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Gets going late in series win
August 29, 2018
Martin earned a series KDA of 7/2/28 during his team's victory over BLG.
Martin had a strong showing from the start against BLG. Picking up Ashe in Game 1, he had one of the most passive performances possible to assist in victory. Despite not picking up a single kill in the game, he boasted a near perfect 0/0/12 KDA that lead his team to victory. Game 2 didn't go as well as Martin was focused. Though he was focused, he was still able to deal a decent portion of his team's damage on Varus in the loss. After being defeated, he stepped things up in Game 3, picking Miss Fortune and tearing down all in his path. After winning lane, he had no problem dominating skirmishes, resulting in his team's convincing 27-minute win. As a result, VG closed out the series 2-1.
All four kills in Game 2
August 17, 2018
Martin finished Friday's 2-0 loss to JDG with a 4/6/3 KDA in two games as Ezreal.
Martin ended Game 1 with a 0/2/2 KDA. He was involved in both Vici kills, tying for the team-high assist total. In Game 2, Martin earned a 4/4/1 KDA. He was involved in five of six kills, leading Vici with four kills in the losing effort. Martin finished the series involved in seven of eight kills, leading Vici with four kills.
Splits opening two games
August 10, 2018
Martin finished Vici's series against RNG with a 4/2/6 KDA in two games as Varus.
Martin ended Game 1 with a 4/1/6 KDA. He was involved in 10 of 12 kills, leading Vici in kills, while earning the second-highest assist total to help win Game 1. In Game 2, Martin earned a 0/1/0 KDA. He couldn't pick up a kill or an assist as Vici were shut out in the game, but gave away only one of 12 kills as RNG evened the series. Martin was replaced in favor of Snow for the series deciding Game 3.
Solid play not enough in playoff loss to I May
August 12, 2016
Martin finished the series 16/13/27 but still fell short of bringing Snake the series victory.
In a series that seemed to hinge on the play of whoever was on Jhin, Martin struck the first blow but couldn't land the last. In Game 1, Martin took Jhin alongside JieZou's Taric and had a fantastic day, going 7/3/8. With Flandre also having a great day on Graves, the two formed a one-two ADC punch, with Flandre occupying I May at short range and Martin picking away from the backline. In Game 2, Martin switched his pick to Sivir, facing off against a Jhin from Jinjiao. The real issue for Martin in this game came from the remainder of I May's team, however, as the strong group of divers were able to chase down Snake in spite of Sivir's movement speed boost. In Game 3, Jhin was banned, pushing Martin onto Ashe while Jinjiao took Sivir. Snake got a huge lead in the bot lane by punishing Road relentlessly during the early game, but Martin didn't receive most of the kills during those engagements. Instead, SofM's Elise picked up the bulk of the gold, and I May's other lanes were able to scale up without Martin properly capitalizing on his early advantage. In Game 4, Jinjiao picked Jhin with the first overall pick, pushing Martin onto Lucian. This game eventually came down to a chain of Baron fights, where one team would engage Nashor, and then the other team would come in and kill them before they could take the buff. This dynamic ended up benefitting Jinjiao's Jhin much more than Martin's Lucian, and I May were able to finally win a teamfight and take Baron, giving them the series.
Looks quiet on Jhin in loss to EDG
August 7, 2016
Martin struggled to make an impact in this series loss, finishing with a 2/6/10 KDA.
Martin took Jhin up against Deft's Ashe in both games of this series, and both times, Martin was vastly outperformed by his opponent. In Game 1, Martin and JieZou's Trundle fell a little bit behind Deft and Meiko in lane, but the real disparity came after the first few teamfights. While Deft continued to receive farm and build up his strength, Martin slowed his farming, letting Deft's lead balloon to almost 100 creeps. With the rest of Snake struggle, Martin was unable to continue scaling through kills, and just fell behind Deft and the rest of EDG. In Game 2, the ADCs kept their picks the same, but JieZou picked up Tahm Kench as a response to Meiko's Nami. The defensive support was probably the right idea, but it wasn't nearly enough, as Snake's duo lane was punished heavily in lane, falling behind early and never really recovering. Even with SofM's Lee Sin and TANK's Twisted Fate grabbing some early kills, Snake was never able to really teamfight with EDG because Martin's build was so far behind that he never posed a serious threat.
