Nicolaj Jensen 
On the bench for now
June 13, 2018
Jensen was announced not to be starting this weekend in a YouTube video on Cloud9's official channel.
Widely believed to be one of, if not the best mid laner in the NA LCS for multiple splits running, it's hard to believe that Jensen, as well as Sneaky and Smoothie, will not be starting for Cloud9 as the Summer Split kicks off. Owner Jack Etienne and coach Reapered insisted that the move was best for the team, but it could very well be an attempt to light a fire under their former stars. Fans will have to wait and see just how permanent this roster change ends up being, given the limited success of the new starters in previous LCS stints.
Admirable attempt
March 19, 2018
Jensen went 2/0/3 in Cloud9's Sunday loss to FlyQuest.
Jensen's pick of Cassiopeia in this game was intelligent, as the champion's consistent high damage and ability to build some tank stats make her ideal into a lineup of several tanks. Indeed, Jensen was really the only member of Cloud9 to find much success in teamfights, as his positioning allowed him to spew out damage while remaining deathless. Unfortunately, he had no way of getting to WildTurtle's Kog'Maw without going through the tanks first, which just took too long.
Unable to carry
March 4, 2018
Jensen went 3/2/8 in Cloud9's loss to Counter Logic Gaming on Saturday.
With the high-powered Ryze as his champion, Jensen had a chance to give his team yet another win in the NA LCS. Early on, it looked as though that would be the case. Once Sneaky got fed early in the bottom lane, it should have been an easy road to victory. Jensen added on to the lead with a few kills of his own, including a big one on Reignover that led to C9's first Baron at 23 minutes. Despite all of these early advantages, C9 didn't account for Stixxay's late-game prowess as he grew into a beast that completely shut Jensen and C9 down in the late game. Jensen and company will need to shore up their play against lower-tier teams in order to hold onto its spot in the standings.
Solid Taliyah play
February 26, 2018
Jensen earned a 5/2/2 KDA on Taliyah in Cloud9's win against Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
The laning phase was pretty boring for Jensen as he traded clearing minion waves until reaching level six. Once Jensen had Weavers Wall to make plays with, he got things going with a perfect use of the ultimate to cut off bottom lanes escape, earning Jensen his first kill. Cloud9 quickly built a lead in the mid game as it won teamfights and took objectives all across the Rift. After securing Baron and smashing Clutch 3-for-0 in a teamfight, C9 quickly pushed to claim a victory in under 25 minutes.
Leads Cloud9 in win to the surprise of no one
February 11, 2018
Jensen was the catalyst for Cloud9's win over FlyQuest, finishing with an 8/2/2 KDA on Azir.
While Cloud9 was behind for a large portion of this, Jensen's presence made it so that they never truly felt out of the game. This was especially true when he started to secure picks that slowed the game down and gave Cloud9 a fighting chance at the victory. He then super-powered his team during the big teamfight that secure the team Baron and three kills for enough space to waltz down the mid lane for the win.
Strong use of Ryze results in victory
February 5, 2018
Jensen earned a 3/1/7 KDA on Ryze throughout C9's victory over OpTic on Saturday.
Although many Ryze players have found low levels of success in competitive, Jensen was able to show the champions true strength as he dominated OpTic Gaming. Finding a lead in lane, he was able to swiftly join his team to being pressuring the rest of the map. Moving expertly as a unit, he was instrumental to Cloud9's success, dealing insane amounts of damage in skirmishes that halted OpT in its tracks. Able to remain safe despite his small range, he died only a single time in the victory, participating in all but two of his team's kills during the 36-minute victory.
Propped up early
February 5, 2018
Jensen ended 2/0/3 as Cloud9 took down Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
Jensen found himself playing Cassiopeia into Orianna this game, a disadvantageous matchup he was pressured into with a plethora of targeted bans. Thankfully, he was given the help he needed to keep up early on, as his team attempted to spoon feed him first blood and another kill, though both went to Svenskeren incidentally. This allowed Jensen to scale and put out plenty of damage and crowd control in teamfights, paying his team back in full for the early assistance.
