Yoon-Jae Lee 
South Korea
Echo Fox
Leads Echo Fox in assists
June 4, 2019
Rush ended Sunday's win over TL with a 1/2/8 KDA as Sejuani.
Rush helped Echo Fox upset Team Liquid with a supportive effort on Skarner. The jungler was involved in nine of 11 kills in the game, tying for the team-high in kill participation. He had just one kill, but his eight assists paced Echo Fox in the win.
Unkillable Sejuani
March 25, 2019
Rush ended Sunday's win over CLG with a 1/0/14 KDA as Sejuani.
Rush helped take down CLG with an unkillable effort on Sejuani. The jungler was involved in 15 of 22 kills, leading Echo Fox in kill participation. His one kill tied for the team-low, but his 14 assists paced Echo Fox during the win.
100% kill participation
February 28, 2019
Rush ended Saturday's loss to Team Liquid with a 1/3/2 KDA as Zac.
Rush was unable to help Echo Fox to an upset victory during Saturday's loss to Team Liquid. He was involved in 100% of Echo Fox's kills, leading Echo Fox in kill participation. His one kill and two assists both tied for the team-high totals.
Game high death total
February 26, 2019
Rush ended Sunday's loss to GGS with a 1/5/4 KDA as Jarvan IV.
Rush struggled throughout Sunday's loss to Golden Guardians. He was involved in five of eight kills, tying for the team-high in kill participation. His four assists were the second most on the team, but Rush led the game with his five deaths.
Shines on Jarvan
February 22, 2019
Rush ended Sunday's win over 100T with a 1/1/12 KDA as Jarvan IV.
Rush helped Echo Fox pick up a one sided victory with a dominant showing on Jarvan. The jungler was involved in 13 of 14 kills, leading his side in kill participation. Rush's one kill was tied for the team-low, but he led Echo Fox with 12 assists.
Taking over at jungler
January 8, 2019
Rush is expected to be the starting jungler for Echo Fox to begin the 2019 Spring Split.
Rush continues the annual trend of Korean players moving overseas, joining Echo Fox as one of just two players expected to have the starting role all to themselves. The former KT Rolster jungler only played seven games with the team in the 2018 Summer Split, posting a middling 14/23/30 KDA and average 61.1 percent kill participation percentage. Those figures should be on the rise on an Echo Fox roster devoid of an obvious weapons save for Lourlo.
Struggles in lone game played
April 4, 2018
Rush played KT's Game 1 loss to SKT, ending with a 1/1/0 KDA as Olaf.
It was a bit of a surprise to see Rush starting the playoff series after barely appearing during the regular season. He struggled to really do much in the game, as he was involved in only one of three kills, but did finish with KT's second-highest kill total. Rush was replaced by Score for the final three games of the series.
Joins KT Rolster
December 6, 2017
After spending the entirety of 2017 out of the competitive scene, Rush has signed with KT Rolster for the new season.
Rush hasn't played in a competitive setting since leaving Cloud9 and North America in 2016. He was one of the best junglers in the NA LCS during his time with TiP and Cloud9, but with KT's team captain and longest serving member, Score, playing the same role, Rush probably won't see a ton of time on the rift.
Rush: Returning home to Korea
June 15, 2016
Rush has left C9's Challenger lineup and returned home to Korea, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reports.
After being considered one of the top junglers in the region ever since his debut on TiP last year, it seems Rush has decided that his time in the NA competitive scene has come to an end and has returned to his home in South Korea. The prevailing theory seems to be that NA's potential new residency rules scared away the Korean jungler, who would have been much more free to join whatever team he chose in a year, after the current two year residency term had passed. With that limit likely being extended to four years, however, Rush seems to have decided that he would prefer the more wide team selection he could get at home over the NA challenger scene. There's certainly a number of LCK teams who might hop on this chance to acquire a jungler with the reputation of Rush, who's super-aggressive playstyle polarized the NA LCS around him for a time.
Rush: Solid Spring Split on Cloud9
April 25, 2016
Rush ended the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split with a 45/38/135 KDA.
This split saw Rush jungling for Cloud9, having transferred over from Team Impulse. Rush's carry-style jungling served his team well, as the meta heavily favored aggressive, early game, high-damage junglers, particularly towards the latter half of the split. Overall, Rush came up third for junglers in the categories of average kills, GPM, Kill Share, and Gold Share, accentuating his tendency to take advantages for himself. However, despite his generally strong performances over the course of the split, it seems Rush will be moved to Cloud9's newly acquired Challenger squad for the Summer Split. This news comes as the result of the organization acquiring Impact as a new starting top laner, who, alongside Rush and Jensen, would push Cloud9's roster over the import limit. While it is possible that the team will choose to run multiple rosters in the LCS, it remains to be seen how much playtime, if any, Rush will receive on the main squad this summer.