Plays well from long range against Saint
August 6, 2016
Martin picked up a pair of wins on Jhin, finishing the series 11/5/29.
Martin looked fine against Saint, but he spent most of the series playing primarily for his ultimates. In Game 1, Martin took Jhin, combining with Flandre's Gangplank and TANK's Xerath to create a deadly trifecta of long range destruction. Martin mostly played the setup role this game, using his slows to set up easy kills for TANK, but it was more than enough to give Snake the win. In Game 2, Martin switched to Sivir and struggled to really get going, as XQ's Jhin and Acorn's Irelia focused on him for most of the game. Going into Game 3, Martin switched back to the Jhin, allowing him to stay out of trouble as Flandre's Gnar and SofM's jungle Malzahar occupied Saint's frontline. While the jungle Malzahar was obviously going to be the story of Game 3, Martin did still manage to go 7/0/9 in that game, coming through for Snake in a big way in the deciding match.
Adequate, but uninspiring performance against Newbee
July 31, 2016
Martin seemed outshone by his opposite number during Snake's victory over Newbee, taking home a 7/4/6 KDA at the end of the day.
Martin played two very standard games of League of Legends in this series against Newbee. He farmed his core items, followed up on his teammates' plays and shot the nearest thing to him whenever he could. All of these things he did acceptably, but excelled at none of them. His Jhin in Game 1 wasn't bad, but certainly lacked the polish we've seen from some of the more excellent Jhins in the region. His Deathly Flourish rarely resulted in any picks, and his Curtain Calls rarely found their mark. Still, the damage that Jhin could bring in teamfights while not being targeted proved sufficient, and Snake took the first game. Martin would then trade champions with HappyY for Game 2, instead taking the much less mechanical Sivir onto the rift. It proved a much better fit, as he inevitably leveraged his monstrous CS to ricochet his way through all of Newbee, laying waste to their quite squishy team comp and taking the win.
Pokes his way to victory against Invictus Gaming on Saturday
July 25, 2016
Martin played three great games against IG, ending the series with a 10/4/21 KDA.
Even when Snake hit some rough patches against IG, Martin still managed to put up some convincing numbers. In Game 1, Martin took Jhin into the bottom lane and played solidly against Marge's Ashe, taking both a kill and CS advantage out of the laning phase. But as the game progressed, Marge's long-range initiation was put to better use than Martin's, and Snake dropped the game in spite of their early game lead. In Game 2, Martin switched to Ezreal and again outfarmed Marge's Lucian, putting himself in a position to be the superior marksman as teamfights approached. This game ended up being decided on a smart Baron play from Snake, where they cleared out vision around the pit and trapped Baolan's Braum as he came in to place a ward. This forced IG into a blind engagement, allowing Martin to further press his individual advantage and swing the game in Snake's favor. In Game 3, Martin went back to Ezreal against Marge's Jhin and again, played solidly throughout the laning phase. But the slipperiness of Ezreal is what really allowed Martin to shine this game, as Snake focused on kiting away from IG in teamfights, evading damage and chipping their way to victory.
Eventually lands his arrows against Game Talents on Friday
July 23, 2016
Martin looked solid throughout the series, securing a 9/2/16 KDA in a long match.
Game 1 started off slow for everyone in the Game Talents vs. Snake series, as both teams played it safe for the first 20 minutes and recorded zero kills. That was perfectly fine for Martin's Sivir, who wanted to farm his way to late game anyways, which turned him into a deadly force in teamfights. Even though this game went on for almost 60 minutes, Martin still managed to only die once, recording a 5/1/8 KDA in the win. In Game 2, Game Talents took Sivir for themselves, pushing Martin onto Ashe. With Snake focusing on a heavy pick composition, Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow initiation seemed like a natural fit, with only one slight problem - Martin couldn't seem to hit any of them. Snake was able to get some progress with mid lane ganks, but Game Talents took advantage of the other lanes and eventually pushed for the win. In Game 3, Martin ended up on Ashe again, but managed to land all of those Arrows he had been missing in Game 2. With Snake taking a higher damage composition, they were able to capitalize on Martin's CC and close out the series with a strong win.
