Kim Chan-ho 
South Korea
100 Thieves
Stuck on tank duty
October 17, 2018
Ssumday ended Wednesday's loss to iG with a 1/4/5 KDA as Sion.
Ssumday was put on tank duty yet again during Wednesday's loss to iG. He was involved in 50 percent of 100 Thieves' kills, ending with the lowest kill participation on the team. His one kill was tied for the team low, while his five assists were tied for the second-lowest total in the loss.
100 percent kill participation
October 17, 2018
Ssumday finished Wednesday's loss to Fnatic with a 1/2/3 KDA as Sion.
Ssumday took a tank into the top lane, but couldn't stop Fnatic from taking down 100 Thieves for the second time in the group. Ssumday was involved in all four 100 Thieves kills, tying for the team-high kill participation. His one kill tied him for the second-highest total on the team, while his three assists were the second most in the loss.
Leads the charge against G-Rex
October 12, 2018
Ssumday ended Friday's win over G-Rex with a 5/3/12 KDA as Urgot.
Ssumday helped 100 Thieves pick up their first win of the 2018 World Championships on Friday. He was involved in 17 of 23 kills, ending with the third-highest kill participation total on the team. His five kills were tied for the second most on the team, while his 12 assists were also the second-highest total in the win.
Poor item choices
October 11, 2018
Ssumday ended Thursday's loss to Fnatic with a 0/3/0 KDA as Ornn.
Ssumday struggled with 100 Thieves being dominated by Fnatic during their opening game at the 2018 World Championship. He wasn't involved in the team's lone kill, giving away three deaths in the loss. With Fnatic having a full attack damage team composition, Ssumday made some strange item choices throughout the game that hindered his performance.
Unable to close things out against TSM
September 9, 2018
Ssumday earned a series KDA of 15/8/19 during his team's 3-2 series defeat against TSM.
Despite Ssumday finding success in the first game by picking a carry champion, he was not given the same luxury for the majority of his team's series against TSM. Time and again the team drafted to give him a tank; something that he was able to show his skill on but simply not have the same kind of an impact as his preferred playstyle. The result was unfortunate as 100 Thieves quickly found a 2-1 series lead and failed to close out either of the last two games to secure the series. As things came down to the wire and 100 finally drafted Ssumday a carry champion in Game 5, the rest of his team was unable to mimic his success. Though he was able to win his lane, his jungler and the rest of the map struggled to get things done in the later stages of the game. After losing a few teamfights, Ssumday could not find another opening for his team, resulting in TSM coming back to claim the series 3-2 and defeat 100 Thieves.
Tanks his way to victory
August 27, 2018
Ssumday earned a series KDA of 6/6/23 during 100 Thieves' series victory over FlyQuest.
Ssumday had an extremely strong performance throughout his team's series sweep over FlyQuest. Starting off the series on Ornn, he was able to hold of the enemy team time and again. In both Game 1 and 2, he showed up on the champion, dominating all that stood in his path to earn a combined KDA of 3/3/14. He continued to impress during the final game of the series. In an extremely close game, he was able to remain ahead of his lane opponent despite the rest of his team losing control of the game. As things went on, he used Cho'gath to great success, helping his team to win a crucial teamfight to close out the game at the 42-minute mark. As a result, his team was able to claim the series victory 3-0.
Dominates on Cho'Gath to claim victory
August 13, 2018
Ssumday earned a 4/1/7 KDA on Cho'Gath during his team's victory over Echo Fox on Saturday.
Starting the game off by picking up first blood, Ssumday had a strong performance that allowed his team to claim a convincing victory over Echo Fox. After finding a lead in lane, he quickly grouped with his team in skirmishes to dominate all around him. Though he saw himself targeted during a couple of ganks, he didn't let things get to him as he stayed alive. After drawing splitpush pressure, he joined his team continuously to secure back-to-back teamfight wins. As a result of his play, 100 Thieves was able to easily close things out, picking up a 29-minute victory.
Consistent play nets win
August 6, 2018
Ssumday earned a 2/2/1 KDA on Jayce during his team's victory over GGS.
