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Reaches the late game successfully
March 4, 2018
Hjarnan ended with a 4/2/3 KDA in G2's win over Giants on Saturday.
Hjarnan's Tristana found itself struggling predictably against Steeelback's Caitlyn during the laning phase. Then, in the mid game, Giants' power-spiking composition made it hard for Hjarnan to get much of anything done, as he needed to keep his distance. In the last two fights of the game, however, Hjarnan had hit full late-game status, putting out huge damage on his hypercarry champion and helping G2 take the teamfights cleanly to end the game.
Unkillable on Varus
February 23, 2018
Hjarnan ended Friday's win over ROCCAT with a 3/0/4 KDA as Varus.
Hjarnan finished the game involved in seven of 10 kills. He was unkillable, as his three kills were the second-highest total on the team, with his four assists being the third most. Hjarnan helped close out the game by picking up all three of his kills in the final teamfight.
Backs up Perkz in carry-worthy performance
February 16, 2018
Hjarnan ended Friday's win over Vitality with a 4/0/5 KDA as Tristana.
Hjarnan finished the game involved in nine of 11 kills. He had the second-highest kill total with four, but ended with his team's lowest assist total. Hjarnan was able to play safely, scaling well and helping G2 snowball from an early stage. Hjarnan's positioning in teamfights allowed him to deal massive damage, helping G2 dominate teamfights.
First blood his lone highlight
January 26, 2018
Hjarnan finished G2's loss to Giants with a 2/3/4 KDA as Ezreal.
Hjarnan ended the game involved in six of seven kills as G2 dropped a surprising game to Giants. His two kills were the second most on the team, while his four assists were the third-highest total. Hjarnan picked up first blood, but managed only one more kill in the game.
Strong team debut
January 19, 2018
Hjarnan ended Day 1 of the European LCS with a 5/2/12 KDA as Varus.
Making his G2 debut, Hjarnan had an impressive first outing ending the game involved in all but one of G2's kills. He was able to safely deal damage behind his massive frontline and finished the game with both the second-highest kill and assist totals on the team. Hjarnan was able to deal consistent damage while utilizing Varus' long range in teamfights.
Joins G2 amidst offseason shuffle
November 22, 2017
Hjarnan will play for G2 Esports, as per ESPN's Jacob Wolf.
Hjarnan has, for most of his career, been routinely underrated as an ADC. He's played alongside some great supports, for sure, sticking with his supports over long periods of time and making his overall performance seem less of an individual effort. Make no mistake, though, Hjarnan has shown that he can be a top-tier threat. The question, however, isn't whether Hjarnan can compete at the highest levels in the EU LCS, but whether he can serve as a suitable replacement for outgoing ADC Zven. The answer to this will heavily depend on what G2 ultimately looks like going into the future, but Hjarnan's ability to adapt and fit into every team he's been on should give G2 fans hope that everything will be fine in the bottom lane.
Dominates Game 2
July 16, 2017
Hjarnan finished off ROCCAT's 1-2 loss to Mysterious Monkeys with an overall KDA of 19/4/22.
Hjarnan went with Jhin for both Games 1 and 2, and looked stellar. He had no trouble standing up to Yuuki60's Kalista in lane, and used his long-range abilities to secure the best kill participation in both games. Unfortunately, ROCCAT's inability to teamfight cost them Game 1, but with more 5-vs-5 prowess in Game 2, Hjarnan was able to carry his team in the late game. It's a shame that he couldn't work the same magic on Tristana in Game 3, as all of ROCCAT looked lethargic and almost apathetic in the loss.
Holds his own against Rekkles
June 16, 2017
Hjarnan piled on the damage with a 9/8/12 KDA in ROCCAT's comeback victory over Fnatic on Thursday.
Hjarnan was one of the main reasons that ROCCAT were able to come back with a ridiculous victory. Even when his team was losing, he continued to keep somewhat even in lane. This all came to a head with their unthinkable victory in Game 2. Despite being down over 10,000 gold at one point, he was pouring in the damage with Varus. He never gave up and just kept pushing on. Eventually it crescendo'd and they took a couple fights to secure the win. He kept pushing on and even outplayed Rekkles in the final game to take the victory. If he can keep playing well in his role, they will be well on their way to another strong run towards the playoffs.
Falls off after impressive Game 1
June 2, 2017
Hjarnan ended Friday's loss to G2 with a 7/9/13 combined KDA.
Using Xayah in Game 1, Hjarnan ended with a 4/1/8 KDA. He picked up first blood in the 19th minute and utilized Wadid's Rakan to show off some fancy combinations and domination in the mid game. Hjarnan fell off in Game 2 on Caitlyn, ending with a 3/5/4 KDA. He struggled to really do much with his time behind from an early stage, but did lead ROCCAT with three kills. Returning to Xayah in Game 3, Hjarnan ended with a 0/3/1 KDA. He picked up an assist on ROCCAT's lone kill, but did nothing else.
Lackluster in victory
April 1, 2017
Hjarnan ended with a 5/8/22 KDA in ROCCAT's 2-1 victory over G2 on Saturday.
