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Team high six kills
April 15, 2017
Loong ended Friday's sweep to EDG with a 6/4/4 KDA in two games as Shen.
It's never good when your top lane tank ends up with the highest kill total. Loong finished Game 1 with a 2/2/2 KDA. He had an assist during a three-man dive onto Mouse, a kill picking off Fireloli in the mid game and a kill and an assist using Stand United to join a 3-vs-3 fight in the bottom lane. Loong earned a 4/2/2 KDA in Game 2. He had two kills during a 4-vs-2 fight in the top lane and a kill in the first teamfight. He helped take out Meiko in the mid game, with his final kill and assist in the second teamfight of the game.
Struggles to tank or split-push VG to victory
April 6, 2017
Loong ended VG's sweep to QG with a 4/7/6 combined KDA.
Loong ended Game 1 with a 2/3/4 KDA as Shen. He was involved in teamfights throughout the game, but struggled to do much to help VG come out on the winning end. He picked up a kill and assist in the first teamfight, a kill and two assists in the second teamfight and an assist in the third teamfight. Using Kennen in Game 2, Loong ended with a 2/4/2 KDA. He picked up an assist and a kill picking off Kabe once in the early game and once in the late game, and grabbed a kill and an assist in the second teamfight. It wasn't enough to stop QG from taking a fairly quick 2-0 win.
Gets blasted by RNG in series loss
March 30, 2017
Loong played poorly in Vici Gaming's 1-2 loss to RNG on Sunday, finishing with a 4/13/12.
Loong's Renekton got stomped in Game 1 against LetMe's Camille, unable to make an impact throughout the game. After falling behind on such a volatile champion, Loong was a non-factor, finishing the Game 1 loss with a KDA of 1/5/3. Somewhat bouncing back in Game 2, showing more signs of life on Kled. While Loong died plenty of times early on, his ability to engage onto RNG's team comp in the face of RNG's high damage gave Vici Gaming what it needed to take a teamfight that inevitably lead to a sweeping win. Loong picked up a 2/4/6 KDA as Vici Gaming shocked RNG to force a Game 3. Loong played Shen in a decisive Game 3, but continued his struggles from Games 1 and 2. With RNG picking on Loong throughout the game, and Loong showing poor uses of his abilities, Loong could only muster a 1/4/3 KDA as RNG dominated in Game 3 to take the series.
Decent play in close series
February 10, 2017
Loong ended VG's 1-2 loss to QG with a 3/10/12 combined KDA.
In Game 1, Loong used Jayce to end with a 2/3/7KDA. He picked up two assists in the first teamfight of the game and a kill and two assists in the second teamfight. Vici controlled all of Game 1 and Loong's kill and three assists in the final teamfight allowed his team to close out the series. Using Shen in Game 2, Loong ended with a 1/2/5 KDA. He picked up an assist during a 2-vs-2 fight top lane and an assist on Vici's second kill of the game. He grabbed an assist in the first teamfight, a kill and assist in the second teamfight, and an assist in the final teamfight, but it wasn't enough to stop QG from evening up the series. In Game 3, Loong finished with a 0/5/0 KDA as Singed. He was a victim in Game 3, falling heavily to Kabe's snowballed Camille, being solo killed over and over in a one-sided loss.
Stomps the competition in playoff win over Game Talents
August 10, 2016
Loong finished the series 15/6/29, securing the win from the lower seed.
Game Talents received a free win in Game 1 for their regular-season record, but Vici never let them come close to another one. In Game 2, Loong took Poppy into the top lane, facing off against GimGoon's Ekko. Loong got off to a good start right off the bat, neutralizing a gank from WuShuang's Rek'Sai by using his Steadfast Presence to knock WuShuang out of a tunnel and kill him under the turret. Everything just snowballed from there, as Loong, Easyhoon, and DanDy all had phenomenal games in an easy victory. In Game 3, Loong went back to the Poppy again, while GimGoon tried Ekko one more time. In this game, Game Talents got off to a hot start, but Loong was able to create space for XuanXuanPi's Twitch to perform, allowing the hypercarry to pull Vici back into the lead. In Game 4, Loong finally switched his pick up and took Rumble, facing off against GimGoon's Gnar. Vici pressured GimGoon early, giving Loong a huge lead that then snowballed to the rest of the team. Vici finished Game 3 with 34 kills in a 27-minute game, and that was after messing around for the last ten minutes or so.
Comes up big in close win against OMG
August 5, 2016
Loong took on tanking duties for OMG, finishing the series 11/10/28.
