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Struggles continue
March 13, 2019
Aphromoo ended Sunday's loss to C9 with a 0/3/1 KDA as Alistar.
Aphromoo's struggles continued as he failed to really do anything during Sunday's loss. The support was involved in one of five kills, ending with the team-low in kill participation. His one assist tied for the team-low, while his three deaths were the second most on the team.
Poor performance yet again
February 26, 2019
Aphromoo ended Sunday's loss to Team Liquid with a 0/3/0 KDA as Thresh.
Aphromoo struggled yet again as 100T fell to Team Liquid on Sunday. The support wasn't involved in the lone kill, while his three deaths tied for the team-high. Aphromoo ate a ton of skillshots in the game, as his string of poor performances continued.
Struggles continue
February 22, 2019
Aphromoo ended Sunday's loss to Echo Fox with a 0/3/2 KDA as Tahm Kench.
Aphromoo and 100T's struggles continued as they fell yet again on Sunday. The support was involved in two of for kills, tying for the team-low in kill participation. Aphromoo tied for the team-high in deaths, while his two assists were the third highest figure on the team.
Can't find the win
January 28, 2019
Aphromoo earned a 0/3/3 KDA on Alistar during his team's loss at the hands of C9 on Sunday.
After finding two early kills for his team and assisting in stealing an infernal dragon, aphromoo's play got quiet as his team began to fall against Cloud 9. Unable to find the engages needed to find a lead, he tried to gain vision of the map; another task that he struggled at. Unable to find engages or find vision to allow his team to choke out Cloud 9, aphromoo's inability to impact the map cost his team, resulting in the squad falling to Cloud 9 at the 26-minute mark.
Decent in loss to iG
October 17, 2018
Aphromoo ended Wednesday's loss to iG with a 1/3/7 KDA as Rakan.
Pairing with Rikara's Xayah, aphromoo had a decent showing in Wednesday's loss to iG. He was involved in eight of 12 kills, finishing with the second-highest kill participation on the team. His one kill was tied for the team low, while he led 100 Thieves with seven assists in the loss.
Brings out Bard
October 17, 2018
Aphromoo finished Wednesday's loss to Fnatic with a 1/2/2 KDA as Bard.
Aphromoo picked up the Bard, but couldn't make it result in many positive plays during the loss. He was involved in three of four kills, earning the second-highest kill participation on the team. His one kill was tied with Ssumday for the second most on the team, while his two assists tied for the team low.
Man-of-the-match performance
October 12, 2018
Aphromoo ended Friday's win over G-Rex with a 0/2/19 KDA as Thresh.
Aphromoo was on point as 100 Thieves picked up their first win of the 2018 World Championships. He was involved in 19 of 23 kills, leading his side in kill participation. Like any good support he stole no kills, but his 19 assists were the team high in the win. Aphromoo put on an excellent display as he helped his side move to 1-1 in the group stage.
Only assist on team
October 11, 2018
Aphromoo ended Thursday's loss to Fnatic with a 0/2/1 KDA as Alistar.
Aphromoo was unable to do much as Fnatic snowballed early to take the win on Thursday. He was involved in 100 Thieves' lone kill, picking up the only assist in the game for his team. With Rikara falling behind early in lane, Aphromoo struggled to really do anything in the one-sided loss.
Up and down showing on Alistar in loss
September 11, 2018
Aphromoo earned a combined KDA of 1/17/28 over five games of Alistar against Team SoloMid.
Across his team's series defeat against TSM, Aphromoo had an up and down performance. Throughout the majority of the series, he found himself racking up a large number of deaths, constantly putting himself in a dangerous position in order to try and find picks and advantages for the rest of his team. The story of the series for Aphromoo was trying to juggle shotcalling, creating advantages, finding vision control, and being unable to do so. With so much on his plate, Aphromoo clearly felt the pressure and was unfortunately unable to deliver. Although he had several impressive showings throughout the series, the overarching trend was that of disappointment as he simply could not keep up with the enemy team's aggression and coordination. Unable to find the openings necessary in the final two games of the series, Aphromoo could not keep his team in the game, resulting in a 3-2 series loss against TSM.
