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United States
Golden Guardians
Limited in tiebreaker clash
March 26, 2019
Hauntzer ended Sunday's loss to FlyQuest with a 3/1/5 KDA as Poppy.
Hauntzer and GGS fell in the tiebreaker match during the final day of the Spring Split regular season. The top laner was involved in eight of 14 kills, ending with the team-low in kill participation. His five assists tied for the team-low, while his three kills tied for the second highest total in the loss.
All assists on Sunday
February 26, 2019
Hauntzer ended Sunday's win over Echo Fox with a 0/2/6 KDA as Urgot.
Hauntzer wasn't very involved, but did enough to help GGs take down Echo Fox on Sunday. The top laner was involved in six of 14 kills, ending tied for the team-low in kill participation. He had no kills, while his six assists tied for the second highest total on the team.
Carries on Urgot
February 22, 2019
Hauntzer ended Sunday's win over CLG with a 4/0/3 KDA as Urgot.
Hauntzer helped GGS continue their upward swing with a strong performance on Urgot. The top laner was involved in seven of nine kills, ending with the second highest kill participation on the team. He was unkillable, while his four kills led GGS during the victory.
Poised to transfer to Golden Guardians
November 27, 2018
Hauntzer is expected to join the Golden Guardians once transfer agreements are finalized, ESPN.com's Jacob Wolf reports.
If this move is finalized, it would mark the first time Hauntzer would play for a team other than Team SoloMid since 2015, as the top laner has been a fixture of the organization for much of his professional career. Hauntzer didn't exactly live up to his lofty standards during the 2018 Summer Split which likely prompted the move, as TSM acquired Broken Blade from Royal Bandits, signaling the transition from its long time top laner.
Unable to find success
September 17, 2018
Hauntzer earned a 10/12/9 KDA during his team's 3-0 series defeat against Cloud9.
Throughout Hauntzer's performance against Cloud 9, he simply was unable to win lane and find success. Starting off on a tank, he had a decent showing with Sion, picking up a decent advantage for himself despite his team falling behind. In an extremely back and forth game, he was able to show off his strength despite his team's Game 1 loss. Unfortunately this was the extent of his success as the series progressed and he could not find an opening against a surprise pick. Up against a top lane Hecarim, he could not figure out how to play against the surprise pick. Struggling throughout lane, he could not find a way to recover until it was too late. Once his team was behind, he could not do much, unable to use Aatrox to find success. As a result, Team SoloMid quickly fell in each game, giving up the series 0-3 to Cloud9.
Dominant in victory
September 16, 2018
Hauntzer earned a series KDA of 9/3/27 during TSM's series sweep against FOX.
Picking carry champions in two of his team's three games, Hauntzer had an immaculate performance that allowed TSM to dominate FOX. Starting off with a pair of games on Aatrox, Hauntzer was able to make short work of his lane opponent and begin dealing huge damage in skirmishes. Although he was focused down time and again, he was able to remain alive using his ultimate. At the same time, he was able to play with calculated aggression, focusing down the enemy carries and stopping them from dealing damage in fights. After two swift victories, the team opted to place him on a tank, giving him the chance to play Ornn in Game 3. He had just as good of a performance, countering the enemy top laner and once again providing the tools necessary for his team to win fights. With multiple huge engagements, he was able to win back-to-back teamfights, closing out the game in 39 minutes. With the victory, TSM secured the 3-0 series sweep.
Tanks his way to victory
September 9, 2018
Hauntzer earned a series KDA of 9/10/25 during TSM's 3-2 victory over 100.
Hauntzer had an up and down performance during his team's series victory over 100 Thieves. Starting things off on Ryze, Hauntzer was unable to get much done in lane and struggled for the majority of the competition. Despite being able to participate in many of his team's kills, he could not find success, allowing the enemy to take Game 1. Despite this, Hauntzer bounced back with a series of decent performances to help his team eventually claim the series win. Picking Sion in the next four games, Hauntzer showed his strength on the champion, consistently winning lane even when the rest of his team faltered. Earning a combined KDA of 7/6/21 over the four games on Sion, Hauntzers strong engage and teamfighting led his team to a convincing series win, taking down 100 Thieves 3-2.
Unable to finish things in series defeat
September 2, 2018
Hauntzer earned a series KDA of 8/8/25 during TSM's 2-3 series defeat against Cloud9.
