Lee Ji-hoon 
South Korea
Free Agent
Free Agent
Leaves Vici after three years
November 2, 2018
Easyhoon will not return to Vici Gaming in 2019 after his contract with the team expired.
Easyhoon made a name for himself as Faker's backup on SKT, but never translated the hype into much success after moving to China with Vici. The mid-laner struggled in China and Vici will move in a new direction in the mid lane as a result.
Benched after Game 1
April 6, 2018
Easyhoon ended VG's Game 1 loss to BLG with a 0/2/1 KDA as Ryze.
Easyhoon finished the game involved in Vici's lone kill, tying for the team-high assist total. He struggled to really impact the game in a positive way, but his two deaths were tied for the lowest on the team. Easyhoon was replaced for Game 2 by FireRain.
Supportive mid lane role doesn't work out
April 15, 2017
Easyhoon finished Friday's sweep to EDG with a 1/3/7 KDA in two games as Karma.
Easyhoon earned a 1/1/3 KDA in Game 1. He picked up an assist on first blood and his lone kill during a three man dive onto Mouse. He helped pick off Fireloli and Meiko in the mid game for his final two assists. In Game 2, Easyhoon finished with a 0/2/4 KDA. He had an assist in the first teamfight, an assist picking off Meiko in the mid game and two assists in the second teamfight. He tried to protect XuanXuanPi's Kog'maw throughout the game, but left the team unable to deal damage once their AD Carry was dropped.
Unable to carry once again
April 6, 2017
Easyhoon finished VG's sweep to QG with a 3/5/6 combined KDA.
Easyhoon ended Game 1 with a 2/1/4 KDA as Taliyah. He picked up a kill taking out Kabe in the early game and grabbed two assists in the first teamfight. His kill and two assists in the second teamfight weren't enough to lead VG to victory. In Game 2, Easyhoon used Viktor to end with a 1/4/2 KDA. He grabbed an assist on first blood and a kill taking out Clid in the mid game. His lone other contribution to the game was an assist picking off Kabe in the late game, as he struggled to really do anything in teamfights.
Inconsistent in series loss to RNG
March 30, 2017
Easyhoon finished with a KDA of 8/11/7 in Vici Gaming's 1-2 series loss vs RNG on Sunday.
Easyhoon's Viktor failed to do much in Game 1, but not for lack of trying. The insane early game pressure from mlxg's Elise gave Xiaohu complete control of the mid lane while the rest of RNG popped off across the map. With no advantage for VG to use to climb back into the game, Easyhoon finished the Game 1 loss with a 1/5/2 KDA. Easyhoon took Vladimir in Game 2, where he had a much better time in the early-mid game. Picking up several kills while pumping out massive area-of-effect damage, Easyhoon led Vici Gaming to a surprising Game 2 win with a KDA of 5/1/5 in what would be his best performance of the night. Returning to Vladimir for Game 3, Easyhoon got camped throughout the early game, getting shut down from the get-go. Easyhoon's KDA of 2/5/0 reflected VG's performance in the Game 3 loss, as RNG thoroughly outclassed them to secure the series win.
Carries Game 1 before falling off
February 10, 2017
Easyhoon ended VG's Friday loss to QG Reapers with a 9/9/6 combined KDA.
Easyhoon ended Game 1 with a 6/1/4 KDA as Cassiopeia. He picked up two assists in the first teamfight of the game and three kills and an assist in the second teamfight. A kill after securing the Baron and a double kill and assist in the final teamfight allowed VG to take Game 1. In Game 2, Easyhoon used Cassiopeia again but finished with a 2/5/2 KDA. He picked up a kill in the first teamfight of the game and an assist in the second teamfight. His second kill came picking off Cloud in the mid game and his final assist came in the final teamfight of the game. In Game 3, Easyhoon used Ryze, ending the series with a 1/3/0 KDA. He picked up his lone kill taking out Cloud in the mid game as QG got out to a huge lead early and never let go.
Leads team in kills, but can't carry
January 20, 2017
Easyhoon ended Friday's 0-2 loss to EDG with a 6/8/4 combined KDA.
Easyhoon used Corki in Game 1 and finished with a 3/4/3 KDA. He was killed to give away first blood, but did pick up an assist on Vici's first kill. He was focused heavily by EDG throughout the game, but managed a kill and an assist in the first teamfight of the game. His final two kills came in the third teamfight, as he struggled to roam and help carry his team once they fell behind. In Game 2, Easyhoon used Orianna and finished with a 3/4/1 KDA. He picked up Vici's first kill of the game taking out Fireloli and VG's second kill picking off Meiko in the mid game. He grabbed his lone assist in the third teamfight of the game and his final kill in the fifth teamfight as Vici fell 0-2.
