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Wins ugly
March 21, 2019
sOAZ ended Saturday's win over G2 with a 3/7/6 KDA as Jarven IV.
sOAZ wasn't at his best, but did enough to help Misfits take down G2 to end Week 9. The top laner was involved in nine of 21 kills, finishing with the team-low kill participation. His three kills tied for the team-low, while his six assists were the second fewest total on the team.
Falls to Vitality
March 5, 2019
sOAZ ended Friday's loss to Vitality with a 1/3/2 KDA as Urgot.
sOAZ was unable to do much of anything as Misfits dropped yet another game, this time to Vitality. The top laner was involved in three of six kills, tying for the team-low in kill participation. His one kill tied for the second highest total on the team, while his three deaths tied for the team-high.
Back to winning ways
February 26, 2019
sOAZ ended Saturday's win over Origen with a 1/3/5 KDA as Urgot.
sOAZ helped Misfits get back to winning ways by taking down his former team on Saturday. The top laner was involved in six of 12 kills, ending with the team-low in kill participation. His five assists tied for the team-low, while his one kill was the third most on the team.
Disappointing on Sion
February 21, 2019
sOAZ ended Saturday's loss to Rogue with a 0/2/2 KDA as Sion.
sOAZ struggled as Misfits continued on their downward trend on Saturday. The top laner was involved in two of four kills, tying for the second highest assist total on the team. sOAZ addition to Misfits had many people excited, but the team has under performed so far this year.
Unkillable in team debut
January 19, 2019
sOAZ ended Friday's win over Rogue with a 0/0/8 KDA as Sion.
Making his Misfits debut, sOAZ helped his team pick up a win during their opening game in the LEC. He was unkillable, finishing the game involved in eight of 12 kills, tying for the second highest kill participation on the team. The top laner managed no kills, but his eight assists were the second most on the team during the win.
Takes on top laner role
January 8, 2019
sOAZ will start in the top lane for Misfits to begin the 2019 Spring Split.
After narrowly losing to Splyce in European Regional Finals, Misfits underwent a dramatic roster change, acquiring the likes of fan-favorite player Febiven from Clutch Gaming, sOAZ from rival Fnatic and Korean-super player GorillA from Kingzone DragonX. The end result is a dynamic Misfits roster from top to bottom, with the likes of Hans Sama and Maxlore acting as the "weak" links. Febiven and GorillA should open up plenty of kill opportunities for sOAZ, but it's unclear who the team will decide to play around during a given contest considering the myriad of different weapons at their disposal.
Walks through 100T
October 17, 2018
sOAZ ended Wednesday's win over 100 Thieves with a 2/1/7 KDA as Cho'Gath.
sOAZ got the start to open the day during Wednesday's final round of group stage matches. He was involved in nine of 14 kills, finishing with the second -owest kill participation on Fnatic. His two kills were the second fewest on the team, but his seven assists were the second-highest total. sOAZ helped Fnatic pick up their second win over 100 Thieves in the group stage.
Plays well in loss to iG
October 12, 2018
sOAZ ended Friday's loss to iG with a 0/4/8 KDA as Sion.
sOAZ had a fairly strong performance despite dropping a one-sided decision to iG on Friday. He was involved in eight of nine kills, tying for the team-high kill participation. While he picked up no kills, his eight assists were a team high in the loss. Fnatic moves to 1-1 in the group stages.
Gives away lone death
October 11, 2018
sOAZ finished Thursday's win over 100T with a 2/1/7 KDA as Sion.
sOAZ did his job well during Fnatic's opening game of the 2018 World Championships. He was involved in nine of 16 kills, finishing tied for the second-highest kill participation on the team. His two kills were the third most on the team, while his seven assists were the second-highest total. In a classic sOAZ move, he gave away the team's lone death in isolated fashion.
Comes in clutch for Fnatic
September 11, 2018
sOAZ earned a series KDA of 4/6/19 during Fnatic's three game victories over Schalke 04.
