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Damage carries on mage in loss
June 17, 2018
WildTurtle posted a 3/4/6 KDA on Swain in FlyQuest's loss to Echo Fox Saturday.
Another AD carry that embraced the new meta was WildTurtle as he drafted Swain for his first game of the Summer Split. The change from Marksman to Mage went well for WildTurtle early game as he picked up kills and assists. The late game didn't go as well as he struggled to deal out enough damage to get through the bruiser lineup that Echo Fox drafted. WildTurtle's efforts earned him the most damage dealt to champions for FlyQuest.
Jump starts FlyQuest's aggression
March 12, 2018
WildTurtle went 5/1/8 in FlyQuest's Sunday victory over Golden Guardians.
WildTurtle's trademark aggression came through in this game on Ezreal, if not exactly in highlight-reel fashion. While GGS had a significantly better early game, they soon started trying to push their lead too aggressively. It was WildTurtle who first attempted to punish them for this with an aggressive play around the Dragon Pit, although he failed to secure a kill due to missed skillshots. Still, this play ended up being the turning point, as FlyQuest went on to capitalize on GGS' forward positioning to pick off targets and take the gold lead.
Hook magnet
February 26, 2018
WildTurtle went 2/4/1 as FlyQuest fell to 100 Thieves on Sunday.
WildTurtle's Caitlyn was set up to fail early on, as the enemy AD carry was gifted first blood, and he was the only one on his team to die several minutes later in FlyQuest's only fight victory of the game. From there on, however, things only got worse, as he seemed to continuously find his way into the grasp of aphromoo's Blitzcrank. This cost FlyQuest multiple fights and objectives, and ultimately the game at 37 minutes.
Hugged turret enroute to loss
February 18, 2018
WildTurtle posted a 0/2/1 KDA on Ezreal as FlyQuest lost to Clutch Gaming on Saturday.
WildTurtle was constantly pushed under turret during the laning phase. While he kept up in CS, there was little that he could do about creating any sort of pressure in lane without gank assistance. While rotating the Rift during the mid game FlyQuest got picked off, forcing WildTurtle to hug turrets and slowly delay the turrets inevitable fall. When FlyQuest did group up and try to contest objectives it didn't go well, often losing the fight and objective.
Serviceable in loss
February 11, 2018
WildTurtle played average with a 2/1/4 KDA in FlyQuest's loss to Cloud9 on Sunday.
Playing on Ezreal, WildTurtle playing a solid early game complete with a quick kill. As the game progressed, however, his play became much more forgettable. He simply shrunk away when his team needed him the most. FlyQuest will need much more from him in future games or losing will become a habit for this team.
Valiant effort falls short in the end
February 5, 2018
WildTurtle's scoreline read 3/1/3 by the end of FlyQuest's loss to CLG on Sunday.
WildTurtle's Tristana was certainly the most impressive, and impactful member of FlyQuest on Sunday, but ultimately his efforts were insufficient. Twice in the mid-to-late game, once CLG had acquired a large lead and were trying to break the base, WildTurtle managed to push CLG out by taking down Darshan, both times narrowly escaping death himself. Having hit late-game form himself on the carry, it seemed as if he'd have the chance to carry the game himself; however, in one of the final teamfights, WildTurtle played overly -- and uncharacteristically -- passive, staying too far away to deal damage when he would have been relatively safe doing so. As a result, he was unable to make the comeback happen.
Can't do much in loss to Liquid
February 5, 2018
WildTurtle earned a KDA of 1/2/2 in FlyQuest's loss to Team Liquid on Saturday in the NA LCS.
WildTurtle? More like MildTurtle. Despite having what should, in theory, be a strong lane combination of Xayah and Stunt's Rakan, WildTurtle struggled to keep even in the early laning phase, playing passively while Stunt flew around and took bad trades. After an ill-fated attempt at stopping Liquid from taking an Infernal Drake, though, WildTurtle was completely shut out of the game after Doublelift's Varus picked up a double kill, ensuring that WildTurtle wouldn't be able to 1-vs-1 him. What's worse, with a Gnar and a full-damage J4 as his only frontline, WildTurtle couldn't even get in good positions to deal damage, much less carry, but he still managed to rack up a team-high 11,600 damage dealt to enemy champions alongside a 1/2/2 KDA in the loss.
Shines on Ezreal
January 28, 2018
WildTurtle scored a 9/2/5 KDA on Ezreal in FlyQuest's win against the Golden Guardians on Saturday.
WildTurtle had a solid performance on Ezreal as he led FlyQuest in damage dealt to champions. He patiently waited for the right moments to dive into fights and wreak havoc, including using his signature move of flashing forward to secure kills. FlyQuest seemed to lose control of everything during the mid game but started to comeback late. After stringing together teamfight victories and securing a Baron buff, FlyQuest quickly pushed to complete the comeback.
