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Unsung hero in victory
September 16, 2018
Hjarnan earned a series KDA of 11/4/21 during his team's series victory over Schalke 04.
Throughout his team's performance against Schalke 04, Hjarnan was able to consistently hold his own in lane, seamlessly transitioning to the teamfight phase to solidify his team's victory. Picking Ashe in Game 1, he was able to simply shut down his lane and provide an extra layer of initiation for his team while remaining deathless. Although he was focused down in Game 2, he boasted nearly 100 percent kill participation during his team's only defeat. Despite the loss, he was able to bounce back, picking Varus once again and dominating all who stood in his path. Dying only a single time in his team's 33-minute victory, his performance was enough to bring his team to a 2-1 lead in the series. Game 4 was Hjarnan's worst showing in the series which is a testament to his skill. Boasting a 5/2/4 KDA on Xayah, he was able to navigate fights after a quiet lane phase, allowing his team to close out the series 3-1 and secure the team's ticket to the 2018 World Championship.
Comes through in the end
September 15, 2018
11/5/21 was Hjarnan's KDA at the end of G2's win over Splyce on Saturday.
Hjarnan had a slow start to the series on Saturday, having the least impressive performance in G2's first win, and single-handedly throwing away his team's chances in Game 3. However, he managed to make up for it in Games 4 and 5, pulling out his signature Heimerdinger. He found kills in lane in addition to CS leads in both games, and went a combined 9/0/13, pushing G2 to a narrow 3-2 series win.
Deathless in victory over Unicorns of Love
August 11, 2018
Hjarnan earned a 8/0/8 KDA on Varus during his team's victory over UoL.
Despite not being the most flashy player on his team, Hjarnan had by far one of the best performances on his team. Even as his team struggled to get work done early, he was able to find openings to scale up quickly. As the enemy team was distracted by Hjarnan's mid laner, he was able to easily dominate in skirmishes, focusing the enemy downtime and again without consequences. Remaining safe, he was the turning point for his team as he doled out huge amounts of damage without giving up a single death. His strong performance was critical to his team's victory over UoL.
Quiet in defeat
August 5, 2018
Hjarnan earned a 1/1/1 KDA on Varus during his team's loss against FNC.
Though he didn't have a poor performance against Fnatic, Hjarnan was unable to create an impact for his team. Picking up both of the kills he participated in just 10-minutes into the game, it seemed as though he would be able to use the momentum to success. Unfortunately, this didn't happen as Fnatic seemed to figure things out during the mid game. Constantly engaging, Hjarnan was forced to play defensively and could not do anything but sit and watch his team's destruction. PLaying safe he was able to remain alive, but unfortunately could not do anything to bring his team into the game. After losing back-to-back fights, he was defeated alongside G2 at the 27-minute mark.
Falls off during mid game in defeat
July 14, 2018
Hjarnan earned a 0/2/2 KDA on Ziggs during his team's loss against Misfits.
Although Hjarnan did not have a poor performance against Misfits, his play left something to be desired. Despite picking a waveclear mage, he could not find a farm lead in lane. He resorted to moving with his team early on to force towers, utilizing his satchel charge to quickly take down the first several enemy objectives. Unfortunately, this is where his success stopped. Without a tank on his team, the composition lacked the ability to survive in extended teamfights. Not hitting his ultimate on multiple members of the enemy team, he did not have the damage necessary to turn fights in G2's favor. As a result, Misfits was able to bounce back in the game, taking an eventual 38-minute victory.
Displays strength on mages in victory
July 9, 2018
Hjarnan earned a 6/3/13 KDA on Karma during his team's victory over 100 Thieves on Thursday.
Hjarnan has continuously proved himself to be one of the better players at adapting to a new meta. He showed off these strengths on Thursday, picking Karma and absolutely dominating his competition throughout the game. After an underwhelming laning phase, Hjarnan was able to group with his team and dominate during teamfights. Dealing consistent damage throughout the game, it was no surprise that his team had no trouble winning teamfights. Although Hjarnan was focused due to how squishy he was, he was able to avoid death, buying time for the rest of his team to have a strong impact on the game. This proved to be extremely successful, as G2 stormed into the later stages of the game with back-to-back teamfight victories. After claiming a final fight victory, Hjarnan pushed with his team to secure the victory at the 45-minute mark.
Shows skill on Heimerdinger during victory
July 8, 2018
Hjarnan earned a 3/3/9 KDA during his team's victory over Team Liquid.
