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LGD Gaming
Unable to gain traction in jungle
June 20, 2018
Eimy put together respectable 4/5/6 KDA during LGD Gaming's 2-0 loss to Royal Never Give Up on Monday.
Eimy did what he could under the circumstances during this series. Playing Trundle in Game 1 and Zin Zhao in Game 2, he couldn't really have the impact that he certainly wished he could have at any moment here. HIs Zin Zhao was much better, but it still didn't bring home the win. Both Karsa and Mlxg had better control of the jungle and by extension, the entire map, which allowed RNG to run away from the game with impressive ease.
Unable to make Skarner work
June 13, 2018
Eimy ended Wednesday's sweep to iG with a 3/5/2 KDA in two games as Skarner.
Eimy finished Game 1 with a 1/3/1 KDA as Skarner. He was involved in both LGD kills, tying for the team-high kill total and second-highest assist total in Game 1. In Game 2, Eimy earned a 2/2/1 KDA. He was involved in three of six kills, tying for the team-high kill total in the second game. Eimy was involved in five of eight kills in the series, leading LGD in kill participation and tying for the tea- high kill total.
Better than his teammates
August 18, 2017
Eimy finished LGD's sweep to RNG with a 5/6/5 combined KDA.
Eimy ended Game 1 with a 2/3/0 KDA as Gragas. He was able to pick up both of LGD's two kills, finishing the game with 100 percent kill participation, but well short of being able to win the game. In Game 2, Eimy used Sejuani to earn a 3/3/5 KDA. He was involved in all but one LGD kill, finishing with the team's second-highest kill total and tying Pyl for the team high in assists.
Decent Game 2 not enough to pick up a win
August 10, 2017
Eimy ended Thursday's sweep to Newbee with a 4/13/17 combined KDA.
Eimy finished Game 1 with a 4/6/3 KDA as Gragas. He picked up LGD's kill in the fourth minute and was involved in all but one LGD kill in the Game 1 defeat. In Game 2, Eimy used Jarvan IV to finish with a 0/7/14 KDA. He had assists on 14 of 19 kills in Game 2, but it wasn't enough to help LGD pick up a win in the series.
Massive Game 1 leads to strong series
June 23, 2017
Eimy finished Friday's 2-1 win over Newbee with a 13/5/29 combined KDA.
Eimy ended Game 1 with an unkillable performance on Jarvan IV, earning a 6/0/11 KDA. He was involved in all but one of LGD's kills and led Game 1 with six kills. In Game 2, Eimy used Gragas to finish with a 4/4/6 KDA. He provided decent amounts of crowd control, being involved in all but two of LGD's kills, but Newbee were able to outscale LGD in Game 2 to force a final game in the series. In Game 3, Eimy picked up Zac to finish with a 3/1/12 KDA. He was involved in all but one kill, getting his laners ahead early and finishing the game tied with Pyl for the game-high assist total.
Assist focused in Thursday win
April 13, 2017
Eimy finished Thursday's sweep of iG with a 3/4/14 KDA in two games as Lee Sin.
Eimy was able to create assists across the map in Game 1, whether it was during a bottom-lane dive, top-lane gank, or in teamfights. Eimy ended Game 1 with a 1/3/9 KDA, his lone kill coming in the fifth teamfight. In Game 2, Eimy ended with a 2/1/5 KDA. He had a kill and an assist picking off Rio and Rookie early and a kill and two assists in the first teamfight. He finished the game with an assist in the second and final teamfights.
Looks great in victory, miserable in defeat
January 21, 2017
Eimy finished LGD's 1-2 loss to I May with a KDA of 5/6/13.
Eimy struggled to really get anything going in his Game 1 on Rek'Sai. He participated in the skirmish that broke out at 12 minutes in the mid lane, grabbing a pair of assists, one on first blood, but died soon afterwards as I May dove him under turret. He participated in a few more minor picks as the game went on, but never made a big impact, and wasn't nearly tanky enough to survive the damage coming off of I May's fed solo laners. LGD would lose Game 1 in under 30 minutes. Game 2 would be much kinder to Eimy, as he picked up a mix of kills and assists on Kha'Zix over the course of multiple bottom lane skirmishes in the early game. This allowed him to snowball into a huge threat to I May's backline, as demonstrated by his double kill on Athena and JinJiao at 28-and-a-half minutes. By that point, all of LGD's players were so far ahead that they had little trouble closing out the rest of the game. Unfortunately for LGD, Eimy was essentially absent from Game 3. He wouldn't join the match until nearly 18 minutes in, first by dying and then by picking up a pair of posthumous assists in the lost fight. When the dust cleared from that engagement, LGD were already down nearly 4,000 gold, and that deficit would only grow as the game went on and I May snowballed to a series victory.
Falls off after stellar Game 1 against EDG on Thursday
July 15, 2016
Eimy finished the series 5/9/19, failing to secure a kill in the Game 2 and 3 losses.
Eimy started off the series against EDG looking amazing, but failed to show up for the final two rounds. In Game 1, Eimy got off to a hot start on Hecarim, ganking for MaRin's Gnar and giving himself and his top laner an early lead. Eimy played a good, aggressive game on the horse, finishing with a 5/3/11 KDA in the win for LGD. In Game 2, LGD went back to the same lineup, but Eimy had a much worse time on Hecarim. The same kinds of dives that had worked last game worked against Eimy this time, as he failed to secure a kill and gave EDG a huge early advantage that they never gave up. In Game 3, Eimy switched his pick to Gragas to try and take it away from ClearLove, who had just played a stellar game on that champion. However, Eimy struggled to make a major impact on Gragas, falling behind ClearLove's Rek'Sai in farm and failing to impact lanes in LGD's favor before they lost the final game of the series.
