Andy Hoang 
100 Thieves
Leads 100T in deaths
March 13, 2019
AnDa ended Sunday's loss to Cloud9 with a 0/4/2 KDA as Jarvan IV.
AnDa struggled as 100 Thieves fell yet again, ending Week 7 of the LCS with yet another loss. The jungler was involved in two of five kills, ending with the second lowest kill participation on the team. He had no kills, while his four deaths led 100T in the loss.
Assists the lone kill
February 26, 2019
AnDa ended Sunday's loss to Team Liquid with a 0/1/1 KDA as Sejuani.
AnDa struggled to impact the game during Sunday's one sided loss to Team Liquid. He was involved in the lone kill, tying for the team-high in kill participation. AnDa's one assist led 100T, while his one death was the second fewest on the team.
Early failed dive
February 22, 2019
AnDa ended Sunday's loss to Echo Fox with a 1/3/1 KDA as Olaf.
AnDa struggled to help his laners during Sunday's loss to Echo Fox. The jungler was involved in two of four kills, tying for the team-low in kill participation. His one kill tied for the second highest total in the game, but his three deaths also tied for the team-high.
Unable to finish strong
January 28, 2019
AnDa earned a 1/5/2 KDA on Nocturne during his team's loss against C9 on Sunday.
Although he started off strong, AnDa was simply unable to hold up against Cloud 9. After finding a couple of kills for his team and stealing a dragon, AnDa failed to do anything else for his team. As objectives were focused down and teamfights erupted, he struggled to find anyway to bring his team back. Due to his lanes being so far behind he simply could not bounce back in the game. He was forced to watch Cloud 9 take Baron and close out the game in just 26 minutes.
Over half his team's kills
October 17, 2018
Anda finished Wednesday's loss to iG with a 7/4/3 KDA as Nocturne.
Anda tried to carry 100 Thieves to an upset win over iG, but fell short despite a solid effort. He was involved in 10 of 12 kills, leading 100 Thieves in kill participation. His three assists were the team low, but he had seven assists to finish with over half of his team's kills in the losing effort.
Leads 100T in kills
October 17, 2018
Anda ended Wednesday's loss to Fnatic with a 2/2/2 KDA as Poppy.
Anda couldn't do enough to stop Fnatic from taking out 100 Thieves for the second time in the tournament. He was involved in 100 percent of his team's kills, tying for the team-high kill participation. His two assists were tied for the team low, but Anda's two kills led 100 Thieves during the loss.
Grabs an aggressive jungler
October 12, 2018
AnDa finished Friday's win over G-Rex with a 5/3/10 KDA as Xin Zhao.
AnDa grabbed the aggressive pick in Xin Zhao and made it pay off in the win. He was involved in 15 of 23 kills, the second-lowest kill participation in the win. Despite the modest involvement, his five kills tied for the second most in the game, while his 10 assists were the third-highest total as 100 Thieves moved to 1-1 in the tournament.
Starts well but fizzles out
October 11, 2018
AnDa finished Thursday's loss to Fnatic with a 0/3/0 KDA as Graves.
AnDa couldn't get going during Thursday's loss to Fnatic in 100 Thieves' group stage opener. He wasn't involved in his team's one kill, giving away three deaths in the loss. AnDa started well, aggressively invading the Fnatic jungle and taking away buffs, but couldn't help his laners and was dominated in teamfights.
Struggles when it matters most
September 11, 2018
AnDa earned a series KDA of 8/12/21 during 100 Thieves' 3-2 loss at the hands of Team SoloMid.
Although AnDa had an overall decent performance against TSM, he simply was unable to perform when it mattered during his team's series. After starting off with a successful aggressive showing on Olaf, AnDa began to falter and was unable to recover. Although he had decent showings during his team's victories and acceptable games in defeat, he simply did not have any standout performances. As he began to fall behind in objective control, he could not create openings for the rest of his team. Despite having match point, he had back-to-back lackluster performances that caused his team to fail to close out the series. Unable to find a single kill, assist, or objective in Game 4, he moved into the final game of the series with immense pressure. In the extremely back-and-forth game, he could not create the openings his team needed. Although the rest of 100 Thieves was on form, his poor showing was enough to cause the team to lose the series, falling 3-2.
