Heo Seung-Hoon 
South Korea
Echo Fox
Can't make the difference
August 12, 2018
Huni went 1/2/4 in Echo Fox's Sunday loss to OpTic.
Despite a strong early laning phase, in which he was able to push in Dhokla's Fiora as Rumble, Huni couldn't quite make the teamfights happen for his team later on. His Equalizers were well placed, but much of his team seemed to be floundering in fights, and OpTic's initiations were surprisingly potent. Worst of all, he couldn't do anything to stop Dhokla in the split-push, and while he mostly kept up in farm, Echo Fox bled objectives in the side lanes.
Strong showing results in victory over GGS
July 24, 2018
Huni earned a 2/2/6 KDA on Gangplank during his team's victory over Golden Guardians on Sunday.
Huni had a slow start to his team's victory against GGS, but he picked things up and was able to quickly find success alongside the rest of his team. After finding a kill, he scaled up and was able to deal huge amounts of damage in skirmishes. Landing his ultimate on several members of the enemy team while simultaneously finding enemies to use his barrels on, he made the difference in skirmishes for his team. Though he was focused and found two deaths, he picked it up in the final several skirmishes of the game, racking up assists and helping his team close out the game in convincing fashion.
Throws away his advantage
July 22, 2018
Huni ended with a 2/6/2 KDA in Echo Fox's Saturday loss to 100 Thieves.
On Gangplank against the Darius of Ssumday, Huni did a fantastic job early on of using his range advantage to create a hefty CS lead. However, all of his work fell apart when he gave up a solo kill at seven-and-a-half minutes. From there on in, Huni died numerous times to his counterpart, and while he kept up in items thanks to his passive, he was nowhere near as useful in fights. Huni ended with a game-high six deaths.
Redeems previous performances in victory
July 16, 2018
Huni earned a 2/0/8 KDA on Gangplank during his team's victory over Team SoloMid.
Starting things off much differently from his most recent matches, Huni had a strong performance that allowed Echo Fox to dominate TSM. After assisting in picking up an early kill, he began joining his team during the mid game to help dominate skirmishes. Dealing large amounts of damage, he realized he could not win his 1-vs-1 and began focusing solely on teamfights. Landing barrels on multiple members of the enemy team, he dealt enough damage to give Echo Fox several convincing fight victories. As the game progressed, he scaled excellently, taking fights constantly with ease. Remaining deathless in his team's 32-minute victory, his strong performance was indicative of an upwards trend for Echo Fox.
Miserable performance nets defeat
July 16, 2018
Huni earned a 0/6/2 KDA on Dr.Mundo during his team's loss on Saturday against CLG.
Continuing his streak of disappointing performances, Huni had an extremely rough game against CLG during his team's loss. Finding himself giving up first blood early on, he was continuously focused, giving up a second kill just eight minutes into the game. Once behind, he didn't play as though he was at a disadvantage, causing even more strife for his team. Continuing to play aggressively and with complete disregard for the enemy team, he found himself giving up kills left and right, unable to find anything meaningful in exchange for his deaths. In teamfights, he was simply not tanky enough to withstand the enemy team's damage, making him more of a distraction rather than a threat or disruption. Dying time and again, he could not get anything done during the early game. With such a poor showing in the early game, he allowed his team to fall so far behind that a comeback was out of the question. Losing multiple teamfights, Echo Fox was convincingly defeated in 36 minutes.
Decent showing on tank results in victory
July 9, 2018
Huni earned a 1/6/11 KDA on Ornn during his team's victory over Splyce on Thursday.
Huni had an interesting playstyle to his Ornn during Echo Fox's victory over Splyce. After being unable to win lane against a Mundo, he opted to begin roaming heavily, even going so far as to purchase Mobility Boots to aid the process. The unorthodox strategy ended up panning out much better than expected. Huni roamed around the map with his team during the mid game to force a series of team fights that went in his team's favor despite them seeming like they shouldn't. As a result, FOX moved as a unit with ease, picking up teamfight victories left and right and ultimately closing out the game in just 31-minutes.
A game to forget
July 7, 2018
Huni went 1/7/2 as Echo Fox fell to Fnatic on Saturday.
It's lucky for Huni that Fenix had such a horrendous game on Saturday against Fnatic, because it distracted from his own, only slightly less embarrassing performance. Selecting Renekton as an answer to Bwipo's Aatrox, Huni never got off the ground, getting solo killed five minutes into the game. From there, he fell behind in CS, and without the ability to abuse his character's early power, was almost entirely useless.
Poor performance results in loss
July 6, 2018
Huni earned a 4/6/1 KDA on Renekton throughout his team's defeat against Fnatic.