Dominant performance in playoff win over Game Talents
August 10, 2016
Easyhoon finished the series 23/6/23, absolutely decimating the opposition in the playoff victory.
Although Vici Gaming gave up Game 1 to Game Talents based on their regular-season performance, Vici had no problem dispatching their opponents in the games that were actually played. In Game 2, Easyhoon took Vladimir against Republic's Karma and got off to a great start with the help of DanDy's Gragas. Easyhoon snowballed hard this game, chasing down members of Game Talents and deleting them off the map. This was especially true of PentaQ's Sivir, who seemed to be unable to withstand even one combo from Easyhoon by the end of the game. In Game 3, Easyhoon and Republic switched places, with Easyhoon taking the Karma and Republic taking Vladimir. For a bit it looked like they might switch results as well, with Republic taking a big early-game lead, but this game was not to be decided on mid-lane matchup alone. XuanXuanPi had an unstoppable performance on Twitch, and while Easyhoon pretty much just assisted the sewer rat in his rampage, it was enough for Vici to take the victory. In Game 4, Easyhoon switched to Lissandra to oppose Republic Viktor and completely dominated the game by roaming early. Easyhoon was able to put both GimGoon and Republic well behind in their lanes, allowing Vici to roll to an easy victory and close out the series.
Swings series with penta kill against OMG
August 5, 2016
Easyhoon saved the final game of the series for Vici, finishing with a 20/7/23 KDA.
Although it would be easy to boil Easyhoon's series down to one heroic play in Game 3, he had been dominating OMG well before then. In Game 1, Easyhoon had his most disappointing performance of the series, taking Xerath up against Icon's Malzahar. Although Easyhoon looked decent on the long-range mage, he did very little to contain Icon, who finished 4/1/5. In Game 2, Vici banned the Malzahar, putting Easyhoon on Lissandra and Icon on Syndra. While this pick may have been chosen primarily to take advantage of S1mlz's penchant for immobile hypercarries, Easyhoon was also able to control Icon, vastly outperforming him. This game swung on a botched Baron attempt from OMG, where Vici was able to come in after the epic monster had already taken out most of OMG to clean up the buff and take the game. In Game 3, Easyhoon went back to the Lissandra and Icon went back to the Syndra, leading to an even more disparate result from Game 2. Again, Easyhoon kept Icon from getting anything done all game, taking advantage of the low mobility on OMG's carries. The highlight of this game was certainly Easyhoon respawning and grabbing a penta kill while negating OMG's potentially game-winning push, but with a 13/3/15 KDA, Easyhoon had already been dominating well before his spectacular moment.
Makes it look simple in win over I May
July 31, 2016
Easyhoon had a 5/3/19 KDA for the series, tearing up I May with a pair of pushing mages.
In Game 1, Easyhoon took Viktor and had to face-off against BaeMe's Twisted Fate. Easyhoon didn't do much to contain BaeMe in this game, mostly just gathering a farm lead for himself while BaeMe got off to a hot start by pressuring other lanes. But as the game progressed, Easyhoon was able to unleash his full damage through the teamfight-focused composition Vici had put together, and his Viktor ended up being much more intimidating as Vici closed out the game. In Game 2, Easyhoon took Malzahar and faced down Athena on Viktor. Easyhoon got off to an early lead with the help of DanDy and spent the rest of the game neutralizing targets for Loong's Poppy and XuanXuanPi's Lucian to take down. Easyhoon finished the second game of the series with a 2/2/14 KDA, helping Vici slide to an easy sweep.
Lacks carry influence in sweep to LGD
July 29, 2016
Easyhoon ended Friday's loss to LGD with a 6/8/15 combined KDA.
Easyhoon was unable to provide enough burst damage on Viktor in Game 1 to help Vici to a win. He was able to farm well early and picked up an assist on Vici's first kill, after being solo killed by We1less. He picked up a kill in the second teamfight of the game, but struggled to deal consistent damage for Vici as LGD dominated mid- and late-game teamfights. Easyhoon finished Game 1 with a 2/4/6 KDA. In Game 2, Easyhoon used Lissandra to help Vici get off to a good start. He was able to pick up two assists early on in the mid lane and picked of We1less multiple times with his Ring of Frost and Glacial Tomb. He picked up a kill after LGD secured Baron, but once LGD caught up to Vici in items, the game turned. Easyhoon was unable to create picks in the late game as LGD dominated late teamfights on their way to a comeback win.
