Nicolaj Jensen 
Team Liquid
Heading to Team Liquid
November 20, 2018
Jensen will move from Cloud9 to Team Liquid for the 2019 season after his contract was purchased by the North American champions.
Jensen has been a staple in the mid lane for Cloud9 since joining ahead of the 2015 Summer Split, but will move on after a tumultuous 2018 season. There were many ups-and-downs in the past year for Jensen, from being benched to finishing in the top-four of the World Championships. Jensen will takeover Team Liquid's mid lane role from the incumbent, Pobelter.
Unable to scale
October 10, 2018
Jensen finished Wednesday's loss to RNG with a 0/2/2 KDA as Ryze.
Jensen wasn't afforded an opportunity to scale as RNG pushed the pace during Wednesday's match. Jensen was involved in two of three kills, tying for the second-highest kill participation on the team. He didn't pick up a kill, but his two assists tied him for the team high with Svenskeren.
Recovers from bumpy early game against DFM
October 3, 2018
Jensen earned a 3/3/8 KDA on Leblanc during his team's victory over DFM.
After starting off the game by picking up two deaths and failing to find a kill, Jensen bounced back in skirmishes to dominate DFM with the rest of his team. During the mid game, he was able to expertly navigate fights, opting to focus down the enemy carries to bring his team control of things. As the game progressed, his damage was too much for the enemy team to overcome. As a result, he had no problem picking up kills and participating in the majority of his team's kills, securing a 36-minute win.
Unkillable on Galio
October 3, 2018
Jensen finished Wednesday's win over Kabum with a 2/0/11 KDA as Galio.
Jensen starred in a supportive role, giving away no deaths during the win over Kabum. He was involved in 13 of 18 kills, tying for the second-highest kill participation on the team. His two deaths were the second-lowest total, but his 11 assists was one off the team high during the victory.
Controlled play nets win
September 17, 2018
Jensen finished his team's series victory over TSM with a combined KDA of 18/5/27.
Picking a variety of champions, Jensen was able to find consistent success during his team's series against Team SoloMid. Starting off on Cassiopeia, he was able to contest the enemy team's surprise Urgot pick. Though he allowed his opposing laner to get going, he was able to roam and dominate skirmishes to bring his team a Game 1 victory. Game 2 saw an even stronger performance as he picked Galio, able to keep the enemy team down with his crowd control and roaming capabilities. Dominating fights, he secured his team a 42-minute victory. The final game saw his best performance yet, picking Ryze and dominating throughout the entire game. He was able to show up huge and continue forcing skirmishes as his team advanced. The result was a convincing 34-minute game, punching Cloud 9's ticket to the World Championship.
Finds only single kill in defeat
September 12, 2018
Jensen earned a combined KDA of 1/4/4 across his two game losses at the hands of Team Liquid.
Starting off the series against Cloud9, Jensen picked Malzahar and was ultimately unable to get anything done. After falling behind in the early game, he found himself constantly at the mercy of the enemy team. With limited options, he struggled to use his ultimate efficiently against the enemy team who itemized Quicksilver Sash to make him near useless. The result was a convincing 35-minute defeat. Cloud9 opted to sub Jensen out for the next game of the series. After losing this as well, the team brought Jensen back, pressuring him to help them claim a reverse sweep. Unfortunately this would not happen as Jensen could not bring his team a victory. On Cassiopeia, he was able to do decently in lane, but simply unable to create an advantage. As he held his own, the rest of the map quickly fell behind. Before he knew it, things were completely out of control and Jensen was unable to recover. Not able to hit his ultimate onto key enemy members, he was defeated in teamfights alongside his team. As a result, Cloud9 lost in 41 minutes, giving up the series 3-0 to Team Liquid.
Strong play despite substitution
September 2, 2018
Jensen played the first three games against TSM, earning a combined KDA of 7/5/21.
Although Jensen had a rather strong start to his team's series against TSM, he was only able to play the first three games. Starting things off with back-to-back games on Zilean, he showed his ability to play a controlled supportive style to facilitate the other carries on his team. Boasting an impressive 5/2/11 KDA over the first two games, his expertise on the champion fell just shy of bringing his team a 2-0 lead in the series. Game 3 saw Jensen switch things up, picking Galio and finding a decent amount of success from the start. Though he was unable to dominate lane, he was able to participate in every one of his team's kills. Unfortunately, Jensen did not find the levels of success his team needed. As the game came down to the wire, Jensen could not find an opening for his team, resulting in losing back-to-back teamfights. As TSM took these fights, C9 faltered, unable to engage on their own terms, allowing the enemy to take the game. After the defeat, C9 opted to sub Jensen out for the remainder of the series.
