Hu Shuo-Jie 
Suning Gaming
Leads SNG in assists
February 27, 2019
SwordArt ended Monday's 2-0 loss to iG with a 3/11/12 total KDA.
SwordArt finished Game 1 with a 3/8/6 KDA as Galio. He was involved in nine of 10 kills, leading SNG in assists during the opening game. In Game 2, SwordArt used Tahm Kench and earned a 0/3/6 KDA. He was involved in 50% of SNG's kills, all assists, as iG closed out the sweep. SwordArt was involved in 15 of 22 kills in the series.
100% kill participation in loss
February 22, 2019
SwordArt ended Friday's sweep to EDG with a 1/3/4 KDA in two games as Thresh.
SwordArt ended Game 1 with a 1/1/2 KDA. He was involved in all three kills, tying for the team-high in kills and assists. In Game 2, SwordArt earned a 0/2/2 KDA. He had an assist on both SNG kills, struggling to do much as EDG closed out the sweep. SwordArt led SNG with 100% kill participation in the loss.
Makes LPL debut
January 16, 2019
SwordArt finished SNG's 2-1 win over VG with a 3/7/20 total KDA.
SwordArt struggled in Game 1, finishing with a 0/4/1 KDA as Tahm Kench as Suning dropped the opening game of the series. Things picked up for the support in Game 2, using Alistar to even the series with a 3/3/8 performance before returning to Tahm Kench in Game 3 to earn a 0/0/11 KDA. SwordArt was involved in 23 of 30 kills in the series, leading Suning with 20 assists in a winning effort in his LPL debut.
Team-high assist total
October 15, 2018
SwordArt ended Monday's win over G2 with a 2/4/18 KDA as Thresh.
SwordArt helped Flash Wolves take down G2 during the final day of the group stage on Monday. He was involved in 20 of 28 kills, finishing with the third highest kill participation on the team. His two kills were the team-low, but his 18 assists led Flash Wolves in the win.
Team-high death total
October 15, 2018
SwordArt finished Monday's loss to Afreeca with a 0/2/1 KDA as Shen.
SwordArt struggled to do much as Flash Wolves dropped a slow paced game to Afreeca on Monday. He was involved in Flash Wolves' lone kill, grabbing an assist to tie for the team-high in the category. SwordArt also finished with the team-high death total as his two deaths doubled the next highest total on the team.
Just misses double-digit assists
October 11, 2018
SwordArt ended Thursday's win over Afreeca with a 0/0/9 KDA as Shen.
SwordArt just missed out on reaching double-digit assists, but was effective nonetheless during Thursday's win. He was unkillable, ending the game involved in nine of 12 kills, finishing with the second-highest kill involvement on the team. Like any good support, he had no kills, but his nine assists led Flash Wolves during the win.
Leads FW in assists
October 10, 2018
SwordArt finished Wednesday's win over PVB with a 0/1/7 KDA as Alistar.
SwordArt found a pretty easy path to victory in Wednesday's opening day of the 2018 World Championships. He was involved in seven of 11 kills, earning the third-highest kill participation on the team. He had no kills, but his seven assists were the team high. SwordArt also gave away Flash Wolves' lone death, but his team probably won't be too angry with him.
Near perfect against Kingzone
July 6, 2018
SwordArt ended Friday's win over KZ with a 1/0/14 KDA as Rakan.
SwordArt was involved in 15 of 17 kills, leading Flash Wolves in kill participation. He picked up one kill while giving away no deaths in the win. His 14 assists were tied for the team high as Flash Wolves picked up a win during Day 2 of Rift Rivals.
Aggressive on Pyke
July 5, 2018
SwordArt finished FW's win over RNG with a 1/1/9 KDA as Pyke.
SwordArt ended the game involved in 10 of 16 kills. His nine assists were the third highest total on the team, finishing behind Hanabi and Betty in the category. Despite the low assist total, SwordArt did more than enough to help FW pick up the win.
Passable on Morgana
May 16, 2018
SwordArt's scoreline read 0/2/7 as Flash Wolves took a loss to Fnatic on Monday.
Morgana ended up as something of an awkward pick in this game, since there wasn't a whole lot to Black Shield from the other team. However, the laning phase was strong from SwordArt, and the extra protection certainly never hurt anyone. He didn't make any outstanding plays or land any fantastic Dark Bindings, but he wouldn't be the first to receive blame for FW's loss.
Can't enable Betty
May 15, 2018
SwordArt ended Tuesday's loss to Team Liquid with a 0/3/8 KDA as Karma.
SwordArt was involved in all but one kill, tying for the team lead in kill participation during Tuesday's loss to Team Liquid. His eight assists were a team high as he utilized Karma's utility to get Flash Wolves off to a good start. He helped Betty become a threat but ultimately couldn't enable his AD Carry enough to close out the game.
Falls to RNG
May 14, 2018
SwordArt finished Flash Wolves' loss to RNG with a 1/3/2 KDA as Tahm Kench.
SwordArt ended the game involved in three of the team's four kills. He tied for the team-high in kills, assists, kill participation, and deaths. He struggled to really do much as RNG found an early advantage and never let up.
Everything his carry needs
May 13, 2018
0/0/13 was SwordArt's KDA by the end of Flash Wolves' Sunday victory over Kingzone.
With the Galio ultimate typically being used on other members, SwordArt's Tahm Kench was often the only thing keeping Betty's immobile Kog'Maw safe from harm. However, that was hardly a problem, as SwordArt not only kept his carry alive in fights but consistently waited until the very last second to use Devour, allowing the aggressive Kog'Maw to get off as much damage as possible in the fights. He managed to keep his carry to a single death while avoiding the death chamber entirely himself.
Leads Flash Wolves in assists
May 11, 2018
SwordArt finished FW's win over EVOS with a 1/0/15 KDA as Morgana.
SwordArt was heavily involved in Flash Wolves' win, ending the game involved in 16 of 22 kills, tying Betty for the second-highest kill participation in the game. SwordArt was unkillable and finished the game with a team-high 15 assists in the one-sided win.
Falls off as the game goes on
October 14, 2017
SwordArt ended Flash Wolves' Saturday loss to Misfits with a 0/3/4 KDA.
Flash Wolves managed to get out to quite a lead in this game, and SwordArt was a large part of that. His engage on Rakan was what secured the two kills FW needed to get a Baron buff and start to truly take over the match. However, once the Baron push was eventually thwarted and Misfits were able to stabilize, SwordArt simply couldn't find an engage for the remainder of the game. He tried to access Misfits' backline, but was bogged down with crowd control and couldn't get the angle for a flank, leading to several futile deaths and the loss.
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