Up against his previous team, Huni had a lot to prove going into Echo Fox's match. Unfortunately, the only thing he proved was that he was unsure how to play Renekton. During the early game, he found himself overextended and focused as a result. Picking up two deaths just six minutes into the game, Huni's performance did not start off as expected. After falling behind, he began to get desperate, building for damage and diving in during fights rather than thinking things through. This allowed Fnatic to exploit him and pick up kills time and again. Although he got kills for himself, Huni traded his life time and again, making it not worthwhile for his team who quickly struggled as a result of his play. As the game went on, it became clear that he made the incorrect decision to build aggressively, leaving his team without a frontline. This let FNC take back-to-back teamfight victories and close out the game in just 31 minutes.
Struggled to handle gank pressure in the top lane
July 1, 2018
Huni scored a 1/5/5 KDA on Rumble in Echo Fox's loss to Team Liquid.
Huni returned to the top lane for a second game in a row but it didn't go well for him. He was constantly being ganked and the deaths early really set him back. In the mid game, Huni managed to secure his only kill of the game but it cost him his life. When Echo Fox grouped for the second half teamfights Huni's job was to flank. The flanks didn't work out though, Huni often showed up after the rest of Echo Fox were already wiped out. Echo Fox quickly lost objectives as it racked up deaths in the 22 minute loss.
In the top lane for a change
June 24, 2018
Huni ended with a 1/4/15 KDA as Echo Fox took down GGS on Sunday.
Huni's Yasuo had one of the rougher possible starts to the game, as the early fighting around the top side left him 1/2/0 early on against a 3/0/0 Camille. Perhaps because of this, he avoided the standard crit build and rushed Blade of the Ruined King. As the game went on, however, he proved useful despite his early deficit, and even nearly won a duel against Lourlo before teammates stepped in. He finished a bizarre 1/4/15, likely one of the most supportive Yasuo scores in LCS history.
Gold funnel strategy falls short in loss
June 24, 2018
Huni posted a 5/5/3 KDA on Irelia in Echo Fox's loss to OpTic Gaming on Saturday.
Huni was moved to a new role for his third straight game. This time it was to mid lane, where he was the centerpiece of a gold funneling strategy. Huni and Dardoch rotated between pushing lanes and clearing jungle camps together. They ended up besting OPT's gold funneling combo in the mid lane during the laning phase but it wasn't enough to carry the late game. Echo Fox didn't have strong side lanes and weren't able to handle the power of OpTic's team composition in fights. Huni is yet to play in the top lane this split but Echo Fox seems to be ready to continue letting him be the player that it plans the draft around.
Continues to flex into off roles
June 18, 2018
Huni's scoreline read 4/4/7 by the end of Echo Fox's win over Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
For the second game in a row, Huni refused to take to the top lane, this time flexing into the jungle as Taliyah. Huni displayed not only a mechanical understanding of the champion this game but also solid jungle instincts, resulting in a strong early game. As the game drew on, Huni took some deaths in the close teamfights, but ultimately his early game helped his team with their iron-clad objective control, which granted them a huge lead.
Swapped into bottom lane
June 17, 2018
Huni posted a 6/3/8 KDA on Yasuo in Echo Fox's win against FlyQuest on Saturday.
Echo Fox decided to swap Huni's lane assignment with Altec, putting him in the bottom lane with Adrian on Shen. Huni and Adrian had plenty of chemistry during the laning phase, almost constantly picking fights together and winning a few along the way. Echo Fox kept the tempo sped up as it aced FlyQuest and secured a Baron kill 21 minutes in. The Baron was all Echo Fox needed to push and finish off the Nexus. Huni finished tied for the highest kill participation and leading in damage dealt to champions.
Split pushing fails short in losses
March 19, 2018
Huni scored a combined KDA of 2/7/7 in Echo Fox's two losses to 100 Thieves on Sunday.
In the final regular season game, Huni's Gnar was able to build a small lead in CS but that wasn't enough to keep Ssumday's Cho'Gath in check. As the game went late, Huni wasn't able to split push as 100 Thieves grouped up and took objectives by force, requiring him to try and help out in teamfights. However, none of the teamfights went well for Huni, a few assists was all he got for his efforts as he finished with a 0/4/4 KDA. For the tiebreaker game, Huni stuck with a split pushing champion but this time it was Shen, giving him the ability to make a bigger impact in teamfights. While Huni did help out more in teamfights, it still wasn't enough to stop 100 Thieves. Any cross map plays that Huni could make were easily countered and Echo Fox fell apart much quicker than it did in Game 1, losing its Nexus in just under 27 minutes.
No chance to carry
March 12, 2018
Huni ended with a 0/5/4 KDA as Echo Fox fell to CLG on Sunday.
On Trundle into the Cho'Gath of Darshan, Huni dutifully fulfilled his split-push role early on. He quickly amassed a CS lead that only grew as the game went on, and he took the first two turrets for Echo Fox by himself. However, the remainder of the game allowed him little opportunity to get much done in a side lane, and he simply wasn't all that effective in teamfights, leading to his poor KDA and Echo Fox's demise.
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