Alfonso Aguirre Rodriguez 
Team SoloMid
Shores up TSM's frontline
February 26, 2018
Mithy's scoreline read 0/0/9 by the end of TSM's Sunday win over OpTic Gaming.
TSM's victory in this game came as the result of skirmishes and team play, and Mithy's Braum was crucial to this strategy. Especially with Hauntzer's relatively fragile build on Gnar, Mithy's Unbreakable was crucial to keeping a frail team comp healthy in fights, and his crowd control was necessary to help TSM secure the kills that got them their lead. Mithy did everything required of him in this game, and TSM took a commanding victory.
Solid effort in loss
February 19, 2018
Mithy's Taric finished with a 0/0/0 KDA in Team SoloMid's loss to Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
Mithy helped Zven get through the laning phase but wasn't able to provide enough protection throughout the rest of the game. While Taric's Cosmic Radiance was enough to keep Mithy from dying in any of the teamfights, it wasn't enough to protect the rest of TSM. The second half of the game was a slow death for TSM as it lost all of the teamfights and objectives.
Helps put the final nail in the CLG coffin
February 12, 2018
Mithy ended TSM's Sunday win over CLG with a 0/0/11 KDA.
Mithy was wonderful all game long on Taric, starting off by landing solid stuns in the game's first teamfight. His best play by far, however, came when TSM took Baron after finding a pick onto CLG's jungler. After TSM took the objective, it looked as if CLG might punish them hard for it, but only until Mithy's Cosmic Radiance completely shut them down and secured a delayed ace for his team. After that, TSM had no trouble ending the game in quick fashion.
Comes through in the end
January 28, 2018
Mithy's scoreline read 2/2/5 by the end of TSM's win over OpTic on Saturday.
This was a frustrating game for Mithy, as his Ornn seemed to be hard countered by the opposing Braum, who used his Unbreakable to block the majority of Mithy's ultimates before they could do anything. As a result, Mithy looked unimpressive for most of the game, but most of this can't be directly blamed on him. To make up for it, Mithy initiated the final teamfight of the game with a three-man knockup, sealing the game for TSM.
Invisible in loss
January 21, 2018
mithy couldn't gain his footing in Team SoloMid's loss to FlyQuest on Sunday, finishing with a 0/4/5 KDA.
It seems as though it's going to take Zven and mithy a bit to adjust to life in the NA LCS because things haven't been too hot out the gate. mithy tried his best to get Zven ahead to give his team an advantage in this game, but he was simply shut down at every turn. He died in just about every major engagement and just looked lost on the whole in this game. While it's still early on in the season, this is certainly a rough start for what was supposed to be a strong showing from the dominant European duo. They need to fix their issues in a hurry or risk getting run over in North America.
Not much to do
January 21, 2018
Mithy went 0/3/1 as TSM fell to Team Liquid on Saturday.
Mithy and Zven looked like the better bot lane early on, as they took some good trades and a small CS lead, but it didn't really last. Doublelift's Tristana completely outplayed Mithy's Alistar Headbutt with Flash, leading to three deaths on the side of TSM. With his team falling behind fast, there wasn't much Mithy could do on his engage-centric champion, and TSM took a loss in just 28 minutes.
Joins TSM as new starting support
November 24, 2017
mithy joins TSM alongside lane partner Zven, according to a as per TSM's recent announcement.
When looking at TSM's problems in 2017, mithy seems like a great addition to push TSM's international aspirations forward into 2018. While mithy provides everything Biofrost did, namely strong teamfighting and initiation potential on playmakers, he shores up Biofrost's weakness of weak laning phases, especially since he comes with longtime AD carry, Zven. Not only that, but mithy's shotcalling should help TSM achieve new international heights, at least in theory.
Now a free agent
November 1, 2017
mithy is now a free agent and can explore options with other teams, the player announced on his Twitter.
While his contract is not up until November 10, mithy has been given permission to field offers from other teams. In the video the team released, G2 CEO Carlos "ocelote" Rodriguez discusses the move with the both mithy and Zven in such a manner that leaves a window of opportunity for the players to stay with the team for the upcoming split. With some new teams entering the NA LCS, the region could be a reasonable landing spot for either of these players.
