Soren Bjerg 
Team SoloMid
Dominates Team Liquid
February 21, 2019
Bjergsen ended Sunday's win over Team Liquid with a 3/0/7 KDA as Zoe.
Bjergsen helped take down Team Liquid for the first time this year with a dominant performance on Zoe. The mid laner was involved in ten of 14 kills, tying for the team-high in kill participation. His three kills tied for the second highest total on the team, while his seven assists tied for the team-high in an unkillable performance.
Unable to find success in loss
September 18, 2018
Bjergsen earned a series KDA of 11/10/15 during his team's 3-0 loss at the hands of Cloud9.
Although he has consistently proven himself to be the strongest member of his team, Bjersgen's skill simply wasn't enough to help his team qualify for the World Championship. Although he had a consistently strong performance during the entire series, it was nowhere near enough to upset the coordination of Cloud 9. While Cloud 9 worked all three lanes in tandem to secure an advantage, Bjergsen struggled to get things going for himself. As his team was unsure of how to play the macro game, Bjergsen was relegated to trying to find an individual lead; something that the enemy team made sure not to allow. Try as he might, the story was the same in each game of the series, with Bjergsen's individual performance being overshadowed by the enemy team's coordination. As a result, TSM was defeated 3-0 in the series, shattering the team's final chance at attending the 2018 World Championship.
Makes short work of opponents in victory
September 16, 2018
Bjergsen earned a series KDA of 18/2/27 during his team's series sweep over Echo Fox.
Bjergsen had an immaculate showing during his series against FOX. Starting the series off on Syndra, he was able to quickly eliminate the enemy carries in fights, allowing TSM to make short work of the enemy team time and again. As the series progressed, Bjergsen continued to step up his performance, picking Vel'Koz in Game 2 and destroying. Outputting huge damage, he had no trouble boasting a perfect 5/0/11 KDA in the victory. Although his team was tested in the final game of the series, Bjergsen once again performed. Picking Galio, he was able to participate in 17 of his team's 19 kills while only giving up a single death. His strong showing allowed his team to claim a 39-minute victory, closing out the series 3-0.
Plays controlled to secure victory over 100 Thieves
September 9, 2018
Bjergsen earned a series KDA of 15/5/30 during his team's 3-2 series victory over 100 Thieves.
Despite his team having a rocky up-and-down performance, Bjergsen was the consistent player that ultimately helped his team claim a series victory. Playing control mages throughout the entire series, he favored utility rather than the potential for flashy plays. Even when Team SoloMid was behind, Bjergsen was constantly able to find small openings for himself and the rest of his team. Although he was not able to always find meaningful advantages, his ability to stay in the game was crucial for TSM's fortitude. Time and again he found himself able to keep his team together and in the game, able to find favorable teamfights time and again. Picking Zilean in the final three games of the series, Bjergsen was able to use his ultimate to keep his carry alive, allowing TSM to win teamfights. As a result, TSM claimed the final two games of the series, securing the 3-2 victory as a result.
Unable to put up the performance necessary against Cloud9
September 2, 2018
Bjergsen earned a series KDA of 17/12/16 during his team's 3-2 series defeat at the hands of Cloud9.
Bjergsen was unable to put up the performance necessary to claim victory against C9. Although he was able to start off the series with a dominant showing on Akali that earned his team a convincing Game 1 victory, Bjergsen found himself faltering as the series progressed. After a lackluster Game 2 showing on Akali, Bjergsen found the champion banned and showed up huge in Game 3 on Irelia, participating in the majority of his team's kills while dominating the entire map. Unfortunately, this would be the end of Bjergsen and TSM's success in the series. Cloud9 opted to sub out the team's midlaner and jungler; something that ended up throwing off Bjergsen for the rest of the series. In both Games 4 and 5, Bjergsen was unable to adapt to his new lane opponent, playing as if he was still up against Jensen. The result was catastrophic, with TSM losing mid lane as well as the rest of the map. Although Bjergsen was able to recover slightly and look for openings, it simply wasn't enough to bounce back from the early deficits. The result was a 3-2 series victory for Cloud9.
Comes up clutch in win
August 27, 2018
Bjergsen earned a series KDA of 25/7/14 during TSM's victory over Echo Fox.
Bjergsen had yet another strong performance during his team's victory over Echo Fox. Although his team lost two of the first three games of the series, Bjergsen consistently had a strong showing even in the defeats. When things came down to the wire and it was "win or go home," Bjergsen stepped things up massively with back-to-back immaculate performances. Boasting a 16/1/5 KDA across the final two games, his stat line speaks for his performance. As the rest of his lanes struggled to find a meaningful advantage in both of the games, he looked for openings, finding them time and again in order to open up the map for his team. Once ahead, he acted as a leader, pursuing the enemy into their jungle and ultimately allowing his team to find several favorable fights. With the fights under TSM's belt, the team was able to effortlessly move into Echo Fox's base, closing out Game 5 in order to secure the series victory 3-2.
