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Leads team in assists
April 6, 2017
Endless finished Thursday's sweep to QG with a 2/4/10 KDA in two games as Ashe.
Endless finished Game 1 with a 1/2/6 KDA. He picked up an assist taking out Doinb in the mid game and grabbed two assists in the first teamfight of the game. His lone kill and two assists came in the second teamfight and an assist in the third teamfight followed as QG took Game 1. In Game 2, Endless earned a 1/2/4 KDA. He grabbed a kill and an assist picking off Deceit twice in the mid game and an assist taking out Clid in the mid game. He picked up an assist in the second teamfight and a final assist picking off Kabe in the late game. Endless was basically relegated to landing Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow, which lead to a team-high 10 assists.
Assuredly end-able in crushing loss to RNG
March 30, 2017
Endless struggled in Vici Gaming's 1-2 series loss to RNG, posting a KDA of 8/10/7 on Sunday.
Endless did what he could as Ashe in Game 1, but was shut down early by RNG's aggressive bot-lane duo. With RNG popping off and the engage potential of mlxg and Ming too high, Endless posted a KDA of 4/5/2 as RNG took Game 1 in a methodical, 37-minute domination. Endless picked up Ashe again in Game 2, and again struggled in the early game. With Easyhoon playing out of his mind on Vladimir, however, Endless had more room to breathe in mid-game teamfights, overcoming an early deficit. While Endless' KDA of 2/3/3 isn't impressive, it was nonetheless effective as Vici Gaming took Game 2 in shocking fashion. Endless picked Caitlyn in Game 3, where he still struggled to be relevant throughout the game. Endless couldn't withstand the pressure from mlxg or Uzi, as his series ended just how it began. Finishing with a 2/2/2 KDA, Endless did essentially nothing as RNG took the series 2-1.
Substituted in for Game 3
February 10, 2017
Endless played VG's Game 3 loss to QG and ended with a 0/2/1 KDA as Ashe.
Coming in for XuanXuanPi for the final game of the series, Endless struggled to really do much of anything. He managed a lone assist on Vici Gaming's third kill and ended the game with no kills. Not the impact that VG hoped he would have in the deciding game.
Plays well enough in big playoff win over Game Talents
August 10, 2016
Endless didn't really have a chance to show off against Game Talents, finishing 10/5/17 in the playoff win.
Game Talents picked up Game 1 thanks to their regular-season record, but Vici fought back to win the games that were actually played. In Game 2, Endless picked Kog'Maw alongside Caveman's Alistar and played a more supportive role, raining down attacks as Loong and Easyhoon secured the kills. Endless played well this game, positioning himself to stay active even as GimGoon's Ekko made a number of attempts to reach him, but the game was over before Endless really needed to take over. In Game 3, Endless sat out for XuanXuanPi, who had an amazing Twitch game to help Vici come back from an early deficit. This led to Game 3, where Endless came back out and took Ashe alongside Caveman's Braum, going for an early-game combination to try and pressure a tilting Game Talents squad out of the match. The strategy worked, as Endless secured an early kill in lane and was able to keep PentaQ's Jhin from ever developing, both by outfarming him and by locking him down with well-placed arrows. Vici racked up 34 kills in under 27 minutes this game, giving them the victory and a ticket to the next round of the playoffs.
Plays a solid Kog'Maw in victory over I May
July 31, 2016
Endless looked good in the one game he had against I May, finishing 4/2/9.
Endless only played one game in the series against I May, but he made it count. For one thing, Endless took Kog'Maw, ensuring that he would be the focus of late game teamfights. Endless played excellently throughout the game, positioning smartly to keep himself safe while still taking advantage of the copious CC from Caveman's Alistar, DanDy's Rek'Sai and Loong's Gnar. With his front line putting I May in a veritable bouncy house of pain, Endless was free to sit back and snipe away, earning some great stats along the way. In Game 2, XuanXuanPi came off the bench and put out another great statistical performance, but the way Vici Gaming was playing in this series, either ADC could have easily had a great day in both games.
