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Not listed on H2k
November 8, 2018
Smittyj is not listed on H2k's roster following the 2018 Summer Split.
Smittyj's season ended with a 28/66/49 KDA across 18 games, but the team struggled to even sniff a win throughout the 2018 Summer Split. The team's lack of success suggests Smittyj was never likely to return to H2k, but it'll be interesting to watch whether he can catch on with any European team, particularly with the changes expected to come to the EU LCS model.
Makes full recovery
August 18, 2018
Smittyj's KDA read 2/1/3 as H2k found a win over Schalke 04 on Saturday.
Smittyj's Fiora got off to a rough start in this game, as he not only struggled in lane against the Ryze of Vizicsacsi but was ganked for first blood. However, thanks to Xerxe giving Smittyj an assist and first turret, Smittyj was able to bounce back. Out of the initial laning phase, Smittyj put out tons of map pressure through split-pushing before finally tag teaming with Selfie's Akali to make a pick onto Amazing. This pick granted H2k an easy Baron, along with the game.
Struggles on Gnar in loss
August 17, 2018
SmittyJ earned a 1/5/1 KDA on Gnar during his team's defeat at the hands of UoL.
Although he was given a comfort champion, SmittyJ simply wasn't able to perform against UoL. After finding a small farm lead in lane, he found himself unable to capitalize, struggling to push his advantage into any sort of lead for himself or the rest of his team. As the game went on, SmittyJ struggled massively in teamfights, unsure of how to engage. When he finally opted to use his ultimate, it was terrible, bringing the enemy team closer to his when they were already far behind. This resulted in an expected defeat at the 25-minute mark.
One-man army
August 5, 2018
Smittyj ended 5/3/3 as H2k took down Splyce on Saturday.
Smittyj had a solid performance for H2k from start to finish. As Gnar against the Rumble of Odoamne, Smittyj was able to attain the CS and pressure advantage expected of him in the matchup. His true hero plays came later on, however, starting with his split-push. Once H2k got a 22-minute Baron, Smittyj pressured the bottom lane relentlessly and was even able to trade a kill back when Splyce sent four members to stop him. Finally, he was the last man standing in a huge teamfight at the Splyce base, which nearly allowed him to end the game.
Unfortunate performance in defeat
July 27, 2018
Smittyj earned a 0/2/0 KDA on Aatrox during his team's defeat against ROCCAT.
Although he was given one of the most contested picks in the EU LCS, Smittyj simply couldn't get anything done against ROC. After having a decent laning phase, Smittyj struggled massively to get anything done. As teamfights erupted, he seemed unsure of how to use his champion to get onto the enemy team. The result was as expected, with him struggling alongside the rest of his team to get much of anything done. As Skirmishes erupted, he struggled to get anything done, being kited around and ultimately killed. Without any ability to assist his team, he fell time and again, allowing ROC to run rampant and secure themselves a 25-minute victory.
Unable to recover from poor early game
July 20, 2018
SmittyJ earned a 3/5/2 KDA on Gragas during his team's defeat against S04.
Looking for his team's first victory of the split, SmittyJ was desperate and his play showed it. He made several critical mistakes early on, giving up kills and allowing S04 to find an early lead. Continuing to fall behind, he made up half of his team's deaths at the 27-minute mark. Although the rest of his team was able to bring things back into their favor by picking up a Baron, SmittyJ still struggled to find any openings for himself. Struggling to disrupt enough of the enemy team to bring H2K the openings they needed, SmittyJ threw himself at the enemy team with little success. Dying twice in the final two fights of the game while finding only a single kill and no assists in the process, SmittyJ could not keep things in his team's favor, allowing S04 to close out the game and claim a 38-minute victory.
Unfortunate play results in loss against VIT
July 13, 2018
SmittyJ earned a 0/3/4 KDA on Dr.Mundo during his team's loss against VIT.
SmittyJ had an extremely rough game against VIT, starting out by being focused early. Giving up first blood just minutes into the game, SmittyJ found himself victim to the enemy team's focus, resulting in him dying once again shortly after. Once behind, he struggled to get things going, being unable to scale early enough to be a tank threat. Although he found his stride as the game progressed, it came at a price. Without his threat during the early stages of the game, the rest of his team fell behind to an unrecoverable state. Up against a coordinated Vitality, SmittyJ could not create the impact his team needed to bounce back, resulting in a loss at the 26-minute mark.
Becomes a regular in the death chamber
June 16, 2018
Smittyj went 1/6/0 as H2k fell to ROCCAT on Saturday.
Picking Cho'Gath in the hopes of being able to win out against whichever of ROCCAT's mages was sent top lane, Smittyj certainly failed in his quest. After pushing up too far in lane, he ate a ton of free damage, allowing Profit's Vladimir to solo kill him for first blood. Smittyj spent the remainder of the game being dived on and killed by multiple members of ROCCAT, his team either nowhere near or too weak to help.
Helps team reach the late game
March 4, 2018
Smittyj went 3/2/6 as H2k took down Misfits on Saturday.
H2k drafted a much more late-game-centric composition than their opponents on Saturday, including their pick of Cho'Gath for Smittyj. Thankfully, with Smittyj finding two crucial mid-game picks onto Hans sama's Ezreal, Misfits never got a chance to use their power spike, and H2k hit late-game status. H2k had no trouble taking these late teamfights, partially because of Smittyj's enormous tankiness. He did have one slip up resulting in an unnecessary death but otherwise was fantastic.
Ties for team-high assist total
March 3, 2018
SmittyJ finished H2k's loss to UoL with a 0/3/12 KDA as Sion.
SmittyJ ended the game involved in 12 of 16 kills, the second-lowest kill participation on the team. He picked up no kills, but his 12 assists tied for the team high, while his three deaths were tied for a team low. SmittyJ played fairly well in the game, but it wasn't enough to help H2k pick up a victory.
Global Gangplank
February 16, 2018
SmittyJ ended Friday's win over ROCCAT with a 3/1/10 KDA as Gangplank.
SmittyJ finished the game involved in 13 of 17 kills. He had the third-highest kill total and tied for the third-most assists in the game, while dying only once. SmittyJ was able to have a global impact on the Gangplank, utilizing Cannon Barrage to help from around the map.
Can only contribute deaths
February 9, 2018
SmittyJ finished Friday's loss to Splyce with a 0/4/0 KDA as Gnar.
SmittyJ wasn't the only member of H2k to have no kills or deaths; in fact, the entire team couldn't come up with a single kill as they were shut out by Splyce. SmittyJ's four deaths were a team high, as he accounted for half of H2k's deaths.
Lacks effective split-push
February 2, 2018
SmittyJ finished Day 5 of the EU LCS with a 1/4/1 KDA as Jayce.
SmittyJ struggled to effectively split-push or teamfight on Jayce during the loss to UoL. He was involved in two of three kills, finishing the game with the second-highest kill total on the team. His four deaths were a game high.
Leads the game in kills
January 20, 2018
SmittyJ finished H2k's win over Fnatic with a 6/2/6 KDA as Vladimir.
SmittyJ helped H2k outscale Fnatic en route to an upset win on Saturday. He was involved in all but one H2k kill, while also leading the team in kills. SmittyJ proved tough to kill while dealing excellent late game damage on his Vladimir.
Camped early and can't recover
January 19, 2018
SmittyJ ended H2K's loss to Vitality with a 0/4/2 KDA as Gnar.
SmittyJ struggled during Day 1 of the EU LCS as H2K were crushed by Vitality. He was camped early, giving away two deaths in the opening few minutes of the game and never recovered. He was involved in two of H2k's three kills and tied for the team high with two assists.
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