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OpTic Gaming
Decent at best in win
March 7, 2019
Meteos ended Sunday's win over FlyQuest with a 2/1/6 KDA as Rek'sai.
Meteos had a modest impact on the game, but did enough to help Optic take down FlyQuest. The jungler was involved in eight of 16 kills, ending with the second lowest kill participation on the team. His two kills tied for the team-low, while his six assists were the second fewest on the team.
Plays well in losing effort
February 21, 2019
Meteos ended Sunday's loss to Cloud9 with a 5/3/4 KDA as Olaf.
Meteos failed to take down his former team, despite playing well on Sunday. The jungler was involved in a team-high nine of ten kills, leading Optic with five kills. His four assists tied for the second highest figure on the team, as Meteos played well, but couldn't carry Optic.
Enters as starting jungler
January 8, 2019
Meteos will take over as the starting jungler for OpTic Gaming entering the 2019 Spring Split.
Credit to Meteos for bouncing back on his feet after joining FlyQuest midseason during 2018 Summer Split only to not play during the duration of the campaign. When at the top of his game, Meteos is easily one of the best junglers in the game, but his play has slipped in recent years, along with allegedly his will to compete at the highest level. The expectations of OG faithful will fall firmly on his shoulders in 2019 and that pressure alone could help push Meteos back to the top players at his position in the Western hemisphere.
Free Agent
Becomes free agent ahead of 2019
November 20, 2018
Meteos has become a free agent after his contract with FlyQuest expired.
Meteos never played for the main roster of FlyQuest following a mid-season trade from 100 Thieves. The veteran will look for a new opportunity ahead of 2019.
Traded to FlyQuest
July 1, 2018
Meteos has been traded to FlyQuest in exchange for AnDa, reports ESPN esports' Jacob Wolf.
While Meteos hasn't been playing bad by any means, his days have seemed numbered ever since 100 Thieves announced that Levi would be starting for Rift Rivals this week. That was confirmed with Jacob Wolf's tweet on Sunday. The problem for Meteos is that he will now have to compete for a starting spot once he joins FlyQuest. In a since-deleted tweet, Meteos made it clear that he didn't want to play for an Academy team, either.
Bides his time before setting up win
June 25, 2018
Meteos tallied a 3/3/7 KDA in 100 Thieves' win over Cloud9 on Sunday.
While Meteos didn't have a massive impact on this game from start to finish, he had a big moment that turned the tide quite a bit. At 25 minutes, he put himself in the middle of an engagement with his Zin Zhao and picked up a double kill that turned into a 100 Thieves 3-for-0 teamfight win and a Baron. That was all that they needed to eventually walk right into Cloud9's base and close out the win.
Sets up Ssumday early and often
June 24, 2018
Meteos went 2/2/10 during 100 Thieves win against FlyQuest on Saturday.
While Meteos didn't exactly show off in terms of offense in this one, he did all he could to set his teammates up for success. The main beneficiary of this was Ssumday, who was the hero for 100 Thieves in this game. With him receiving a lot of the early support, he turned into a monster during teamfights and FlyQuest couldn't stop it. Meteos played his role perfectly and 100 Thieves now have their first win of the split because of it.
Embarrassing play in loss
June 18, 2018
0/4/1 was Meteos' KDA by the end of 100 Thieves' loss to CLG on Sunday.
This game didn't go well for anyone on 100 Thieves, but Meteos had perhaps the worst performance of all on Camille. He started off with a highly questionable early invade, in which he gave up first blood to the enemy jungler, starting a snowball that would roll throughout the game. After that, he failed to accomplish much of anything, with the exception of about a 30-second span in which he took and Ocean Drake and participated in his team's sole kill.
Struggles in late-game fights
June 16, 2018
Meteos scored a 0/2/6 KDA on Trundle in 100 Thieves' loss to Team Liquid.
