Kim Moo-jin 
South Korea
Hanwha Life Esports
Heading to LCK
November 20, 2018
Moojin has joined Hanwha Life eSports ahead of the 2019 LCK season.
After a strong 2018 with the LMS region's Flash Wolves, Moojin will head to Korea for 2019 as a member of Hanwha Life eSports. Moojin departs Flash Wolves after only one year, as the LMS champions failed to reach the knockout stages of the tournament.
Excellent on Taliyah
October 15, 2018
Moojin finished Monday's win over G2 with a 8/4/15 KDA as Taliyah.
Moojin showed up in a big way during the win over G2 on Monday. He was involved in 23 of 28 kills, leading Flash Wolves in kill participation. His eight kills were the second most on the team, while his 15 assists were the third most in the win. Moojin has played well on carry style junglers throughout the group stage for Flash Wolves.
Assists the lone kill
October 15, 2018
Moojin ended Monday's loss to Afreeca with a 0/1/1 KDA as Xin Zhao.
Despite picking an aggressive jungler, Moojin couldn't find many opportunities during Monday's loss to Afreeca. He was involved in the lone Flash Wolves' kill, finishing with 100% kill participation and tying for the team-high assist total. Moojin also died once, tying for the second lowest total in what was a slow paced game.
Superkicks Flash Wolves past Afreeca
October 11, 2018
Moojin finished Thursday's win over Afreeca with a 0/1/7 KDA as Lee Sin.
Moojin used the aggressive Lee Sin pick, but put together a supportive statline in Flash Wolves' second win of the tournament. He was involved in seven of 12 kills, tying for the team-low kill participation in the win. He managed no kills, while his seven assists were tied for the second-highest total in the game.
Carries with jungle Taliyah
October 10, 2018
Moojin ended Wednesday's win over PVB with a 6/0/3 KDA as Taliyah.
Moojin was heavily involved in the dominant win over PVB. He was unkillable, ending involved in a team-high nine of 11 kills. His six kills were the team high, while his three assists were the second-lowest total in the win. Moojin will have to continue to play well as the competition will get tougher from here on.
Ties for team-high assist total
July 6, 2018
Moojin finished FW's win over KZ with a 0/4/14 KDA as Gragas.
Moojin ended the game involved in 14 of 17 kills, tying for the second-highest kill participation on the team. He had no kills, while his four deaths were a team high. He also tied for the team high in assists, ending the game with 14 as Flash Wolves took down Kingzone.
Locks down opponents on Skarner
July 5, 2018
Moojin ended Thursday's win over RNG with a 4/2/8 KDA as Skarner.
Moojin finished the game involved in 12 of 16 kills. His four kills were tied for the second highest on the team, but his eight assists were tied for the lowest total on the team. Moojin locked down members of RNG throughout the game, helping Flash Wolves pick up easy kills.
Aggressive pick doesn't quite pan out
May 16, 2018
Moojin ended 3/2/4 as Flash Wolves lost to Fnatic on Monday.
Picking a surprise Xin Zhao, Moojin demonstrated why the champion is rarely seen in competitive play. Despite a decent early game in which he nabbed first blood for his team, his success quickly declined, as his teamfighting was awkward at best unless his team had a significant advantage already. He came out of the game with a solid KDA, but his impact was limited.
Falls to Team Liquid
May 15, 2018
Moojin finished Flash Wolves loss to Team Liquid with a 2/3/3 KDA as Trundle.
Moojin ended the game involved in five of nine kills. His two kills were tied for the second highest on the team, while his three assists were tied for the team low. Moojin did well to get his team ahead early, but couldn't hold the lead as Team Liquid came from behind to win.
Can't help his laners
May 14, 2018
Moojin ended Monday's loss to RNG with a 1/3/2 KDA as Trundle.
Moojin struggled to really impact the game in a positive way as Flash Wolves fell behind early. He finished the game involved in three of four kills, tying for the team-high in kills, kill participation, and assists. His three deaths also tied for highest on the team.
Plays teamfights intelligently
May 13, 2018
Moojin finished off Flash Wolves' Sunday win over Kingzone with a KDA of 3/2/9.
After the game's incredibly slow start, in which no first blood was found until nearly 23 minutes, one might have expected Moojin's Kha'Zix to fall off. However, while he was ultimately the only member of his team to die multiple times, he still managed to be surprisingly effective in the game's numerous 5-vs-5 fights. Constantly dipping in and out of danger, Moojin's teamfight positioning was fantastic, and he was a key part of Flash Wolves' huge backline threat.
Piles up assists from the jungle
May 11, 2018
Moojin ended Friday's win over EVOS with a 1/0/13 KDA as Skarner.
Moojin finished the game involved in 14 of 22 kills, ending with the second-lowest kill participation on the team. He was unkillable, picking up only one kill but setting up 13 assists to end with the second-highest assist total in the game.
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