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G2 Esports
Controlled play results in win
September 16, 2018
Perkz finished his team's 3-1 victory over FC Schalke 04 with a combined KDA of 21/6/20.
Throughout his team's full series against FC Schalke 04, Perkz was able to put up impressive numbers, paving the way to his team's success. He started things off on Cassiopeia and was able to decimate all in his path. Moving with expertise he was able to avoid death, picking up participation in 12 of his team's 14 kills in the victory. Although his team was defeated in the next game of the series, he still boasted nearly 100% kill participation. The following two games went better for Perkz once again, picking Corki first to counter the enemy Leblanc. Though he was focused down and gave up two deaths, he was able to deal consistent damage and use his package to prevent the enemy team from pushing time and again. After finding yet another win, he opted to fall back to Cassiopeia and repeat his Game 1 performance. Boasting a nearly identical KDA, he once again had a deathless game, bringing his team a convincing 32-minute victory. As a result, G2 secured the series victory, clinching the team's spot at the World Championship.
Fantastic in first four games
September 15, 2018
Perkz ended G2's Saturday win over Splyce with an overall 16/9/20 KDA.
After a weak draft led to a Game 1 loss, Perkz stepped up to take the series into his own hands. His Game 2 on Akali was flawless, finding kills left and right to end 6/0/4 on 12 total G2 kills. He wasn't allowed back on the champion, but instead shifted to Irelia, putting out a pair of solid performances that included a first blood solo kill prior to the three-minute mark. Unfortunately, Perkz fell off hard in Game 5 when he was put onto Malzahar, and gave up death after death. Thankfully, the rest of the team had stepped up by that point, and while Perkz' KDA was tanked, G2 took the series.
Shut down and shut out
August 25, 2018
7/7/10 was Perkz's scoreline by the end of G2's 3-0 loss to Misfits on Saturday.
Perkz managed to come out of G2's series with a respectable KDA for a shutout, but only due to the last game. In Games 1 and 2, his LeBlanc and Ryze respectively were completely shut down. In Game 1, Sencux's Twisted Fate prevented him from roaming and pressured the map later on so as to completely deny any chance of grabbing a pick. In Game 2, Misfits focused him relentlessly in the mid game, picking him off multiple times. For the final game, Perkz's Ryze managed to almost pull off a hero performance, being hugely impactful in the two miracle teamfights G2 won, but it just wasn't enough.
Shows off skill on reworked Akali
August 11, 2018
Perkz earned a 6/2/8 KDA on Akali during his team's victory over UoL.
Perkz showed off the reworked Akali during his team's victory over Unicorns of Love. Being the first player to select the new champion in a competitive game, all eyes were on him as things got started. Despite picking the champion into a tough matchup, he was able to make short work of his opponent. As soon as he found an advantage, he grouped with his team to begin dominating skirmishes. Anytime a member of the enemy team was caught out alone, he picked up a solo kill, buying his team a huge lead. In the final skirmishes of the game, he had no problem getting onto the enemy carries, allowing him to single-handedly dominate fights, securing a 39-minute victory for G2.
Uncharacteristic performance in loss
August 5, 2018
Perkz earned a 0/4/1 Kda on Orianna during his team's loss against Fnatic.
Throughout his team's defeat against Fnatic, Perkz struggled immensely. Trying to play aggressive in order to get things done, he found himself being focused heavily by the enemy jungler, quickly racking up several deaths in the process. Time and time again he found himself at the center of the enemy team's engage, causing him to be unable to deal any sort of damage prior to his death. Without his usual impact, the rest of G2 struggled, unable to find any openings. After losing back-to-back teamfights, G2 was defeated in 27 minutes.
Mechanically sound in lane
July 29, 2018
Perkz ended G2's Saturday loss to Schalke 04 with a KDA of 0/2/1.
With Perkz playing Yasuo up against the Zed of Nukeduck, mid lane promised to be highly entertaining. It lived up to this expectation, with the two fighting back and forth throughout the laning phase. Even as Nukeduck found kills elsewhere, though, Perkz's sharp mechanics, particularly with Wind Wall, allowed him to consistently outplay Nukeduck in the 1-vs-1. Furthermore, even as Nukeduck began to split-push at 3/0/0, Perkz was able to easily keep up in farm. Unfortunately, Schalke simply consistently outfought G2 at every juncture.
Funnel fed once again
July 21, 2018
Perkz ended 6/1/9 in G2's win over Vitality on Friday.
G2 returned to its strategy of funneling gold onto Perkz this game, and it paid off once again, this time on Taliyah. Aside from having the most farm by far at any given point in the game, he was also able to roam and create kills all around the map, as was his responsibility as the beneficiary of the funnel strategy. He continued to be effective in fights all game long, ending 6/1/9 for the most kill participation in the game, just two shy of perfection.
