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Lacks involvement in win
March 13, 2019
Licorice ended Sunday's win over 100T with a 2/1/3 KDA as Aatrox.
Licorice helped C9 close out Week 7 with a win over 100 Thieves. The top laner was involved in five of 13 kills, ending with the team-low in kill participation. His two kills tied for the second highest total on the team, while his three assists tied for the team-low in the win.
Team-high assist total
March 8, 2019
Licorice ended Sunday's win over TSM with a 1/2/5 KDA as Aatrox.
Licorice helped C9 come from behind to take down TSM during Sunday's match. The top laner was involved in six of ten kills, tying for the team-high in kill participation. His one kill tied for the team-low, but his five assists led C9 during the win.
Ends week with win
February 26, 2019
Licorice ended Sunday's win over CLG with a 4/1/1 KDA as Urgot.
Licorice helped C9 close out the week with a win during Sunday's matchup with CLG. The top laner was involved in five of 13 kills, finishing with the team-low in kill participation. Despite the low involvement, Licorice's four kills were the second highest total on the team.
Pops off on Urgot
February 21, 2019
Licorice ended Sunday's win over Optic with a 7/3/4 KDA as Urgot.
Licorice had a dominant showing during Sunday's win over Optic. The top laner was involved in 11 of 16 kills, leading Cloud9 in kill participation. Licorice's seven kills also led C9, as he had another excellent showing for his team.
Rough start in win
January 28, 2019
Licorice earned a 1/2/6 KDA on Viktor during his team's victory over 100 on Sunday.
Although his team claimed a victory, Licorice had a rough start to his team's domination. He seemed unfamiliar with how to play Viktor in the toplane, falling several times early on. Thankfully the rest of his team had such a dominant performance that it didn't matter as he found himself in the driver's seat despite the early blunders. Once he was able to join teamfights he had no problem dealing enough damage to dominate the enemy carries. Thankful for his team's performance, he was able to dominate a pair of final fights, securing a 26-minute victory for his team.
Decent showing in loss
January 27, 2019
Licorice earned a 4/3/4 KDA as Urgot on Saturday during his team's loss to Team Liquid.
Although he was able to dominate his lane and build a huge individual advantage, Licorice simply didn't have what it took to carry his team to victory against Liquid. After building a lead for himself, he began to struggle as he watched the rest of his team fall time and again. By the time he could join teamfights, the damage had already been done, making his job extremely difficult to say the least. Dealing the most damage on his team by far while also being the main tank, he was simply spread too thin, allowing Team Liquid to run away with the game and secure a 36-minute win.
Lone member of C9 to get a kill
October 10, 2018
Licorice finished Wednesday's loss to RNG with a 3/1/0 KDA as Urgot.
Licorice played well as C9 were destroyed around him in the loss to RNG on Wednesday. He was involved in all three kills, ending the game with 100 percent kill participation. His three kills were the team high, while he died only once in the loss.
Dominates on Urgot to claim victory
October 3, 2018
Licorice earned a 3/1/7 KDA on Urgot during his team's victory over DFM.
Throughout his team's victory over DFM, Licorice had yet another dominant performance, holding his own in lane and destroying the enemy in teamfights. His efforts earned him player of the game, picking up early kills and quickly snowballing out of control. Despite being focused down, he quickly became too tanky for the enemy team to deal with him. In the right place at the right time, he was able to consistently melt the enemy in skirmishes, allowing Cloud 9 to run away with the team's lead and secure a convincing 36-minute victory.
Ties for second-highest kill total
October 3, 2018
Licorice ended Wednesday's win over Kabum with a 4/2/8 KDA as Lissandra.
Licorice took the Ice Queen to the top lane and had a fine performance in the win. He was involved in 12 of 18 kills, the team low in kill participation. His four kills tied him for the second-highest total, while eight assists were only the second highest in the win.
Shows up on carries against TSM
September 17, 2018
Licorice earned a series KDA of 10/10/25 during Cloud 9's 3-0 sweep over Team SoloMid.