Average game on Jhin not enough to finish series
July 29, 2016
Endless finished Game 1 of Vici's series loss to LGD with a 4/3/3 KDA on Jhin before being benched for Game 2.
Endless used Jhin to try and help VG in Game 1 against LGD. He was able to farm well early and picked up his first assist in the mid game, using Curtain Call to set up the kill. He was able to use Jhin's long-range Deadly Flourish and ultimate to set up a second kill during the first teamfight of the game. His major impact came in a late-game teamfight after LGD secured Baron, picking up three kills and an assist to wipe the Baron buff away from four LGD members. It wasn't enough to help Vici win the game, or to save him from being substituted, as VG preferred XuanXuanPi for Game 2.
Endless: Plays in both wins as Vici Gaming top Saint 2-1 on Thursday
June 25, 2016
Endless goes 8/3/14 in Vici Gaming's Game 1 and 3 wins over Saint.
Endless looked excellent in two games against Saint Gaming, helping out in both of Vici Gaming's victories. In Game 1, Endless took Sivir to a 3/3/11 KDA, spending most of the game on his own, as Caveman's Bard roamed the map setting up kills. Endless sat out as Vici Gaming lost Game 2, then came back in Game 3 as Ezreal. The game started off on exactly the right foot for Endless and Vici, as he and Caveman took out both the opposing jungler and top laner as they tried to clear out the blue buff. Endless was then left on his own island for much of the game, but with the shiftier ADC, he was able to stay alive and put up a 5/0/3 KDA. With Caveman's style of aggressive, roaming supports, it seems like Endless may lean on Ezreal again, as he will be spending a lot of time alone even when Vici brings him into the game.
Endless: Flawless in Game 1 against OMG
June 13, 2016
Endless earned a perfect 8/0/6 KDA in Game 1 against OMG.
Starting off the series strong, Endless stormed onto the rift with Ezreal to earn a perfect KDA. He started off extremely well, picking up first blood on xiyang before the minions had met in lane. With the advantage, he was able to deal massive damage in a skirmish to pick up several more kills for his team to propel their advantage forward. Using his large gold lead, he dominated teamfights to pick up even more kills and become monstrously fed. He was able to use this to take down OMG with ease in Game 1. Despite the extremely impressive performance and leading his team to victory, Endless was subbed out for the remainder of the series.
Endless: Shut down completely by Xiye in Game 1 loss
June 12, 2016
Endless earned a 1/4/9 KDA during Vici's Game 1 loss to WE.
There's few things in League of Legends more terrifying than a fed assassin. When you're playing a short ranged ADC, it only becomes more terrifying, as it's difficult to perform your role's required duties without being instantly killed. Add a fed Maokai to the equation, and you end up with what happened to Endless in Game 1, who ended up in the extremely unfortunately position of having to face down not a fed LeBlanc from Xiye, but also 957's unkillable Maokai. Pretty much every major engagement began with Endless getting either killed instantly, or taking so much damage that he couldn't effectively join the fight. While DanDy tried valiantly to replace the beleaguered Endless in fights when he fell, it's no surprise that the team with the dedicated ADC backed with a nearly unkillable crowd control machine ended up taking the game, though through little fault of Endless himself.
Endless: Excellent performance in victory in Game 1 against IMAY
June 5, 2016
Endless earned a 4/0/5 KDA in Vici's Game 1 victory against IMAY.
Endless showed once against today why Vici opt to have him start as the ADC for the team, as he proved impossible to kill for IMAY in Game 1 of their series against Vici. After Vici turned around an overextension by IMAY, Endless found himself sitting on a considerable lead that he wasted no time in exploiting. Whether it was AmazingJ's Maokai or Jinjiao's Sivir, no one on IMAY proved capable of standing before him after he earned those early kills. After earning the lead in the series, Vici opted to sub Endless out for XuanXuanPi, though he would ultimately prove less effective.