On Sivir for Game 1, there wasn't a whole lot Hjarnan could do to take the game. As Sivirs do, he fell behind early in CS, but as they also tend to do, he caught up after laning phase ended. He grabbed an early assist as well, using his ult to help Maxlore get his second kill. This was pretty much the extent of his impact as ROCCAT lost Game 1, however. Hjarnan stuck with Sivir in Game 2, and if anything, looked a bit worse. He went down by more CS in lane, and was even dived underneath his turret 1-vs-1 by Zven to give up a death. By the time teamfights rolled around, he was 0/2/0, and while his team generally won these fights, it was largely due to his solo laners' leads; he was mostly an ult bot. Hjarnan switched to Kalista for Game 3, and got a dream start with a double kill at three minutes in a bot-lane skirmish. Again, ROCCAT came out on top in fights this game, but despite Hjarnan's early lead, he was not the main factor. Indeed, while Hjarnan only died twice this game, both of his deaths were unnecessary, and a result of poor positioning. Nevertheless, ROCCAT took the 2-1 victory to end G2's undefeated season at the very end.
Strong series highlights big win
March 24, 2017
Hjarnan ended ROCCAT's sweep of Misfits with a 7/3/13 combined KDA.
Hjarnan ended Game 1 with a 3/3/7 KDA as Varus. He picked up an assist taking out PowerOfEvil in the mid game and an assist in the first teamfight, before picking up two kills and an assist in the second teamfight of the game. His assist picking off KaKAO in the late game and three assists in the third teamfight allowed ROCCAT to close Game 1. Using Ziggs in Game 2, Hjarnan finished with a 4/0/6 KDA. He picked up first blood in the 26th minute taking out IgNar and grabbed a kill and two assists in the first teamfight of the game. He picked off Alphari in the late game and grabbed two assists in the second teamfight before his kill and two assists in the final teamfight ended the series.
Strong series on long range marksmen
March 18, 2017
Hjarnan ended ROCCAT's 2-1 win over Fnatic with a 13/5/7 combined KDA.
Hjarnan ended Game 1 with a 6/2/3 KDA as Jhin. He picked up a kill taking out Broxah in the early game and a kill in the second teamfight. He grabbed a kill and two assists in the third teamfight, two kills and an assist in the fourth teamfight, and a kill in the final teamfight as Fnatic took Game 1. Using Jhin again in Game 2, Hjarnan ended with a 4/1/2 KDA. He picked up a kill taking out sOAZ in the early game and a kill and an assist in the first teamfight. He helped pick off Broxah in the late game and grabbed a kill in the second and in the final teamfights to even the series. Using Varus in Game 3, Hjarnan ended with a 3/2/2 KDA. He picked up an assist in the first teamfight and picked off Jesiz for his first kill in the late game. His two kills and assist in the final teamfight allowed ROCCAT to close out the series victory.
No impact on game in loss
March 6, 2017
Hjarnan tallied a poor 2/3/3 KDA in ROCCAT's 0-2 sweep to Unicorns of Love on Saturday.
Hjarnan started the series on Ashe, and got an early kill, but is down in farm. While he did end up reversing his farm deficit, Samux was better in teamfights. This put Hjarnan down in level and left him without much to do. He only participated in three of his team's 10 kills, showing how little impact he really had in the game. He stuck with Ashe in Game 2 and was never given much of a chance to do anything. While he did get the first tower in the bottom lane, his team quickly lost control of the game after that and were decimated in this game
Goes out with a whimper in loss
February 18, 2017
Hjarnan only managed a 3/6/3 KDA in ROCCAT's sweep at the hands of Splyce on Saturday.
Hjarnan picked the recently buffed Tristana for the first game of the series and picked up a double about 11 minutes in that included first blood, but ROCCAT ended up losing the fight overall. He basically stayed even with Kobbe in lane, but then was picked off in a 2-for-1 that went in favor of Splyce that gave them the Baron. He made a poor play in a late teamfight where he was severely out of position, which led to his death and the loss of an inhibitor in the bottom lane. That was the final straw for ROCCAT, as they lost the game just a few minutes later. Hjarnan didn't do much with his Varus early on in Game 2, as the action wasn't really centered on the bottom lane. While he didn't manage to get any kills, he did post a team-high 23,500 damage in the game to try and give his team some sort of a chance. It just wasn't enough, as Splyce played a strong team game and dominated things for the majority of this game.
Outputs massive damage, but can't get the win
February 11, 2017
Hjarnan posted a 5/9/17 KDA in ROCCAT's poor 0-2 loss to H2K on Saturday.
Hjarnan was on Jhin in Game 1 and died early on. While he did add in three assists in the early game. He never did much of anything else as the game progressed. His Curtain Calls didn't land good hits on key members of the team, which allowed H2K to easily win the late game teamfights. Hjarnan moved to Varus in Game 2 and had a much better game. While he wasn't able to do much with his early CS lead, as the game went on, he started outputting tons of damage. He was on point with his skillshots in every one of the late game fights, but it was a bad decision late to go for a Baron in a bad spot that allowed H2K to pick up the win.
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