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Team SoloMid
Unable to find his way to victory in series loss
September 18, 2018
Mithy earned a series KDA of 2/10/26 during his team's series loss at the hands of Cloud9.
Although Mithy put up a strong performance during his team's series against C9, it simply wasn't enough to keep up with the enemy team's coordination. Starting the game off on Tahm Kench, he was able to do little other than delay his team's deaths in the game. Constantly focusing on saving people, he missed out on opportunities to find his team a lead, resulting in a defeat in the game. The next two games saw Mithy find his way onto Rakan and put up a much better performance. Although he was on a champion that he seemed more comfortable on, Mithy was ultimately only able to do as much as his team. As the team lacked coordination, things consistently went the way of the enemy team. In teamfights, Mithy found his way onto enemy carries but simply did not have the follow up necessary to close things out. While he struggled to maintain vision to get objective control, the enemy team was able to amass buffs that helped them win fights. Try as he might, Mithy could not bring his team back into the series, resulting in an unfortunate 3-0 series loss.
Near deathless in victory
September 16, 2018
Mithy earned a series KDA of 1/4/42 during his team's 3-0 sweep over Echo Fox.
Mithy was able to pair up with his ad carry to dominate Echo Fox throughout his team's entire series victory. Picking Rakan in Game 1, he was able to participate in 18 of his team's 20 kills while giving up only a single death in the process. As the series went on, Mithy found himself on less of a playmaking champion, picking Tahm Kench in the next two games. Thankfully, he was able to show his skill on the champion, providing the necessary crowd control for his team while simultaneously controlling vision and objectives. Using his devour to both delay the enemy team and keep his carries safe, he was able to help secure back-to-back wins, closing out the series 3-0.
Up and down showing results in win
September 9, 2018
Mithy earned a series KDA of 3/14/32 during TSM's 3-2 victory over 100.
Much like the rest of his team, Mithy had a relatively up and down performance during his team's series victory over 100 Thieves. After a lackluster game on Gragas to start off the series, Mithy began to find success alongside the rest of his team on Braum. Helping his team claim two victories to tie the series 2-2, he was able to consistently deter the enemy engagements, countering the heavy dive from 100 Thieves. In the final game of the series, he found his Braum banned away and reacted with a surprising Morgana pick. Thankfully, he found the same level of success as he used his black shield to keep himself and his carries safe time and again. Hitting several important bindings, he was able to facilitate a pair of successful teamfights in Game 5, allowing TSM to take the victory and secure the series 3-2.
Unable to close series out
September 2, 2018
Mithy earned a series KDA of 5/11/32 during TSM's 3-2 series loss at the hands of C9.
Much like the rest of his team, Mithy had a rather impressive start to the first three games against C9 but was ultimately unable to perform when it mattered most. He started the series off with three games on Shen, earning an impressive statline of 1/6/31 across the games, bringing his team into a commanding 2-1 series lead. Unfortunately, this would be the end of Mithy and TSM's success as C9 made a substitution and began dominating. Mithy had a decent showing in the fourth game of the series, picking Tahm Kench and racking up two-thirds of his team's kills. Unfortunately, this came at the cost of the rest of his team failing to find kills time and again. As a result, TSM was defeated convincingly in the game. The next game didn't hold anything better for TSM as Mithy and the rest of the team once again fell short. After losing lane, Mithy couldn't find a single kill for himself and only participated in one of his team's. The result was a devastating 24-minute defeat, securing TSM's series loss.
Finds success on a variety of supports
August 27, 2018
Mithy earned a 3/9/40 KDA during his team's victory over Echo Fox.
Mithy had the most assists of any player during his team's victory over Echo Fox. This speaks to his ability to make things happen for his team, finding openings across the series that ultimately assisted his team in picking up the victory. Playing a variety of champions in the process, he found unlikely success on the likes of Nami and Shen. Through the entire series, he was able to control vision for his team, allowing TSM to take over the map and steamroll Echo Fox in the final two games of the series. Picking up only three deaths in the final two games of the series, Mithy's strong showing was enough to net TSM a 3-2 series victory.
Unable to bring his team victory over Flyquest
July 31, 2018
Mithy earned a 0/1/4 KDA on Braum during his team's loss against FlyQuest.
Although Mithy has been praised as one of the smartest players in the LCS, he was not able to show this skill during his team's defeat against FlyQuest. After struggling to find a lead in the early game, Mithy started focusing on map control to bring his team back into things. This paid off slightly as his team was able to bounce back in a couple of skirmishes. Unfortunately, this was not enough as his team made a critical error. As the enemy team was looking to backdoor his base, Mithy opted to continue pushing and race the enemy team. This was not the right call and resulted in his team losing to an abrupt base demolition by FlyQuest.
