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Released by Echo Fox
July 24, 2018
Fenix has been released by Echo Fox, Jacob Wolf of ESPN Esports reports.
After not playing for the last three matches during the NA LCS Summer Split, Fenix has been officially released by the team. Echo Fox has previously been rotating between Fenix and Damonte in the mid lane but had seemed to settle on Damonte of late. Rather than hold Fenix back any longer, the team opted to release Fenix, affirming their support in Damonte.
Horrendous end to the tournament
July 7, 2018
0/7/0 was Fenix's KDA by the end of Echo Fox's loss to Fnatic on Saturday.
From champion select all the way through to the Nexus exploding, it's hard to imagine what a worse game for Fenix could've looked like. His pick of Lulu was extremely questionable, as the rest of his team had neither a hypercarry to beef up nor a proper tank to make efficient use of the bonus health and shields. However, regardless of the composition, Fenix would never have been useful, as he started the game by moving too far forward in a gank attempt only to die himself, and just kept dying from then on. He ended the game with more deaths than his team had kills, no kill participation, down nearly 50 CS, and more than an item and a half behind his opponent. Fenix simply could not have ended the tournament in worse fashion if he tried.
Struggled after level one death
July 1, 2018
Fenix posted a 1/7/1 KDA on Yasuo in Echo Fox's loss to Team Liquid.
Fenix got moved to the bottom lane to combo his Yasuo with Feng's Nautilus. The already tough lane matchup against was made worse when Fenix got caught in the river at level one by Doublelift's Xayah and Olleh's Rakan. There was little that Fenix could do in the late game teamfights as he often was easily popped if he tried to go into the front line and deal damage. His only kill came from punishing a greedy push by Team Liquid, however, it did little in terms of swinging the momentum in Echo Fox's favor.
Superb skill usage
June 24, 2018
Fenix's scoreline read 5/3/11 as Echo Fox triumphed over GGS on Sunday.
As one of two reliable sources of crowd control and setup for Huni's Yasuo, Fenix needed to deliver if Echo Fox were to win teamfights. Deliver he did, as he demonstrated some of the most consistently on-point Galio play in recent memory. He timed his taunts perfectly around Stopwatches and Hourglasses, chained his crowd control and damage effectively, and was incredibly accurate with the somewhat awkward Winds of War. Next to Altec's Vladimir, Fenix was the main contributor to Echo Fox's teamfight wins.
Couldn't handle gank pressure in loss
June 24, 2018
Fenix scored a 3/2/4 KDA on Karthus in Echo Fox's loss to OpTic Gaming on Saturday.
Fenix got moved to the top lane in Echo Fox's first attempt at running a gold funneling strategy on Saturday. Fenix really had a tough time laning during the laning phase as OPT kept throwing ganks at him. When it came to the teamfighting in the second half, Fenix led Echo Fox in damage dealt to champions. However, it wasn't enough to completely carry the teamfights as EF lost its final stand protecting its base.
Comes out on top
June 18, 2018
4/2/5 was Fenix's KDA at the end of Echo Fox's Sunday victory over CG.
Despite being in a losing matchup as Ryze into Syndra, Fenix managed to control the wave in the mid lane and come out significantly ahead in CS. Neither of the two had plenty of early impact around the map, but once fights did start up, Fenix was a huge part of his team's damage, positioning himself in the frontline to help carry teamfights for Echo Fox.
Doesn't show up to play
March 12, 2018
Fenix ended Echo Fox's Sunday loss to CLG with a 2/2/4 KDA.
There is truly almost nothing to be said for Fenix's Ryze in this game. He kept even in CS, but had little to no impact in fights, and was often, in fact, the point of initiation due to unsafe positioning. As a result, he was unable to put out significant damage and came through with the game's lowest kill participation.
Solid performance in loss
March 11, 2018
Fenix earned a 3/2/1 KDA on Cassiopeia in Echo Fox's loss to Clutch Gaming on Saturday.
Fenix showed some impressive dodging skills to pick up an assist on first blood. The early solo lane time let him build up a solid CS lead, heading into the mid game as a solid damage threat. Echo Fox maintained control for a while but started to get sloppy throughout the late teamfights, often times too spread out during engages which allowed Clutch Gaming to pick it apart. Fenix did what he could but died just like everyone else on Echo Fox during its final stand at the Nexus.