Goes beast mode in easy win
January 28, 2018
Jensen popped off with a 4/1/10 KDA on Taliyah during Cloud9's win over 100 Thieves on Sunday.
Jensen continues to impress in yet another split for Cloud9. His play on Taliyah in this series was incredible, as he never let 100 Thieves breath for one moment. He used Taliyah's passive to perfection, zooming around the map with ease to grab the most kills and assists across both sides. As long as Jensen continues to play like this, Cloud9 always has a chance at victory.
Solid Zilean play throughout victory
January 21, 2018
Jensen earned a 3/1/9 KDA on Zilean as Cloud9 took down Counter Logic Gaming on Saturday.
The early game was mainly just farming time in the mid lane for Jensen. He started to roam early in order to help out in the top side jungle. Jensen started to shine in the mid game as he picked up a nice solo kill against Huhi's Malzahar. The late teamfights were pretty easy for Jensen as he was able to safely sit back and drop Time Bomb stuns on CLG. After winning trades in back-to-back teamfights, C9's Baron power played ripped through the remnants of CLG's base to finished off Day 1, Week 1 of the spring split.
Unable to Ryze up
October 16, 2017
Jensen ended C9's Sunday loss to EDG with a 3/4/2 KDA as Ryze.
Jensen was unable to scale into a late game threat with C9 losing the map from an early stage. He was involved in all but one C9 kill, leading the team with three kills. The Ryze pick has not been going well for most teams at Worlds so far but continues to be a popular mid lane choice.
Dominates mid lane against ahq
October 15, 2017
Jensen put up a 5/0/3 KDA in Cloud9's win against ahq on Sunday.
Jensen, after not really showing up in a big way against SKT, played a strong game against ahq to help his team lockup win. He picked up the first blood about eight minutes in and that was just about all she wrote for ahq. Sure, they may have gotten a single kill throughout the game, they found no objectives whatsoever. Jensen, on the other hand, picked up five kills in the game and was generally a dominating presence from start to finish.
Clapped by Faker again
October 5, 2017
Jensen finished C9's Thursday loss to SKT with a 2/2/2 KDA as Ryze.
Jensen was involved in all but one C9 kill, but couldn't really come close to carrying for C9 during the loss. Jensen tied for the second highest kill total and tied three other teammates for the second highest assist total. Jensen tried his best to stand up to Faker, but was unable to scale into a threat and fell to the mid lane God once again.
Does enough in mid lane for the win
September 28, 2017
Jensen tallied a 9/4/22 KDA in Cloud9's sweep of Lyon Gaming on Thursday.
While Jensen is usually the main catalyst for this Cloud9 team, he didn't have to pop off for them to pick up the win here. Sure, he still played extremely well and outshone Seiya, but it was Contractz that essentially led Cloud9 to victory in this game. Jensen played two games of Orianna with a Syndra in the middle for good measure. He didn't put up many kills in Game 1, finishing with a 1/0/7 KDA, but then turned it on in the final two games. His Game 3 Orianna was especially strong, with his 5/1/9 KDA helping Cloud9 close out the sweep in dominating fashion to move into the main group stage of Worlds.
Unkillable on Ryze
September 25, 2017
Jensen used Ryze during Sunday's win over Team oNe to finish with a 5/0/5 KDA.
Jensen was the main carry, but in a game where no one on C9 died, he didn't have to work too hard. Jensen was involved in 10 of 13 kills, leading C9 with five kills and finishing with the third highest assist total. He scaled well to help C9 to a pretty quick and one-sided victory.
Takes a backseat for once
September 24, 2017
Jensen finished Cloud9's Saturday win over Dire Wolves with a 2/0/6 KDA.
Seeing Jensen on a tank in Galio was initially something of a red flag given how crucial he's been in carrying his team for the past split, but if anything, this game suggests that perhaps Cloud9 has evolved since the regional qualifier. Jensen helped Contractz's Nidalee pick up first blood and then used his ultimate to follow his roams and get his team a lead on the entire top side of the map. As the game transitioned to teamfights, Jensen teamed up with Impact's Jarvan IV to land solid initiations to let C9 end the game.
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