Throughout Cloud 9's series against Team SoloMid, Licorice had a dominant performance that assisted his team in claiming a convincing victory. Starting things off on Aatrox, he was able to hold his own in lane without giving up an advantage to the enemy team. Despite being focused, he went blow for blow, assisting his team in taking a convincing Game 1 win. The rest of his performance in the series was even stronger with Licorice picking a surprise Hecarim top in both Game 2 and Game 3. He was consistently able to take over, dealing massive damage to everyone on the enemy team. Requiring them to focus him down for any hope at winning, he bought room for the rest of his team to take over. As a result, C9 capitalized, able to take convincing back-to-back games, securing a 3-0 series sweep in the process.
Lackluster showing on tanks results in loss
September 12, 2018
Licorice earned a series KDA of 3/11/15 during Cloud9's 3-0 defeat to Team Liquid.
Much like the rest of Cloud9, Licorice had a rather unfortunate showing during his team's games against Team Liquid. Starting things off with a decent game on Gangplank, Cloud9 curiously decided to move Licorice onto tank duty after a Game 1 defeat. Despite having a relatively good showing on the champion, he was relegated to playing Ornn and Cho'Gath in the rest of the series. Unfortunately for the team, Licorice seemed completely uncomfortable with the pick, getting caught out time and again, creating little impact as the game went on. After falling behind in lane, he constantly tried to engage fights for his team, but was caught off guard, unable to find a favorable initiation. As Cloud9 attempted to mount a comeback in both games, Licorice simply could not get his team into the driver's seat. After losing several teamfights, Cloud9 was defeated, giving up the 3-0 series victory to Liquid.
Holds his own despite being focused
September 2, 2018
Licorice earned a series KDA of 6/12/26 during Cloud9's 3-2 series win over TSM.
Despite being the punching bag for TSM for much of the series, Licorice was able to hold his own in all five games. Picking Ornn in the first four games, Licorice showed his ability to thrive on the champion, getting things done even when being constantly denied resources. In laning phase, he was able to consistently either find a lead or go even with his opponent. Drawing pressure constantly, he freed up the rest of his team to make plays across the map. Content to elevate his team rather than his KDA, Licorice's selfless play allowed Cloud9 to find openings when it seemed unlikely. Switching things up in the final two games of the series, he was able to win lane and still draw pressure. This shift caught TSM off guard and allowed C9 to win back-to-back games to claim the series victory 3-2.
Strong tank play nets win
August 6, 2018
Licorice earned a 2/1/1 KDA on Dr.Mundo during his team's victory over CLG.
Licorice had a strong start to his team's game against CLG. Starting by assisting in picking up first blood, he was able to bring C9 into the lead from the get-go. As the game slowed down, Licorice focused on scaling up, farming early in order to become the tank that his team needed. Although he did not have any flashy plays as the game progressed, he continuously dealt enough damage and distract the enemy team to allow his carries to succeed. Drawing cross map pressure, he used his teleport to join fights, allowing C9 to win teamfights with ease. Though he only participated in three of his team's kills, his pressure was enough to assist in claiming a 30-minute victory.
Pops off hard
July 22, 2018
Licorice ended Cloud9's Saturday win over Team Liquid with a KDA of 7/1/7.
Despite dying to a gank for first blood, Licorice's Poppy quickly became the primary threat on Cloud9. Shortly after his death, he returned to lane for a solo kill and found a second kill when Blaber came up for a tower dive. By this point his CS lead was massive, and he began roaming to other lanes for tower pressure. As the game transitioned into teamfights, Licorice was massive on the frontline, refusing to take a single death after his first of the game. He ended a massive 7/1/7 with the best kill participation in the game.
Tries his heart out
July 15, 2018
Licorice's scoreline read 4/2/3 in Cloud9's loss to CLG on Sunday.
If anyone has a right to be upset about Cloud9's loss on Sunday, it's Licorice. His Gnar pick accomplished its goal of winning lane, but unlike Jensen's Syndra, continued to provide value all game long. Licorice kept building his CS lead all game long, eventually reaching the Flame Horizon, and created plenty of side lane pressure through split-pushing. Even in teamfights Licorice shined, landing fantastic ultimates that stunned multiple members of Cloud9. Licorice even managed to fend two members of CLG off of Cloud9's inhibitor all by himself, after being the sole survivor of a teamfight. Unfortunately for Licorice, he just couldn't do enough this game.
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