Plays Karma to a pair of victories against Invictus Gaming
July 15, 2016
Easyhoon finished the series 2/5/18 on the support-focused mid laner.
Easyhoon didn't have the killer stat line or highlight reel plays in the series against Invictus Gaming, but he did do enough to get his team the win. In Game 1, Easyhoon took Karma into the mid lane against Rookie's Malzahar and played a pretty even lane, keeping the Malz from pushing down his turret while the rest of Invictus Gaming found their advantages elsewhere. In Game 2, Easyhoon again took Karma, this time against Rookie's Vladimir. While Easyhoon failed to individually stifle Rookie's Vladimir, his speed boost was extremely helpful in getting DanDy's Hecarim to carry status, and that performance by Vici's jungler was a huge part of how they won the second game.
Easyhoon: Takes Azir all the way to a 2-1 victory in Vici Gaming's series against Saint on Thursday
June 25, 2016
Easyhoon got Azir three times and punished Saint Gaming with a 15/5/15 KDA.
Saint decided to go right at Easyhoon's Azir, giving the Vici Gaming midlaner his preferred champion every game to varying success. In Game 1, Easyhoon was able to come back after giving up first blood to become a dominant force in the game, putting up a 9/2/9 KDA and exerting his influence over every teamfight. In Game 2, with Dandy forced off Rek'Sai, Easyhoon had a much more difficult time getting the engages he wanted. The different jungler, as well as a strong 7/1/3 showing from Snoopy's Viktor, gave Easyhoon his worst game of the match. But in Game 3, Easyhoon didn't let his past performance drag him down and chose to take Azir into Viktor again, but this time with DanDy's Rek'Sai at his side. Easyhoon set the tone for Game 3 early by diving Snoopy under the turret for a kill, starting off a snowball that wouldn't end until Easyhoon was 6/0/4 and Vici Gaming had sealed the match.
Easyhoon: Quiet in series sweep over OMG
June 13, 2016
Easyhoon earned a modest 3/8/14 KDA in VG's sweep over OMG.
Although his team reigned victorious over OMG, Easyhoon was not the main reason for the victory. Starting off the series, he gave up an early kill in lane after getting greedy for a wave with only a third of his health. Being forced to use his teleport early, he was unable to make any plays, which hindered his performance. After falling behind ever so slightly, he simply farmed for 20 minutes and then joined his team to impact teamfights. He was able to do so and recover well, bringing his team the victory in Game 1 of the series. Game 2 went eerily similarly for Easyhoon who once again gave up an early kill in lane. He struggled afterwards, dying rather quickly and falling behind to his lane opponent. Despite this, his team was able to find their own advantages and make up for the disadvantage. In doing so, they allowed Easyhoon to find a way back into the game, although he had minimal impact and was simply along for the ride in the victory. Helping in teamfights, he bounced back to pick up several assists, but was unable to find a kill in the final game of the series. With the victory, VG completed the 2-0 series sweep over OMG.
Easyhoon: Unable to live up to hopes of team in loss to WE
June 12, 2016
Easyhoon earned a 5/7/9 KDA during Vici's defeat to WE.
Easyhoon was the focus of his team's efforts all series, far from a surprise from a Vici roster that has typically relied on his carry performances in order to take victories. That investment didn't pay off, though, as Xiye thrashed Easyhoon all of Game 1, mostly due to his lack of early magic resistance, and everyone else on Vici in Game 2. Even with a late Banshee's Veil to negate Xiye's burst, Easyhoon still found himself having less impact than Xiye's LeBlanc, who responded by simply targeting and eliminating Loong instead. While many of the mid game victories that Vici enjoyed were off the back of Easyhoon's Viktor, the combination of Banshee's Veil and the Hex Core simply proved to be too much of a hit on Easyhoon's damage output in a game that ended late enough that each support even had a full item build. The second game proved an even more heartbreaking one for Easyhoon, as his team overcommitted to a fight he couldn't join early in the game, which gave his lane opponent a double kill and ensured that Easyhoon's only route to victory was to farm like mad. Had his team stemmed the bleeding and not given over more kills to Xiye, his farming plan may well have worked. It was not to be, though, as Xiye ended the game with 12 kills, which kept him fed all game long. Thus, Easyhoon's farming didn't mean much since Xiye simply gold carded him once and killed him instantly, burying any hope of a Vici comeback.
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