Loong looked solid for most of the series against OMG, but he came through in a big way in the deciding match of the series. In Game 1, Loong picked Trundle against Xiyang's Poppy and settled into a quiet tank-against-tank matchup where no one could seem to die. But when teamfights came around, Loong struggled to reach S1mlz's Twitch, who turned on carry mode and ripped through Vici's lineup. In Game 2, Loong switched to Shen against Xiyang's Maokai, and promptly fell behind in lane due to early jungle pressure from juejue's Elise. However, Loong was able to recover, and OMG botched a Baron attempt around 20 minutes, Loong and Vici were able to swoop in, snag the buff, and close out Game 2. This led to a lengthy Game 3, with Loong on Shen and Xiyang again on Maokai. the key moment of this game came after OMG found four kills on Vici and tried to push for the win, with only Loong's Shen available to defend. Loong initially backed off, but held on long enough for Easyhoon's Lissandra to respawn and repel OMG's push with a penta kill. Thanks to Loong's delay tactics, Vici was then able to steal away a Baron from OMG and eventually close out the game, snatching the series from near defeat.
Decimates I May in clean sweep
July 31, 2016
Loong finished the series 11/2/17, looking firmly in control in during the sweep.
In Game 1, Loong took Gnar up against AmazingJ's Gangplank and played a dominant game, grabbing an early lead and pushing it for the easy win. Loong picked up a triple kill off of a teleport into a fight near dragon, giving him the strength he needed to bully AmazingJ's Gangplank while he tried to farm up for late game. Loong did a great job ensuring that the game never got that far, diving into fights and using his powerful CC to ruin I May. In Game 2, Loong switched to Poppy to oppose AmazingJ's Ekko and again got off to a blistering start. Thanks to an early gank, Loong took the initial advantage and then played extremely aggressively, never giving AmazingJ a chance to come back. Near the end of the game, that aggression came back to bite Loong a bit as he found himself caught out, but he was simply able to soak so much damage that as long as I May were focusing on Loong, they were losing the teamfight.
Unable to support Vici from the top lane
July 29, 2016
Loong finished Vici's sweep to LGD Friday with a 6/10/11 KDA.
Loong was unable to set up enough kills on Lissandra to help VG win Game 1. He got off to a rough start, going for a 2-vs-1 turret dive in the bottom lane with DanDy, but being outplayed by Marin and taunted under turret to give away first blood. He bounced back to pick up an assist on Vici's first kill and picked up his first kill fighting off a turret dive and locking down Intruder under the turret. He was able to use Ring of Frost and Glacial Tomb to lock down members of LGD, but with Vici behind his team was unable to truly capitalize on his crowd-control abilities. In Game 2, Loong played well despite losing on Trundle. He helped fast-push the top and bottom tier one turrets early and picked up his first assist on Marin in the top lane. Loong helped Vici win the early game, creating picks with his Pillar and Subjugate to end Game 2 with three kills and seven assists. It wasn't enough as LGD were able to scale and dominate late game teamfights.
Takes the hits in the win over Invictus Gaming on Friday
July 15, 2016
Loong finished the series 5/4/18 on a pair of heavy-duty tanks.
Loong decided that the key to victory over Invictus Gaming was to just never die, so he picked a pair of extremely durable top laners and helped guide Vici Gaming to victory. In Game 1, Loong took Trundle top lane against a surprising Gangplank pick from Zz1tai. The metagame would suggest that Loong had the better end of this matchup, and at least for this game, the meta was correct, as Loong went 2/0/12 in a game that was never particularly close. In Game 2, Loong switched his pick to Maokai to face off against Zz1tai's Shen in the battle of the big guys who deal very little damage. Loong took the brunt of some early aggression, but Maokai has a tendency to get pretty tanky no matter what, and that was enough for Loong to protect the rest of his team and help them find their second victory.
Loong: Proves hard to kill in Vici Gaming's 2-1 win Over Saint
June 25, 2016
Loong winds up with 8/5/15 KDA and a number of thwarted ganks in series win against Saint.
Loong looked unkillable for most of this series, no matter which champion he was playing on. In Game 1, Loong used Trundle to the utmost, diving into turrets aggressively to pick up kills and trusting that Caveman's Bard would find a Magical Journey he could take to safety. In Game 2, Loong's Trundle gave up the first two kills after some some unwise aggression was punished by March's Rek'Sai. Loong was able to recover a bit, but by then Saint had snowballed their advantage to several kills and a pair of Barons, leading to their victory. Game 3 actually ended up being Loong's least impressive statistical game, as he took Gnar to a 0/1/4 KDA. However, it was Loong's ability to avoid ganks and out-CS Acorn's Trundle that frustrated the opposing jungler on Hecarim and let Vici build an insurmountable lead.