Rough showing despite win
January 21, 2018
WildTurtle finished with a paltry 3/4/5 KDA in FlyQuest's win over Team SoloMid on Sunday.
While his team managed to pick up the win, it wasn't necessarily on the back of Wild's play. He spent most of the game as a punching bag for Bjergsen MikeYeung, who tallied all four of his deaths. While Stunt was a respectable lane partner, Wild simply couldn't seem to keep his head intact. If he can't shore up his play and not get picked off left and right, he could be in for a long split.
Middle of the pack performance
November 28, 2017
WildTurtle finished the 2017 Summer Split with a 139/123/179 total KDA.
WildTurtle helped FlyQuest finish in seventh place during the regular season after an average season. He finished sixth in kills, seventh in assists, but had the eleventh highest KDA due to leading North American AD Carries with 123 deaths. He played better in the regional qualifiers, earning a 35/16/31 combined KDA while helping FlyQuest sweep Team Dignitas before falling to CLG. WildTurtle is the lone member of the 2017 roster returning in a starting role for FlyQuest in 2018.
Amazing performance nets victory over Dignitas
September 13, 2017
WildTurtle earned a series KDA of 19/1/17 in his team's 3-0 sweep over Dignitas.
Throughout the entire series, WildTurtle played out of his mind, dominating in each stage of every game to single-handedly bring his team a convincing series victory. Although he's been criticised in the past, he had no trouble finding an early lead for himself in lane and capitalizing in each game, dominating teamfights and handing his team prime positioning to secure the victory. Although he was heavily focused, he died only a single time in the series, earning a monstrous 36.0 KDA in the victory, showing his dominance throughout the 3-0 series sweep.
Main threat for FlyQuest
September 11, 2017
WildTurtle ended FlyQuest's 1-3 loss to CLG with a 16/15/14 combined KDA.
Turtle used Twitch in Game 1 to finish with a 4/4/5 KDA. He was involved in nine of 13 kills, finishing one kill behind Balls for the team lead. In Game 2, Turtle used Sivir to finish with a 2/4/4 KDA. He was involved in six of eight kills finishing tied with moon for his team's second-highest assist total. In Game 3, WildTurtle played Kog'maw and earned a 5/3/1 KDA. He was involved in six of nine kills, leading FlyQuest with five kills. For the final game of the series, Turtle played Tristana and finished with a 5/4/4 KDA. He was involved in nine of 11 kills, tying Balls for the team high with five kills.
Moments of brilliance not sufficient
July 31, 2017
WildTurtle went 4/10/4 as FlyQuest fell 0-2 to Cloud9 on Sunday.
WildTurtle started out strong in Game 1, as a 2-vs-2 outplay left him with a pair of quick assists. He even grew a decent CS lead in lane despite being up against Caitlyn, and was 3/1/3 at one point after a little more action. Unfortunately, he simply couldn't carry in the face of Jensen's massive Syndra. In Game 2, not as much can be said for WildTurtle, as his Jhin claimed a lone assist in the stomp by Cloud9.
Lackluster performance on Kalista throughout series loss
July 24, 2017
WildTurtle finished with a 5/9/12 KDA in FlyQuest's series loss to Team EnVyus on Sunday.
WildTurtle had his best Kalista performance of the series in Game 1 as he earned a 1/1/8 KDA. He had solid Fate's Calls throughout the mid game as FLY started to comeback and win teamfights to victory. In Game 2 WildTurtle didn't do much of anything as he finished with an 0/3/0 KDA. He never recovered after losing an early 2-vs-2 in the bottom lane. In Game 3 WildTurtle again suffered an early death, but showed some life in the second half. While he participated in more teamfights, it wasn't enough to overcome EnVy's massive gold lead and finished with a 4/5/4 KDA.
Low production in series loss
July 15, 2017
WildTurtle finished with a 2/5/2 KDA in FlyQuest's 2-0 series loss to Counter Logic Gaming on Friday.
WildTurtle had a good showing on Kalista in Game 1 despite his low production. He got first blood in a early 2-vs-2 skirmish in the bottom lane and then safely farmed up a nice CS lead. The teamfighting early went in FLY's favor, but it started to struggle in coordinating engages late. WildTurtle made good plays with Fate's Call, but it wasn't enough to stop CLG from winning a fight late and pushing to finish Game 1. In Game 2 WildTurtle's Kog'Maw struggled his way to a 1/4/0 KDA. He struggled to find good positioning in teamfights throughout and was caught by plenty of Thresh hooks. FLY couldn't do much to save its base from CLG's Elder Dragon empowered Baron push to close out the series.
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