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Embarrassed by Uzi
October 10, 2018
Sneaky ended Wednesday's loss to RNG with a 0/4/0 KDA as Kai'Sa.
There isn't much positive to say about Sneaky as he was destroyed by Uzi from an early stage. He wasn't involved in any of C9's three kills, dying a team-high four times. Sneaky was outclassed by Uzi from an early stage, dying quickly and falling behind in creep score in a terrible Day 1 performance.
Pops off on Draven in win
October 3, 2018
Sneaky earned a 5/1/5 KDA on Draven during C9's victory over DFM.
After starting off lane slowly, focused on scaling, Sneaky was able to pop off after taking the first tower of the game for his team. Gaining a large item advantage, he dominated in fights, outputting huge amounts of damage. As things went extremely back and forth, he was the most consistent member of his team, able to swing things into his team's favor despite losing a Baron. As the game came down to several skirmishes, his positioning was optimal, allowing him to slay the enemy team and remain safe enough to distract them and remain alive throughout. As a result, Cloud 9 took a final fight and closed out the game in 36 minutes.
Carries on Kai'Sa
October 3, 2018
Sneaky ended Wednesday's win over Kabum with a 7/1/7 KDA as Kai'Sa.
Sneaky popped off during Wednesday's victory over Kabum. He was involved in a team-high 14 of 18 kills, leading the game in kill participation. His seven kills were the team high, matching his kill total with seven assists in the win.
Secures 6th consecutive World Championship appearance
September 17, 2018
Sneaky earned a series KDA of 13/4/20 during his team's victory over TSM.
Sneaky had a strong showing during his series against TSM, picking Kai'Sa in all three games and winning lane with ease in each one. Time and again he was able to simply outclass the enemy duo lane, picking up early advantages and running away with them. Although he was focused down, he was able to use the champion to remain alive and deal huge amounts of damage as things progressed. His efforts were quickly rewarded with a 3-0 series sweep for his team. His strong play was critical to his team's victory, and not only punched Cloud9's ticket to the 2018 World Championship, but also secured Sneaky's place as the player who will attended the most consecutive World Championships.
Struggles to get going against Liquid
September 12, 2018
Sneaky earned a series KDA of 6/12/11 during Cloud9's 3-0 loss at the hands of Team Liquid.
Throughout his team's entire series against Team Liquid, Sneaky struggled and was ultimately unable to get his team going. In each of the game's laning phases, he found himself at the mercy of the enemy team. Due to his inability to build a lead in lane, he heavily relied on the rest of his team to get things going, grouping early for skirmishes. Unfortunately, he could not find an advantage or edge in these fights. Picking hyper carries in two of the games, he dealt lackluster damage. The enemy team drafted heavy engage time and again, making his job far too difficult. Try as he might, Sneaky could not bounce back, faltering in skirmishes. As a result, Sneaky amassed a large number of deaths, the most of anyone on his team. After losing several fights in the final game of the series, Cloud9 was defeated, giving the series over 3-0 to Team Liquid.
Consistent play in victory
September 2, 2018
Sneaky earned a series KDA of 18/11/20 during C9's 3-2 series victory over TSM.
Throughout his team's grueling series against TSM, Sneaky had a relatively strong performance that was crucial to his team's success. Sneaky had a rough time in the first couple games of the series, only finding success in Game 2 on Varus. Picking Quinn in the other two games, Sneaky was able to hold his own in lane but was simply unable to take advantage of the enemy team. Try as he might, his limited range ended up being his downfall as the games progressed. The result caused C9 to fall into a 2-1 hole in the series. Despite this, Sneaky had no problem bouncing back in the final two games of the series. Picking Varus in Game 4, he was able to win lane and quickly group with his team to secure teamfight victories and the victory. Game 5 went even better as the rest of Sneaky's team dominated their lanes alongside him. Dealing huge amounts of damage on Kai'Sa, Sneaky had no trouble closing the game out to secure a 3-2 series victory.
Makes his contribution
August 12, 2018
Sneaky went 2/0/2 in Cloud9's win over Team Liquid on Sunday.
It's a good thing Sneaky selected Ashe for this game, otherwise, he might not have had much to do. Goldenglue and Svenskeren were the obvious carries in this game, and the rest of the team struggled to accomplish much aside from assisting those two. Sneaky, with his utility in the form of Enchanted Crystal Arrow, was the best at this, helping set up plays and engage easy fights for Cloud9.
Controlled play results in win
August 6, 2018
Sneaky earned a 2/1/2 KDA on Kai'sa during his team's victory over CLG.