Wrong call costs team game
July 31, 2018
Bjergsen earned a 2/0/1 KDA during his team's loss against FLY on Sunday.
Although Bjergsen had strong mechanical play against FlyQuest, his performance was not up to par as he made a critical mistake shotcalling for his team. After he found a lead for himself outside of lane, Bjergsen began playing aggressively with his team in an attempt to put TSM in the driver's seat. Unfortunately, this aggression was exactly what caused his team to be defeated. Calling for his team to continue pushing despite the enemy team going for a backdoor, Bjergsen's decision quickly backfired, causing his team to regret the decision immediately. Although he tried to recall, there were enough members of FlyQuest present that they were able to stop his team's recalls, allowing the carries to finish off TSM's base. As a result, TSM was defeated in 32 minutes.
Quiet in defeat
July 23, 2018
Bjergsen finished his team's defeat against OpTic with a 0/2/6 KDA on Galio.
Although he had a decent performance during his team's early game, Bjergsen could not keep things up against OpTic. After roaming to begin picking up kills, he fell behind in farm, giving the enemy mid laner an opportunity to take over the game and roam for his own team. As fights erupted, Bjergsen was able to disrupt the enemy team but not deal nearly as much damage as the enemy carry. With the rest of his team lacking in damage, all he could do was delay his team's deaths. Unable to turn fights around, he fell and was forced to watch his base be demolished, giving OpTic a 33-minute victory.
Can't throw enough stones to stop 100 Thieves
July 15, 2018
Bjergsen earned a 3/4/4 KDA on Taliyah in Team SoloMid's loss to 100 Thieves.
Bjergsen was objective focused early as his first roam secured the first Drake of the game for TSM. However, he wasn't so lucky when it came to teamfighting as his first kill of the game didn't happen until after the 22-minute mark. When Bjergsen finally started to make some good plays it was too little too late. TSM lost most of its base before desperately trying to contest Baron which resulted in it being aced and losing the game.
Does what he can to try and bring home the win
June 23, 2018
Bjergsen finished Team SoloMid's loss to Clutch Gaming on Saturday with a 0/5/4 KDA.
While his KDA certainly looks plenty rough, Bjergsen did have some solid moments throughout this match. Usually, his deaths came while trying his best to give TSM the edge in teamfights. He used Anivia's bevy of CC options to try and lock down members of Clutch, which was the only fighting chance that TSM had at a win in this game. It simply boiled down to TSM not having enough options to contend with Clutch in the late game fights that allowed Clutch to eventually walk away with a 45-minute win.
Gets results with Ryze
February 26, 2018
Bjergsen finished off TSM's Sunday win over OpTic Gaming with a 6/1/4 KDA.
Bjergsen's Ryze is known for clever use of Realm Warp in order to rotate about the map, but in this game Bjergsen shined in skirmishes and teamfights. His ultimates were still superb, but this time they were used to chase down enemies or gank opponents, as well as escape from bad situations. By the time he reached late-game status, his damage was truly insane, allowing him and Hauntzer to win out completely on a 2-vs-4 fight with OpTic end the game immediately after.
Rough outing on Azir
February 19, 2018
Bjergsen earned an 0/2/0 KDA on Azir in Team SoloMid's loss to Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
Bjergsen had plenty of time to reach Azir's great late game scaling but he couldn't really accomplish much in teamfights. As Team SoloMid got picked apart throughout the mid and late game, Bjergsen was pretty much forced to clear minions waves. There was little chance of coming back after a second Baron power play from Clutch Gaming ripped through two inhibitors.
TSM's rock in the mid lane
February 12, 2018
Bjergsen went 1/1/9 as TSM found victory over CLG on Sunday.
Bjergsen continued his streak of solid play on Sunday, this time on Galio. The game was very slow until the 18-minute mark when a 5-vs-5 teamfight broke out in the mid lane. Bjergsen played a large part in winning it for TSM with his crowd control and continued to be a key part of TSM's engage all game. With only MikeYeung's Jax really having a chance at getting in on his own, Bjergsen's Heroic Entrance was critical to TSM's game-long success in teamfights.
Consistency continues
January 28, 2018
Bjergsen ended TSM's Saturday victory over OpTic Gaming with a KDA of 2/0/7.
TSM first-picked Azir for Bjergsen and he ultimately proved that it was worth it. Despite not making any real plays throughout the game, Bjergsen continued his recent role as TSM's rock, putting out consistently high damage in teamfights while avoiding death, and zoning OpTic off of objectives.
Doesn't get much support in loss
January 21, 2018
Bjergsen put up a 4/0/5 KDA in Team SoloMid's loss to FlyQuest on Sunday.
TSM may have been taken down in this game, but Bjergsen tried his best to keep that from becoming a reality. He picked up kills from the very start with his signature Xerath, but it simply wasn't enough to keep this team ahead. This game was a nice example of why TSM just can't be the Bjergsen train this Split. His prowess alone is not enough to pick up wins and now TSM is 0-2 going into the second week.
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