Rush: Has champ pool target, looks terrible against TSM
April 2, 2016
Rush disappointed against TSM as Cloud9 lost 3-1 in the quarterfinals of the North American playoffs on Saturday.
Rush benefitted from his team playing well early -- save one ill-advised tower dive -- and had free reign to farm up on Kindred to reach the jungler's power points. Rush was present in fights and never allowed TSM to find an advantageous skirmish. Rush finished with a KDA of 2/1/11. Rush got Kindred again in Game Two. TSM banned Lee Sin and Nidalee in Game One, and he took Lee Sin away again in Game Two while also choosing to first pick Nidalee, thus pushing Rush onto Kindred for a second game. Rush looked a little more uncomfortable in the second game, as Svenskeren and TSM turned the pressure off and the lack of globals from C9 disallowed the team from collapsing onto TSM and helping out Rush from sticky situations. Rush attempted dangerous camps and often times looked lost while trying to fark up on Kindred while Svenskeren's Nidalee pushed the tempo. Rush had a disappointing KDA of 2/6/5. For a third time, Rush went onto Kindred against TSM. Rush and Hai overstepped in the mid game, as the pair thought Svenskeren could steal a dragon and take an advantageous fight against TSM. The misstep allowed TSM to pick up several kills and put Cloud9 at a significant disadvantage. Rush fell to a 3/7/1 KDA, and TSM beat C9 in Game Three. Rush cleared a few camps early in Game Four on Kindred and then immediately ganked Hauntzer to secure first blood for Balls. As Rush had looked shaky in the Games Two and Three, his early aggression in Game Four was a welcome sight for Cloud9 -- but it didn't last as Rush was routinely outshone by his counterpart Svenskeren on Graves, and TSM stomped Cloud9 for the third consecutive game and knocked C9 out of the playoffs. Rush had a KDA of 1/7/1 in the final game.
Rush: Showed why he's a former MVP on Lee Sin
March 20, 2016
Rush played well on Lee Sin, posting a KDA of 2/0/8 as Cloud9 defeated Echo Fox on Saturday.
Rush played the champion that gained him notoriety (oh, and an MVP) in NA LCS just a season ago, selecting Lee Sin against Echo Fox. Rush secured first blood as he ganked KFO's Trundle, which was overextended after a lane swap. Rush scored his second kill when he cleaned up the scraps of a 2-vs-2 skirmish in the top lane. Rush may have had the most impressively placed skill shot of the game, as he threaded a needle in landing his Sonic Wave on Keith to polish off a kill and ignite a team fight where he displaced Hard's Gragas and set up his team for easy kills. Rush finished with a KDA of 5/0/9 as C9 won in 33:57.
Rush: Got Baron Nashor but can't make comeback against Team Liquid
March 20, 2016
Rush finished with a 1/2/0 KDA on Lee Sin.
While Rush is usually known to make aggressive plays in the early game he failed to do so against Team Liquid. TL was making all the plays to start the game and got six kills before C9 was able to pick up their first. Rush's jungle was invaded by TL, and he lost a lot of early resources. Rush was behind in gold to his lane match up -- like most of his teammates -- and couldn't find a way to get back into the game. C9 didn't have any good engages on TL to break their sieges or win a team fight. C9 managed to get the first Baron Nashor, but all but Rush died in the ensuing team fight. The Baron buff seemed to only delay the inevitable at that point in the game as TL continued their dominance the rest of the game.
Rush: Solid in win over Team Impulse
March 13, 2016
Rush finished with a 3/2/9 KDA on Gragas.
Rush had some great ultimates on Gragas that resulted in picking up kills and assists. He and Cloud9 were very well coordinated in team fights and started to dominate the second half of the game. Cloud9 had a much better macro game and although the kill trades were even, they were able to build a large lead in towers. TIP tried to get a pick on Jensen late in the game, but Rush and the rest of Cloud9 showed up to turn the fight around. Rush landed a Gragas ultimate that helped divide up TIP allowing Cloud9 to take them down piece by piece. Cloud9 took four kills for no deaths, grabbed a Baron Nashor buff, and then pushed to win the game.
Rush: Slow on the draw against Counter Logic Gaming, can't get early lead
February 28, 2016
Rush lost a close game to Counter Logic Gaming and finished with a 6/4/7 KDA on Lee Sin.
While Rush is known to make aggressive plays early, we didn't see that Sunday against CLG. He was still good in team fights and managed to pick up a good amount of kills and assists for C9 but wasn't able to get the early lead that he usually does. Rush ended the game with the most damage taken but kept his deaths low because of Lee Sin's ability to shield himself as well as his mobility to jump out of fights when he's close to death. The game seemed to be turning in Rush and C9's favor until their Baron-empowered siege was interrupted by a Bard ultimate which helped CLG wipe out C9 in the ensuing team fight and knock down a tower and two inhibitors.
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