Leads team to victory over FlyQuest
August 27, 2018
Aphromoo finished his team's victory over FlyQuest with a series KDA of 1/4/33.
Aphromoo was once again the consistent member his team needed during 100 Thieves victory over FlyQuest. Throughout the entire series, he had no problem setting his team up for success by roaming and finding vision control. This continued for the duration of the games, constantly bringing his team the opportunities needed to make short work of their opponents. With such a strong leader at the helm, the rest of the team worked tirelessly to continue making an impact, finding fights left and right that secured victories. As a result of his strong play, 100 Thieves had an easy time securing the 3-0 series sweep over FlyQuest.
Leads team to victory over GGS
August 6, 2018
aphromoo earned a 0/0/6 KDA on Rakan during 100T's victory over GGS.
Pairing up expertly with his marksman in the bottom lane, aphromoo had a monstrous performance that resulted in a victory over GGS. Buying his time in the early game, he was able to pair up with Cody Sun to find small openings whenever possible. As the game transitioned to skirmishes, he was constantly in the right place at the right time, punishing GGS' mistakes in order to bring his team into the lead. Once ahead, he found vision control for 100T, granting them the control of the map they needed to further force favorable fights. Time and again he found himself able to lock down the enemy team and simultaneously keep his carries safe. As a result, 100T had an easy time taking teamfights, closing out the game in convincing fashion at the 33-minute mark.
Unable to get things done late
August 5, 2018
aphromoo earned a 0/1/4 KDA on Braum during his team's loss against Team Liquid.
Although he had a strong performance during his team's game against Liquid, aphromoo was ultimately unable to get anything done for his team during the late game. After facilitating the rest of the team finding a lead in the early game, he struggled to make up for his team's constant mistakes. Try as he might, his vision control and crowd control could only go so far, as he sat by the rest of his team in fights, he could only delay the inevitable. The rest of the team struggled to get anything done, putting him in an extremely rough position. After losing back-to-back fights, he sat by as Liquid closed out the game in 43 minutes.
Strong support play nets victory
July 31, 2018
aphromoo finished his team's victory over CLG on Sunday with a 1/3/9 KDA on Rakan.
aphromoo was instrumental to his team's success throughout their game against his former team. Although he fell behind early, his strong shotcalling ability was enough to bring his team back in the game. Using superior macro play, the rest of his team was able to group around him time and again to take advantage of every opportunity possible. The result was several teamfights going the way of 100 Thieves despite being down several thousand gold. After gaining the lead once again, aphromoo was able to group with his team for a final pair of teamfights that allowed the team to close the game out and secure a 37-minute victory.
Shines on Shen
July 22, 2018
3/2/10 was aphromoo's KDA at the end of 100 Thieves' win over Echo Fox on Saturday.
In an early game where 100 Thieves fell fairly far behind, aphromoo's Shen was the saving grace. He started off with a Shadow Dash-Flash combo to get 100 Thieves their first kill of the game, granting Echo Fox a winning lane where they'd had none. As the game went on, aphromoo continued to land fantastic taunts, as well as using his ultimate to find plays all around the map. aphromoo was a critical part of the 100 Thieves frontline, and arguably the team's biggest playmaker throughout the game.
Uncharacteristic on Thresh
July 15, 2018
aphromoo went 0/6/2 in 100's loss to Golden Guardians on Sunday.
Despite being known for hook champions, aphromoo struggled on Thresh in this game. He missed numerous Death Sentences one would expect him to hit, including a narrow whiff on a mid lane roam attempt and a huge mistiming against a target in Stasis later on. Overall, aphromoo couldn't seem to make a play for his team and ended tied for the most deaths in the game.
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