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Not listed on Giants Gaming
November 8, 2018
SirNukesAlot is not listed on Giants Gaming's roster.
It shouldn't come as much of a surprise given Giants Gaming was one of many European teams to struggle, and as a result at least three members are moving on from the team, including SirNukesAlot. The support registered a 5/62/98 KDA across 18 games and posted a 61.7 percent kill percentage, both figures that would situate SirNukesAlot near the bottom of the position rankings.
All but useless
August 18, 2018
SirNukesAlot went 0/2/2 in Giants' Saturday loss to Splyce.
Janna wasn't necessarily a poor pick into Splyce's composition, as it certainly makes life harder for the enemy Trundle and LeBlanc, at least on paper. However, with how fed Nisqy's LeBlanc got in this game, SirNukesAlot's shields and heals weren't remotely enough to keep his teammates alive. As a result, SirNukesAlot offered very little throughout this game.
Unable to keep team safe in loss
August 11, 2018
SirNukesAlot earned a 0/4/5 KDA on Tahm Kench during his team's loss to Fnatic on Friday.
Unsurprisingly given the rest of his team's performance, SirNukesAlot struggled to get anything done during his team's loss against Fnatic. After falling behind in the early game, he simply could not keep up with the enemy team's level of aggression and failed to match his opponent's roaming. During the mid game, he focused on finding vision for his team but consistently had to revert to simply trying to keep his team alive. Playing reactively rather than proactively, He simply had no way to bring his team into the driver's seat of the game. Though he tried his best, his best simply wasn't enough, resulting in a 30-minute defeat.
Familiarizes himself with the death chamber
June 30, 2018
SirNukesAlot's KDA read 1/7/0 by the end of Giants' Saturday loss to Fnatic.
SirNukesAlot made the bold choice of Zyra into the Pyke of Hylissang and paid for it early and often. Dying first at the two-minute mark after eating his first hook of the game, it was all downhill from there. With no escape or meaningful defenses, it was all too easy for Hylissang and Caps' Zoe to pick Nukes off time and again. After not hitting level 6 til 14-and-a-half minutes, SirNukesAlot ended with a depressing 1/7/0 KDA.
Locks down the opposition on Fiddlesticks
June 23, 2018
SirNukesAlot went 0/2/5 in Giants Gaming's loss at the hands of the Unicorns of Love on Friday.
They may not have won the war, but SirNukesAlot certainly did his part to help Steeelback win the battle in the bottom lane. With his solid CC options, he and Steeelback managed to shut down their lane counterparts on their way to winning the bottom side of the map. This likely would have been enough to push Giants towards a win, but Djoko was unable to lock down the Baron, allowing the Unicorns to steal and win the game.
Critical performance in victory over H2K
June 19, 2018
SirNukesAlot earned a 0/3/5 KDA on Tahm Kench in his team's victory over H2K.
Throughout the game against H2K, SirNukesAlot had a seemingly quiet performance, but his impact was felt in his team's win. Controlling vision early on, he was able to give his team a distinguishable macro advantage that lead to absolute domination of the map. This further allowed his team to control every neutral objective on the map, securing three barons, three elemental dragons, and an Elder Dragon. Throughout this time, SirNukesAlot also used Tahm Kench to great success, saving his carries time and again in what would have been disastrous teamfights. This allowed GIA to stay in the game long enough for an eventual backdoor that resulted in a 45-minute victory. Without SirNukesAlot's ability to save his team and control the map, this victory would not have been possible.
Signs with Giants
May 28, 2018
SirNukesAlot will make his EU LCS debut with the Vodafone Giants this summer, reports Jacob Wolf of ESPN esports.
Having played with various Challenger teams over the years, SirNukesAlot will finally make his way to the big leagues with the Giants during the Summer Split. He'll be coming into a struggling Giants team that is looking to improve on a ninth-place finish during the Spring Split. SirNukesAlot will replace Targamas on the main roster after the former support was removed from the team earlier this month. Time will tell whether this move will end up changing the fortune of this team moving forward.
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