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Aligns with FlyQuest
November 27, 2018
Pobelter will join FlyQuest, ESPN.com's Jacob Wolf reports.
Pobelter will take over for Keane, giving more help to the team's star duo of jungler Santorin and AD carry WildTurtle. The mid laner finished the 2018 Summer Split with a 42/35/95 KDA and a relatively middle of the pack 70.6 kill participation percentage. Of course the veteran player has the ability to pop off on a given notice, but at least for fantasy purposes both Santorin and WildTurtle gain a bit more value thanks to the addition of their newest teammate.
Free Agent
No longer with Team Liquid
November 21, 2018
Pobelter is no longer playing for Team Liquid, the player reported on Monday.
The additions of Jensen and CoreJJ set the stage for Pobelter to become obsolete, as the mid laner will be looking for a new organization this offseason. Jensen posted a slightly higher kill percentage (74.9) as opposed to Pobelter (70.6), but the massive difference in KDA (6.0 for Jensen, 3.9 for Pobelter) will likely give Team Liquid higher upside as a team. For what it's worth, Pobelter should find his way onto a roster this season, even if its in a sub capacity.
Second straight Leblanc game
October 16, 2018
Pobelter finished Tuesday's win over MAD with a 2/2/5 KDA as Leblanc.
Playing Leblanc for the second game in a row on Tuesday, Pobelter was solid if not outstanding in the win over MAD Team. He was involved in seven of 13 kills, ending with the second lowest kill participation in the win. His two kills were the second highest total, while his five assists tied him with Impact for the second most on the team. Team Liquid have struggled throughout the tournament, but did at least beat MAD Team twice in the group stage.
Grabs a carry mid laner
October 16, 2018
Pobelter ended Tuesday's loss to KT with a 3/3/0 KDA as Leblanc.
Pobelter pulled out a carry for the first match of Tuesday's slate, falling in the end to KT. He was involved in three of four kills, finishing with the second highest kill participation on the team. He had no assists, but his three deaths led Team Liquid as he accounted for 75% of the team's kill total. Pobelter did die three times and never got to a point where he could carry on Leblanc.
Ties for team-high death total
October 12, 2018
Pobelter finished Friday's loss to EDG with a 2/4/1 KDA as Galio.
Pobelter couldn't utilize Galio's global presence after Team Liquid fell behind from a fairly early stage. He was involved in three of five kills, tying for the third-highest kill participation on the team. His two kills tied Olleh for the team high, while his one assist tied Impact for the team low. Pobelter also tied Olleh for the team-high death total with four.
Involved in only one kill
October 10, 2018
Pobelter ended Wednesday's loss to KT Rolster with a 0/2/1 KDA as Ryze.
Pobelter struggled to scale into a threat on Wednesday after KT took control of the game from an early stage. He was involved in only one of four kills, earning the team-low kill participation in the loss. He picked up no kills, while his one assist was the second-highest total for Team Liquid.
Controlled play nets win over 100 Thieves
September 2, 2018
Pobelter earned a series KDA of 10/5/19 during his team's 3-1 victory over 100 Thieves.
Much like the rest of his team, Pobelter had a relatively strong showing during his team's victory over 100 Thieves. In Game 1, Team Liquid was defeated, but Pobelter showed off his ability to play Zilean, participating in all but one of his team's kills without dying a single time. Despite the loss, Pobelter was not shaken, and regrouped with his team to steamroll the next three games of the series. He stormed into the next game on Syndra, quickly taking over lane and then dominating all in his path during skirmishes. The domination only continued to get more severe in the following games as Pobelter and the rest of Liquid moved with a purpose. Picking Ryze in the final two games, Pobelter was able to find a lead and run with it. Despite not having a flashy performance, his play was strong enough to net victories, bringing Team Liquid a 3-1 series victory with ease.
Never had a chance
August 12, 2018
Pobelter ended 0/3/0 as Team Liquid fell to Cloud9 on Sunday.
Pobelter's three deaths this game on Orianna were some of the earliest in the game, and they paved the way for Team Liquid's defeat. He was heavily camped early on, and the pairing of Svenskeren's Lee Sin and Goldenglue's Syndra had absolutely no trouble bursting him down, consistently diving him under multiple layers of turrets. Pobelter never got the chance to get going in this game, and his deaths gave Cloud9 their huge lead.
Controlled play results in win
August 5, 2018
Pobelter used Malzahar to earn a 4/1/5 KDA during TL's victory over 100T.