Dominates with Zoe
February 18, 2018
Fenix owned 100 Thieves on his way to a 4/0/4 KDA in Echo Fox's win on Saturday.
Fenix was gifted the all-mighty Zoe in this game and he made 100 Thieves pay for the oversight. He might have been in a bit of a tough matchup against the Taliyah of Ryu, but Fenix didn't seem to mind as he dominated from start to finish. He started out with a huge kill on Meteos that allowed his team to pick up Baron and then it was off to the races. There was simply no stopping what Fenix was putting out at any point, which allowed Echo Fox to easily walk away with the win.
Beautiful in the background
February 11, 2018
Fenix ended Echo Fox's Saturday win over Golden Guardians with a 2/0/6 KDA.
While most of the focus was on the top lane this game, it was Fenix's self sufficiency that gave Dardoch the freedom to tunnel on the other solo lane. On Zoe, Fenix had access to plenty of wave clear early on, relentlessly shoving in Hai's Galio for a quick CS advantage. After the top side of the map got ahead, Fenix happily joined his team as they made plays in the bot lane and elsewhere around the map. He finished with the most CS on his team, and was the only member to go deathless, as he restrained himself from making the overly aggressive plays that got his teammates killed.
Solid play early in loss
February 4, 2018
Fenix earned a 4/3/4 KDA on Ryze as Echo Fox lost to Counter Logic Gaming on Saturday.
Fenix got some gank help in the laning phase to secure a lead in kills and CS. However, he ran into some tough luck late as he mistimed his Zhonyas - Realm Warp escape and died in a key teamfight. Echo Fox was quickly losing objectives as it desperately tried to secure Elder Dragon, but the call resulted in it getting aced. Fenix was the final one to fall before CLG quickly pushed to finish.
Dominant performance on Azir
January 22, 2018
Fenix earned a 4/0/3 KDA on Azir as Echo Fox continued to roll against Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
Fenix got his pocket pick, Azir, and absolutely destroyed Febiven's Ryze in lane. He was already running up a lead in CS before getting gank help and padding his lead even further with a kill. The second half was a breeze for Fenix as he was damage carried Echo Fox in teamfights. After securing a second Baron kill, Echo Fox tore through what remained of CG's base and took the victory.
Strong and quiet performance against FlyQuest
January 21, 2018
FeniX earned a 3/0/3 KDA on Ryze in his team's victory over FLY on Saturday.
Although the rest of the LCS has been struggling with Ryze to start off the season, Fenix showed that he is still capable of utilizing the champion to its potential. After finding a decent lead in lane, he joined his team for skirmishes to continue picking up advantages in the game. Though he didn't have any standout plays or extremely dominating moments, his consistency was more than enough to bring his team back-to-back teamfight victories. Participating in just under half of his team's kills in the game, he didn't have the most impact on the victory, but his play was impressive nonetheless.
To replace Froggen on Echo Fox
November 23, 2017
Fenix has joined Echo Fox for the 2018 season, reports ESPN's Jacob Wolf.
Fenix spent the majority of 2017 on North American Challenger Series team, Gold Coin United. Known for his time with Team Liquid, Fenix is a highly skilled mid laner who will be expected to start despite the fact Echo Fox plan to carry a 10 man roster.
Outplays Ninja in mid lane during loss
April 3, 2017
Fenix posted a 10/20/17 KDA in Gold Coin United's 2-3 series loss to Team EnVyUs on Sunday.
Fenix's stat lines in the game don't illustrate the fact that he was a better solo laner in the series than his EnVyUs counterpart. Fenix's pre- and post-six trades were much better than Ninja's, and Fenix farmed far better. However, Fenix's issues were apparent in teamfights and finding picks on vulnerable enemies. He wasn't often on the same page as his teammates and this led to untimely deaths and low damage output from Fenix in many teamfights. This also might stem from Fenix not being very capable on the champions in the meta. EnVyUs target-banned Fenix's Vladmir, which is one of Fenix's best champions hands-down.
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