Hauntzer had an extremely up and down performance during his team's series against Cloud9. Starting things off with a strong performance on Sion, it seemed as though Hauntzer would be able to lead his team to victory relatively easily. Unfortunately this was not the case as Hauntzer struggled in several of his team's games. After putting up a decent performance across the first three games where TSM found two victories, Hauntzer was unable to close things out in the final two games of the series. Picking Gnar in Game 4, Hauntzer aimed to splitpush, but struggled to find a lead for himself to make him any sort of a threat. This allowed Cloud9 to run rampant across the map and ignore him, forcing him to group up in order to keep his team in the game. This didn't work out as TSM was too far behind, giving up teamfights and ultimately the game. Game 5 went similarly as Hauntzer found himself on Ornn but once again could not do what was needed to find a lead. As his team put up a decent fight, Hauntzer struggled to get anything done, allowing C9 to run away with the game and claim a 24-minute victory. With the final defeat, TSM fell 3-2 in the series.
Shows up when it counts in series win
August 27, 2018
Hauntzer earned a series KDA of 14/10/32 during his team's victory over Echo Fox.
Hauntzer was a critical player throughout his team's victory over Echo Fox. Despite falling early in the series, Hauntzer was able to rally in the final two games of the series in order to bring his team much needed wins to secure the series. In the final two games, Hauntzer opted for carry champions and was able to single-handedly dominate his lane. After finding a lead for himself, he had no problem transitioning across the rest of the map to bring the rest of his team in line with his advantage. This excellent play was topped off with a strong case to shut down the rumors that NA players cannot use Jayce. Hauntzer dominated on the champion, carrying his team to a Game 5 victory. As a result, TSM was able to take the series 3-2.
Unable to get things done against FlyQuest
July 31, 2018
Hauntzer earned a 2/2/1 KDA on Gnar during his team's loss against FlyQuest on Sunday.
Hauntzer gave up First Blood against FlyQuest rather quickly which was a sign of what was to come in the rest of the game. After being focused down early, he fell behind drastically in lane and was never able to recover. Though he started bouncing back with his team during a series of skirmishes, it came too little too late. As his team was able to bounce back in the game, he could not create a big enough impact for his team. As FlyQuest made an aggressive move to backdoor the enemy base, Hauntzer could not recall in time to defend his base. Getting killed quickly, he looked at a gray screen as his team was defeated, giving FlyQuest a 32-minute victory.
Decent showing not enough to dismantle OpTic
July 23, 2018
Hauntzer earned a 4/2/3 KDA on Gangplank during his team's defeat against OpTic.
Hauntzer had a decent performance during his team's defeat against OpTic. Starting things off by trading his life for a kill, he was able to build up a sizeable lead with some help from ganks. Unfortunately, this wouldn't last as TSM seemed unsure of what to do to push their advantages. During the mid game, Hauntzer was able to deal decent amounts of damage, but the enemy team's ability to find openings was too much. After giving up a Baron, Hauntzer and the rest of the team fell in back-to-back fights, giving OpTic the opening they needed to close out the game in just 33 minutes.
Struggled in second half teamfights
July 15, 2018
Hauntzer posted a 3/4/4 KDA on Darius in Team SoloMid's loss to 100 Thieves.
The laning phase for Hauntzer went well as he built a CS lead but struggled when he grouped for teamfights. He dealt plenty of damage but never got a chance to chain Noxian Guillotines to really wreak havoc. While some of the mid game fights were close, TSM got rocked in the late game. In the final stand, Hauntzer managed to pick up a kill before TSM were aced and its Nexus got blown up.
Bodied in the top lane
June 25, 2018
Hauntzer only managed a paltry 0/3/0 KDA in Team SoloMid's loss against Team Liquid on Sunday.
Hauntzer played Aatrox in this game and he might as well just stayed backstage with the performance he put forth in this one. He was focused down early and often, which prevented him from gaining any traction whatsoever. Finishing with no kills, his impact was wholly limited and TSM were easily blown apart as a result. TSM will need to get back to the drawing board in a hurry after this tough loss.
Muddled performance in top lane
June 23, 2018
Hauntzer tallied a 2/4/3 KDA in Team SoloMid's loss to Clutch Gaming on Saturday.
On Dr. Mundo, Hauntzer struggled to make much of an impact in this game. After he was taken down early on in the first teamfight, it was all downhill from there. He seemed a bit unsure of himself, using his Stopwatch in a situation where he was clearly dead in the water, and things never got better at any point. While TSM managed to stall the game until 45 minutes, Hauntzer struggled to keep his head above water basically at all times here.
Ends game with a bang
February 26, 2018
Hauntzer went 4/1/9 as TSM took down OpTic on Sunday.
Hauntzer played a fantastic game on Gnar on Sunday, starting off by finding a solid CS lead in lane that he held onto all game long. TSM's win in this game was built on team plays, and no one was more involved than Hauntzer, who managed to contribute to 13 of his team's 14 kills, the highest kill participation in the game. His highlight definitely came at the end of the game, as he and Bjergsen fought off four members of OpTic by themselves, getting three kills while surviving and Teleporting into the enemy base to end the game.
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