Xie Zhenying 
Suning Gaming
Picks up where he left off
January 15, 2018
XiaoAL finished Monday's sweep of TOP with a 13/5/17 KDA in two games as Vladimir.
After leading Suning in kills during the 2017 Summer Split, XiaoAL picked up where he left off by leading the series with 13 kills. In Game 1, XiaoAL finished with a 5/2/8 KDA. He was involved in 13 of 20 kills while finishing the game with the team's second-highest kill total. In Game 2, XiaoAL earned an 8/3/9 KDA. He was involved in 17 of 21 kills and led Game 2 with eight kills as Suning picked up their first win of the season.
75 percent kill participation in loss
August 22, 2017
XiaoAL finished Suning's sweep to iG with a 5/9/10 combined KDA.
XiaoAL ended Game 1 with a 2/4/5 KDA as Maokai. He was involved in seven of 11 kills in the game, finishing with the third highest assist total and second most kills in the game. In Game 2, XiaoAL used Camille and finished with a 3/5/5 KDA. He was involved in all but one kill, finishing with the second highest kill total and the most assists in Game 2.
Strong performance nets series victory over JDG
August 21, 2017
XiaoAL earned a series KDA of 11/7/32 in his team's 2-0 sweep over JDG.
Starting the series off on Jarvan IV, XiaoAL found a swift advantage for himself. In an extremely chaotic game, he consistently used his advantage to join his team in skirmishes and build space for his carries. Although unable to single-handedly carry, he allowed his team to dominate the enemy carries, picking up a 42-minute victory in the process. Game 2 went even better for XiaoAL who found himself on Renekton and easily shut down the competition. Picking up a lead in lane, he translated this advantage to becoming a force to be reckoned with in fights. Drawing the enemy team's focus, he once again allowed Fury to dominate, taking fights convincingly. Picking up a 27-minute victory in the process, he facilitated his team's 2-0 sweep in the series.
Strong splitpush play throughout the series
July 24, 2017
XiaoAL posted a 3/5/10 KDA in Suning Gaming's 2-0 series victory over EDward Gaming on Sunday.
XiaoAL played two games of Jax. His Jax play was centered around being an annoying splitpusher, and he did that very well. In both games, XiaoAL opened up the map for his team and demanded a attention from EDG. XiaoAL had top three farm numbers in both games, further showing how often he stayed in side lanes. There were some points when he did seem to have tunnel vision, costing his life and some map pressure. That didn't hurt his team too much, considering that Suning walked away with a sweep, despite the lack of veteran presence on the squad.
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