Song Young-jun 
South Korea
Deathless on Orianna through victory
August 1, 2018
Fly earned a series KDA of 5/0/6 during Gen.G.'s sweep over BBQ.
Throughout his team's series sweep over BBQ, Fly had an immaculate performance. Picking Orianna in both games, he was able to dominate throughout the entirety of both games. Finding a lead in lane, he was able to easily bring his team into the driver's seat. Despite being heavily focused in both games, he dominated in teamfights and skirmishes, using his skills to their full potential. Constantly eliminating key members of the enemy team, he allowed the rest of his team to take control of the game. Once ahead, he was able to force fights impressively, constantly finding a way to take advantage of the mispositioned members of the enemy team. As a result, Gen. G. took two convincing victories, claiming a swift 2-0 series sweep.
Takes awhile to get going
June 30, 2018
Fly tallied a 7/3/7 KDA during Gen.G's 2-0 sweep of the Jin Air Green Wings on Friday.
Fly was a formidable force in the mid lane from start to finish in this series. It's true that his Galio didn't exactly light up the scoreboard, but he did his job just fine as Gen.G simply waited until they could secure Baron before swiftly ending the game. His Zoe in Game 2, though? He more than made up for any lack of damage and kill power with a blistering performance to close out the series. He was on his game in the best way possible, especially in the last few fights where he lit up Jin Air to lock up the 2-0 sweep.
Released from FlyQuest
April 28, 2018
Fly has been released from FlyQuest, the team announced Friday.
After a rough Spring Split, FlyQuest capped off its roster turnover with the release of both Fly and Shrimp. While there were many things wrong with this team in the Spring, the team keyed in on Fly as one of the issues and decided to bring up Keane from the Academy team in order to try and reverse its fortune. Its unclear what Fly's next move will be following his release.
Supportive in win
March 12, 2018
Fly ended with a 3/0/8 KDA as FlyQuest took down Golden Guardians on Sunday.
Due to GGS' considerably stronger early play, Fly was unable to make use of Galio's early playmaking potential, and thus didn't really stand out in this game. That was just fine, however, as he was still the only player not to die, and provided critical crowd control and protection for his teammates as FlyQuest took the game through fights.
Low impact play in loss
February 26, 2018
0/1/3 was Fly's KDA in FlyQuest's loss to 100 Thieves on Sunday.
Fly's Zoe never really got the chance to make any big plays, but this wasn't exactly his fault. 100 Thieves' lineup included three frontline champions who were at least semi tanks, and getting damage onto the carries proved challenging for the poke-oriented champion. He did participate in FlyQuest's only real positive play, a counter gank in the bottom lane to go 3-for-1, but other than that lacked any significant impact. Thankfully, he also only gave up one death, in an attempt to stop a 100 Thieves Baron.
All downhill after early double kill
February 18, 2018
Fly earned a 2/4/0 KDA on Vladimir in FlyQuest's loss to Clutch Gaming on Saturday.
Fly did just fine in the laning phase of the game, getting plenty of CS and poke in. He picked up first blood during an early skirmish which included his only other kill of the game too. However, the early lead didn't help him out against the crowd control combo that CG drafted. Fly and crew did what they could to stall and defend but it wasn't nearly enough stop CG. When all was finished, Fly's two kills were the only that FlyQuest scored.
Trails off in the late game
February 11, 2018
Fly went just 1/3/2 in FlyQuest's loss at the hands of Cloud9 on Sunday.
The early portion of this game Fly was using Taliyah's high mobility to move around the map with relative ease. This resulted in plenty of pressure from FlyQuest, giving the team a nice early lead. In the late game, however, he found himself dead more often than not. This gave Jensen and Cloud9 the opening needed to wrestle their way back into the game. This team will need a bit more late game consistency from Fly if they want to put more wins together this split.
Out Week 1
January 19, 2018
Fly will miss Week 1 of the NALCS as Keane will substitute in for him.
It is unknown why Fly will miss the opening week of the season, but veteran mid laner Keane will fill in for FlyQuest in games against Echo Fox and Team SoloMid.
Completes FlyQuest roster
November 24, 2017
Fly will join FlyQuest to complete the team's roster, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reported on Friday.
The Korean mid laner played with Gold Coin United last season in the Challenger Series, but will now find his way into the NA LCS with the aptly named FlyQuest for 2018. While Fly played second fiddle to SK Telecom T1 throughout the majority of his early years in the LCK, he's a capable player alongside players of equal talent, and should be one of the premiere players on the new-look FlyQuest roster.
Bounced back after poor Game 1 performance
April 4, 2017
Fly scored a 4/7/6 KDA in Longzhu's series loss to KT Rolster on Sunday.
