Tristan Stidam 
Roughed up in debut
June 17, 2018
Zeyzal scored a 1/4/6 KDA on Nautilus in Cloud9's loss to Clutch Gaming on Saturday.
Zeyzal had a rough start in his LCS debut as he got taken down in a level 1 skirmish that took place before the first minions spawned. The setback meant that he was also just bullied in the laning phase, only ever engaging when gank assistance arrived. When it was time for the late game teamfights, Zeyzal's Nautilus was almost completely shut down by Hakuho's Morgana protecting any targets from harm with Black Shield. Cloud9's final stand was well out of base as it was nearly aced trying to protect a tier two turret.
Starting support for Cloud9
June 13, 2018
Along with two of his teammates, Zeyzal was confirmed to be moved up from the Academy roster in a YouTube video.
In a shocking move, Cloud9 has announced that three of its legacy players--Jensen, Sneaky, and Smoothie--will not be starting this weekend as the Summer Split kicks off, but rather the respective players from Cloud9's Academy team. Slotting in at the support role in Zeyzal, a relative unknown with no prior LCS experience who has been with the Academy team since December of last year. Given the tumultuous nature of bot lane in the current meta, Zeyzal and partner Keith will have a particularly tall task ahead of them if they intend to prove themselves and keep their starting positions.
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