No Dong-hyeon 
South Korea
OpTic Gaming
Deathless on Twitch
March 26, 2019
Arrow ended Sunday's win over 100T with a 5/0/8 KDA as Twitch.
Arrow helped carry Optic to a win during the final day of the LCS Spring Split regular season. The bottom laner was involved in 13 of 20 kills, ending with the third highest kill participation on the team. His eight assists tied for the team-low, but his five kills were the second highest figure in the win.
One kill in loss to TSM
March 14, 2019
Arrow ended Sunday's loss to TSM with a 1/1/1 KDA as Draven.
Arrow was unable to carry, but gave away only one of 14 deaths during Sunday's loss to TSM. The bottom laner was involved in two of seven kills, tying for the second highest kill participation on the team. His one kill and one assist both tied for the second highest totals on the team.
Helps carry on Tristana
March 7, 2019
Arrow ended Sunday's win over FlyQuest with a 4/2/10 KDA as Tristana.
Arrow helped Optic end Week 6 with a win with a strong game on Tristana. The bottom laner was involved in 14 of 16 kills, leading Optic in kill participation. His 10 assists and four kills both tied for the team-high totals, while his two deaths were the second fewest on the team.
Leads Optic in kills
February 26, 2019
Arrow ended Sunday's win over Clutch with a 5/2/5 KDA as Kai'sa.
Arrow helped carry Optic to victory during Sunday's matchup with Clutch Gaming. The bottom laner was involved in 10 of 15 kills, tying for the second highest kill participation the team. His five assists were the second fewest on the team, but Arrow led Optic with five kills in the win.
Can't scale on Kai'sa
February 21, 2019
Arrow ended Sunday's loss to Cloud9 with a 2/2/4 KDA as Kai'sa.
Arrow tried, but couldn't scale into a threat during Optic's loss to Cloud9. The bottom laner was involved in six of ten kills, tying for the second highest assist total on the team. Arrow played ok, but needed to do more in order to carry his side past Cloud9.
Unable to play
January 30, 2019
Arrow was forced to sit out of his team's first game of the season due to Visa issues.
Although Arrow played for OpTic in 2018, he was not quick to res-sign is contract with the team for the 2019 season. After exploring options and looking at other teams, he finally settled on OpTic. Unfortunately for the team, this meant that the organization could not finalize his Visa prior to the first week of the season. As a result, OpTic was forced to use it's Academy ADC in place of Arrow. It is unclear when Arrow's Visa will be finalized which would allow him to rejoin his team on the stage once again.
Falters in loss
August 6, 2018
Arrow finished his team's loss against Clutch Gaming with a 0/1/2 KDA on Ezreal.
Much like the rest of his team's showing, Arrow simply seemed to lay down and die against Clutch Gaming. Playing extremely slow, he was never looking to make proactive plays and was often too slow to react to the enemy team's movements. Simply pushing down his own lane, he struggled to scale up in order to deal any meaningful amount of damage. Though he was able to do a little bit against the enemy team, it simply wasn't enough to bring OpTic into the driver's seat. Only making proactive plays during the late game, it came too late to bring OpTic a chance in the game. As a result, Clutch Gaming found a 42-minute victory.
Consistent play nets victory
July 23, 2018
Arrow earned a 1/0/7 KDA on Jhin during OpTic's victory over TSM.
After falling behind in the early game due to other members on his team giving up kills, Arrow was able to scale nicely to have a positive impact against TSM. Biding his time until he was in a favorable position, he joined his team in the mid game to dominate skirmishes. Hitting the enemy backline, he didn't deal a large amount of damage but was able to prevent the enemy team from reaching his team's main sources of damage. The play was critical to his team's success. Although it wasn't flashy, it bought OpTic time to claim a series of teamfight victories, resulting in a 33-minute victory.
Damage carries in loss
June 25, 2018
Arrow earned a 5/1/6 KDA on Ezreal in OpTic Gaming's loss to FlyQuest on Sunday.
Arrow was up against a Taliyah - Shen combo from FlyQuest that was rough early but was made better with gank help. When it was time to group up for teamfights, Arrow was ready to dish out the damage en route to leading OpTic in damage dealt to champions. While Arrow managed to stay safe in the backline for most of the teamfights, he slipped up once late and it led to FlyQuest going on a Baron power play that is used to finish off the game.
Provided solid backup in win
June 24, 2018
Arrow scored a 3/1/8 KDA on Lucian in OpTic Gaming's win against Echo Fox on Saturday.
Arrow had a relatively quiet laning phase but got plenty of time scale nicely into the late game. While a lot of the attention was on PowerOfEvil's Kai'Sa, Arrow was there as good back up and finished some of the fights that PowerOfEvil died in. In the end, Arrow didn't have many kills but plenty of assists to make up for it, on his way to earning 73 percent kill participation.
Completely lackluster
June 18, 2018
Arrow ended with a 1/2/1 KDA in OpTic's Sunday loss to Cloud9.
Arrow's Xayah failed to accomplish much of anything in this game, falling behind in CS before ending with the lowest kill participation in the game. He also wasn't able to stop Cloud9's map pressure at all despite the waveclear of both himself and PowerOfEvil's Ziggs.
Can't quite carry
January 28, 2018
Arrow went 5/2/2 as OpTic were taken down by TSM on Saturday.
Arrow played a nearly perfect game on Tristana, making the result a shame for him. He participated in seven out of eight OpTic kills, grabbing five for himself, and made only one real mistake when he got caught out at Baron. Even this didn't really cost OpTic anything, and when his team got caught by an engage from Mithy to end the game, there was nothing Arrow could have done about it.
Early advantages don't pay off
January 21, 2018
Arrow completed OpTic Gaming's loss to Team Liquid on Sunday with a 3/2/2 KDA.
Arrow started this game on a high note with picking up a kill on Xmithie in the opening few minutes, but then it was all downhill from there. Akaadian couldn't make much of the early jungle advantage and Liquid started to slow push OpTic around. OpTic will need to get better at punishing early kills if they want to prevent the rest of the league from running away from them in the standings.
Signs on with OpTic Gaming
November 22, 2017
Arrow will join OpTic Gaming, Inven reported on Wednesday.
Given Phoenix1 did not acquire a NA LCS franchise spot, Arrow's foray into free agency wasn't a surprise. However, the 2017 Spring Split MVP likely couldn't have imagined joining an organization with such considerable reach, given OpTic Gaming was only recently announced as a LCS team just a few weeks prior. Despite failing to achieve the recognition of split's past, Arrow's Summer Split performance wasn't anything to scoff at, posting the highest kill percentage of any North American ADC. That's likely a largely indictment on his former team, Phoenix1, then anything else, as the roster limped to an LCS-worst 4-14 record.
Free agent for Season 8
November 21, 2017
Arrow announced on Tuesday that he is a free agent for Season 8.
Arrow was guaranteed to be on another team since Phoenix1 did not earn a franchise spot. Arrow won MVP for the Spring Split this season and consistently been a teamfighting force since his tenure began in the LCS. He will either remain in North America or return to Korea.
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