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United States
Echo Fox
Double digit kills
March 25, 2019
Apollo ended Sunday's win over CLG with a 10/2/3 KDA as Jinx.
Apollo helped carry Echo Fox to a win over CLG with a dominant display on Jinx. The bottom laner was involved in 13 of 22 kills, tying for the third highest kill participation on the team. His three assists were the team-low, but Apollo paced Echo Fox with his 10 kills in the win.
Two assists on Saturday
February 28, 2019
Apollo ended Saturday's loss to Team Liquid with a 0/1/2 KDA as Kai'sa.
Apollo was unable to carry as Echo Fox lost a one sided matchup with Team Liquid. The bottom laner was involved in two of three kills, ending with the second highest kill participation on the team. He had no kills, while his two assists tied for the team-high.
Salvages KDA in loss
February 26, 2019
Apollo ended Sunday's loss to GGS with a 2/1/3 KDA as Ezreal.
Apollo wasn't afforded an opportunity to scale during Sunday's loss to Golden Guardians. The bottom laner was involved in five of eight kills, tying for the team-high in kill participation. His three assists were the third highest total on the team, while his two kills tied for the second highest figure.
Helps take down 100T
February 22, 2019
Apollo ended Sunday's win over 100T with a 4/1/6 KDA as Sivir.
Apollo was one of the primary carries, helping Echo Fox come away with a win on Sunday. The bottom laner was involved in 10 of 14 kills, ending with the third highest kill participation on the team. Apollo's six assists were the second fewest on the team, but he tied for the team-high with his four kills.
Teaming with Echo Fox
November 29, 2018
Apollo has been transferred to Echo Fox, Clutch Gaming confirmed Saturday.
Apollo will move on from a Clutch Gaming organization that seems intent on building and developing younger talent, joining Echo Fox as the expected starting AD Carry. Apollo put together an unsightly 54/40/59 KDA during the 2018 Summer Split, but part of that could be blamed on the situation, as Clutch Gaming seemed bereft on discovering a continually effective winning strategy.
Quiet in series loss
September 15, 2018
Apollo earned a series KDA of 5/7/6 during Clutch Gaming's 0-3 loss against Echo Fox.
Throughout his team's series loss against Echo Fox, Apollo had a relatively quiet performance, leading to his team's eventual demise. After starting things off with a decent showing on Ashe, he found himself quickly falling behind due to his team's mistakes. Picking up one of his team's only two kills in the game, Apollo's performance was not enough to claim a Game 1 win. Things went downhill from there, with Apollo falling in lane in Game 2 early on and struggling to recover. Though he found several kills, it was not nearly enough to shut down the enemy team, resulting in a defeat. Game 3 saw another quiet game as Apollo found himself on Sivir and struggled to get things going. After falling behind in lane, Apollo did little more than farm sidelines for the rest of the game as the topside of his map faltered massively. Try as he might, he could not help the team recover as things went Echo Fox's way convincingly. After losing a final teamfight at the 31-minute mark, FOX claimed victory, defeated Clutch Gaming 3-0 in the series.
Outperforms expectations in win
August 6, 2018
Apollo earned a 5/0/4 KDA on Lucian during his team's victory over OpTic.
Apollo had the best performance on his team by far during their victory over OpTic Gaming. Starting off by finding a massive lead in lane through farming, he was able to transition this advantage into a victory in the mid game. Time and again he was able to find out mispositioned members of the enemy team and duel them down. Although OpTic tried their best to get to Apollo, his superior positioning and macro movements allowed him to remain safe while simultaneously keeping his team firmly in the driver's seat. In team fights, he was able to cut down the enemy team time and again, allowing Clutch Gaming to close things out in just 44 minutes.
No longer on the starting roster
July 27, 2018
Apollo will not start for Clutch Gaming moving forward, the team announced Friday.
Despite having some stellar moments throughout the Summer Split, Clutch has decided to shake things up by putting Apollo on the bench. He wasn't the only casualty of the roster change, though, as both LirA and Hakuho were also put on the bench. With a 4-6 record through Week 5 of the split, it's not shocking that the change has been made, but time will tell if the change ends up turning around their fortunes this summer.
