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Free Agent
Free Agent
Free agent heading into 2020
November 22, 2019
Kikis is a free agent heading into the 2020 season.
Kikis will look for a new opportunity in 2020 after leaving Rogue at the conclusion of 2019. The veteran jungler will look for a new opporunity ahead of the new year.
Ties for team-high assist total
March 5, 2019
Kikis ended Friday's loss to G2 with a 0/2/3 KDA as Olaf.
Kikis couldn't get much going against the European juggernauts during Friday's loss. The jungler was involved in three of seven kills, finishing with the second lowest kill participation on the team. Kikis' three assists tied for the team-high, while his two deaths tied for the team-low in the loss.
Team-high death total
February 26, 2019
Kikis ended Saturday's loss to Splyce with a 0/6/5 KDA as Olaf.
Kikis struggled from an early stage as Rogue dropped a one sided loss to Splyce on Saturday. The jungler was involved in five of eight kills, ending with the second lowest kill participation on the team. His five assists were the team-high, but Kikis also paced Rogue with his six deaths in the loss.
Surprises with Pantheon
February 21, 2019
Kikis finished Saturday's win over Misfits with a 2/1/6 KDA as Pantheon.
Kikis went with the surprising Pantheon pick, overcoming any doubts by helping Rogue grab their first win of the season. The jungler was involved in a team-high eight of nine kills, tying for the team-high in assists. Kikis' two kills were the second highest total on the team as Rogue are no longer winless.
Seven assists in losing effort
January 25, 2019
Kikis finished Rogue's loss to Splyce with a 2/5/7 KDA as Sejuani.
Kikis couldn't stop Splyce from taking a win during Friday's loss to Splyce. He was involved in nine of 11 kills, ending with the second highest kill participation on the team. His two kills were the third most on the team, while his seven assists tied Wadid for the team-high. Kikis also gave away five deaths, tying for the team-high in the category.
Second straight loss
January 20, 2019
Kikis finished Saturday's loss to XL with a 0/3/2 KDA as Xin Zhao.
Kikis was unable to get going as XL took a snowball victory on Saturday. He was involved in two of three kills, with his two assists tying for the second highest total on the team. Kikis also tied for the team-high death total as Rogue fell to 0-2 on the season.
Recovers from poor first game
September 9, 2018
8/10/25 was Kikis' scoreline at the end of Vitality's win over Misfits on Saturday.
Kikis got off to a rough start in Game 1 on Kindred and was completely outclassed by Maxlore's Graves. However, the whole of Vitality bounced back strong in Game 2, and Kikis was a big reason why. For Games 2, 3, and 4, Kikis made sure to both control the middle of the map while helping to check the threatening Misfits duo lane. As a result, Vitality came out ahead in the majority of the series' numerous early skirmishes and was able to repeatedly snowball to quick victories, earning a 3-1 series win.
Single carry performance nets win
September 1, 2018
9/15/36 was Kikis' KDA as Vitality lost to Schalke 04 on Friday.
Kikis had an incredibly up-and-down series on Friday, unable to demonstrate the consistent early-game dominance many were expecting. His Trundle struggled somewhat in Game 2 especially, with the Skarner of Amazing finding more early success. In Game 3, Kikis finally managed a carry performance after getting his hands on Kindred, dominating his way to a 25-minute win. Unfortunately, he immediately fell off in Game 4. Despite getting the counter pick of Graves into Trundle, he fell behind in levels after a poor early game and was unable to be effective for the remainder.
Dominant jungle play in victory
August 5, 2018
Kikis finished VIT's victory over UoL with a 2/1/16 KDA on Trundle.
Playing aggressively, Kikis was able to get things done early on Trundle, giving his team the openings they needed to succeed. After finding leads for each of his lanes, he began to focus on facilitating the whole team in finding victory. Joining skirmishes time and again, he was able to shred the enemy tanks and disrupt the carries using his pillar. This allowed the rest of his team to keep up the pressure. Despite losing a teamfight, he was able to pick up a 23-minute Baron to bring his team firmly in the driver's seat. With the buff, the rest of his team had no problem closing out the game in convincing fashion.