Endless: Lackluster performance in Game 1 leads to benching in Game 2
June 2, 2016
Endless ended Game 1 of VG's 2-0 series win over LGD with a 1/3/8 KDA.
Endless took an early death in lane from a gank by LGD. This set him back pretty far, as imp took a large lead during the laning phase. From that point on, there wasn't really anything that Endless did that stood out too much. He ended the game down by over 50 CS despite the win. He did managed to pick up eight assists in the game, which showed that he was a pretty good help in teamfights. Overall this was just a quiet game from the ADC. His game was so quiet in fact that he was replaced by XuanXuanPI for the second game. Xuan had the complete opposite game from Endless and went out and made so much noise that he could not be ignored.
Endless: Invisible in Game 1 loss to RNG
May 29, 2016
Endless earned a 0/2/3 KDA in VG's game one loss to RNG before being immediately subbed out for the second game.
There's little to say about a game like this: Endless and Caveman's Ezreal and Karma lane simply had no pressure against Uzi's Caitlyn, and thus could do little but forfeit the lane while their team fell behind on every front. With all of his item spikes then coming later than those of Uzi, it was quite impossible for Endless to impact the game, as Ezreal relies on the bursts of power each of his three initial item purchases grants him in order to really impact a game. Clearly, VG lost faith in their ADC after the first game and elected to sub him out for his upand-coming replacement, XuanXuanPi.
Endless: Abysmal performance heavily contributes to loss against WE
April 16, 2016
Endless ended series loss to WE with a 7/11/7 KDA.
Endless failed to accomplish much of anything against WE on Friday, and his consistent mistakes were a huge contributing factor to his team's loss in the series. Even in VG's lopsided Game One victory, Endless made little impact outside of his Sivir ultimates, only picking up kills and assists once his team began grouping. He switched over to Lucian for Games Two and Three, during which he was regularly caught out of position both in team fights and on the map. As a result, he gave over many unnecessary kills to WE and was unable to ever deal meaningful damage in fights before dying or having to retreat. When he wasn't in the death chamber, it seemed he was somehow neither with his team nor farming, as he failed to enter several skirmishes with his team and fell behind in CS every game of the series. These trends continued into Game Four despite his return to Sivir, and VG lost the series 1-3 to WE, ending their playoff run in fifth/sixth place.
Endless: Shows off versatility in win over LGD
April 13, 2016
Endless ended VG's 3-1 win over LGD in round one of the playoffs with a 6/8/20 KDA.
Endless showed off his versatility in this series by picking three different champions (Kalista, Lucian, Ashe) throughout the course of this series. His best game came in Game Two on Kalista, where he went 4/2/9. He outshined Imp's Lucian by quite a bit, which is no small task, to be sure. He went with Lucian in Game Three and was not able to live up to his Game Two, as Imp returned to form and pushed him all over the map. He went with the rarely picked Ashe in Game Four, and while it wasn't the most dominant game overall, it was a respectable one nonetheless. He did have one flashy play where he used a cross map Enchanted Crystal Arrow to set up DanDy for a nice kill in the bottom lane. All in all, VG simply dominated the team fights in this series, which propelled them to the easy win. They now move on to the quarterfinals to face WE, whom they defeated 2-0 in Week 5 of the season.
Endless: Posts terrible KDA in loss to iG, failing to impact even the game in which his team won
January 28, 2016
Endless earned a 2/7/13 KDA in the series defeat to iG.
It's no secret that VG's bottom lane is their weakest link. They were consistently overmatched by the iG bottom lane, and while you can blame matchups for this to an extent, it doesn't excuse Endless' inability to meaningfully contribute to his team even in the later stages of the game. While his positioning is by no means terrible, he just doesn't seem to be able to find damage on the targets he needs to, and there's little you can do as an ADC if you're the last man standing. Fantasy owners should avoid him unless there are no better option; he's on a team with a losing record and is indisputably a part of why.
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