Damage carry not enough in loss
July 1, 2018
Apollo's Ezreal earned a 5/4/4 KDA in Clutch Gaming's loss to 100 Thieves on Saturday.
Apollo had a kind of rough laning phase as the CG bottom lane duo lost 2-vs-2 skirmishes during the laning phase. The damage done by the losses were offset by Apollo's ability to build a lead in CS, enabling him to be a damage threat in the mid game teamfights. However, Clutch Gaming struggled to find good engages, only managing to stay in contention because of a Baron steal that lead a push all the way to 100 Thieves' Nexus. Apollo's final dying effort was a desperate attempt to backdoor the Nexus that failed to strike the killing blow before Ssumday did.
Does his best to carry
June 24, 2018
Apollo ended 5/1/3 as Clutch Gaming fell Sunday to CLG.
After going even in lane, Apollo shined throughout the mid and late game as Lucian. Even aside from his solo kill onto Stixxay in the mid lane, his teamfighting was outstanding. With precise positioning, Apollo consistently put out plenty of damage while often slipping away with just a sliver of health. As a result, he went deathless for nearly the entire game, falling only once, seconds before his Nexus did.
Gets it done in the bird duo
June 23, 2018
Apollo tallied a 10/0/6 KDA during Clutch Gaming's big win over TSM on Saturday.
Apollo was the lifeblood of this team, as he picked TSM apart in every teamfight on the way to a 45-minute win. Rather than using some of the new meta champions, he stuck with the tried and true Xayah and was rewarded heavily. Not only did he tally the most kills in the game at 10, but he threw in another 26,300 damage to go along with Febiven's 32,300 as the pair essentially put Clutch on their back in the late game to pick up the win. With a fourth straight win against TSM in hand, Clutch will now look to build on this win early in the Summer Split.
New meta, new champions added to the pool
June 17, 2018
Apollo posted a 7/3/4 KDA on Vladimir in Clutch Gaming's Victory against Cloud9 on Saturday.
Apollo had a little advantage early as he picked up assists off of the two level one kills that Clutch Gaming secured. The early lead lead to a relatively smooth laning phase where Apollo got to scale nicely into his late game power spikes. When Apollo joined up for teamfights, he picked up plenty of kills en route to dealing the second most damage dealt to champions. Despite being on a non-Marksman AD champion, Apollo still found a way to be a formidable damage threat, opening up the possibility for more diversity in Clutch Gaming's bottom lane champion pool.
Second fiddle by far
March 19, 2018
Apollo ended Clutch Gaming's Sunday win over Golden Guardians with a KDA of 2/4/12.
Apollo had solid kill participation in this game at 14 out of 18, but this is the best that can be said for him. Despite his team's numerous peeling tools and his long range as Caitlyn, he tied for the team-high in deaths while finding the fewest kills. He fell behind in farm as the game wore on, and felt outclassed by Deftly's Xayah in terms of damage throughout. Thankfully Febiven was all the carry Clutch needed, or this game might have gone differently.
Free fires in backline to damage carry in victory
March 11, 2018
Apollo posted a 3/0/5 KDA on Caitlyn in Clutch Gaming's upset over Echo Fox on Saturday.
The laning phase was a breeze for Apollo as he was able to run up a small CS lead without any gank assistance. The rest of CG didn't do as well but still managed to stay within striking distance of EF during the mid game. All of the teamfights were very close but Apollo had no problems sitting in the back line and handing out headshots. Apollo's carry performance started to pay off late as CG began to win skirmishes. Teamfight wins mixed with two Baron power plays gave Clutch Gaming all it needed to knock down the Nexus and complete the upset.
Solid effort in loss
February 26, 2018
Apollo scored a 3/2/1 KDA on Varus in Clutch Gaming's loss to Cloud9 on Sunday.
The bottom lane match up was close until Cloud9 started to send four-man gank squads there. Apollo started to make up for Clutch's lack of objectives in the mid game fights, where he earned 100 percent kill participation. While Clutch was chasing down kills, C9 was pushing objectives elsewhere on the Rift and quickly stacking up a huge gold lead. Clutch Gaming's ability to put up a strong defense to buy time in the mid game was nowhere to be seen as its Nexus was torn to shreds by a Baron power play just 24 minutes in.
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