 in the series.
Bounced back after rough outing in Game 1
July 31, 2017
MikeYeung posted a 6/7/15 KDA in Phoenix1's 2-1 series victory against Counter Logic Gaming on Sunday.
In Game 1 MikeYeung's jungle path was pretty well tracked to start off and was exploited by CLG. He tried to make plays, but everyone was prepared for his ganks as they saw him coming. There was little MikeYeung could do late as he finished with a 1/4/2 KDA. In Game 2 MikeYeung picked up Nidalee and made plenty of early plays as P1 got off to a good start. He traded a death for a kill before putting together a clean second half on his way to a 5/1/5 KDA. Nidalee was banned in Game 3 so MikeYeung went with Gragas. MikeYeung's laning phase didn't go as smoothly, as his first gank resulted in a losing 3-vs-3 skirmish in the bot lane. P1 did a good job of controlling objectives as it didn't lose a turret or neutral objective on its way to victory. In teamfights, MikeYeung provided a decent frontline but got taken down a few times on his way to a 0/2/8 KDA.
Rough series loss against C9
July 22, 2017
MikeYeung scored a 8/10/18 KDA in Phoenix1's series loss to Cloud9 on Friday.
In Game 1 MikeYeung had a 3/3/0 KDA performance on Kha'Zix. He wasn't able to match Contractz' ganks in the early game and quickly fell behind. While he managed to secure all his kills early without dying, there was little he could do in the late game as P1 got picked apart in teamfights. In Game 2 MikeYeung took Maokai and had a solid outing. The early game didn't go well again, but once P1 grouped up late it ran over C9 in teamfights. MikeYeung raked in the assists as his 4/2/13 KDA earned him 85 percent kill participation. In Game 3 MikeYeung was on Gragas and managed to secure first blood with a gank into mid lane, but couldn't transition it into much of a lead. The mid game was rough as Mike got caught out and had little influence on teamfights. Late in the game, MikeYeung made a nice play with Explosive Cask that sparked an ace of C9 but it was too little too late. P1 wouldn't stop any of C9's remaining sieges and finished off the series.
Poor shot calling in Game 3 loss
July 17, 2017
MikeYeung posted a 8/8/16 KDA in Phoenix1's 2-1 series loss to Team Dignitas on Sunday.
In Game 1 MikeYeung's Nidalee first gank yeilded first blood, but wasn't much help after. He couldn't find good flanks onto the damage dealers and when he tried he often got locked down and killed. There was little P1 could do to stop DIG as its base was blazed through. MikeYeung bounced back in Game 2 on Nidalee as he put together a 6/0/9 KDA performance. He quickly forced objectives as P1 grouped up and smashed its way into and through DIG's base for a sub 25-minute win. The final game of the series didn't go well for MikeYeung's Elise as he got taken down for first blood because of a failed turret dive in the top lane. He traded a death for Rift Herald in the mid game, but when used, it wasn't able to get a turret. The late game teamifghts didn't go any better for MikeYeung as he often traded deaths for a kill or assist to finish with a 1/5/4 KDA.
Keeps his composure throughout victory against G2
July 11, 2017
MikeYeung finished P1's victory over G2 on Friday with a 3/2/12 KDA on Lee Sin.
Although his team had an extremely rough game to say the least, MikeYeung was able to keep his composure and lead his team to a victory. After his lanes fell behind early, he picked up an infernal dragon for his team while beginning to facilitate several kills to bring P1 back into the game. Although unable to pick up a large number of objectives early, he continued to pick up kills and finally an early baron that brought P1 their first lead of the game. Despite his team falling behind shortly after, he kept his footing, finding picks in team fights and allowing his team to take back-to-back teamfights despite G2 picking up a late game Baron. In doing so, he allowed his team to take a 39-minute victory in the game.
High kill participation not enough to take series
July 5, 2017
MikeYeung ended Wednesday's loss to Fnatic with a 2/4/4 KDA as Gragas.
Despite being involved in six of P1's seven kills, MikeYeung struggled to help his side to a victory over the European LCS leaders. He picked up first blood in the seventh minute and helped P1 get out to a lead in the early game. He fell off late, missing engages and lacking damage to help P1 win late-game teamfights.
Overwhelms IMT on Nidalee in reverse sweep
July 3, 2017
MikeYeung scored a 13/6/16 KDA in Phoenix1's series victory against Immortals on Sunday.
MikeYeung had a slow start to the series as his Elise in Game 1 finished with a 1/3/2 KDA. He wasn't very active with ganks early and played cautiously as IMT ran away with a gold lead. The rest of the series was different for MikeYeung as he added two more games to his undefeated Nidalee streak. In Game 2 he spent a lot of time on the top half of the Rift, executing successful ganks for P1's solo laners. MikeYeung's Javelin Tosses were on point and took huge chunks out of IMT health bars. By the end of Game 2 Mike had a 9/0/5 KDA. Game 3 wasn't as clean, but started off with a jungle invade that netted first blood for Ryu. P1 had a chance of losing control late but MikeYeung saved the day by single handedly preventing IMT's Baron attempt with a double kill. The heroics cost him his life, but it gave P1 enough time to regroup and take the buff for itself before pushing to win the series.
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