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Leads FLY in deaths, assists
June 10, 2019
JayJ ended Saturday's win over TSM with a 0/4/7 KDA as Lux.
JayJ helped FlyQuest take down TSM during Week 2 of the Summer Split. The support was involved in seven of ten kills in the game, tying for the second highest kill participation on the team. He had no kills, led FLY in deaths, and his seven assists tied for the team-high total in the win.
Four games as Braum
April 4, 2019
JayJ ended Saturday's 3-2 win over GGS with a 1/19/34 combined KDA.
JayJ helped FlyQuest move on in the LCS playoffs with a solid effort during Saturday's five game series with GGS. The support was involved in 35 of 54 kills, ending with the second lowest kill participation on the team. JayJ opened the series with four straight Braum games, combining for a 1/16/27 KDA, before ending the series with a 0/3/7 KDA as Morgana.
Bakers dozen assist total
March 26, 2019
JayJ ended Sunday's win over GGS with a 1/2/13 KDA as Rakan.
JayJ helped FlyQuest move past GGS in Sunday's tiebreaker match at the LCS. The support was involved in 14 of 18 kills, ending with the third highest kill participation on the team. He had only one kill, but his 13 assists tied for the second highest total in the win.
Unkillable Braum
March 15, 2019
JayJ ended Sunday's win over Echo Fox with a 1/0/12 KDA as Braum.
JayJ helped FlyQuest end Week 7 of the LCS with a win over Echo Fox. The support was involved in 13 of 19 kills, ending with the second-highest kill participation on the team. He never died, and also put together 12 assists to pace FlyQuest in the win.
Struggles for involvement
March 7, 2019
JayJ ended Sunday's loss to Optic with a 0/4/5 KDA as Galio.
JayJ struggled to make plays as FlyQuest ended the week with a loss to Optic. The support was involved in five of 11 kills, ending with the second lowest kill participation the team. His five assists were only the third highest total, while he tied for the team-high death total.
One assist in losing effort
February 26, 2019
JayJ ended Sunday's loss to TSM with a 0/2/1 KDA as Alistar.
Jayj struggled to do much as FlyQuest lost a close matchup with TSM. The support was involved in one of three kills, tying for the second highest kill participation on the team. His one assist was the second highest total on the team, but his two deaths tied for the team-high in the loss.
Helps WildTurtle scale
February 21, 2019
JayJ ended Sunday's win over Clutch with a 2/3/8 KDA as Thresh.
JayJ helped FlyQuest finish out the week with a victory, getting his bottom lane carry ahead to carry in the late game. The support was involved in 10 of 13 kills, ending with the second highest kill involvement on the team. His two kills tied for the third highest total, while his eight assists tied Santorin for the team-high.
Rough start in win
January 28, 2019
JayJ earned a 1/4/13 KDA on Ornn during his team's victory over OpTic on Sunday.
JayJ had one of the roughest starts possible during his team's game against OPT. On a relatively immobile champion he constantly found himself caught out, giving the enemy team repeated opportunities to take over the game. Thankfully for him and the rest of his team, he was not phased by this poor start, bouncing back just as quickly as he began playing poorly. Focusing on any way to come back in the game, he looked for engagements constantly and was final able to find a series of ultimates that led to favorable teamfights for FLY in the midgame. This swung the tide of the game completely, allowing the rest of his team to follow up and secure back-to-back fight victories, closing out the game in 40 minutes.
Can't stand up to veterans in loss
August 28, 2018
JayJ earned a 1/12/15 KDA during his team's 3-0 loss to 100 Thieves.
Much like the rest of his team, JayJ simply seemed unprepared going into FlyQuest's series against 100 Thieves. It was evident from the start that he was no match for the veteran lineup, resulting in three disappointing games in quick succession. Picking Alistar in the first two games, JayJ struggled to find his way onto meaningful members of the enemy team, and when he did, he often paid the price with his life. After two quick losses, JayJ stepped it up slightly, picking Shen in Game 3. Unfortunately, the game had little more success than the other two in the series. After falling behind, JayJ tried to look for favorable fights for his team but simply couldn't find them. After falling behind in objectives and map control, he fell in a final fight, allowing 100 Thieves to close out the game. As a result, 100 Thieves claimed the series 3-0.
Best James Bond impression in win
August 13, 2018
JayJ earned a 0/0/7 KDA on Tahm Kench during his team's victory over CLG.
After helping his team pick up the first kill against CLG, JayJ continued to put out pressure to dominate CLG. Using his champion's kit to great success, he facilitated several dives that brought his team into the lead swiftly. As the game progressed, he continued to roam with his team, using his crowd control to dominate CLG's carries. In these fights, he simultaneously kept his team alive by using his devour. Thanks to his aggression, FLY was able to take over the map, and JayJ used vision to continue this domination. As final teamfights broke out, JayJ made the difference, allowing his team to claim victory and close out the game in 32 minutes.
Quiet in victory
July 31, 2018
JayJ earned a 0/2/2 KDA on Tahm Kench during FlyQuest's victory over Team SoloMid on Sunday.
JayJ had a relatively quiet performance throughout his team's victory over Team SoloMid. After having little to no impact during the game, he was able to join his team for skirmishes and begin dominating the enemy team. After helping pick up an early kill, he gave up his life for the rest of his team to succeed. His shining light in the game came as his team opted to go for an aggressive backdoor play. He used his ultimate to join his team and delay the enemy recalls as several members of FlyQuest focused down the enemy base. Giving his life for the team's betterment once again, he was able to help his team secure a 32-minute victory despite not being ahead just moments prior.
Terrific in the 2-vs-2
July 15, 2018
JayJ ended FlyQuest's win over Team Liquid on Sunday with a 0/0/14 KDA.
JayJ's Braum play was on point in this game, particularly in the laning phase, where he and WildTurtle's Varus consistently beat out Liquid's bottom lane in the 2-vs-2. In particular, JayJ's perfectly played fight after taking the turret allowed him to keep his life while finding two more kills for WildTurtle to start him off 4/0/0. Plays like these won the bottom side of the map hard for FlyQuest, allowing them to take an easy upset win.
Struggles continued in loss
February 18, 2018
JayJ's Morgana finished with a 0/2/2 KDA as FlyQuest lost to Clutch Gaming on Saturday.
While JayJ hasn't had many games on stage yet, his few appearances haven't been good. While Morgana should be able to be plenty of a nuisance for Braum in lane, JayJ struggled to execute it. For most of the laning phase, JayJ and WildTurtle were pushed under turret and could do little without assistance from AnDA. FlyQuest quickly fell behind in the second half as it got ran over in teamfights and bleed objectives.
Rough showing in loss
February 11, 2018
JayJ went just 1/4/4 in FlyQuest's tough loss to Cloud9 on Sunday.
Coming up from FlyQuest Academy, JayJ made it clear that he needs a bit more time before he can contend with the best that the NA LCS has to offer. His Alistar wasn't bad early on, finding some nice assists for his teammates. Then the late game hit. At that point, he was unable to find much to do as Cloud9 picked him apart during their impressive comeback.
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