Ssumday had an action-packed start to his team's game against GGS. Just minutes into the game, he found himself finding a kill and an assist to start his team off strong. Shortly after, he was ganked again, giving up a kill. The enemy aggression never stopped with him being focused, but thankfully able to turn things around. Finding his last kill and assist just 10-minutes into the game, he began focusing entirely on splitpushing. This paid off, drawing a huge amount of pressure time and again. Never slowing down, he drew enough pressure that the rest of his team was able to easily control the map. His pressure was critical to his team's success in the victory.
Does nothing in loss
August 5, 2018
Ssumday earned a rare 0/0/0 KDA on Dr.Mundo during his team's loss against TL.
Throughout his team's game against Team Liquid, SSumday had an extremely poor and uncharacteristic performance. Picking Dr.Mundo, he was unable to do anything at all. After finding his team at an advantage, he was unable to find any way back into the game. As things continued to progress, he struggled to do anything other than run around the enemy team in fights. Unwilling to die to bring his team a lead, he did not find a way to help his team, allowing them to fall behind and ultimately get defeated.
Consistent play nets win
July 31, 2018
Ssumday earned a 3/2/3 KDA on Darius during his team's victory over CLG on Sunday.
Ssumday had a strong showing on Darius to assist his team in finding victory over CLG. After picking up an early kill, he began trading his life in skirmishes for dealing large amounts of damage to the enemy carries. Though he didn't have as much success as he'd like, he was able to bring his team the space they needed to turn the game in their favor. Allowing the rest of 100T to find their way onto the enemy carries, his performance allowed 100T to take control of the game and secure a 37-minute victory.
Smashes his lane opponent
July 22, 2018
Ssumday's scoreline read 7/1/6 as 100 Thieves took down Echo Fox on Saturday.
On Darius into the Gangplank of Huni, Ssumday struggled early on as the range disadvantage proved problematic. He fell far behind in CS in just the first few minutes, but at seven-and-a-half minutes, he found a solo kill onto Huni. While he never caught up to the farming pace of Huni, he was much more effective in fights and found more kills onto his counterpart as the game drew on. At 7/1/6, he tied aphromoo for the most kill participation in the game, an impressive feat coming from a top laner.
Came alive in the second half
July 15, 2018
Ssumday's Dr. Mundo finished with a 5/1/8 KDA in 100 Thieves win against Team SoloMid.
It was a slow start for Ssumday as he fell behind in CS during the laning phase. However, things pick up for Ssumday in the mid game when he began to group up with the rest of 100 Thieves. Ssumday was huge in teamfights as he flanked the damage dealers, forcing TSM to scatter and get picked off. 100 Thieves eventually won a huge teamfight around Baron, securing the buff and an ace before pushing to victory.
Dominant performance on Jax in victory
July 1, 2018
Ssumday dropped a 12/0/3 KDA performance on Jax in 100 Thieves' win against Clutch Gaming on Saturday.
Ssumday had a bit of a slow start but once he got rolling he was unstoppable. With 100 Thieves in control for most of the mid game, Ssumday got plenty of time to free farm in the side lane, killing anyone that tried to stop him. To go along with the side lane dominance, Ssumday made clutch defensive stands that netted him a triple kill and protected the Nexus. 100 Thieves needed a little time to recover from nearly losing the Nexus but when it did, Ssumday was there to wreak havoc in the final teamfight before pushing the Nexus down by himself.
Pops off in big win
June 24, 2018
Ssumday finished 100 Thieves' win over FlyQuest on Saturday with a 9/0/9 KDA.
While Ssumday has never really gotten a chance to truly shine with 100 Thieves, this game was all Ssumday, all the time. He picked up first blood and then never stopped pouring on the damage and racking up kills in this one. He had one scary moment when he was almost converged on in the Dragon Pit, but he managed to use his Blood Well to stay alive and 100 Thieves turned it into a clean ace. That was pretty much all she wrote as FlyQuest was never able to turn things around from then on. Ssumday not only picked up a flawless KDA, but he tallied 40 percent of his team's damage in the big win.
No chance to shine
June 18, 2018
Ssumday ended 0/2/0 as 100 Thieves fell to CLG on Sunday.
Playing Singed into the Ornn of Darshan, Ssumday's lane advantage grew steadily as the game wore on. However, this was about all he could manage, as CLG's gold lead grew much faster, and they were diligent enough to take out two top lane turrets very early on, shutting down Ssumday's split-push before it had a chance to begin, and effectively neutralizing his champion.
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