Bae Jun-sik 
South Korea
100 Thieves
Can't carry new teammates
March 26, 2019
Bang ended Sunday's loss to Optic with a 5/3/3 KDA as Vayne.
Bang played well, but not well enough to carry 100T to a win in their final game of the Spring Split. The bottom laner was involved in all eight kills, tying for the team-high in kill participation. His three assists tied for the team-low, while his five kills paced 100T in the loss.
North American nightmare continues
March 13, 2019
Bang ended Sunday's loss to C9 with a 3/2/1 KDA as Ezreal.
Bang was the lone member of 100T with a positive KDA, but struggled to carry as his team fell yet again. The bottom laner was involved in four of five kills, ending with the second highest kill participation on the team. His one assist tied for the team-low, but his three kills paced 100T in the loss.
Unable to contribute
February 26, 2019
Bang ended Sunday's loss to Team Liquid with a 0/0/0 KDA as Kai'sa.
Bang didn't impact the game in any way as 100T fell to Team Liquid. The bottom laner wasn't involved in the lone kill of the game, but gave away none of his team's eight deaths. Bang has struggled to adapt to North America through his first five weeks with 100 Thieves.
Involved in all four kills
February 22, 2019
Bang ended Sunday's loss to Echo Fox with a 0/2/4 KDA as Ashe.
Bang was unable to carry as 100T fell yet again on Sunday. The bottom laner was involved in all four of 100T's kills, tying for the team-high in kill participation. He had no kills, but his four assists were the team-high in the loss.
Unable to carry team
January 28, 2019
Bang earned a 1/0/1 KDA on Kai'Sa during his team's loss against C9 on Sunday.
Although Bang had a strong individual performance, it simply wasn't enough to keep up with the enemy team who found a huge early advantage. Trying to buy his time, Bang looked to scale up, avoiding fights whenever possible in an effort to get strong and carry his team. Unfortunately this wouldn't be the case as his team made risky decisions time and again that didn't pay off. Though Bang was able to avoid giving up any deaths, he was not able to avoid defeat, resulting in 100 Thieves falling at the 26-minute mark.
Joins 100 Thieves
November 27, 2018
Bang is expected to join 100 Thieves,'s Jacob Wolf reports.
Bang adds yet another former SK Telecom T1 to the Western hemisphere, as the once vaunted team failed to qualify for the LoL World Championships for the first time since its illustrious competitive run. Bang will join two Korean-speaking players, Huhi and Ssumday in what figures to a competitive roster for 100 Thieves.
Free Agent
Will not return to SKT
November 19, 2018
Bang will become a free agent after being released by SK Telecom on Monday.
A long standing member of the SKT organization, Bang will leave after five years and two World Championships. A highly touted and admired player, Bang should not find opportunities too hard to come by despite finishing 2018 on a sour note.
Nearly deathless despite series defeat
September 13, 2018
Bang earned a series KDA of 11/2/11 during his team's series defeat at the hands of GEN.
Although Bang had a relatively strong performance during his team's series against Generation G, it simply wasn't enough to secure a victory. Time and again Bang found himself either dominating lane, or holding his own, constantly making sure that he was not a thorn in the side of the rest of his team. Unfortunately this was not the case for his lane partner who found himself giving up unnecessary kills time and again. Although Bang found himself in several compromised positions, he was able to deal decent amounts of damage, providing an overall positive impact for his team. Unfortunately, he was only one of two players on his team who was having a good performance. Although he boasted an impressive 11.0 KDA, his statline was simply not enough to carry SKT to victory. The result was a 2-3 series loss, eliminating SKT from World Championship contention.
Unkillable in Game 1 loss
August 9, 2018
Bang finished SKT's sweep to KZ with a 2/2/5 total KDA.
Bang ended Game 1 with a 1/0/3 KDA as Ezreal. He was unkillable, giving away none of SKT's 15 deaths while tying for the second-highest kill total in the game. In Game 2, Bang used Varus and earned a 1/2/2 KDA. He was involved in three of five kills, earning the second-highest kill total, while tying for the team high in assists. Bang was involved in seven of 10 kills in the series.
Dominates on traditional carry
July 9, 2018
Bang finished SKT's victory over Flash Wolves with a 3/0/7 KDA on Varus.
After having some extremely poor showings on non-traditional carry champions, Bang was able to show that he still has plenty of skill, picking Varus and dominating Flash Wolves. After finding an early lead in lane, Bang continued to do everything he could to destroy the enemy team. Joining teamfights, he had no problem dishing out huge amounts of damage and small amounts of necessary crowd control. As the game progressed, he found himself focused heavily, yet he refused to die. With exceptional positioning, he was able to remain safe while still creating a huge impact. As a result, SKT claimed teamfight victories left and right. In the uncontested victory, Bang participated in more than half of his team's kills, allowing SKT to find a 36-minute victory over Flash Wolves.
Plays well in defeat
July 6, 2018
Bang ended Friday's loss to iG with a 4/1/7 KDA as Vladimir.
Bang finished the game involved in 11 of 14 kills, leading SKT in kill participation. He had a team low with one death, while tying for the team lead with seven assists. His four kills were the most on the team, but it wasn't enough to stop iG from taking the victory.
Leads SKT in kills during unkillable Xayah play
July 5, 2018
Bang finished SKT's win over M17 with a 5/0/6 KDA as Xayah.
Bang ended the game involved in 11 of 13 kills. He tied for the team-high kill participation, while his five kills led SKT in their opening game win at Rift Rivals.
Strong showing against bbq
June 30, 2018
Bang was on top of his game during SKT's 2-0 win over the bbq Olivers on Saturday, finishing with a 6/0/12 KDA.
Bang played the powerful Swain in both games of this series and he, along with Effort, absolutely obliterated bbq at every turn in this series. The two looked to be on the same page and playing better than we've seen all split long. The bot lane of this team has surely seen their fair share of criticism, but they surely silenced the doubters, at least for a day, with this performance. Teams will definitely think twice about allowing Bang to take Swain in future games after this deathless performance.
Adapts and overcomes KT Rolster
June 27, 2018
Bang earned a 7/3/23 KDA on Tuesday in SK Telecom's 2-1 victory against KT Rolster.
Game 1 was rough for Bang's Varus, especially with a newer support in Effort. Still, Bang did his best to contribute, though KT's high-pressure composition prevented him from doing much of anything meaningful. In Games 2 and 3, though, Bang showed us the bottom lane carry Morgana, which made a huge impact on the Rift. With insane amounts of waveclear thanks to Tormented Soil, Bang farmed incredibly efficiently while landing big Dark Bindings to set Faker up for kills. It might not be kosher to stick an AD carry player on a bottom lane support mage, but it worked wonders for Bang, who has shown struggles with adapting to the new-age bottom lane meta in the past.
Latest to go for funnel strategy
June 24, 2018
Bang went 9/1/16 during SK Telecom T1's 2-0 win over Jin Air Green Wings on Sunday.
Bang started off the series on Xayah and was the recipient of the latest and greatest funnel strategy. While he didn't necessarily end up ridiculously far ahead, he was far enough ahead that JAG could do nothing to prevent their demise. Where Bang really stood out, however, was Game 2 on Ezreal. There, he tallied a 7/1/12 KDA as he poured on the damage from the very start. This was yet another reminder of how explosive Bang can be when he's on top of his game. While he hasn't always been there this split, this was certainly a good start that SKT fans will hope gets this team back on track.
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