Meteos was busy early, ganking lanes and picking up assists, but it wasn't enough to get any of 100 Thieves' lanes a lead. Most of the lanes were struggling without his help and the losing lanes combined with poorly coordinated teamfights in the second half quickly unraveled 100 Thieves. No one could break through to take down Doublelift, allowing him to tear through 100 Thieves. After 100 Thieves were aced, giving over an easy Baron kill, there was little chance of overcoming the nearly 10,000-gold lead.
Bottom lane focus pays off in victories
March 19, 2018
Meteos posted a combined KDA of 5/3/17 in 100 Thieves pair of wins against Echo Fox on Sunday.
In both of the games, Meteos was focused on helping the bottom lane take control early and was always successful. Meteos' Zac in the regular season game had no problem with finding areas in the fog of war to Elastic Slingshot himself on Altec or PapaChau. However, not all of the game was easy for 100 Thieves as it needed four Barons before finally pushing down Echo Fox's Nexus. Meteos decided to pick up the pace in the tiebreaker on Skarner, making an early invade that turned into a 3-vs-3. He died in the fray but still earned him some assists to make up for it. Afterward, 100 Thieves began to group up, dominate teamfights and take objectives. This time Meteos and 100 Thieves didn't stumble late and cleanly closed out the sub 30-minute victory.
Low impact in loss
March 4, 2018
Meteos posted a 0/3/0 KDA on Jax as 100 Thieves lost to Team Liquid on Saturday.
The early jungle pathing Meteos chose wasn't very productive. None of his ganks were successful and any attempt to steal jungle camps were contested, often forcing him to scuttle back to his side of the river with a sliver of health. When Meteos did try for the neutral objectives, all he managed to get was Rift Herald and it cost him his life. There was little chance of coming back as 100 Thieves resources all started to go over to Team Liquid as they pushed all lanes into 100 Thieves' base. Meteos gave his life in the final fight defensive stand but it barely broke Team Liquid's stride as it pushed to victory.
Gets bot lane going
February 26, 2018
Meteos ended 100 Thieves' victory over FlyQuest on Sunday with a KDA of 1/1/7.
Playing Jax, Meteos' most crucial play arguably came at the three-minute mark, given how the game went from there. At that time, his bottom lane gank gave first blood to Cody Sun, who'd go on to have a perfect 9/0/4 KDA for 100 percent kill participation. He was serviceable for the rest of the game as well, using his tanky build to be the primary initiator for the team, at least when aphromoo wasn't landing insane hooks.
Solid all game long
February 19, 2018
Meteos went 3/2/7 over Counter Logic Gaming on Sunday.
Meteos went with the meta-popular tank Jax this game and performed admirably on it. A gank in the bot lane granted his team its first two kills and first turret, and he continued to be strong into teamfights. He did a good job of tanking up as much as he could and pressuring the CLG backline, all while only taking two deaths. He even stole the Baron at the end of the game for good measure, though it's likely his team may still have found an ace and ended the game anyway.
Rough time in loss
February 18, 2018
Meteos went 2/3/3 on Sejuani in 100 Thieves' loss to Echo Fox on Saturday.
Meteos never managed to build himself into much of a threat for 100 Thieves in this game. He picked up an early dragon to get the ball rolling for his team, but it wasn't long before that ball came to a screeching halt in the face of a high-powered Echo Fox attack. All Meteos could do was get a single kill on Dardoch in the late game, but even that didn't have much of an impact on the overall outlook of the game.
Outplayed in jungle
February 12, 2018
Meteos struggled his way to a 1/3/3 KDA during 100 Thieves' loss to the Golden Guardians on Sunday.
While Meteos made a decisive gank in the early game to pick up a kill onto Deftly, that was just about the only good thing he did with his Sejuani in this game. As the game progressed, he was picked off by Contractz with impunity as the Guardians jungler ran rampant around the map with ease. It wasn't just Meteos who came up short, however, as all of 100 Thieves seemed unable to deal with the loose and free style of the Guardians in this loss.
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