Liu Chia-Hao 
Flash Wolves
Just misses double digit assists
May 14, 2019
ShiauC ended Tuesday's win over PVB with a 0/2/9 KDA as Thresh.
ShiauC helped take down PVB with a decent lackluster effort on Thresh. The support was involved in nine of 18 kills, ending with the team-low in kill participation. He had no kills, but his nine assists were the second highest total on the team during the win.
Leads team in assists during loss
May 13, 2019
ShiauC ended Monday's loss to SKT with a 0/3/2 KDA as Tahm Kench.
SiauC struggled to do much as Flash Wolves were beaten handily during Monday's match with SKT. The support was involved in both Flash Wolves' kills, tying for the team-high in kill participation. He had no kills, while his two assists paced Flash Wolves in the loss.
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