After getting ganked early on and giving up a kill just eight minutes into the game, Pobelter stepped things up in order to find victory over 100T. Playing calm and collected for the rest of the game, he was able to ensure that the early death didn't get to him. After scaling up for fights, he began dominating the enemy team with his ultimate and consistent damage, allowing the rest of Team Liquid to bounce back from an early deficit. Providing pressure additionally allowed the rest of his team to take objective control. In the final teamfights of the game, he was able to lock down key members to bring TL convincing fight victories. As a result, TL bounced back in the game to claim a 43-minute win.
Comes out behind on self-proclaimed counter pick
July 22, 2018
Pobelter's scoreline read 2/3/3 as Team Liquid fell to Cloud9 on Saturday.
After picking Azir into the Orianna of Jensen, reportedly because of extreme confidence in the matchup, Pobelter failed to accomplish much in this game. He fell behind in CS early on, and while he caught up in farm as the game drew on, he didn't do much else. He did have one teamfight where he pulled off a great Emperor's Divide but was outshined by Jensen in every other engagement.
Only one not feeding
July 15, 2018
Pobelter ended with a 0/1/0 KDA as Team Liquid fell to FlyQuest on Sunday.
It says something about how Liquid fared in this game that Pobelter's 0/1/0 was by far the best performance on the team. In fact, he was 0/0/0 until the very end of the game, when his team went for a last-ditch fight. Up until then, he spent most of the game farming as Yasuo while his team gave up kills, and maintained a minor CS lead, which is more than can be said for anyone else on Liquid.
Decent performance in loss
July 8, 2018
Pobelter earned a 3/5/1 KDA on Zoe during his team's loss against G2.
Pobelter had a decent start to his team's game against G2 but he was ultimately never able to really get things going. After picking up an early kill thanks to a gank from Xmithie, he struggled to get much of anything done at all. As G2 controlled the entire macro game, Pobelter could do little more than farm as his team was denied access to the majority of the map. This ended up causing teamfights to go the way of G2 with ease. Without the ability to roam, Pobelter was pigeonholed into trying to join teamfights after his team was already had a huge disadvantage. Unable to do much of anything, Team Liquid lost back-to-back fights, giving G2 the victory after 26 minutes.
Expertly navigates difficult matchup in victory against Fnatic
July 6, 2018
Pobelter earned a 2/3/9 KDA on Zoe during Team Liquid's convincing victory over Fnatic.
Pobelter faced a treacherous road during Team Liquid's match against Fnatic as not only was he facing off against Caps, a mid laner that much of the world would consider stronger, but he also was forced to face down Kassadin as Zoe, a matchup that was already heavily Kassadin favored before Kassadin received his most recent string of buffs. Fortunately, Team Liquid pulled ahead enough in the early game that Caps wasn't able to pressure the matchup very hard without risking instant death at the hands of Xmithie's Nocturne. While that certainly didn't stop Pobelter from dying an uncomfortable number of times considering his team's dominant position, it did ensure that those deaths didn't allow Caps to snowball out of control. By match's end Pobelter had racked up a huge string off assists for himself without sacrificing too much, though he notably was the only member of Team Liquid to end the game with less gold than his opposite number, during a game that was a step away from being a stomp, at that.
Dominant showing on Irelia results in victory
July 6, 2018
Pobelter earned a 2/1/7 KDA on Irelia through Liquid's victory over Splyce.
Although he had a much slower start than the rest of his team, Pobelter had an extremely strong performance that resulted in his team's victory over Splyce. During the early game, he did little more than outlane his opponent, as it was unnecessary to do more with the rest of his team dominating the competition. When the mid game came around, Pobelter exploded into fights, quickly eliminating key members of the enemy team, allowing Team Liquid to easily find an ace 17 minutes into the game. From here on out, the rest of the game was simple for Pobelter and the rest of his team. Moving with his squad, he was able to secure objectives and find another critical teamfight victory. After eliminating the enemy team, he assisted TL in closing the game out, claiming a 28-minute victory with only a single death.
Late game struggles in loss
June 18, 2018
Pobelter scored a 1/4/1 KDA on Irelia in Team Liquid's loss to the Golden Guardians on Sunday.
Pobelter didn't have a great showing on Irelia late but did well in lane despite the tough matchup. He managed to build a small gold lead but it wasn't nearly enough to make up for the losing side lanes. It didn't take long for the Golden Guardians are start grouping and pushing its advantage. Pobelter could do little in teamfights as Team Liquid got decimated by GGS. Team Liquid's final stand resulted in it being aced with Pobelter being the last to fall before the Nexus blew up at 22 minutes.
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