Sneaky had a rough start to his team's game against CLG, but he was able to easily recover. After giving up a kill just three minutes into the game, he focused on remaining alive and scaling up. This proved to be extremely successful as he focused on finding openings, joining his team for a series of mid game skirmishes. Skirting around the edge of fights, he was able to quickly scale up and deal huge amounts of damage that brought his team firmly into the lead of things. In the final teamfight of the game, he was able to quickly pick up three kills for his team, solidifying C9's stranglehold of the game. As a result, the team was able to close out the game, securing a 30-minute win.
Not starting for Cloud9
June 13, 2018
Along with teammates Jensen and Smoothie, Sneaky was announced not to be starting for the beginning of the split in a YouTube video.
As the most veteran player on Cloud9, as well as probably the most popular, it's a huge surprise that Sneaky will not be starting in Week 1 of the Summer Split; former C9 Academy player Keith will play in his place. Owner Jack Etienne and coach Reapered indicated that the players' return to the starting lineup was contingent upon them actively earning their spots back, and stated that the moves were in the best interest of the team's success. Still, given the historical mediocrity of their replacements, it's hard to see the change being totally permanent, though only time will tell.
Outcarried on Caitlyn
March 19, 2018
Sneaky's KDA read 2/4/6 at the end of Cloud9's Sunday loss to FlyQuest.
Sneaky's pick of Caitlyn in this game proved to be an awful one, as he was equally or less useful than WildTurtle's Kog'Maw at every stage of the game despite having the opportunity to counter pick. He was unable to build a CS lead in lane, likely due to the support matchup, and when his mid-game power lull came through, FlyQuest's comp was peaking. FlyQuest's four tanks shrugged off the damage from Sneaky, charging fearlessly into Cloud9 to allow WildTurtle to clean up. By the time Sneaky had enough items to attempt relevancy, it was too late.
Early advantages not enough to hold off CLG
March 4, 2018
Sneaky amassed an 8/3/5 KDA in Cloud9's surprising loss to Counter Logic Gaming on Saturday.
Sneaky got off to perhaps the best start that an ADC could ask for in this game, racking up three kills by the time 13 minutes had passed. It simply looked like C9 was going to just roll right over CLG with little to no opposition. The only problem was that as the game progressed, he and Smoothie couldn't hold off Stixxay, who scaled incredibly well. By the time the late game rolled around, any early advantage that he had built up was completely outweighed by the power Stixxay who hard-carried CLG to victory.
Clean play in victory
February 26, 2018
Sneaky posted a 2/0/3 KDA on Tristana in Cloud9's victory against Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
Sneaky played well during the laning phase, dodging the majority of skills shot at him and staying close in CS. Once Sneaky got some gank help, he started to pick up kills and assists, building a lead in gold and levels. Cloud9 didn't waste any time pushing its advantage, quickly trimming away all of the outer turrets by the time Baron spawned. After securing the buff around the 23-minute mark, C9 smashed CG in a teamfight and pushed to win. While Sneaky finished with a below 50 percent kill participation, he more than made up for it by pushing turrets and objectives.
No kills in win
February 11, 2018
Sneaky put up a somewhat muddle 0/2/10 KDA in Cloud9's win against FlyQuest on Sunday.
Despite being the AD carry for this team, he didn't really live up to his position in this game. Luckily for him, Jensen did enough carrying for the both of them, as the mid laner pushed Cloud9 to the win. That's not to say that Sneaky was completely useless, however, as he did manage put together the second-most assists in the comeback victory. Still, he may need to show up a bit more in the future to take some of the load off his mid laner.
Strong showing on Varus nets victory
February 5, 2018
Sneaky earned a 2/1/7 KDA on Varus throughout C9's victory over OpTic on Saturday.
Finding an early lead in lane, Sneaky was able to easily become a threat against OpTic. As his team started finding leads around him, he had no trouble moving with them, remaining safe, and outputting huge amounts of damage. Despite being heavily focused, he gave up only a single kill in the near 40-minute game, weaving in and out of the enemy team during skirmishes. As his team took objectives left and right, he was able to flawlessly output damage, resulting in several teamfight victories to give Cloud9 a 36-minute game win.
Shreds through CG in the late game
February 5, 2018
Sneaky finished with a KDA of 1/1/2 as Cloud9 found a win over Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
Sneaky went even early on in CS, which was just fine, since he was playing the late-game scaling Kog'Maw into the Varus of Apollo. Indeed, his scaling was accelerated in this game due to Cloud9's superb objective control, and he quickly reached a point where he had no trouble eating up CG's entire lineup. He did have an unnecessary death due to poor positioning, but played fine otherwise.
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