High kill participation in loss
October 9, 2017
Mithy ended G2's Sunday loss to RNG with a 0/2/4 KDA as Lulu.
Mithy tried his best to keep Zven alive and gave his marksman a chance to carry, but fell short against RNG. Mithy was involved in all but one kill, leading G2 in assists with four. Mithy and G2 will need help during Week 2 to overtake either RNG or Samsung to qualify for the knockout stage.
Quiet strength explodes to end the series
August 22, 2017
mithy finished off G2's Sunday win over Splyce with a combined 2/12/51 KDA.
Throughout this narrow, back-and-forth victory, mithy rarely if ever missed a beat. He wasn't always in the spotlight, but whether on Thresh, Morgana, Trundle, or Alistar, he kept his deaths low while racking up the assists. Easily his biggest and most noticeable contribution, however, came at the very end of Game 5. mithy's Alistar was able to use multiple spell rotations to lock Sencux's Orianna out of the final teamfight completely, making it an easy win and securing a semifinal spot for G2 almost single-handedly.
No trouble setting up kills
August 4, 2017
mithy finished G2's sweep of Misfits with a 2/3/19 combined KDA.
mithy ended Game 1 with a 1/2/9 KDA as Janna. He was involved in 10 of 12 kills, using Janna's shields to finish tied with Trick for the team high in assists. In Game 2, mithy used Alistar and earned a 1/1/10 KDA. He was involved in 11 of 15 kills, again tying trick for the team high in assists, this time with ten.
Underwhelming score during important victory
July 24, 2017
mithy earned a 0/10/19 KDA during G2 Esports' victory over H2k-Gaming.
mithy found himself in an interesting position during his match against H2k, as he won the series, but did so with a far worse KDA than his opposite number, Chei. Much of that can simply be chalked up to how each team won their respective games. G2 Esports won the first and third game on the back of a few solid teamfights that snowballed the game in their favor, teamfights that mithy wasn't always all that impactful in. H2k, on the other hand, was practically hard-carried in Game 2 by Chei's Thresh, and his ludicrous KDA showed it. It's safe to say that while mithy did win the series, it was very much on his team's coattails. His kill participation was alarmingly low for a support, and he died more than nearly any member of his team -- neither of which are particularly attractive characteristics for a support player.
Solid throughout series
July 24, 2017
mithy went an overall 0/3/19 in G2's 2-1 Saturday win over Vitality.
It's sometimes hard to look good on support when your team is losing hard, but mithy's Thresh manage to maintain a KDA of 0/2/2 in Game 1, which was impressive given the 14-2 overall kills score. In Game 2, mithy's Braum got Zven's Varus an early CS lead, and went on to do a great job of engaging for the remainder of the game. mithy's Game 3 Tahm Kench was a bit less impactful, but was still very useful as an extra escape for Zven's fed Tristana in the win.
11 assists in both games
July 14, 2017
mithy finished G2's sweep of Splyce with a 3/3/22 combined KDA.
mithy finished Game 1 with a 1/1/11 KDA as Tahm Kench. He was involved in 12 of G2's 14 kills, finishing the game tied with Expect and Trick for the highest assist total. mithy did a good job of keeping teammates from being executed, utilizing Tahm Kench's Devour. In Game 2, mithy earned a 2/2/11 KDA as Braum. He was involved in 13 of G2's 23 kills, finishing the game with the highest assist total at 11. He had as many kills as his AD carry, helping G2 snowball to a one-sided win in Game 2.
Finds important picks
July 6, 2017
mithy posted a 2/1/14 KDA in G2 Esports' 1-0 victory over Cloud9 on Wednesday.
mithy played a game of Blitzcrank into Thresh. He played well, finding hooks that led to first blood, on top of two important hooks onto Sneaky that kept G2 ahead. Mithy did look outclassed a few times here and there, but overall this was a fantastic game by mithy, especially compared to his EU LCS form as of late.
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