Shin Hyeong-seop 
South Korea
Flash Wolves
Assist heavy Talon
May 14, 2019
Rather ended Tuesday's win over PVB with a 1/3/11 KDA as Talon.
Rather helped Flash Wolves win their final game of MSI with a supportive effort on Talon. The mid laner was involved in 12 of 18 kills, ending with the second highest kill participation on the team. He had just one kill, but his 11 assists paced Flash Wolves in the win.
Leads FW in deaths
May 13, 2019
Rather ended Monday's loss to SKT with a 0/5/1 KDA as Orianna.
Rather did little other than feed during Monday's second loss to SKT in the tournament. The mid laner was involved in one of two kills, tying for the team-low in kill participation. He had no kills in the game, while his five deaths were the team-high in the loss.
Poor showing in final game of series against Afreeca
July 17, 2018
Rather earned a 0/2/1 KDA on Morgana during Game 2 of Griffin's series defeat.
After his team was defeated against Afreeca in their first game, Rather was subbed in for the remainder of the series. Being placed on Morgana to help his team's funnel strategy, he was unable to get much done during the game. Finding himself dying early, he could not hold his own for lane, putting the rest of his team at an inherent disadvantage. Try as he might, he could do little more than clear waves using his Tormented Soil. With his team's Lucian as the target of the funnel, he found himself at a huge lack of resources. As the strategy didn't pan out, things quickly became difficult for Griffin. Unable to do anything except participate in his team's final teamfight of the game, Rather did not have a strong showing during his team's defeat against Afreeca, resulting in a 2-0 series loss.
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