Fly had a rough Game 1 on Ahri as he fell behind early in CS. Things only got worse in the mid game as PawN's Taliyah picked up kills and began snowballing a gold lead over Fly. Longzhu wasn't given a chance to come back as it was pushed back into its base. Fly picked up some kills, but it wasn't nearly enough to turn around Game 1. For Game 2, Fly decided to pick away Taliyah and had a much better performance. Fly built a small CS in lane and picked up some assists when he roamed, but it still wasn't enough to keep up with Pawn's early kill production. While he laid down some solid Weaver's Walls in the first half, he couldn't find good opportunities to use it later in Game 2. Longzhu managed to secure a Baron buff late, but could only use it defensively as KT Rolster kept the minion waves pushing in its favor. In the end, all Fly could do is die trying to defend the Nexus.
Strong performance in series loss against Afreeca
March 27, 2017
Fly earned a series KDA of 8/6/10 in Longzhu's 2-0 loss against Afreeca.
Throughout Longzhu's series defeat against Afreeca, Fly had a massive performance. He started off Game 1 with a strong showing on Aurelion Sol, something not seen very often. Despite this, he was able to roam early and pick up kills for himself, taking control of the game single handedly. His strong play net him a large lead, though his team could not make do with what he gave them. After picking up multiple early kills, he found a tough time trying to close things out as Afreeca found teamfights of their own. After losing several skirmishes in a row, LZ fell in Game 1. On Taliyah in Game 2, Fly once again found a decently large lead for himself early on in the game but struggled to find a way to close out the game. Seemingly a team issue, Longzhu could not push their advantage adequately, allowing Afreeca to take back-to-back teamfight victories, propelling themselves back into the game and ultimately claiming victory. As a result, Longzhu was defeated 0-2 in the series.
Can't last three rounds with Faker
March 23, 2017
Fly had an unimpressive 4/8/9 KDA in series loss to SKT Wednesday.
In Game 1, Fly looked nice on Ryze. He used his movement advantage to get side lane pressure and was lethal with his snares in teamfights and disengages. In Game 2, he played Ryze again and started strong by getting turret pressure because Faker was roaming. However, his team was failing elsewhere on the map and his advantages could not be capitalized upon. In Game 3, he went with Vladimir and was unable to find a way into SKT's backline. The overall lack of damage hurt the team and he failed to secure a kill while dying four times.
Unkillable in both wins
March 17, 2017
Fly ended Longzhu's 2-1 win over ROX with a 11/3/9 combined KDA.
Fly ended Game 1 with a 6/0/5 KDA as Ryze. He picked up first blood taking out Mickey in the second minute of the game and grabbed two assists in the first teamfight. He picked up two kills in the second teamfight and three kills and two assists in the final teamfight. Using Ryze again in Game 2, Fly ended with a 1/3/0 KDA. He picked up his lone kill in the final teamfight of the game as ROX evened the series. In Game 3, Fly used Taliyah to finish with a 4/0/4 KDA. He picked up an assist during a mid-game gank onto Mickey and two assists in the first teamfight of the game. He picked off Mickey for his first kill, picked up a kill in the second teamfight, and two kills and an assist in the third teamfight helped Longzhu close out the series.
Unkillable in series-deciding Game 3
March 15, 2017
Fly ended Longzhu's 2-1 win over bbq Olivers with a 9/4/17 combined KDA.
Fly ended Game 1 with a 1/2/3 KDA as Vladimir. He picked up a kill and two assists in the first teamfight of the game, with his final assist coming by way of picking off Tempt in the mid game. Fly finished Game 2 with a 2/2/3 KDA as Ryze. He grabbed a kill and three assists in the second teamfight of the game and a kill in the final teamfight to help Longzhu force Game 3. Using Taliyah in Game 3, Fly ended with a 6/0/11 KDA. He picked up two assists during an early 3-vs-2 fight in the mid lane and an assist during a three man dive onto Crazy. He grabbed a kill and two assists in the first teamfight of the game, a kill and three assists in the second teamfight and an assist in the third teamfight. His kill and two assists in the fourth teamfight and three kills in the final teamfight allowed Longzhu to close out the series.
Dominates mid lane
February 28, 2017
Fly finished up with a 11/5/24 KDA in Longzhu's win against MVP on Tuesday.
Fly chose Corki as his champion in Game 1 of the series and started off with a bit of a deficit in CS early on against Ian. Despite the deficit, he got a kill onto Beyond early on that allowed him to keep even in level. Ian ended up getting the better of this matchup almost purely due to the fact that he stole the Baron from Longzhu, which eventually led to an MVP win. Fly got his Corki agains for Game 2 and was even early on. He was very elusive in the early game, escaping certain death twice before 10 minutes to keep MVP frustrated. He did finally die, but also added in great amounts of damage to help Longzhu push back into the game. That was all that Longzhu needed since PraY went off on Caitlyn and pushed them to a win. Longzhu gave Fly Ryze in this last game and it paid off ridiculously. He had a big lead in the mid lane almost the entire time, which helped out Longzhu in this battle of wills. He was all over the place picking up kills and assists for Longzhu in this fairly quick win. He didn't die one time and really showed up the LeBlanc of Ian to take the series 2-1.
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