Fails to impress in one game against NewBee on Sunday
July 11, 2016
Eimy went 4/3/5 in Game 1 before being pulled for LGD's other jungler, Intruder.
Eimy only played in one game against NewBee and failed to make a major impact, pushing him onto the bench. In that game, Eimy picked up Gragas and played a decent game, finishing with a 4/3/5 KDA. However, he failed to really set up his solo laners, as both MaRin and punished had somewhat disappointing games in the loss. To make matters worse, Intruder came in for Game 2 and put on a show with Kha'Zix, pretty much forcing Eimy to stay benched for Game 3.
Eimy: Double digit kills and assists in Game 1
June 19, 2016
Eimy ended LGD's sweep of Snake with a combined 13/6/17 KDA.
Eimy helped LGD to a Game 1 win on Graves. This game was non-stop action with teamfights breaking out all throughout the game. LGD dominated in the mid and late game and Eimy was a big reason why as his burst damage netted him two sets of double kills and a game high 10 kills. In Game 2 he played a more supportive role on Elise. He was able to set up kills with his cocoon while providing good burst damage, picking up a double kill in the final teamfight of the game.
Eimy: Poor performance in jungle leads to loss against RNG
June 15, 2016
Eimy had a combined 1/3/5 KDA in LGD Gaming's series against Royal Never Give Up, resulting in a loss for LGD.
Eimy played Gragas in Game 1, which would presumably allow LGD's poke and pick composition to thrive with good Explosive Casks and Flash/Body Slams. mlxg, however, became a monster and was able to get to LGD's backline before Eimy could create a pick for his teammates. Unable to zone out Xiaohu and Uzi, Eimy's presence in the game was essentially a null factor as the game went on. In Game 2, Eimy struggled even more in the early stages of the game since Rek'Sai naturally struggles to protect from sieges, which RNG transitioned into very quickly. He struggled to find any windows of opportunity to secure objectives, which led to LGD being taken down decisively.
Eimy: Outplayed in jungle once again
June 4, 2016
Eimy earned a 3/15/27 KDA in LGD's 1-2 series loss against WE.
Eimy had a poor showing in the series, though the stats won't show the full extent. Throughout the series, Eimy was a step behind Condi, allowing Condi and WE to force LGD to play a highly reactionary style, and it's extremely difficult to win when reacting. Eimy looked lost throughout Games 1 and 3, often on the wrong side of the map whenever Condi or WE made a play. He wasn't able to get his lanes ahead, and that led to the WE snowballing in LGD's losses, where Eimy earned an abysmal 2/12/14 combined KDA. In Game 2, Eimy had a much better showing, earning a 1/3/13 KDA and given the opportunity to dictate the pace of the game. Whether that was due to WE's overconfidence or poor in-game decision making remains questionable, but it doesn't take away from the fact that, unless his opponents misplay, Eimy is unable to take control of games, making him a liability in the jungle for LGD.
Eimy: Outplayed by DanDy in the jungle
June 2, 2016
Eimy ended LGD's sweep at the hands of VG with a 3/7/9 KDA.
Eimy came out the gate in this series with a slight lead early on. He picked up an early kill and a couple assists, but never really did anything spectacular. He did only manage to die one time, even keeping himself alive during a long teamfight that ended up being a 3-for-3. He really faltered late in the game, and wasn't able to help his team get ahead. Eimy didn't start Game 2 off as nicely as he did Game 1. While he wasn't down by CS, he was just nowhere near as effective in the jungle. He even got taken out by DanDy when he was caught out in the jungle all alone in a 1-vs-1 situation. He ended up being the only member of his team that did not have a CS advantage in his respective matchup. His inability to get ahead, even with a champion like Kindred, speaks to the level of play the he put out in this game. He meandered his way to a 0/6/6 KDA in Game 2 to finish out the series.
Eimy: Nondescript in series loss
May 29, 2016
Eimy earned a 1/1/3 KDA in LGD's 0-2 series loss against I MAY.
Eimy looked, for lack of a better term, lost throughout the series. In Game 1, Eimy's Elise provided early pressure onto IM's bot lane, but was unable to secure any kills. This allowed IM jungler Mitty to steal Eimy's blue buff and gain complete control over Eimy's top-side jungle. Eimy was never in the right place at the right time, as evidenced by the fact that, out of the 18 total kills in Game 1, Eimy was only involved in two of them, earning a lackluster 0/0/2 KDA. Getting outmaneuvered across the map, Eimy and LGD lost after a 26 minute IM Baron led to a 30 minute game end. In Game 2, Eimy got his hands on Kindred and didn't have to deal with Mitty's counter-jungling, but still seemed out of his depth. Eimy was even with IM jungler Avoidless throughout most of the game, but made a critical mistake in a 21 minute teamfight gave IM a free Baron. Minutes later, while Eimy was able to secure his first kill of the series, IM was too far ahead for LGD to do anything, making Eimy powerless to stop IM as they took a decisive 25 minute victory.
Eimy: Picked apart by DanDy in the jungle during series loss to VG
April 13, 2016
Eimy finished LGD's 3-1 loss to VG in the first round of the playoffs with a 5/10/17 KDA on Kindred.
Eimy went with Kindred in all three games, which proved to be one of the major things that set him back in this series. DanDy picked Graves in all three games and was able to simply out-jungle and beat Eimy in team fights throughout this series. Just like MaRin, Eimy had an abysmal time in Games Two and Four, but a great Game Three. In that third game, he went 5/3/12 and was actually able to be pretty effective on Kindred. Other than that, though, he just was unable to do much and was overpowered by DanDy.
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