Unable to carry Snake to victory
July 10, 2016
Martin ended Snake's sweep at the hands of RNG with an 8/6/5 KDA.
Martin used Jhin in the bottom lane in Game 1. This wasn't the best game for him in the early portions of the tilt. He was down by over 20 CS and a full level to Uzi for most of this game. By the time things were all said and done, he was in the hole by almost 100 CS, showing that he somewhat relinquished the lane to Uzi in this game. He did manage to do a bit of damage in teamfights, though. His Curtain Calls were normally used to so-so effect; they never did insane amounts of damage, but they weren't the worst either. Overall it was a pretty quiet game from the Snake ADC to open the series. Martin stuck with Jhin in Game 2 and once again relinquished the farming to Uzi. By the time the game was 15 minutes old, he was already down by almost 30 CS and that wouldn't change as the game progressed. His game was much more subdued in this game, and that is something something since even his play in Game 1 was quiet. His Curtain Calls didn't do much to initiate or do major damage, as he missed the vast majority of his shots while using the ultimate. There was no carry to be found in this ADC during the series.
Martin: KDA takes a hit in sweep at the hands of LGD
June 19, 2016
Martin earned a combined 8/8/12 KDA in Snake's sweep by LGD.
Martin used Sivir in Game 1 to get Snake ahead early. He picked up a kill and an assist during a five-man turret dive in the fourth minute. He was able to use On The Hunt to help Snake engage as they took the early game lead. As the game wore on, he was focused down in teamfights, as LGD targeted the Snake backline. Martin used Ezreal in Game 2 to decent result. He was able to kill pyl during a three-man dive in the bottom lane and picked up a double kill during the first teamfight of the game. He fell off a bit as the game wore on, never picking up another kill, but providing decent poke damage.
Martin: Carries Snake to sweep
June 13, 2016
Martin ended Snake's sweep of Invictus Gaming with a combined 17/1/6 KDA.
Martin was able to carry Game 1 on Lucian for Snake. He got off to a quick start, picking up a double kill during a four man dive in the bottom lane. This set him up for success as he padded his kill total throughout the game including a triple kill in the late game. Using Ezreal in Game 2, Martin again found success. He farmed well early and scaled into the mid game with Ezreal, picking up his first kill on Kid. He picked up five kills overall in this game including one in the final teamfight of the game, finishing the series with only one death.
Martin: Unkillable in series win over Saint
June 9, 2016
Martin ended Snake's series sweep of Saint with a 8/0/4 KDA.
Martin wasn't able to get off to a great start in terms of farm in the bot lane. Despite being down in terms of CS, he used one superior teamfight to get ahead in his lane. He picked up a double kill in a 3-vs-3 that solidified a lead that he would never relinquish for Game 1. He continued to be behind in CS from the get-go in Game 2. Despite the early deficit, Martin ended up storming back to take a lead in lane as the game moved into the late phase. He used that lead to once again dominate his lane in this lopsided Game 2. He managed to stay alive in Game 2 to finish the series without a single death, while his ADC counterpart on Saint died four times during the series. While he didn't exactly have the flashiest of games in bot lane, he did just enough to help his team secure the win.
Martin: Struggles in series loss Thursday
January 24, 2016
Despite a reasonable scoreline, Martin failed to accomplish what his team needed from him in two games, leading to their defeat.
Martin came into the series with big expectation heaped on him by his team, and he unfortunately failed to deliver. Game One saw his team draft around his Tristana, and his positioning let them down, causing the team to go from a dominant position to losing. Game Two saw more of the same from Martin, and while it's not fair to say he single-handedly lost the series, he certainly is a player that fantasy owners should avoid.
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