Supportive play nets win
August 6, 2018
Jensen earned a 1/0/3 KDA on Zilean during his team's convincing win over CLG.
Although he is used to playing more carry champions, Jensen had no problem switching up his playstyle in order to support his team. On Zilean, he was able to hold his own in lane and provide a necessary ultimate to assist the rest of his carries in staying alive throughout fights. Speeding up his jungler, he allowed C9 to take several important teamfights during the mid game. As the game progressed, he never slowed down, allowing C9 to storm into CLG's base and end the game just minutes after finding the buff.
Solid second fiddle
July 22, 2018
5/1/6 was Jensen's KDA as Cloud9 took down Team Liquid on Saturday.
Jensen's Orianna had a strong start to the game, taking a significant early CS lead against Pobelter's Azir. While this lead would fade as the game wore on, Jensen's impact would not, as his teamfighting prowess was something to behold. He consistently put out plenty of damage, landing solid Shockwaves as well as making great use of his champion's utility. Of course, it helped to have Licorice's superb Poppy as a Ball carrier, but Jensen's damage synergized perfectly with his top laner's tankiness and aggression in fights.
Lackluster after laning phase
July 15, 2018
Jensen ended 5/4/5 in Cloud9's Sunday loss to CLG.
Picking Syndra into Orianna, Jensen was set up to win lane, and did just that, taking an early CS lead that didn't disappear til the end of the game. However, this was more or less the extent of his accomplishments, as his usefulness fell off hard after he was ganked by Biofrost and Stixxay. He never seemed to get a good ultimate off in teamfights, either using too few Dark Spheres or targeting someone questionable, namely the enemy support after the latter had already used his abilities.
Returns in losing effort
July 1, 2018
Jensen finally got his way back into the starting lineup against TSM on Saturday, but his 8/5/3 KDA wasn't enough to prevent his team's loss.
Jensen might not have led his team to a win here, but it wasn't for a lack of effort. He was on fire with his Irelia and was one of the major reasons Cloud9 enjoyed a lead at any point in this game. He did have a rough early game filled with some positioning errors, but he recovered and teamfought relentlessly to propel C9 into a lead in the late game. In the end, though, they were undone by a clutch play from mithy and Grig that allowed Grig to steal the Baron, sealing C9's fate. Still, this was a strong performance for Jensen in his return to action.
On the bench for now
June 13, 2018
Jensen was announced not to be starting this weekend in a YouTube video on Cloud9's official channel.
Widely believed to be one of, if not the best mid laner in the NA LCS for multiple splits running, it's hard to believe that Jensen, as well as Sneaky and Smoothie, will not be starting for Cloud9 as the Summer Split kicks off. Owner Jack Etienne and coach Reapered insisted that the move was best for the team, but it could very well be an attempt to light a fire under their former stars. Fans will have to wait and see just how permanent this roster change ends up being, given the limited success of the new starters in previous LCS stints.
Admirable attempt
March 19, 2018
Jensen went 2/0/3 in Cloud9's Sunday loss to FlyQuest.
Jensen's pick of Cassiopeia in this game was intelligent, as the champion's consistent high damage and ability to build some tank stats make her ideal into a lineup of several tanks. Indeed, Jensen was really the only member of Cloud9 to find much success in teamfights, as his positioning allowed him to spew out damage while remaining deathless. Unfortunately, he had no way of getting to WildTurtle's Kog'Maw without going through the tanks first, which just took too long.
Unable to carry
March 4, 2018
Jensen went 3/2/8 in Cloud9's loss to Counter Logic Gaming on Saturday.
With the high-powered Ryze as his champion, Jensen had a chance to give his team yet another win in the NA LCS. Early on, it looked as though that would be the case. Once Sneaky got fed early in the bottom lane, it should have been an easy road to victory. Jensen added on to the lead with a few kills of his own, including a big one on Reignover that led to C9's first Baron at 23 minutes. Despite all of these early advantages, C9 didn't account for Stixxay's late-game prowess as he grew into a beast that completely shut Jensen and C9 down in the late game. Jensen and company will need to shore up their play against lower-tier teams in order to hold onto its spot in the standings.
Solid Taliyah play
February 26, 2018
Jensen earned a 5/2/2 KDA on Taliyah in Cloud9's win against Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
The laning phase was pretty boring for Jensen as he traded clearing minion waves until reaching level six. Once Jensen had Weavers Wall to make plays with, he got things going with a perfect use of the ultimate to cut off bottom lanes escape, earning Jensen his first kill. Cloud9 quickly built a lead in the mid game as it won teamfights and took objectives all across the Rift. After securing Baron and smashing Clutch 3-for-0 in a teamfight, C9 quickly pushed to claim a victory in under 25 minutes.
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