Unable to prevent comeback
July 23, 2018
Mithy earned a 1/2/5 KDA on Tahm Kench during TSM's loss to OpTic.
Mithy had a decent performance during his team's loss against OpTic but it simply wasn't enough. Helping build up a lead during the early game with vision control and superior roaming, it seemed as though he did everything right to claim victory. Unfortunately, the rest of his team struggled to maintain the pressure, giving OpTic the chance they needed to bounce back in the game. In skirmishes, he was able to keep his team healthy and disrupt the enemy, but unfortunately, TSM's teamfighting was lacking. As a result, OpTic turned things around with a Baron buff and a teamfight victory. Although Mithy was able to help his team mount a final stand in their base, OpTic's aggression was too much, resulting in a 33-minute defeat.
Clutch Abyssal Voyage leads to win
July 1, 2018
mithy chose the right time to show up for TSM in their win over Cloud9, finishing with a 0/4/12 KDA.
This game was finally mithy's chance to shine. He struggled a bit against the Morgana of Smoothie, but he knew right when to pop up with a game-changing play. He transported Grig into the Baron Pit with a perfectly placed Abyssal Voyage, which allowed Grig to steal the Baron right from under Cloud9's nose. That was the one key that TSM needed to unlock their potential and push for the win before long.
No impact in bottom lane
June 25, 2018
mithy was invisible in Team SoloMid's loss to Team Liquid on Sunday, finishing with a 0/3/1 KDA.
Once mithy's Rakan was taken down for first blood in the opening few minutes of the game, it was all downhill for the support player. He never got his bearings in this one as Liquid did whatever all over the map in the quick win. Zven and mithy clearly still have some room to grow here in the bottom lane as things are once again starting to slip away from them.
Shores up TSM's frontline
February 26, 2018
Mithy's scoreline read 0/0/9 by the end of TSM's Sunday win over OpTic Gaming.
TSM's victory in this game came as the result of skirmishes and team play, and Mithy's Braum was crucial to this strategy. Especially with Hauntzer's relatively fragile build on Gnar, Mithy's Unbreakable was crucial to keeping a frail team comp healthy in fights, and his crowd control was necessary to help TSM secure the kills that got them their lead. Mithy did everything required of him in this game, and TSM took a commanding victory.
Solid effort in loss
February 19, 2018
Mithy's Taric finished with a 0/0/0 KDA in Team SoloMid's loss to Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
Mithy helped Zven get through the laning phase but wasn't able to provide enough protection throughout the rest of the game. While Taric's Cosmic Radiance was enough to keep Mithy from dying in any of the teamfights, it wasn't enough to protect the rest of TSM. The second half of the game was a slow death for TSM as it lost all of the teamfights and objectives.
Helps put the final nail in the CLG coffin
February 12, 2018
Mithy ended TSM's Sunday win over CLG with a 0/0/11 KDA.
Mithy was wonderful all game long on Taric, starting off by landing solid stuns in the game's first teamfight. His best play by far, however, came when TSM took Baron after finding a pick onto CLG's jungler. After TSM took the objective, it looked as if CLG might punish them hard for it, but only until Mithy's Cosmic Radiance completely shut them down and secured a delayed ace for his team. After that, TSM had no trouble ending the game in quick fashion.
Comes through in the end
January 28, 2018
Mithy's scoreline read 2/2/5 by the end of TSM's win over OpTic on Saturday.
This was a frustrating game for Mithy, as his Ornn seemed to be hard countered by the opposing Braum, who used his Unbreakable to block the majority of Mithy's ultimates before they could do anything. As a result, Mithy looked unimpressive for most of the game, but most of this can't be directly blamed on him. To make up for it, Mithy initiated the final teamfight of the game with a three-man knockup, sealing the game for TSM.
Invisible in loss
January 21, 2018
mithy couldn't gain his footing in Team SoloMid's loss to FlyQuest on Sunday, finishing with a 0/4/5 KDA.
It seems as though it's going to take Zven and mithy a bit to adjust to life in the NA LCS because things haven't been too hot out the gate. mithy tried his best to get Zven ahead to give his team an advantage in this game, but he was simply shut down at every turn. He died in just about every major engagement and just looked lost on the whole in this game. While it's still early on in the season, this is certainly a rough start for what was supposed to be a strong showing from the dominant European duo. They need to fix their issues in a hurry or risk getting run over in North America.
Not much to do
January 21, 2018
Mithy went 0/3/1 as TSM fell to Team Liquid on Saturday.
Mithy and Zven looked like the better bot lane early on, as they took some good trades and a small CS lead, but it didn't really last. Doublelift's Tristana completely outplayed Mithy's Alistar Headbutt with Flash, leading to three deaths on the side of TSM. With his team falling behind fast, there wasn't much Mithy could do on his engage-centric champion, and TSM took a loss in just 28 minutes.
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