Loong: Strong showing earns series sweep over OMG
June 13, 2016
Loong earned a 3/3/15 KDA in Vici's victory over OMG.
Throughout the entire series, Loong was a rock that VG could rely on. He started off the series in an advantageous position as xiyang gave up first blood to his bottom lane. Ending up ahead in the swap, he was able to make his way to the mid game without difficulty. This is where he began to shine, locking down the enemy and picking up several kills for his team. Allowing his team to find the advantage, he quickly became unkillable and tanky, pushing to end the game to start off the series. His performance in Game 2 was not quite as good as Game 1. Starting off at a disadvantage, he gave up several kills, moving into the midgame with a 0/2/1 scoreline. Thankfully, he was able to bring it back by positively impacting teamfights to help reduce VG's deficit. Locking down the enemy, he allowed his team free reign to climb back into the game and shut down OMG's chances of coming back in the series. Claiming victory in just 40 minutes, he secured the series sweep against OMG.
Loong: Poor positioning hands series to WE
June 12, 2016
Loong earned a 9/11/7 KDA in Vici's defeat to WE.
While Loong did find the most kills out of Vici, it's a poor indicator of his overall performance . He tended to get ignored by WE in favor of his carries in the major fights early, which let him pick up kills on the immobile members of WE, most notably Zero's Karma and Mystic's Sivir. Unfortunately, he also proved to be the reason that Vici would end up losing this game that balanced on a knife's edge, as his attempt to aggressively flank late in the game led to him being collapsed on an killed before his team could react, giving WE a big teamfight win and a Baron that DanDy would not manage to once again steal. From then on WE simply deleted Loong before every fight, and with the threat to Mystic neutralized, easily won the game. The second game was one that Loong never even had a chance in, as his ill-fated attempt to Teleport gank bottom lane resulted in a huge win for WE and Xiye in particular, who wasn't shy about using Destiny to extend his lead to the entire map. A couple ganks from Xiye and Condi together effectively removed Loong from the game, and WE took the 2-0 after an incredibly one-sided Game 2.
Loong: Strong showing in victory over IMAY
June 4, 2016
Loong earned a 6/2/15 KDA in VG's victory over IMAY.
After a rough couple weeks, Loong finally had a performance worthy of his reputation. He faced down the quickly ascending AmazingJ and didn't blink while fighting him to a standstill in every game. He far outperformed AmazingJ when it came to teleport plays, especially in the first game, which he and Easyhoon won almost alone on the back of superior teleport flanks. While the second game he fell victim to his team's overconfidence, he more than redeemed himself with his outstanding Maokai play in Game 3, where he was all but impossible to kill. After a Summer Split rife with issues for VG, their recent resurgence comes as a relief to their fans, and none of that would be possible without the efforts of Loong.
Loong: Impacts teamfights in a major way to lead VG to victory
June 2, 2016
Loong finished VG's 2-0 series win over LGD with a 7/4/16 KDA.
Loong tripped coming out the gate in this series, but managed to recover. He got himself taken out early on in a first blood in the top lane when LGD lane swapped, and as a result, lost his inner turret very early on. That was okay, though, since his Trundle build ended up being so tanky towards the late game that it really caught LGD flatfooted. He was able to stand in front of his team and take on so much damage to help them survive lengthy teamfights. The strength of those teamfights were what allowed VG to take the first game. From the start of Game 2, Loong seemed to be taking a bit of an odd approach to his lane. He did not farm much at all to start off, and was down by about 30 to 10 CS after a couple minutes. It seemed as if he was very content to concede the CS battle and his lane in lieu of making a huge impact in teamfights, and make a big impact he did. In many of the late game teamfights, he was VG's top damage dealer while on their way to this series sweep. Loong made it known that you don't always have to win your lane in order to boost your team to victory.
Loong: Unorthodox pick leaves team in a hole they can't dig themselves out of
May 29, 2016
Loong earned a 2/7/7 KDA after a disastrous defeat to RNG, one that Loong did little to stop.
The sudden rise of Swain from useless champion that would never see competitive play to a terrifying tank/mage hybrid has left the world scrambling for counters to the Master Tactician. This series did a wonderful job of illustrating what one of those counters is not: Loong tried to counter Looper's Swain with tank Khazix top. After a death to a gank early on in the game, Loong was left able to do little more than hug his turret and let Looper have his way, or risk being the Birdman's next meal. The second game didn't improve matters, as Loong decisively lost the pressure game despite having the strong counter matchup, leading Looper to eventually tear the map apart and reverse the near victory that VG enjoyed. If VG wish to finally live up to the potential in their roster, Loong will need to step up in the future: the team can't keep being "Easyhoon and friends" in an environment in which Easyhoon is less and less dominant as time goes on.
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