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Free Agent
No longer listed under UoL
November 8, 2018
Neon is no longer listed as a support for Unicorns of Love.
Multiple supports have been released in the EU LCS including Neon, but at least the UoL player finished with a higher kill percentage (67.5) than most of his free agent colleagues at the position. A 16/19/32 KDA across eight games probably allowed him to post a "better" kill percentage, but across a full season it remains to be seen whether Neon could be a positive asset at the position.
Struggles on mage in loss
August 5, 2018
Neon finished his team's loss to VIT with a 3/2/6 KDA on Orianna.
Although he was able to assist his team in picking up a few kills early on against UoL, Neon was unable to use his early lead to create any sort of impact for his team. As his team fell behind all over the map, he began to group in an effort to get things going. This paid off slightly, but he was never able to find the perfect teamfight to bring his team a victory. Though he found small openings, they came at the incorrect times. Without the ability to use his ultimate in conjunction with his Yasuo's, the results simply didn't come. Though he found a single favorable teamfight for his team, UoL was too far behind to get anything done, resulting in VIT taking a convincing victory in the game.
Decent showing not enough to find victory
August 3, 2018
Neon earned a 0/1/0 KDA on Ezreal during his team's loss against Splyce.
Although he has had questionable showings in the past, Neon had a decent showing during his team's defeat against Splyce. After farming during the early game, his team took an extremely unfavorable fight that resulted in UoL quickly falling behind. Despite falling behind, Neon was able to remain safe and begin finding small openings. Unfortunately this never panned out as the rest of his team struggled to get anything done. Though he had a few highlight plays, including taking Baron for his team, Neon could not navigate his team's huge disadvantage. Picking up his only death of the game in the final teamfight, Neon couldn't get his team into the driver's seat, resulting in a 40-minute defeat.
Struggles in loss
July 27, 2018
Neon earned a 1/3/3 KDA on Xayah during his team's loss against Misfits.
Starting off with an early death, Neon had a rough time matching up against the enemy team's Draven. Getting simply outclassed in the early game, he racked up a couple of kills that made it impossible to contest the enemy AD carry. Try as he might, Neon could not find a way to get into the game. Being a short-ranged carry, he was at the mercy of the aggression of MSF, resulting in him continuing to fall behind. Getting jumped on by the enemy Nocturne, he quickly became useless. This resulted in him dealing marginal amounts of damage in fights. As a result, MSF ran away with the game, claiming a 29-minute victory.
Poor performance on mage against S04
July 21, 2018
Neon earned a 0/3/4 KDA on Swain during his team's loss against Schalke 04.
After several lackluster showings so far, Neon kept up his reputation during his team's loss against S04. Neon was able to pick up a couple of kills with his team early but could not keep up the pressure. Getting caught out a couple times early, he gave up kills to the enemy team that ultimately allowed them to bounce back in the game. As he fell in teamfights, he could not deal sizeable amounts of damage, allowing S04 to come back in the game and take over the driver's seat. As things progressed, Neon continued to be lackluster, resulting in his team's eventual 35-minute defeat.
Struggles to get anything done in loss
July 20, 2018
Neon earned a 3/5/4 KDA on Heimerdinger during his team's defeat at the hands of Fnatic.
After dying once early, Neon was able to start making things happen for his team against FNC. Unfortunately, he could not keep up with the enemy team's advantage. As his mid laner died over and over again, he found himself at such a disadvantage that the kills he did get seemed meaningless. Anytime he found a kill, it seemed as though the enemy found two or three. Despite being able to deal large amounts of damage in his team's skirmishes, it ended up not mattering. Unable to escape from the fed enemy carry, he unfortunately could not bring his team a victory, allowing FNC to close things out in 26 minutes.
Unfortunate start to stage appearance
July 14, 2018
Neon earned a 2/2/5 KDA on Heimerdinger during his team's loss against ROCCAT.
Starting in the LCS for the first time, Neon did not have the performance he hoped for. Picking Heimerdinger to facilitate his team's funneling strategy, Neon was unable to get much done in the bottom lane. Although he did not have a poor performance of his own, the rest of his team quickly fell behind, making his job very difficult. Try as he might, he could not find an opening in the game as the rest of UoL fell behind quickly. Though he was able to deal a decent amount of damage in fights, he could not bring his team back from the huge disadvantage they found themselves at. As a result, UoL was defeated in 33 minutes.
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