Once Fnatic had found itself down a game in the series, the squad made the decision to bring sOAZ in. Finding himself in a tough situation, sOAZ made the most of things and absolutely dominated, allowing his team to take the next three game victories in a row. Playing signature tank champions in the games, he was not only able to win his lane but also able to simultaneously create an impact across the rest of the map. Time and again he was focused down yet recovered nicely. Crucially providing the initiation his team needed across teamfights in all three games, sOAZ had just the performance his team needed to bounce back from the Game 1 defeat. As a result of his strong play, Fnatic was able to string together three victories in a row, closing out the series 3-1 over FC Schalke 04.
Strong tank play in victory
August 5, 2018
sOAZ finished FNC's victory over G2 with a 2/1/6 KDA on Ornn.
After starting things off slowly against G2, sOAZ showed his strengths during his team's victory over G2. Grouping during the mid game, he was able to initiate for his team time and again to quickly turn things for Fnatic. Constantly finding his way onto the enemy team's carries in teamfights, he had no problem giving Fnatic the openings they needed to succeed. Time and again he was able to lock down the enemy team, giving his team free reign of teamfights. Every time he used his ultimate, he was able to give his team the engage they needed, resulting in back-to-back teamfight victories over G2. As a result, Fnatic was able to claim a 27-minute victory.
Strong tank play nets victory
July 20, 2018
sOAZ earned a 0/1/7 KDA on Gragas during his team's swift victory over UoL.
sOAZ had a rather slow start to his team's victory against UoL, but it ultimately didn't matter. With his mid laner dominating the enemy team and picking up a huge number of kills, he didn't have any pressure on himself to perform. After his team had built up a sizeable lead, he began joining them to participate in teamfights. Doing just enough in fights to assist Caps in furthering his huge lead, he was able to stay along for the ride against UoL as his team took one of the most convincing victories of the split. Participating in a third of his team's kills, his strong play was impressive but unnecessary to the team's ultimate 26-minute victory.
Strong performance on Gragas nets win
July 14, 2018
sOAZ earned a 0/1/5 KDA on Gragas during FNC's victory over ROCCAT.
Starting off the game right, sOAZ assisted his team in picking up an early first blood, granting him a lead in lane. After finding his own lead, he quickly began roaming to further his team's lead. Though he was focused and gave up a death after, sOAZ helped his team use their lead to continue snowballing on the enemy team. After a small blunder during the mid game that gave ROC small amounts of hope of coming back in the game, sOAZ once again grouped with his team to close things out in convincing fashion. After claiming a 25-minute Baron, he assisted in taking a final teamfight, resulting in a swift 27-minute victory for Fnatic.
Muted impact during defeat to Team Liquid
July 6, 2018
sOAZ earned a 3/2/1 KDA as Dr. Mundo during Fnatic's defeat at the hands of Team Liquid.
sOAZ was set up to succeed by Fnatic's draft against Team Liquid, in theory, as he not only had a fairly safe lane for Dr. Mundo, but he also could call upon the awesome power of Broxah's Taliyah in the early game in order to pressure Impact's Gangplank. Unfortunately, Fnatic's early game fell off the rails quickly, and Broxah wasn't able to impact the lane at all, which left sOAZ to his own devices in a disadvantageous lane matchup. To his credit, he still had the largest impact on his team--the majority of Team Liquid composition wasn't really set up to deal with a Mundo--but that said more about the sorry state Fnatic was in during their 34-minute defeat than it does about the impact sOAZ managed to have.
Decimates Echo Fox using Heimerdinger
July 6, 2018
sOAZ earned an 8/1/5 KDA on Heimerdinger to claim victory over Echo Fox.
Despite playing a champion entirely out of his comfort zone, sOAZ showed his ability to quickly adapt and was able to dominate the competition. From the very start of the game he was able to create an impact, picking up early kills and shoving in lane to claim an early first tower. With his team up in gold, he had no problem grouping to snowball the team's lead. Despite being heavily focused in teamfights and skirmishes, he remained safe, picking the opportune times to fight, resulting in a near flawless performance. Although the game was back and forth, sOAZ seemed to be in complete control throughout the game, allowing his team to claim a 31-minute victory.
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