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Recovers admirably
March 12, 2018
4/1/9 was AnDa's KDA at the end of FlyQuest's Sunday win over Golden Guardians.
AnDa's Sejuani started off the game with a hard misplay, wandering into the enemy jungle despite having approximate knowledge of the enemy Kha'Zix's position, and a mid laner without lane priority. He paid for his mistake with his life, and first blood, but played the rest of the game just fine. Once GGS started to slip up and drop their lead, AnDa had already begun to outscale his opponent, and he was simply far more impactful in the late teamfights that decided the game.
Aggressive pick fizzles out
February 26, 2018
AnDa finished off FlyQuest's loss to 100 Thieves on Sunday with a 2/2/3 KDA.
Picking the off-meta Nidalee, AnDa failed to make enough happen early to excuse his team's consequential lack of a frontline. His one significant positive play was in a counter gank in the bottom lane, where FlyQuest went 3-for-1 overall. However, this was a team effort not initiated by AnDa, and he himself made very little happen throughout the game. Meanwhile, a tank is something FlyQuest could have very much used in the jungle, as aphromoo's Blitzcrank was a huge problem for the squishy lineup.
Couldn't protect own jungle in loss
February 18, 2018
AnDa scored a 0/1/1 KDA on Sejuani in FlyQuest's loss to Clutch Gaming on Saturday.
The early game was not kind to AnDa as his jungle was being invaded and taken away. With nearly all of his jungle being lit up by CG's wards, it was nearly impossible to find openings to gank. When it was time to teamfight FLY was too far behind to do much and got slaughtered. AnDa could only sit back with the carries and watch as CG's base was destroyed.
Struggles in defeat
February 11, 2018
AnDa had a rough time during FlyQuest's close loss to Cloud9 on Sunday, finishing with a 1/3/4 KDA.
AnDa was on Jax in this game and was simply unable to get much of anything going. He tried to set up his team for success in the form of some decisive ganks, but it wasn't enough. As the game progressed, he was focused by Cloud9 and was on the receiving end of too much pressure. As such, Cloud9 easily shrugged off the early presence of FlyQuest to walk away with the win.
Overcame slow start in comeback
January 28, 2018
AnDa posted a 1/3/11 KDA on Zac in FlyQuest's victory against the Golden Guardians on Saturday.
AnDa had a slow start on Zac as his early ganks were unsuccessful and sometimes resulted in his death. However, FlyQuest managed to hang on, turtling deep into its base before striking back. Once GG's started to siege up, it became easy for AnDa's Zac to jump on all of the high-priority targets, turning the teamfights in FlyQuest's favor. FlyQuest quickly evened out turrets and started to pressure Baron. It all came down to a smite fight that AnDa's Zac won, giving FlyQuest all it needed to complete the comeback.
Bounces back against TSM
January 21, 2018
AnDa put up a 1/1/11 KDA in FlyQuest's big win over Team SoloMid on Sunday.
While AnDa had a poor start to his LCS career on Saturday, he bounced back in a big way on Sunday. He may not have had many kills to his name, but he was incredibly dominant in just about every teamfight. He finished tied for the game-high assists, tallying 11 in the match. When you consider that he was up against the hyped MikeYeung, it makes this performance all the more impressive. More performances like this and FlyQuest could be on their way to a nice Spring Split.
Unimpressive showing in NALCS debut
January 21, 2018
AnDa earned a 0/3/2 KDA on Jarvan in his team's defeat against Echo Fox on Saturday.
Starting off with a rather lackluster early game, AnDa had trouble utilizing Jarvan's early game potential to bring his team an advantage. As teamfights broke out, he could not find favorable engagements for his team, allowing the enemy to easily dismantle FLY. Although he tried his hardest to find engagements, his team was too far behind to do much. Finding several engages onto the enemy Kog'Maw, his team could not capitalize, allowing the carries to whittle down FlyQuest with ease. After losing back-to-back fights, FlyQuest was defeated in 29 minutes.
Joins FlyQuest via buyout
November 23, 2017
AnDa has joined FlyQuest via a buyout from Team Liquid, reports Jacob Wolf of ESPN.
After being a part of Team Liquid for just a few days, AnDa now joins Flame as the newest members of FlyQuest. Team Liquid acquired AnDa and three other Immortals members this past Sunday after the team was denied entry into the franchised NA LCS. FlyQuest seemed to really want AnDa's services, however, as they negotiated a buyout with Team Liquid to acquire the jungler going into the 2018 season. With Flame and AnDA in tow, FlyQuest is looking to improve on their 7th place finish from the 2017 Summer Split.
Acquired by Team Liquid
November 18, 2017
AnDa has been acquired by Team Liquid, reports Jacob Wolf of ESPN.
After Immortals was denied entry to the franchised NA LCS, the players were left in a bit of limbo in regards to their status. That wait is over as AnDa, Pobelter, Xmithie, and Cody Sun have all been acquired by Team Liquid. It's unclear whether he will start for the team or if his contract will simply be used as a bargaining chip with the impending free agency period, however. The team will explore its options in lanes before settling on a final roster at some point in the future.
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