Dominates on Sejuani
August 27, 2018
AnDa earned a 6/6/24 KDA over three Sejuani games against FlyQuest.
AnDa had a remarkable performance over three Sejuani games that allowed his team to sweep FlyQuest. He started things off with an aggressive style, picking up every neutral objective in Game 1. Despite being contested, he didn't let up, constantly forcing skirmishes and taking favorable fights for his team. The result was a convincing 32-minute victory to start off the series. Game 2 went just as well with AnDa once again dominating the objective game. Though he didn't find every objective, he focused on skirmishes to bring his team into the driver's seat. This only continued as the game went on, leading to another convincing victory. Game 3 saw a similar showing as AnDa once again controlled objectives and lead his team to skirmishes. Getting objectives when they mattered most, he allowed his team to take two Barons and an Elder Dragon, resulting in another win. With Game 3 under his belt, AnDa secured the series sweep over FlyQuest.
Aggressive jungling pays off
August 13, 2018
AnDa earned a 3/2/8 KDA on Poppy during his team's victory over Echo Fox on Saturday.
After starting off with a successful gank to pick up first blood for his team, AnDa continued to press the pace of things against Echo Fox. Though he wasn't able to immediately pick up numerous kills, he quickly joined his team in skirmishes to ensure they had the opportunity to win fights. This paid off, allowing his team to ultimately find a 26-minute Baron to start working on closing the game out. After taking the buff, AnDa was able to group with his team for a final fight, storming into the enemy base to win a teamfight and close out the game in 29 minutes.
Aggressive jungling pays off
August 6, 2018
AnDa earned a 3/2/6 KDA on Sejuani during his team's victory over GGS.
In his team's action-packed game against GGS, AnDa started off extremely strong. It was necessary in order to keep up with the enemy team's pressure. He continued to push the pace of the game, focusing down the enemy team whenever possible. Facilitating favorable skirmishes, he forced fights whenever possible, landing his ultimate onto key members of GGS to allow the rest of his team to take full control of the game. Winning back-to-back fights, his performance was enough to claim a 33-minute victory.
Decent performance despite loss
August 5, 2018
AnDa earned a 3/4/2 KDA on Trundle during his team's defeat at the hands of Team Liquid.
Although he had the best possible start against Team Liquid, AnDa could not keep things going to find victory. After the enemy jungler died at level one, AnDa found small fights for his team to gain a lead in the game. Unfortunately, he did not place the same emphasis on objective control, allowing Team Liquid the chance to bounce back in the game through buffs. After dying in several teamfights, he could not bring his team back into things, allowing Liquid to claim the game victory.
Dominates the jungle in victory
July 31, 2018
AnDa finished his team's victory over CLG on Sunday with a 0/2/8 KDA on Taliyah.
AnDa was a critical member of his team during their impressive victory over CLG on Sunday. Although he had a relatively rough start to the game, he never gave up, focusing on map control and the objectives instead of strictly his individual performance. This proved to be just what his team needed as AnDa was able to buy the rest of the team time to start scaling. Focusing on finding teamfights instead of neutral objectives, he was able to gain control of the map, resulting in a Baron for 100T that turned the game around. After Baron, the rest of the game was smooth sailing with 100T taking several teamfights in a row. As a result of the fights, 100T had no problem taking a 37-minute victory over CLG.
Not making a case for himself
July 15, 2018
AnDa ended 100 Thieves' Sunday loss to GGS with a 3/6/1 KDA.
Now that 100 Thieves have decided they need Ssumday in the top lane, AnDa has found his way into the starting jungle slot, and for the moment is looking like quite a step down from Meteos. On Trundle, AnDa started off by dying at level 1, and while he ended the game with the most kills on his team, only one of them came from a net-positive play: a successful dive in the bottom lane. Otherwise, AnDa seemed to cause trouble for his team wherever he went, getting caught out time and again to end tied for the most deaths in the game.
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