Unable to find a kill in defeat
July 14, 2018
Perkz finished his team's loss against Misfits with a 0/1/3 KDA on Zoe.
Although Perkz found himself on one of his most comfortable champions, he proved to be much more successful on a funneling strategy. After falling victim to lane pressure, he was able to move with his team to assist in early kills, but as the game progressed he found himself unable to do much of anything. After cracking the enemy base, things quickly turned around and PerkZ struggled to find any kills. As G2 lost teamfight after teamfight, PerkZ did little more than poke away at the tank members of the enemy team. Without the ability to one-shot any key targets, he allowed Misfits to quickly run away with the game. Thanks to the enemy windwall and huge defensive line, his pick was near useless with his projectiles constantly missing their mark. As a result, G2 could not keep things going, allowing for Misfits to take the game convincingly in 38 minutes.
Strong performance on Zoe results in win
July 9, 2018
Perkz earned an 8/5/14 KDA on Zoe during G2's victory over 100 Thieves on Thursday.
Perkz had a strong performance during his team's drawn-out victory over 100 Thieves. He started off with several impressive roams, quickly building up a lead for himself and the rest of his team. After slowing things down a bit during the early game, Perkz jumped right back into the action during the mid game, picking off key targets left and right. In teamfights he was able to maintain huge damage output and crow control, allowing the rest of his team to convincingly take down the enemy. Although he had some positioning mistakes during the mid game that allowed the enemy team to find several kills onto him, Perkz bounced back with ease, taking down 100 Thieves in several teamfights. With a couple flashy plays under his belt, Perkz dominating performance allowed G2 to take full control of the game and close things out in 45 minutes.
Strong Yasuo showing nets victory
July 8, 2018
Perkz earned a 7/3/2 KDA on Yasuo during G2's victory against TL.
Perkz was ganked extremely early in his team's game against TL, causing him to give up the first death of the game. Thankfully, he recovered easily and dominated all in his path for the remainder of the match. After building up a sizeable farm lead in lane, he quickly began joining the rest of his team to find kills left and right. Though he was focused time and again, his mechanical skill and strong decision making allowed him to make the most out of poor situations, finding kills that began scaling him up. Once ahead, he had no problem decimating the entire enemy team. As teamfights unfolded, his play was critical to his team's success, allowing G2 to take back-to-back teamfights and ultimately claim a 26-minute victory.
Pressures down Unicorns
June 30, 2018
1/1/4 was Perkz's KDA as G2 finished off Unicorns of Love on Saturday.
Perkz's Lucian may have tied for the lowest kill participation on the team on Saturday, but he was still crucial in G2's win. His champion pick allowed him to create an early CS advantage which grew as the game went on, as well as assist heavily in getting G2 its early tower advantage. He also dodged multiple ganks in the early game, which doesn't show up in his stats, and only died after diving the enemy fountain at the end of the game.
Ends the game superbly
March 4, 2018
3/1/4 was Perkz' KDA at the end of G2's Saturday win over Giants.
Perkz' Viktor found itself in a predicament during the mid game, as Giants' dive-heavy composition put him in constant danger. Considering this, it's remarkable that Perkz ended with only a single death, even without building a Zhonya's or health item. That said, Giants still took fights throughout the mid game. Once Perkz hit his item cap, however, he turned the game on its head. His enormous damage was crucial in the last two fights of the game, during the latter of which he one-shot the enemy AD carry to secure the game for G2.
Carries G2 once again
February 23, 2018
Perkz earned a 5/0/3 KDA as Corki during G2's Friday win over ROCCAT.
Perkz finished the game involved in 80 percent of the team's kills. He was unkillable while leading G2 with five kills in the game. He had an assist on first blood, helping G2 get out to a quick start. Perkz's 80 percent kill participation tied Jankos for the team high.
Leads G2's charge against Vitality
February 16, 2018
Perkz finished Day 9 of the EU LCS with a 5/0/6 KDA as Galio.
Perkz ended the game involved in all 11 of G2's kills. He led the team with five kills, while his six assists were the third-highest on the team. Perkz was under almost no threat the entire game, helping G2 snowball early with excellent use of Heroic Entrance to protect teammates and set up kills. As always, Perkz was a huge reason for G2's success during this statement win over Vitality.
Leads G2 in kills
January 26, 2018
Perkz ended Day 3 of the EU LCS with a 3/4/3 KDA as Azir.
Perkz ended the loss involved in six of seven kills, but it wasn't enough to stop Giants from picking up a surprise win. He led G2 with three kills, while his three assists were tied for the team low. Perkz never got a chance to carry as Giants dominated teamfights throughout the game.
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