Comes up big in victory
July 29, 2018
Kikis earned a 4/2/5 KDA on Kindred during his team's victory over GIA.
Stepping in for Gilius, Kikis had large shoes to fill in order to put a halt to Vitality's losing streak. He did just that, putting up impressive numbers on Kindred and dominating from the early game. Significantly outfarming the enemy jungler. In teamfights, he proved his superiority, dealing large damage and saving his team with his ultimate time and again. The one thing he was not in control of during the game was objectives as the enemy team single-handedly dominated them. Despite this, he had no problem leading his team to teamfight victories and claiming the one neutral objective that mattered, the powerful Baron. After securing a Baron he was able to group with his team to secure back-to-back teamfights, closing the game out in 39 minutes.
Strong play in Game 2 not enough
August 11, 2017
Kikis ended Friday's sweep to H2k with a 3/5/6 combined KDA.
Kikis finished Game 1 with a 0/3/1 KDA as Gragas. He was involved in one of his team's three kills, as H2k took a clean Game 1. In Game 2, Kikis used Trundle to earn a 3/2/5 KDA. He was involved in eight of 11 kills, finishing with the second-highest kill and assist totals on the team.
Fails to do much of anything on Camille
July 2, 2017
Kikis misused his champion pick to the tune of a lackluster 4/7/7 KDA in Mysterious Monkeys' 0-2 loss to G2 Esports.
Kikis was on Camille in both games of the series and it amounted to nothing more than a series of monumental miscues. Not only did he give up deaths without using his Flash, but he failed to dive on the backline in fights, which is a staple of Camille. He basically never seemed to use the champion to her fullest to give his team a way into the game. Even when in a 3-vs-1 scenario with his ultimate used, he still was unable to come away with a kill. His splitpush also left a lot to be desired, which essentially removed all of the positives a Camille normally has.
Thrives with unique pick
June 29, 2017
Kikis finished Thursday's sweep of NiP with a 3/3/14 combined KDA.
Using Mordekaiser in Game 1, Kikis earned a 2/2/5 KDA. He was involved in seven of NiP's 11 kills providing excellent pressure across the map with Mordekaiser. In Game 2, Kikis used Gragas to finish with a 1/1/9 KDA. He picked up first blood outplaying a 1-vs-2 fight in the top lane and was involved in 10 of Mysterious Monkeys' 18 kills in Game 2.
Joins Mysterious Monkeys
June 19, 2017
Kikis has signed on with Mysterious Monkeys, Thiemo Brautigam of Dot Esports reports.
Riot's player contract database has now confirmed what the player's tweet from last week had already hinted at, as it seems Kikis has joined Mysterious Monkeys alongside Fnatic Academy teammate Amazing. Kikis originally played in the LCS with Unicorns of Love before helping G2 Esports (at the time branded as Gamers2) qualify for the LCS and subsequently win the Spring Split. His career has been a fairly successful one as both a jungler and a top laner, and he may prove to be just what the doctor ordered for Mysterious Monkeys. At the very least, the move should help to reinforce the mostly green roster with a more veteran presence.
Dominant play results in LCS promotion
April 16, 2017
Kikis earned a series KDA of 11/4/19 in FNA's 3-0 victory over Giants.
Kikis had an extremely strong performance throughout his team's series domination over Giants. He started off Game 1 with a strong showing on Gragas, finding an early leading and running with it. As the game came down to skirmishes and teamfights, he was consistently able to find his way onto the enemy backline, allowing his team to take fights easily, resulting in a 40-minute Game 1 victory. Game 2 saw Kikis on Camille, playing more aggressively and once again finding success. After finding a large early lead in lane, he once again dominated teamfights, locking down key members of Giants to allow his team to snowball their huge lead into a 44-minute victory. Just one win away from the LCS, Kikis found himself on Fiora, earning a extremely strong 7/1/6 KDA. From the very start of the game he was able to find an advantage, giving his team the perfect opportunity to take the game. After dominating his lane opponent, he destroyed the enemy in teamfights, carrying all the weight of his team. After several victorious teamfights, he was able to close out the game in just 34-minutes for his team, promoting Fnatic Academy to the LCS.
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