During G2's victory over Team Liquid, Hjarnan had a stellar performance on Heimerdinger to help pave the way to victory. Starting off by building a large amount of lane pressure, Hjarnan set himself up for success early on. Although he didn't have a flashy performance throughout the game, he was able to maintain a rather large impact. Controlling the waves on the bottom side of the map, he was able to prevent the scaling duo of Team Liquid from creating a lead for their team. The strategy panned out perfectly, allowing the rest of G2 to dominate the entire map. With a huge lead at his disposal, Hjarnan had no trouble grouping with his team, winning back-to-back teamfights, and securing the victory in just 26 minutes.
Dominates on Heimerdinger
June 30, 2018
Hjarnan went 5/0/4 as G2 took down Unicorns of Love on Saturday.
Picking the rarely seen Heimerdinger, Hjarnan managed to showcase every single strength of the champion throughout the game. At various points, he shoved his lane down for first turret, won entire jungle fights from behind a wall, one-shot opponents, and burst down multiple members at once in teamfights. It's surprising to see a marksman player have such a deep understanding of such a unique pick, but it was a joy to watch nonetheless.
Reaches the late game successfully
March 4, 2018
Hjarnan ended with a 4/2/3 KDA in G2's win over Giants on Saturday.
Hjarnan's Tristana found itself struggling predictably against Steeelback's Caitlyn during the laning phase. Then, in the mid game, Giants' power-spiking composition made it hard for Hjarnan to get much of anything done, as he needed to keep his distance. In the last two fights of the game, however, Hjarnan had hit full late-game status, putting out huge damage on his hypercarry champion and helping G2 take the teamfights cleanly to end the game.
Unkillable on Varus
February 23, 2018
Hjarnan ended Friday's win over ROCCAT with a 3/0/4 KDA as Varus.
Hjarnan finished the game involved in seven of 10 kills. He was unkillable, as his three kills were the second-highest total on the team, with his four assists being the third most. Hjarnan helped close out the game by picking up all three of his kills in the final teamfight.
Backs up Perkz in carry-worthy performance
February 16, 2018
Hjarnan ended Friday's win over Vitality with a 4/0/5 KDA as Tristana.
Hjarnan finished the game involved in nine of 11 kills. He had the second-highest kill total with four, but ended with his team's lowest assist total. Hjarnan was able to play safely, scaling well and helping G2 snowball from an early stage. Hjarnan's positioning in teamfights allowed him to deal massive damage, helping G2 dominate teamfights.
First blood his lone highlight
January 26, 2018
Hjarnan finished G2's loss to Giants with a 2/3/4 KDA as Ezreal.
Hjarnan ended the game involved in six of seven kills as G2 dropped a surprising game to Giants. His two kills were the second most on the team, while his four assists were the third-highest total. Hjarnan picked up first blood, but managed only one more kill in the game.
Strong team debut
January 19, 2018
Hjarnan ended Day 1 of the European LCS with a 5/2/12 KDA as Varus.
Making his G2 debut, Hjarnan had an impressive first outing ending the game involved in all but one of G2's kills. He was able to safely deal damage behind his massive frontline and finished the game with both the second-highest kill and assist totals on the team. Hjarnan was able to deal consistent damage while utilizing Varus' long range in teamfights.
Joins G2 amidst offseason shuffle
November 22, 2017
Hjarnan will play for G2 Esports, as per ESPN's Jacob Wolf.
Hjarnan has, for most of his career, been routinely underrated as an ADC. He's played alongside some great supports, for sure, sticking with his supports over long periods of time and making his overall performance seem less of an individual effort. Make no mistake, though, Hjarnan has shown that he can be a top-tier threat. The question, however, isn't whether Hjarnan can compete at the highest levels in the EU LCS, but whether he can serve as a suitable replacement for outgoing ADC Zven. The answer to this will heavily depend on what G2 ultimately looks like going into the future, but Hjarnan's ability to adapt and fit into every team he's been on should give G2 fans hope that everything will be fine in the bottom lane.
Dominates Game 2
July 16, 2017
Hjarnan finished off ROCCAT's 1-2 loss to Mysterious Monkeys with an overall KDA of 19/4/22.
Hjarnan went with Jhin for both Games 1 and 2, and looked stellar. He had no trouble standing up to Yuuki60's Kalista in lane, and used his long-range abilities to secure the best kill participation in both games. Unfortunately, ROCCAT's inability to teamfight cost them Game 1, but with more 5-vs-5 prowess in Game 2, Hjarnan was able to carry his team in the late game. It's a shame that he couldn't work the same magic on Tristana in Game 3, as all of ROCCAT looked lethargic and almost apathetic in the loss.
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