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Engage potential ignored
March 4, 2018
Targamas went 0/2/8 as Giants fell to G2 on Saturday.
Targamas' Tahm Kench played just fine in this game, but it felt like he had the potential to do more. With neither Olaf nor Kled providing the most reliable target for Galio's Heroic Entrance, Targamas could've been a viable option, as his backline access with Abyssal Voyage could've allowed for better placement of the area-of-effect knockup, or set up a pincer attack. It's hard to say if the absence of this type of play was the fault of Targamas, Betsy, or the team as a whole, but given how many Giants engages failed in this game, it would've been nice to see the attempt.
One kill, assist, death
March 2, 2018
Targamas ended Giants' loss to ROCCAT with a 1/1/1 KDA as Braum.
Targamas finished the game involved in half of his team's kills. His one kill tied for the team high, but his lone assists was tied for the lowest total on the team. Targamas did, however, tie for the lowest death total, giving away only one his team's 11 deaths.
Assist on lone kill
February 16, 2018
Targamas finished Giants loss to Splyce with a 0/2/1 KDA as Janna.
Targamas ended the game with 100 percent kill participation, as Giants managed only one kill. He was unable to stop Steeelback from falling behind early and couldn't stop Splyce's snowball from taking out Giants in the quickest game of the European season.
Able to provide peel for carries
February 2, 2018
Targamas earned a 2/1/11 KDA as Thresh during Friday's win over ROCCAT.
Targamas finished the game involved in 13 of 16 kills. He finished with the team's second-highest assist total and tied Betsy for the second-highest kill participation in the game. Targamas effectively peeled for his carries in teamfights, helping Giants move to 4-1 on the year.
Third-highest kill total in game
January 26, 2018
Targamas finished Day 3 of the EU LCS with a 3/3/7 KDA as Tahm Kench.
Targamas ended the win over G2 involved in 10 of 14 kills. He finished with more kills than his AD carry, as his three kills were the third-highest total on the team. His seven assists tied for the third most as well. Targamas kept his team safe from engagements over and over in the game, using Devour to safe people from life-threatening crowd control.
Ties for team-high kill total
January 20, 2018
Targamas finished Saturday's loss to Vitality with a 2/2/3 KDA as Rakan.
Targamas finished the game tied for the team-high kill total, but struggled to really set up kills in the late game once Vitality took over. He ended the game involved in five of seven kills, but lacked effective engage as Vitality took down Giants on Day 2 of the EU LCS.
Unkillable debut
January 19, 2018
Targamas ended Giants' win over UoL with a 0/0/8 KDA as Tahm Kench.
Targamas was unkillable en route to helping Giants upset the Unicorns of Love during Day 1 of the EU LCS. He was involved in eight of 12 kills, tying for the team high with eight assists, while giving away no deaths. Targamas will look to help Giants exceed expectations during the Spring Split.
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